To Fly or NoT to Fly


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A United Airlines passenger faces federal charges for allegedly making statements about a hijacking, trying to open a cabin door and fighting with flight attendants while aboard a flight from Boston to San Francisco.

United passenger charged for alleged drunken behavior on flight

About halfway through the six-hour, non-stop flight,…. got up, walked to the back of the plane and began talking on her cellphone,…When two flight attendants told….to turn off the phone and return to her seat, she “refused and became combative,” … Asked who she was talking to, she said “I’m calling 911 because the plane is being hijacked…

…eventually returned to her seat, but later she tried to take her luggage, including her pet dog in a carrier, to the restroom….When told to leave her belongings at her seat, she said, “No, you are going to have to kill me and my dog,” then locked herself in the restroom…

Flight attendants and passengers stopped her as she headed for a cabin door and forced her into a seat, where the plane’s purser handcuffed her, according to the affidavit. She managed to wriggle free from those handcuffs..
“During the entire assault, Ms. Lambert was yelling profanities, cursing and spitting on the flight attendants and other passengers.”

Um…Just exactly how many drinks would you have to consume before you thought that telling the flight attendant that there’s a terrorist hijacking in progress…. might actually be a good idea. airheadani.gif

How safe is it to fly these days you ask?
Well, remember back in the day when we were told that crossing a road, driving in your car, climbing your staircase, or taking a shower in your own home was actually more risky than flying on a plane?


Remember when the only thing you fretted about was the skill of the pilots, or if the aircraft manufacturers had installed the many safety and warning systems “just in case”?

Some just don’t seem to find the speed to be a “rush”.

Knowing that at the cruising level, the aircraft is flying at 550 mph..err..which is rougly 9 miles a minute or 800 feet a second, well let’s just say..that seems mighty fast if your’e envisioning crashing into terrain. dangerani.gif

Some worry more about the landings.

What if the pilot forgets to select the landing gears or flaps when he is about to make a landing. Screeeeeeeeeeech!


What if a wing falls off!

What if the turbulence makes the plane lose control?


What is that thumping and whirring sound? smile-scared.gif

What if a plane flies into my house! aircrafts022.jpg

Then of course there’s always terrorism.
Despite what seems like “calm” since Sept 11….
Who can rule this out?

No More liquids or gels on Planes
..three days after police in England arrested about two dozen people allegedly involved in a plot to use liquid explosives to blow up as many as 10 passenger planes during flights from the United Kingdom to the United States.

But who ever thought we’d be worrying about “allegedly” drunk passengers, trying to open a cabin door , fighting with, cursing and spitting at flight attendants, using cell phones all the while talking about the plane being hijacked?

Sure does make ya wanna take an alternate means of travel eh.
Gee. That hot air balloon is lookin mighty good.


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21 Responses to “To Fly or NoT to Fly”

  1. Nuke's news & views says:

    Take the Pledge…

    I will not contribute to any Republican senator who voted for the resolution. Further, if any Republican senator who votes for such a resolution is a candidate for re-election in 2008, I will not contribute to the National Republican Senatorial Committ…

  2. Kevin says:

    I know it’s a serious issue, but after reading where she said, “No, you are going to have to kill me and my dog,” then locked herself in the restroom”, the phrase “I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!” was stuck in my head.

  3. LomaAlta says:

    Angel, curiously funny but serious post. Scary isn’t it?
    I like Sinatra’s words: “Come fly with me, we will fly down to Peru, in Llama Land there’s a one man band and he’ll toot his flute for you…”
    At least it is close to the lyrics of a fun song.

    Take care.

  4. Red_State_Blue says:

    State of the Union…

    Look carefully into the mirror to see who they are really laughing at – through him.

  5. DL says:

    IF we all walked we could reduce our carbon footprint and…oh yeah …that is a bit slow – if reliable.

    I remember when flying was being surrounded by other passengers that weren’t unruly …perhaps an occassional oogle of a stew or two by that dirty old man sipping scotch..

    Terrorism? John Kerry doesn’t think….I’ll stop right there.

  6. Robert says:

    All of this happened when drinks on planes became expensive, smoking was banned, Skymall magazine was put in place of meals, and the seats became smaller.


  7. FreeCyprus says:

    That person should be banned from ever flying again. And their picture should be plastered in every airport with a caption: BANNED FOR LIFE – YOU WANT TO BE NEXT?

  8. daniel says:

    I see ya went skiing…good!
    Will change the link to your new diggs.

    I have been planning to take the train back to SD.
    Been flying enough!
    Anyone see this landing of a 747? chk it out…


  9. benning says:

    Wiggled out of the handcuffs? Sheesh! Why didn’t someone just clock her and be done with it?

    Didn’t want to ne mean-spirited, perhaps?

  10. VerityINK says:

    Hi hon, I’m trying to get back to normal here… What’s up with all this crap going on in airplanes? They have my sis so scared, she won’t fly anywhere. When we moved up here from San Diego, we drove all the way with 3 cats in the car!

  11. GUNZ says:

    It’s way past time for these airlines to convert their planes to something similar to C-130 military cargo planes…

    When something like this occurs simply drop to some reasonable altitude so that when the back cargo ramp is lowered everyone doesn’t get sucked out…

    Then don a parachute on the disgruntled or druken passenger and kick the person in the a** and out of the plane.

    Your last words as a flight attendant should be ” Don’t forget to pull your rip cord” then move on…

  12. Brooke says:

    Geez, I can safely say that no matter HOW intoxicated I may become, I just don’t see myself pulling that kind of crap.

    Wriggling free of the handcuffs? Good Lawd!!! The next step is a knockout punch!

  13. cube says:

    This loon has probably already hired a lawyer & will be the next to sue the airline for her awful treatment.

  14. kevin says:

    I think the alchohol may be the least of her problems. Flying in a plane can be a bit unnerving to even the most sane among us, so it’s eay to see how thw added pressure would easily crack a less stable person. She’s clearly in need of professenal help. That doesn’t excuse her behavior, the airlines have no device to detect who’s going to snap in the sky and shouldn’t be held responsible, but I fear cube may be right on this one.

  15. InRussetShadows says:

    Funny how the media can’t wait to tell us every crazy thing that happens on an airplane, but can’t be bothered to tell us *anything* about the borders. Sheesh. Ban this woman from flying and tell her docs what happened.

  16. Joe Gringo says:

    The flight was on its way to San Francisco? Seems fitting…’s a wonderful city, but some of the inhabitants…….uh, this explains it.

  17. American Crusader says:

    I hate to say the obvious, but maybe the flight attendants should have cut her off if she was getting drunk.
    Still, judging by her reaction, I’m willing to bet she had some mental problems or was taking prescription medicine.
    At least she provided entertainment for the passengers who didn’t want to buy the two dollars headphones and watch the in-flight movie.

  18. Angel says:

    Thanks everyones for the added insights! :)

  19. Gayle says:

    Sorry to be so late, Angel… I’ve been away most of the day. Glad to see you got home in one piece! :)

    I think Jo Gringo’s right: She probably lives in San Francisco and that would indeed explain a lot. I swear I would have clocked her!

  20. Douglas V. Gibbs says:

    Fly US Airways. Now that the Muslims have boycotted them after the six imams in Minnesota fiasco, US Airways is the safest airlines out there!

  21. jimmyb says:

    I’m going to start a zeppelin company.
    Anyone acts up, I can just chuck them overboard. ;)