Thanksgiving not PC?


Its that time of year again.

Before the ACLU starts protecting us from nativity scenes, and politically correct counsels save us from theocratic encroachments like red and green lights….we have Thanksgiving.

The War on Thanksgiving
Many people think that this is a time for sharing, family and happiness. However, the Seattle Public School Staff are being informed that this is a myth: Instead, Thanksgiving should be used as a time of race guilt, America hating, and mourning.

So sorry Libs, I’m fresh out of self hatred.

Aint it simply stunningly remarkable how no other “native people” were ever oppressed anywhere on this green earth while conquering nations were forming, other than right here on the North American continent. Shame on us. thanksgivingopia.gif

Guess what peeps.
There are more Indians living within current US boundries now than ever there during Columbus’s time.

As I have posted before..the Indians had been at war with one another long before outside feet ever reached what became American shores.

But if the Libs insist on sellin tickets to the “Grievance Theater” , let’s just keep an honest score shall we.
Not only did Indians kill white ,black, and yellow men, they killed their own red skinned people way before they laid eyes on whitey.

Of course offering the gift called “tobacco” to the white settlers, has become the gift that keeps on giving………Cancer, that is.

The European conquest just like all conquests throughout history, was brutal, vicious and even barbaric.

Does it behoove us to be aware of the ghastly manner in which our forefathers treated some of the indigenous peoples following their conquest? You bet.

It can be studied and taught so as to inculcate moral values. Indeed.

In spite of this, our modern celebration of Thanksgiving has virtually nothing to do with any of the above. Nothing, nada, zip.

While the Libs just love to portray the Indians as a bead making, pipe smoking peaceful loving people who never comitted a wrong deed , until Europeans came here to America, …that remains a revisionist PC distorted view of history.

Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks.
Not to commemorate the atrocities committed by White Europeans.

Hence it is not called : Atrocity-Giving Day.

Heck. Why don’t we allow the Leftist haters to obliterate everything that makes us Americans. thanksgivingk2.gif

Yes. It was a War..and our culture won.
The indigenous people lost.

We can not change that reality.

However, the intention of our precious “Thanksgiving Holiday” signed into law is to honor the historical event and to allow us, the citizens to give thanks.

To our deity of choice, to our loved ones, for our freedoms and myriad of blessings, to our Troops, and for all the bounties we receive as a Nation as well as individually at the end of the harvest season.

Speaking of atrocities………….
..Do the skools teach the endless massacres and blood-letting still being committed by Muzlims every day?

Naw…but don’t sweat it Libs…….the sooner you allow the USA to become a calip-HATE, the sooner there will be no more traditional American Holidays to demolish eh.

And now …………..

10 – Thanksgiving = turkey genocide (locavores unhappy!). jaw-dropping1.gif

9 – Too many SUVs traveling to grandma’s house.

8 – College bowl games encourage competition.

7 – Millions of Christmas trees are cut down. ashamed.gif

6 – Invading WASPS thought up Thanksgiving, not the Indians.

5 – Christmas lights = large carbon footprint.

4 – People are giving thanks to WHO? confused7.gif

3 – Winter lull in global-warming hype.

2 – Daycare centers are closed.


Truth, like surgery, may hurt, but it cures.raspberry1

May I be the first to wish y’all a proud, Happy Thanksgiving Sweet friends.

Now go get some eats and love up on your family or loved ones Y’hear.



Can you say yummmmmmmmmm.


O yeaaaaaaaaaaa.



OK ….ya twisted my arm:

My holiday fave!

I whip up some heavy whipped cream and layer it with my favorite pumpkin mousse frosting. As if that aint decadent enought…I top it off with chocolate curls or chips.

Heaven on Earth guyz n dollz.

G’head..steal the idea. Your fam will be indebted for life.




Some healthy eats too……….


What’s your pleasure……..



How many calories are we up to?

But, wait a minute…..We all know what it’s really about don’t we?..Heh.silly2



15 Responses to “Thanksgiving not PC?”

  1. -FJ says:

    Wowzer! That looks SCRUMPTIOUS, Angel!

    And no guilt here. Unlike the “Native Americans”, I say that the time to throw the enemy back into the sea is BEFORE the ship ties up at the dock!

    Keep fighting the good fight! :)

  2. Ed Bonderenka says:

    Good words. Good food.

  3. Comedy Plus says:

    History is history and it’s been bloody often. Seems the left just want to focus on white privilege. Amazing that left have all old white people running for president. Tell me how that works.

    Happy Thanksgiving my friend. I’ll be celebrating as I do each year.

    Keep up the great work my friend. Big huggggzzzzz! ♥♥♥

  4. Comedy Plus says:

    Oh and your food always looks soooooooooooooooooooo good. ♥♥♥

  5. LafayetteAngel says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Angel. God grant you the blessed of days and a very thankful one, :) .

  6. Christopher says:

    חוו הוא יו בין אנגל? אי קנו אי הוא בין רתהר סיילנט באת ריספקט יו היגחלי אנד פראי על יש ולא.

  7. Jerry says:

    “Yes. It was a War..and our culture won.”

    Awesome post, Angel. Unfortunately, our culture has since taken a beaten at the hands of these secular progressive humanist atheist communists. But it is still “AMERICA” inside my walls. God Bless, and PASS THE ‘TATERS!

  8. Always On Watch says:

    I’m ready for smoked turkey on Turkey Day! ;)

  9. My Article Read (11-21-2015) | My Daily Musing says:

    [...] Thanksgiving not PC? [...]

  10. Jess says:

    I think the reason those so concerned with political correctness dislike Thanksgiving is because they realize they became so open-minded, their brains fell out, and they can’t accept the fact they have to thank themselves for being so stupid.

  11. carol-christian soldier says:

    You brought a smile – thank you- and- enjoy your time w/ family and friends–
    Love and Hugs-

  12. KarLLLMMMM says:

    Remember its far better to;

    Thanks Give, than to Thanks Take!

    so make this year a one of MORE giving and LESS taking.

    Thanks Angel for all the foodies…

  13. Mustang says:

    What time should I arrive for dinner, Angel?

  14. Bunkerville says:

    Yummy. Hope you have a super great day!!

  15. Woodsterman says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Young Lady!