MorE CartoonS UpsettinG You know Who


This just in.
Breaking News.
Aladdin is insulting Muzlims everywhere!

ANGRY Mus–lims yesterday complained that films always portrayed them as terrorists and villains — even in the cartoon Aladdin.

A string of blockbusters — even those made before O-sama Bin La–den’s Twin Towers attack — were accused of giving Is–lam a “bad name”.

Mus–lims angry over Bin Aladdin

They included the 1981 smash Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Bruce Willis’s The Siege and Halle Berry flick Executive Decision.


The Is–lamic Human Rights Commission polled 1,250 British Mus–lims and found just four per cent thought they were fairly represented in films.


And it said the film, featuring Ar–ab baddie Jafar, linked Is–lamic culture with “harsh punishments and oppressive practices”.

The opening song refers to a place where they “cut off your ear if they don’t like your face”.

The commission’s report said A–rabs in movies were given “exaggerated and ridiculous accents”.


And it claimed films played a crucial role in “fostering a crude and exaggerated image”.

Oh gosh.


So, it’s cartoons that are “fostering a crude and exaggerated image” and um… give them a “bad name” eh?
Not the corruption, mismanagement, macho posturing, suicide bombers, beheadings, female genital mutiliations, honor killings, intramural killing, and the terrorism.

Oh, I see.
Thanks yet again Muzlims for clearin the mud outta our eyes.

Now, theyr’e gunning for Aladdin.
Gee these Muzlims never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity do they.


Oh, right.
We should try to empathize and live in “their world” huh. You know the one where women are considered low class “pieces of meat” who deserve their geni-tals mutilated, the one where moral equivalences and “imaginary grievances” (oh gosh its a cartoon..OH no!!..stop the presses!) trump real oppression and suffering but most importantly, where actually fighting real oppression and evil is considered evil while ignoring and excusing real oppression is considered peaceful, and “loving.”

What a load of dog dooky.

Make no mistake. Rad Muzlims are cunning, , self-inuldgent and despite being aware of their criminal acts and leanings, they are essentially incapable of guilt or empathy.

They utilize the distinct patterns of thought of the socio or psychopath.

They rationalize their evil doing.

They display indifference to the values or suffering of anyone outside their Muzlim circle.


They evidence an ongoing, egotistical sense of entitlement; namely we should change our cartoons and animated films only when it insults them and only to please their easily offended egos.

Yet they display an alarmingly overt lack of guilt over the entire Muzlim world using cartoons or animation to spread the most vile and barbaric anti-American and anti-semitic filth.

They constantly seek the limelight and display a perverse grandiosity, which actually ends up appearing comical in light of how un”real” it is in comparision with reality. bowani.gif

But one thing which is totally absent from their repertoire: Tolerance for others.
They have no ability or willingness to accept values and passions that are different than theirs, and don’t even possess a common vocabulary to balance and compare.

Hence the equation.
They get “offended”= We must change and accomodate.

Is–lamic Human Rights Commission?..
If that’s not an oxymoron. then I surely don’t know what is.

What exactly did they have to say about Sept. 11 or Iran, where the government has called for all infi-dels to die starting with Jews, or howzabout the daily world-wide instances of horror and terror at the hands of Muzlims?

No comment Izzzzzlamic Human Rights Commish?
Naw. Those don’t pose a threat.

But…….Aladdin’s “Jafar”, now he is something we need to reckon with.
Good grief.

The spin they manage to put on things must be creating enough wind to change weather patterns. Someone call Al Gore. Quick.


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20 Responses to “MorE CartoonS UpsettinG You know Who”

  1. Layla says:

    Heh! They are always whinning – guess the truth hurts! :evil:

  2. 123beta says:

    Open Trackback Weekend #39…

    It’s time once again for the open trackback party. Just leave a post and I’ll be sure to send a tb ping your way….

  3. Always On Watch says:

    Interesting about Aladdin. I see the film as Islamophilic. The Muzzies are offended. Hmmmm…..

    Muslims are perpetually offended. They always have been, but now with all the technology, they can branch out in their forever-offended state.

    Here’s an idea for you, Muzzies: If you don’t like something, why don’t you not look at it. Especially a movie.

  4. Christi says:

    “…display a perverse grandiosity, which actually ends up appearing comical…”

    Heh! So, so true!

  5. wordsmith says:

    Isn’t the handsome hero of Aladdin… Arab? Good grief…..I hate oversensitive malcontents.

    Although I’m adopted, my adoptive mom is Japanese and so I identify quite a bit with Japanese-Americans and Japanese culture. If I’m watching a WWII movie, I expect the bad guys- the Japs- to look….JAPANESE! I expect the bad guys to be….JAPANESE! And I have no problems with it.

    If the CAIR-minded Muslims find offense with Aladdin, just wait until the rest of The Chronicles of Narnia are made into movies.

  6. wordsmith says:

    Why the hell are they identifying themselves with the villain Jafar instead of the hero Aladdin, anyway? Unless they see themselves in the villain instead of the hero. If that’s the case, it’s not the movie’s problem; it’s their problem. Self-image and self-esteem need to be fixed from within.

  7. Gayle says:

    I was wondering the same exact thing that Wordsmith asks; why are they identifying themselves with the villain? Aladdin is the hero, is he not? I guess what they are saying is that there are no bad guys in their culture! Well, I guess if you are one you can’t tell one. :)

    Are you trying to tell me they are guilty of “harsh punishments and oppressive practices”? Tell me it isn’t true! These sweet, peace-loving people wouldn’t harm a fly! …and I just came back from visiting Elvis Presley who isn’t really dead but has a multi-million dollar resort on an island I can’t mention because he doesn’t want anyone to know where it is but a privileged few. ;)

  8. KKarLL MmM says:

    Woe is them..i believe they are well represented in the horror thriller..
    “He slices me to pieces”…the story of an arab moozzzie husband and his deep cutting love for his four wives!!!! (that were originally two!!)

  9. kevin says:

    Here’s a list of things that DON”T offend muslims.

    9/11 conspiracy theorys
    Saudi Arabia’s exclusion of all other religions
    suicide bombers
    Amadinejad’s rants
    sharia law
    holocaust deniers

  10. michael says:

    Films tend to reflect the thoughts/feelings/views/prejudices of society at large. Perhaps, if muslims see themselves as shown in a negative light on screen, they ought to look at why society views them that way…

    …and fix it!

    Maybe they should stop actively supporting terrorists (last summer’s “death to Israel” rally in Dearborn comes to mind).

    Maybe they should stop saying that the US was to blame for 9/11.

    Maybe they should stop trying to put themselves above the law (the flying imams).

    Maybe they should just stop the f***ing already.

  11. velvethammer says:

    OMG Angel what a great post! As far as I’m concerned they can shut the hell up!

  12. Debbie says:

    Amen Velvethammer. another great job Angel.

  13. Right Truth says:

    The Cesspool of Politics…

    So many politicians have thrown their hats into the presidential ring, it looks like an overflowing cesspool. Unfortunately, whatever happens to float to the top may be somebody so undesirable we won’t want to touch them with a ten foot…

  14. American Crusader says:

    Hard to believe how sensitive the Religion of Peace is. They aren’t so sensitive about killing and raping.
    Great post Angel.

  15. Brooke says:

    If Alladin were for real, Jasmine would’ve been in a burqua and stoned to death for acting in her own interests and being ‘interested’ in a guy outside her station!

    LOL! What a bunch of morons! They’ve got terrorism and human rights problems as far as the eye can see, and they’re worried about make-believe!

  16. Angel says:

    Thanks y’all for the inputs ! :)

  17. Nazareth says:

    “So, it’s cartoons that are “fostering a crude and exaggerated image”

    LOL- yep- fostering a crude image of a despicable group of murderous dogs who are so vile that they make hitler look like an alter boy. Yeppers- this cartoon sho is off the mark lol

  18. Terry_JIm says:

    For dhimwitted liberals, the following is a:
    ~~~~~Sarcasm Alert~~~~~~

    Wait. You mean the hero Alladin WASN’T a WHITEAMERICANCHRISTIAN!!!!!

    I must destroy all copies of it I can lay my hands on and burn to the ground any infidel stores that sell such bigoted cartoons. PraiseTheLord and the Christian human rights commission-
    who is tired of Muslims portrayed as heroes Alladin
    or showing as much midriff as Princess Jasmin.

    Well, not as tired of that midriff thing.
    ~~~~~End Sarcasm Alert~~~~~~

    Can we put the ACLU and the Islamic Human Rights Commission
    in a cage together somewhere? Or pen them up in France?


  19. InRussetShadows says:

    You nailed it. Congrats on an excellent piece.

    I wonder why they’re freaking out about Alladin *now*. I mean, it’s been years and years since the movie has been released. Plus, Alladin himself is an Arabic hero, and Jasmine is one foxy heroine.

    If Muslims want the world to take them seriously, then they need to stop acting like infants. Of course, maybe the fact that most Muslim mean aren’t weaned until they’re three years old has something to do with this infantilism? Their culture is sick and it produces sick people.

  20. David says:

    The (cartoon) movie is insulting to Islam because, sure

    1.) Aladin is an “Arabic hero” but one who
    2.) Doesn’t fit the Islamic profile

    What he needs to do to be an Islamic hero is to put Jasmine in a big black bag, rape her and beat her for wearing such provocative clothing, then mutilate her and put her in his whorehouse harem, etc.

    THEN he’d be showing proper Islamic respect for the life and teachings of the Butcher of Medina, Mohammed (who rots in hell, as I type).