Can we Question their PatriotisM Yet?

The N.Y. Times: …..Can we Question their PatriotisM Yet?

Army Staff Sgt. Hector Leija, 27, was an honor student at Raymondville High School.

WASHINGTON — A photograph and videotape of a Texas soldier dying in Iraq published by the New York Times have triggered anger from his relatives and Army colleagues and revived a long-standing debate about which images of war are proper to show.

Images of dying soldier renew war coverage debate

The journalists involved, Times reporter Damien Cave and Getty Images photographer Robert Nickelsberg, , working for the Times, had their status as so-called embedded journalists suspended Tuesday by the Army corps in Baghdad, military officials said, because they violated a signed agreement not to publish photos or video of any wounded soldiers without official consent.

The controversy was ignited by the newspaper’s account of the 27-year-old soldier’s death in combat. It described in detail events on Haifa Street in Baghdad during a patrol Jan. 24 that turned deadly after a bullet struck Leija in the head.

..seeing the images of Leija on the Internet was very upsetting to the relatives.

“Oh God, they shouldn’t have published a picture like that,” Leija’s cousin Tina Guerrero, who had not seen the images but was aghast about them anyway, told the Houston Chronicle on Tuesday in Raymondville. She said the images would be especially hurtful to the soldier’s parents, Domingo and Manuela Leija, who have remained in the family’s home on the edge of town. ”It’s going to devastate them,” Guerrero said. ”They’re having enough pain dealing with the death of their son.”

Tom Rosenstiel, director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism in Washington, said the incident was typical of the dilemmas that face news organizations in war.

“The fact that a photograph upset people, even family members, is not always sufficient reason not to run it,” Rosenstiel said. “Editors may decide that there is a compelling public interest in running a photograph precisely because it does upset an audience.”

Excuse me for a moment while I don’t believe this.

These are the same “lovers of terrorists” journalists who refused to publish the Muuuuuuuuuha-mad cartoons for fear of “offending someone”!

The NYTimes refused to show footage of our fellow New Yorkers and Americans leaping from buildings at the World Trade Center on Sept 11, because it would be “too graphic” to show the world what our sworn ememy has done huh.

But this indignity to one our very own boys is condoned.

The New York Slimes will, of course, do whatever it can to regurgitate the propaganda of our enemies. Never utilizing the word “terrorist”..unless of course it’s in quotes.

But hey…One man’ terrorist is another journalist’s freedom fighter.

They will display the utmost respect and reverence to terrorist detainees at Guantanamo Bay, or every pathetic card carrying member of the anti-war, anti-America brigade, or environmentalist, radical tree huggers….but most especially to Muzlims of any shape or size, regardless of known or unknown terrorist affiliations.

But when allegedly coercive methods were used against our seven Marines and one Navy corpsman, at the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base on a “suspicion”, did the “terrorist lover” journalists or photographers protest the confinement conditions of our troops or shout “Civil Liberties” for them? Yea. That’s a rhetorical question alright.

But, this latest episode my friends the jewel in their self-hating crown.

To devastate the family and loved ones of a lost soldier by exposing his death on a video, without even allegedly informing them?
Then claim that they were in fact informed prior to the screening……as if that would justify it to begin with?

Because nothing says “objective” reporting and journalism like humiliating our very own soldiers eh.

Here’s the key to readin the NY Slimes or anything by the good ole A.P. Antisemite Press:

black= white
right= wrong

Jew= terrorist
Muzlim =freedom fighter

Any questions?

I can hardly wait for tomorrow’s daily drip-feed of hatred about our sworn enemies’ casualites and injuries. Bet they don’t post any images of the Rad Izlamo Nazis on their death beds eh, unless it’s to indict our troops yet again.

This level of depravity simply staggers the imagination.

Wake up and smell the personal responsibility N.Y. Traitor Times.

Here is the heart wrenching story:
Man Down’: When One Bullet Alters Everything

My deepest sympathies and prayers to the family and loved ones of a true American hero: Army Staff Sgt. Hector Leija .

God bless you all.
Our loved ones live forerver……….in the memories we keep.

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27 Responses to “Can we Question their PatriotisM Yet?”

  1. Perri Nelson says:

    The fishwrapper of record has a history of this sort of garbage.

    Remember the controversy of the flag draped coffins?

    Somebody at the Times and somebody at CNN must have gotten together to cook this report up.

    I’m waiting for the double wammy – Snuff films of our troops broadcast by CNN with photos in the New York Times.

    Won’t that be good for morale.

  2. Debbie says:

    I was in the car this afternoon when I heard this news. I think it is horrible, underhanded, despicable, low-life, America-hating excuses for human beings. And yet if one of their own says one positive thing about the war or anything, they get reprimanded. Just awful that our country has come to this. The MSM in this country are no longer journalists, no longer ‘reporters’. Reporters share the new, the facts, not a political agenda. And real journalists do NOT make news, they only report it.

  3. Layla says:

    Like Debbie, Angel, I too heard about this and this is really horrid. It is the most despicable of things any human being do. It is terrible the left – the msm et al get away with such things and are never held to any accountability. These are sorry excuses for reporters and journalists-they have no scruples and or morals. They are worthless human beings that engage in gossip and lies, not facts and truth. I am ashamed of what our has allowed in the name of ‘freedom of speech’ and a ‘free press.’

  4. kevin says:

    If they had any patriotism, I’d certainly question it.

  5. Mike@CopTheTruth says:

    Just typical anti-U.S. military MSM crap. What else is new? Sad nonetheless.

  6. Gayle says:

    It is indeed dispicable and traitorous as well.

    Angel, I just heard on Fox news some of the moonbats that were at the demonstration in Washington chanting “five, six, seven, eight! Who do we assassinate! Bush! Bush! BUSH!”

    I’m so angry I’m nearly seeing red! I want to know why they weren’t arrested on the spot! This goes far beyond freedom of speech, the same as what you posted about. But this is also a direct threat against the President’s life, and I’m horrified!

  7. Right Truth says:

    Terror in our hemisphere…

    Taking a look at potential terrorism close to home, I find we have some real potential problems. We should be worried about areas of the Caribbean. “Al-Qaida is suspected of having set up a front in the Caribbean island state…

  8. Night Rider says:

    The N.Y. Times: …Can we Question their PatriotisM Yet?
    Tom Rosenstiel, director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism in Washington, said the incident was typical of the dilemmas that face news organizations in war.
    “The fact that a photograph upset people, even family members, is not always sufficient reason not to run it,” Rosenstiel said. “Editors may decide that there is a compelling public interest in running a photograph precisely because it does upset an audience.”

  9. Terry_JIm says:

    Sick, sorry excuse for journalists.

    “Compelling public interest in running a photograph” = we saw a chance to take a pot shot at that idiot in the White House and the morons in uniform who serve him, so we took it. The troops, the President , and the country be damned as long as we can sell papers.

    Thanks ,Angel for this post.
    God Bless our troops, President, and America.

  10. benning says:

    More good reasons why I never read the NYTimes or click links to their website. I ignore them. They aren’t worth my time nor anyone else’s.

  11. michael says:

    I don’t have a problem with the story per se; there was courage and sadness; the soldiers were in a tough situation and had to find a solution; the medic who retrieved the gear did a brave thing. These were American soldiers, shining in adversity. I wish the story had told that better.

    I did not the video at all. Out of respect for the sergeant, his last moments should not have been shown; he and his family should have been granted that privacy.

  12. velvethammer says:

    Absolutely despicible! Patriotism? Not one ounce. An I shocked? No!
    Journalism? More like propaganda. If they only would be less biased and more fair and balanced, then the anti-american-anti-war freaks and the insurgents would have less fuel. They make me ill! Why can’t they publish some of the good news for a change?

    Here is a fantastic blog that showcases all the good our Soldiers do. By posting wonderful photos. Don’t be put off by the name. ;)

  13. OMMAG says:

    This kind of crap is just one of the reasons for this ->

  14. InRussetShadows says:

    If you ask me, the reporters should be charged with treason and when found guilty, executed.

  15. American Crusader says:

    The New York Times is in business to sell newspapers. They don’t care about morality, fairness, loyalty or anything other than the bottom line. I read the entire story. It wasn’t particularly biased and for the most part the reporter emphasized the tough job the Americans were doing but it also broke the agreements made with the Pentagon. It used this soldier’s death to sell newspapers.
    The Bottom Line

  16. OMMAG says:

    NYT Circulation and AD Revenue in the Tank

    Think they can figure out WHY??

  17. Right Truth says:

    Muslims shocked and insulted…

    Muslims are shocked and insulted over Hérouxville Quebec’s decision to let future immigrants know what is expected of them if they move to that community. Andre Drouin, the councillor who devised the declaration, told the National Post newspaper that…

  18. Brooke says:

    Fuming… Angel… Fuming… :evil:

    As you pointed out, in order to pat the sensitive bottoms of the Islamists, they wouldn’t DARE print BombHeadMo, but they will show one of our own soldiers dying, his family be damned?!?

    I hope they are not only prosecuted by the Military for breech of conduct, but the parents sue them for invasion of privacy and that their loss of $600 million that was posted last year PALES in comparison of the loss they take this time!!!

  19. Don says:

    I suppose it would be stating the obvious to mention that the reason the NYT continues to throw trash journalism into the face of American is because people read and subscribe to the newspaper. As long as we (consumers) finance the NYT we can expect this type of trash to be waiting for us each morning. We shouldn’t be so foolish as to believe that our comments and our outrage mean anything whatsoever to the Times. They clearly feel that they are beyond conduct and care and are interested only in providing any and all with a vengeful bias against our President, our Troops, and our war against terror. Perhaps a “Blog’s Against The Times” (BATT) blog roll would generate enough interest to cause the Times to rethink it’s current policy? I’m willing to start I on my blog, anyone else interested in joining?

  20. sayitlikeitis says:

    Isnt it a legal binding contract that the photographer/Journalist must get permission from the family before publishing a photograph? Cant they be sued for this action?
    There are those that believe “all fair in love and war”.

  21. Angel says:

    Thanks y’all so much for the input here…God bless our troops! :)

  22. KKarLLmmMM says:

    May i please begin our class on economics today with an example posted on the website..woman honor thyself…being the nation has shifted left, away from proactive, anti terrorist actions to..feel good, moozie hugging, sheehanism..the New york (is it) Times has fallen into a leftists hole, to secure the flow of CASH into its pockets..HOW…by only showing and promoting those stories that serve that group…so class in closing.. the message is…”all the news that FITS, to print”…never forget the bo$$om line..

  23. Nazareth says:

    Ah but they’ve ‘apologized’ for showing the video- which makes everythign alright now- but had Fox showed it- can you just hear the endless screaming from the leftist media agendists now? It would NEVER end until Fox was taken off the air.

  24. Freedom Now says:

    It is vitally important to condemn this insensitive action by the NY Times. However, keep in mind that many of the reporters and editorial writers of that publication are trying to demoralize the US population.

    So dont give in to despair. Dont let them win.

    There is no victory for them. If they do get their way then the terrorists in Iraq will win. This will be a defeat for everyone, including the arrogant staff at the NY Times.

  25. Lawman says:

    I’ve changed my mind. Our enemy isn’t the Taliban or the Muslim extremists. The REAL enemy of the United States is the MSM.

    I’m usually not in favor of cencorship as it starts the long slippery slope down a road we don’t want to go. In this case, I’d vote to revoke the Times’ license to operate.

    Incidentally, I’ve arrested more reporters for obstruction of justice than I have any other demographic.

  26. velvethammer says:

    Don I’d be more than happy to join a blog roll against the n.y. york slimes/propaganda machine!
    Now if only someone could code a blog roll w/o java script. (not org.) doesn’t allow it. :(

  27. Ivan says:

    Great pst!