Sept 11, 2014

Our beautiful fellow Americans…killed by Izlamo Nazis.

BUT….THIS is how the Mainstream media wants you to remember:


Apparently according to the Thug in Chief, Septempter 11th is not a day of mourning or remembrance…It’s hug a homeless man day.


Serve serve serve.
That doesn’t mean do what takes to save what’s left of our country from the ugly darkness IzlamoNazis have brought to our shores.


It means mark the thirteenth anniversary of September 11th, by “minimizing references to Al Qa-eda” and whatever you do…Don’t mention Muzlims.shhh

We have to stomach their pro-Izlam, WE ARE ALL AMERICANS, subjective spin on the blackest mark in American history.

Keep sugar coating dudes………..

Because all that matters is that “negative media images and discrimination” against Arabs and Muzlims don’t take place.


While notorious, terrorist supporting allegedly “moderate” Arab and Muzlim organizations DO everything in their power to downplay the reality and threat of Izlamic terror, and make sure all “infidels” remain unprotected.


In other words, we NON Muzlims need to “get over it” because America clearly “over-reacted” to 9-11.

Ignore the fact that thousands of Muzlims have been allowed, and many others poured into this Nation illegally post 9-11.
Whether we know their intentions or not……….as if that is irrelevant………

Forget how our borders, and ports of entry are even less secure than before this heinous attack by IzlamoNazis on Sept 11, 2001.


Non Muzlim Americans, however, are now forced to submit themselves to full body scanners,”pat down molestations”, and all kinds of invasive security measures at domestic airports, stadiums, and even at theatres.




Hell yea.
-We should be united in our outrage that such an event, could even come to pass.

-United in our (healthy) desire to have ALL Muzlim perpetrators of this heinous act, and all the attempted and successful terrorist activities worldwide, be brought to justice, which has alluded this nation even ten years later.


You would think it takes a lot to sugarcoat the murder of 3,000 Americans by IzlamoNazis.

strawberry in sugar

Yet this is what we are told.
NO assigning .blame.
Just shrug your shoulders and move on.

In the meantime…….

Muzlim anti-semitic, anti-Christian, America haters can take full advantage of our freedoms, the refusal to use common sense “profiling,” our pathetic visa laws, the lack of enforcement of visa laws, and a total denial among the liberal masses of the threat of jeehad and Muzlim terror.

SEPTEMBER 11TH commemorates the greatest act of mass murder in the country at the hands of IzlamoNazis.


If I didn’t know any better, I would think this whitewashing is a old script by Orwell that someone just discovered.


God bless you all my sweet, patriotic friends.

I shall place a candle for y’all at the Memorial.

10 Responses to “Sept 11, 2014”

  1. Always On Watch says:

    Serve serve serve.
    That doesn’t mean do what takes to save what’s left of our country from the ugly darkness IzlamoNazis have brought to our shores.

    Right you are, Angel!

    The whitewash of Islam is wearing off. Just look at the world now.

  2. Bunkerville says:

    Beautiful post Angel. Keep the faith. Even last night he had to deny the Muslim intentions.

  3. Comedy Plus says:

    I think people are finally waking up Angel. I’ve not posted a 9/11 post for some years, but ISIS and all the cult, radical, murdering thugs has made me angry. Then we have a muslim president. He’s made us far more unsafe just being in office. That and he doesn’t have a clue about foreign policy. He’s an empty suit that’s got the United States in a real pickle. He doesn’t even see that.

    Have a fabulous day honey and keep up the good work. Love you. ♥♥♥

  4. Adrienne says:

    But, but, but – Obama said ISIS is not Islam.

    The biggest Somali concentration is in Minneapolis/St. Paul and they’re supplying jihadists up the wing-wang.

    Lovely post, Angel.

    Never forget!

  5. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    Jefferson sent the new Marines to Tripoli to stop muslims from holding US citizens hostage–
    interesting that one of the out posts for ISIS is Tripoli- we are fighting the same war w/ the same perverts –
    when are we going to say ENOUGH and act upon it!

    Thank you for lighting the candle for all of us–

  6. cube says:

    Sometimes it feels as though we’re chipping away at a mountain and all we have is a teaspoon in our hand.

    Despite the odds, I’m still with you.

    Don’t forget that.


    “Fool me once…..Fool me twice!!”

    For all those that put Obambi in the White House, thanks for nothing..

    Some Commander-in-Chief you got there…Golf anyone, what Crisis??

    For me , it always the same..

    Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer….

    Thanks Angel for keeping the light shining on the roaches of Humanity…

  8. William Stout says:

    I still burn with anger for that day. Anger aimed at a tyranny that brought this to our homes and anger that they have not been bled enough. We are still experiencing the ripples of that day. In fact, we still bear the wounds of that day on our economy. It was an attack that slaughtered 3,000 innocents, wiped out billions of dollars of buildings, and taught us that we are not safe in our own homes. When I think of that day, I experience the horror of it all over again.

    One of the most haunting aspects of that day is the sound of the bodies striking the ground as terrified victims jumped to avoid burning alive. I cannot even imagine having to make that choice. Is it really any wonder that Americans have hard feelings about Islam because of that day? Frankly, I would have used the neutron bomb on Tora Bora and gotten bin Laden right then and there back in the early days of the war in Afghanistan and to hell with world opinion.

    Does anyone even doubt that our porous Southern border will allow ISIS or Iran or any of our other enemies ready access to our public? Our children? Does anybody even care? Every American knows that this is a national security issue. Our government knows that this is a national security issue, and yet nobody does anything and there are still idiots that preach for open borders.

    There is a dual meaning for September 11th, the first is that we need to remember our fallen citizens who died for no good reason because of terrorism, the second is to remember that we are always vulnerable to attack right here at home. If Al Qaeda proved anything, it is that it does not take a large military force to cause high casualty counts and massive damage any more. All it takes is preparation and determination and our enemy has that in spades.

  9. Jerry (DaBlade) says:

    Nothing but revisionist history and poll-driven foreign policy out of this community organizing izlamo sympathizer. You are so right with the full court press for political correctness junk. God Bless you Angel!

  10. Woodsterman says: