Men and Women are Different..Heck yea!

Wow ya mean men and women are actually different?
Yikes. I wonder what the PC police would hafta say bout this.

Guys: Give thanks for women!

1. Like it or not, we groom you for a real relationship

Whether it’s the mom who taught you to respect us, the sister who told you our secrets, or even the last girl who dumped you because you weren’t ready to settle down, the women in your life help to shape you into the best man you can possibly be. So that when you meet The One, you’ll be ready, willing and able.

2. We’re sympathetic

3. We’re extraordinary ego-boosters

4. We’re soft.
Soft hair, soft lips, soft skin… and so forth. All in all, it’s a pretty huggable package.

5. We keep your social life hopping

6. We listen
7. We have a civilizing influence

8. We inspire you to shoot for gold

9. We make worthy opponents

Guys: Give thanks for women!

10. If you want kids someday, we’re usually willing to have them
And the labor pains. And the stretch marks.
And in between, the periods. You’re welcome.

Women: Give thanks for men!

1. We do gross things you don’t want to do
Got a bug that needs squishing? A clogged drain that needs snaking? In this day and age of women doing it for themselves, every once in a while, it’s nice to sit back and let a guy feel like a “real man” and do your dirty work for you.

Whether we’re sweating our butt off hefting air conditioners into your bedroom window or carrying heavy cases of bottled water from the car to the house, dudes are not above getting grimy for your affection.


2. Our constant desire to have s-ex with you has got to be good for your ego

3. We’ll never tell you that you look fat in those jeans

4. We’re easy to please
Fancy dinners? Pricey presents? Save your dough. To bring a big smile to your fella’s face, follow this simple equation: One beer + one couch = happy man.

5. We keep you up to date on all the latest gadgets.

6. You can squeeze our arms as hard as you like during the scary parts of movies

7. Our old college T-shirts are the most comfortable pajamas in the universe
See? There’s a very good reason that we refuse to throw them out.

9. Whenever you’re upset about work, our response is always, “Your boss is an f-ing idiot.”
Women: Give thanks for men!

10. We nearly always make the first move
Asking someone out, leaning in for that first kiss—all instances that can result in ego-destroying rejection. But even the meekest of men are willing to take the risk when a beauty like you steps into our lives. So sit back and enjoy watching us tremble.

Hey, but while it’s amusing to note the often intriguing differences between the se-xes, there is a level at which it becomes menacing.

When a demand for domination or control enters the arena, there is a bitter enmity, more often than not, aimed at women, despite the friendly veneer.

However, Men appear to be going through a crisis of their own these days.

The prescribed roles of men and women have radically changed.

Whereas many of these changes have had rallying and mobilizing effect on women, the many changes have confused the heck out of most men. confused1.gif
Pay for the date?
Open the door for her?
Offer her your seat?

Make the first move?

Women wanted to assume roles that were traditionally men’s roles: to rule the, just kidding………well, not really.

But to become doctors, pilots, lawyers, to manage their own family budget, to play baseball, tennis, or soccer, to be politically active. Women have acquired much more self assuredness, independence and a higher status in our society.

Men, on the other hand, never dreamed of replacing women, or ..of becoming secretaries or housewives..aka “homemakers”. They took their traditional “privileges” for granted all along.

Complex issues…… simple solutions.
Misunderstandings abound.

The PC Machine wishes however to deny inherent differences in men and women. They masculinize women and feminize men, regardless of the “true” nature of the gender.
But at what cost hmmmmm.

For now……………
Be grateful for the gender you are with all its God given proclivities…and heck…Give thanks to Women!…Give thanks to Men!

11 Responses to “Men and Women are Different..Heck yea!”

  1. Comedy Plus says:

    Men and women should compliment one another. If you don’t then you are in the wrong relationship.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

  2. Bunkerville says:

    Have a great Labor Day Angel. Sure bet there will be great eats!

  3. Ed Bonderenka says:

    Rule the world?

  4. Adrienne says:

    Happy Labor Day weekend, Angel. Cute post and oh so true!!

  5. Jerry (DaBlade) says:

    This post had me cracking up, right from the first pink dress picture. You nailed it again Angel. Still almost half the weekend left!

  6. -FJ says:

    Wed definetly be lost without all you women! Happy Labour Day, Angel!

  7. William Stout says:

    A woman is the most precious thing that God ever created. Beautiful of mind and spirit, elegant, loving, and a perfect match for man. Her traits balance the traits of men. Where she is strong, men are weak. The same can be said of the balance that men bring to the relationship. But the trouble is that there is no balance today. In my opinion, women have rejected their role as women and have usurped the role of men.

    To illustrate, women compete with men on every level. In the workforce, in governance, and in the home. We have witnessed divorce rates skyrocket over the past few decades and we have seen women dominate college campuses. Pretty soon, it will be a woman’s world, but they will play hell finding an equally educated mate. Today, 65% of student bodies on college campuses are female. While this is still only 35% of the general population, it is nevertheless significant because it points to the sea change we are about to experience as a people.

    True men are disappearing. They are being replaced by boys who wear the bodies of men. They are hesitant, uncertain, and afraid to take the lead. In short, they have been emasculated. This situation arose out of demands made by our women. Women said that they wanted a man who was in touch with his feelings, they wanted a man who could cry, they wanted a man who was…well, more like them. They got it, but they also got a male that no longer bore the marks of a man: character and honor.

    Today, we hear women complain that there are no real men left in the world. They mourn the dying of the old stereotypical male and long for the days that they were still plentiful. Their desires shifted the balance between the sexes and now, women are out of balance. Women say that they want control, what is funny is that they always had it. But when they destroyed the balance between the sexes, they destroyed their control as well. The irony runs deep.

    There have been many calls by women to restore that which made a man, a man. But women cannot teach boys to be men, and the numbers of single mothers in our population prevents any return to the time of true men. It is a hope that can never be realized because in order to realize it, you must return to the values that created it. My point is this: there is no such thing as a zero sum game when you are speaking about social change. Any such change will result in real differences, both positive and negative. Hence the ever present unintended consequences which arise and are never dealt with in an equitable manner by society.

    Restoring equilibrium is a difficult thing to do. Far more difficult than what it took to destroy the balance originally. It can be accomplished artificially, but such measures come with great costs. Regardless, we made this bed ourselves and we must lie in it. The old axiom of being careful for what you wish for certainly applies to this predicament.

  8. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    Thank you for this wonderful over-view –

    Labor Day is also Patriot Golf Weekend- benefiting the Folds of Honor Foundation–
    which helps the children of our fallen/severely injured BEST–

    For Freedom!~!>>

  9. Woodsterman says:

    We have to be different. It’s the only way it’ll all work.


    That’s right, the women are smarter
    That’s right, the women are smarter
    That’s right, the women are smarter
    The women are smarter than the men today

    It’s been sung by so many artists…and it has never been truer..

    Lonely days, lonely nights/where would i be without my woman…

    GOD had it right from Day 6…It is not good for man to be alone…

  11. cube says:

    I like that my husband is different from me. I like that difference. This week will be 32 years of marriage… something must have worked, right?