Dhimmicrats don’t need VeteranS DaY


“..the New Jersey legislature thinks setting aside a day on which to remember those who have bought our freedom with their blood is not as important as it used to be.
New Jersey to veterans: Drop dead?

New Jersey legislators have unanimously passed a measure that includes a provision to remove the state mandate to teach about Veterans Day in the public schools.

And not only Veterans Day; the bill would also remove requirements to teach about Columbus on Columbus Day, the Pilgrims around Thanksgiving Day, and even Commodore John Barry Day, which commemorates the Revolutionary War hero for whom a bridge is named, which spans the Delaware River to connect Bridgeport, N.J., to Chester, Pa.

Since 1967, New Jersey schools have been told to observe Veterans Day and related holidays to promote “the development of a higher spirit of patriotism.”

Under the “law” of political correctness, apparently anything that promotes love of country, or God, or the military is now to be avoided. Thank Jupiter (it used to be “thank God,” but He’s been out for some time), public schools can still distribute condoms. Maybe a way around the law would be for veterans to teach sex education.

Some people must get out of bed each morning and figure out new ways to be loathsome.

I suppose these..ahem.. “legislators” probably think our government is a repository of evil, and see terrorism as just punishment for past sins. Yea. So why honor the veterans if you can’t even honor the mission.

The readiness to give up American traditions is stunning; or perhaps they just got bitten by a moonbat and got rabies. dog2.gif

Some people simply do not deserve the freedoms they abuse. The Libs and Dhimmicrats hate the country they supposedly serve.
But, I s’ppose that’s the point, though, innit?

These self haters may as well join ranks with Aya-tollah Kockamamie, Sheehan, Murtha, Dean, Kerry, Pelosi-palooza, and Eichmann-dine-jad.

Yes, my sweet friends. “We have met the enemy and he is us”.

But despite these haters who try endlessly to grind their own ideological axes, America remains the greatest bastion of freedom in the world.

And we owe it all to our veterans. Soldieriraqsky.jpg
To every single man and woman in the Armed Forces, please know you are honored and held deeply and tenderly in my heart and in all of the hearts of the people you have served.

And may your aim be accurate and ammo plentiful.



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21 Responses to “Dhimmicrats don’t need VeteranS DaY”

  1. Gayle says:

    “Yes, my sweet friends. “We have met the enemy and he is us”. Absolutely, Angel! They are worse than an enemy who admits they are the enemy because they are Americans and they are so incredibly without values. Deviousness is part of the agenda, and they have managed to sneak into our schools and corrupt our children. I’m sick of it! Revolution, anyone???

  2. A. Truman North says:

    Google does not recognize Veteran’s Day… just as GoogleEarth does not recognize Israel’s Temple Mount as disputed terrotory- they put it squarely in the hands of Palestine.

    It’s all related.

    Gd bless you

  3. D. Ox says:

    The problem with these Liberals is that they are arrogant and impious. By rejecting God (or at least any God beyond their gnostic, socialist conceptions), Liberals reject balance, common sense, experience, and any sense of humility. The rest of their bizarre beliefs and acts flow from that, I think.

  4. David Aronin says:

    Dear Angel,

    Like a kick in the heart.
    I’m still stunned.
    I have relatives and friends who insist that the radicals don’t really represent the views of mainstream Democrats, and are not that influential in the development of the actual policies of that party.
    Maybe this will jar some of those folks into taking another look at such views.
    Thank you!

    David Aronin

  5. Layla says:

    That is so sad Angel. What is going on in this country? There is absolutely a dissent of patriotism and it reeks!

  6. Angel says:

    Thank u all patriots for the inputs! :)

  7. Red_State_Blue says:

    Beyond the Echo Chamber: Part I…

    If America’s effort in Iraq is to be salvaged, and the sacrifices and honour of its serving men and women are not to be thrown away, it has to be done now. And, most of the work will have to be done by ordinary people like you and myself. That work wi…

  8. KKarLLmMmM says:

    Shake me Wake me when its over…..our government never ceases to amaze. Hey Angel, do you think they will ever outlaw the teaching of economics $$$$$$$$$$…did not think so…only 86 days till Tax day….
    Remember, if Al Capone would have only filed on time, he could have been a Governor or Senator….

  9. michael says:

    So you are saying that I, an ex-pat, have a deeper sense of patriotism than the entire New Jersey legislature? That state must really be an armpit…

    development of a higher spirit of patriotism
    Sounds like this is desperately needed, at least on the coasts…

    Fight this law: Hug a vet.

  10. SHMARYAHU says:

    SOCK IT TO EM!!!!!!

  11. InRussetShadows says:

    Can we kick NJ out of the Union? Aren’t they already the Belarus of the US anyways? Think of all the corruption, scandals, and problems would no longer be ours!

  12. Debbie says:

    Just proof again they hate the military and don’t support them.

  13. stikNstein....has no mercy says:

    First AMNESTY Bill of 2007 introduced in Congress…


    A piece at a time…….
    First Amnesty for “Agricultural workers”……next…..Amnesty For Resturant workers…..then Amnesty for Landscape workers…&#82…

  14. stiknstein says:

    Political Correctness….AAAAAKKKKKKKKK
    There are few things more destructive to the culture and traditions of a people.

    John Adler, New Jersey state senator, who is a co-sponsor of the anti-Veterans Day measure, said, “I don’t think the state should be in the business of telling districts to do every single thing.”

    Well Mr Adler….If you and the district of idiots that elected you ever need the Army or National Guard in a federal emergency or national disaster….don’t be surprised if they take their time getting there.
    Naaaw….they’ll be there. They serve with honor and self sacrifice……..SOMETHING YOU WOULDN’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT!

  15. Don says:

    Government can do only what people permit it to do.

  16. Nazareth says:

    Good Golly- What next Angel? Will they pass measures to imprison soldiers as felons upon their return from duty? I swear- to watch these creepy politicians stand there and say they are in support of our troops, then watch them turn around and do stuff like this constantly- it just is maddening- but hopefully good americans will reach a point where we will NOT tolorate the far left’s anti-Americanism ANY LONGER!

  17. Brooke says:

    “New Jersey legislators have unanimously passed a measure that includes a provision to remove the state mandate to teach about Veterans Day in the public schools.”

    UNANIMOUS?!? :evil: You mean not even ONE decent person could be found in that chamber?


  18. benning says:

    You have to wonder just what the voters of New Jersey are thinking. If they are!

    Seems there’s no depth deep enough for the self-loathing Left to sink to in their quest to dismantle the US and Civilization. I hope their feet are quite warm now, ’cause they’re all headed for a very hot place!

  19. kerwin says:

    I have always heard New Jersey was corrupt and it seems it is only getting worse. I wonder if that is the effect of gambling since I have heard it is tearing up Las Vegas.

  20. Joe says:

    I think that a decent history class is a good thing. It would implicitly honor our veterans. Please don’t get your knickers in a twist. How about honoring veterand by voting out the scum Republicans who are making sure there are fewer veterans by having murdered them in a war backed by REPUBLICAN lies? When are you bible-thumpers going to join the reality based people with brains (most of whom are Democrats and not Jesus-freaks)

  21. Robert says:

    Dear Angel,

    I was just browsing the internet and just happen to see tihis. Let me just begin by saying that I am a U.S. Marine Veteran. I was in Iraq during the breach in March 2003, and spent over 13 months in that country. I agree that all the holidays should continue to be honored, with the exception of Veterans Day. Now before you chalk me into the idiot section let me explain. Veterans Day is a very appreciated gesture to me and others like me. You don’t see a national public saftey day, and they are risking just as much as we are, and the reason is because it is their job. Nobody celibrates accountants or even doctors because they are expected to do their jobs for money not a holiday. Now some may say that Labor Day is their holiday but that is more like a everyone gets a day off day. Again please do not get me wrong, I love the fact that I saw alot of people backing up our boys and girls over there, and please continue to do so, it really does help our already extremly demoraleised men and women giving them the strength to continue the fight. The other reason being, on vetertans Day we a paraded around and thanked all day long. I poposely avoid telling people I was a Marine on Vets Day because I can’t take the constant thank you’s. I come off as almost rude when that happens, not on porpose I just don’t know how to react. I saw and did some horribly unspeakable things, in my time in Iraq and Africa. I just can’t take it. Americans can ojnly consetait on so much at a time I think by not hyping Vet’s Day takes away from other days that have a greater cause. Take for example Breast Cancer Awareness Week, I am sure that you and all women woukld like to see a bigger action taken in finding a cure for that horrible disease. Or even spinning off of that and making another awarness day, like Prostate Cancer Awarness Day, to teach men the importance of their checkups. (By the way a little off topic humor, I did make a ribbon for that and yea it is brown). Look I am not being antipatriotic, I do feel for the most part I came out of the Marines a better human being and i still thank other vets for doing the job when I left, i just don’t see the ned to set a day aside to do it.

    Thank you