Sue FrancE!

The Paris Mo–sque is suing a French satirical magazine for alleged racism, saying three cartoons in an edition published last year were insulting to Mus–lims.


French Mu–slims File Suit Over Alleged Racism”

The hearing will go over many of the same issues debated throughout the world after the Danish newspaper Jyll–ands Po–sten a year ago printed 12 cartoons about the prophet Muh–ammad, sparking riots and anti-Danish boycotts in parts of the Is–lamic world.

It will also set out jurisprudence on how officially secular France deals with criticism of Is–lam, which, thanks to immigration, has become the country ‘s second-largest religion.

O.K. dudes and dudettes.
For the very last time.
Izzzzzlam is NOT a race.

So can the “racism” rubbish k? stopwhining_tn.gif

Better yet, let’s turn the tables and sue them.

Let’s start with suing the French Muzzlims over Ilan Halimi..remember him?

“Ilan Halimi was snatched on January 21. A young woman, suspected as acting as a lure, has since given herself up. His family received numerous ransom demands. He was found, with 80% of his body burned, naked and handcuffed on February 13. He died on the way to hospital.”

Guess who was responsible for that huh.

Sue them over the USS Cole.
You do remember that lil “incident” Muzlims, dontya.

Ya know the charming lil suicide bombing attack against the U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer USS Cole on October 12, 2000 while it was harbored in the Yemeni port of Aden…. where 17 precious sailors were killed and 39 others were injured in the blast.

Is it all comin back to ya yet?


Indict them for Madrid.
2004 wasn’t so long ago Muzlims..perhaps you can strain your collective brains to recall the Madrid train bombings which consisted of a series of coordinated bombings against the commuter train system of Madrid, Spain on the morning of March 11, 2004.

191 people killed and 2050 were wounded . The perpetrators?

Who were they.

uh. ding ding ding…times up!

Ah yes, they were local Izzzlamic extremists with possible links with al-Q–aeda.

Prosecute for orchestrating the September 11, 2001 attacks on our dear country, neighbors and friends.


Take legal action against em all:

-The whole dang Izzlamic Ji–had



For all their:
-Bombings. bowani.gif
-Kidnappings and executions.

-Roadside bombings.
-Suicide bombings.


Every last one of them.




Oh, but wait a minute.
Since they insist “Izlam” is now a race, not a religion..

..let’s sue them for thousands of years of persecuting the Christian and Jewish “race” too.

To heck wif cartoons…
We kaffirs can sue for “the racism and call for violence” against ALL non-Muzlims in the Ko-ran eh.

But hey..Ya gotsta give credit where credit’s due eh.

The Muzlims did invent something: Izzlamophobia. muz-ha-mas.jpg

No one had heard of Izzlamophobia a mere decade ago, and look at them now…heck…it’s the latest buzz word… the subject of international conferences and is quite literally treated as a threat to world peace.
Imagine that.

But now that they have given us a term for the ahem… imaginary problem, howzabout some government actually coin a term for the real problem, the all encompassing self-loathing and longing by Leftist Westerners and Europeans to exterminate their very own culture.

Can anyone coin a term for that my sweet friends?


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14 Responses to “Sue FrancE!”

  1. The HILL Chronicles » Blog Archive » Asalamu aleykum: No we Americans are not Islamophobics says:

    [...] Angel weighs in on the issue here. [...]

  2. Layla says:

    Hiya hun. I wrote something along these lines on January 13th. I trackposted it to you since it is relevant. Great post!

  3. Ebyjo says:

    Angel…In response to this : “the all encompassing self-loathing and longing by Leftist Westerners and Europeans to exterminate their very own culture” Well, in the United States, we call that Congress! I believe Britain calls them Parliment.

    LOL. Great post!

  4. a. truman north says:

    Brilliant analysis as usual. Particularly brillant.

    You know, some moonbat friends I know tell me that if the United States was nuked, we shouldn’t respond, since it would be impossible to know who to attack. I told them that Mecca and medina would be two very good starts, and I was also accused of racism and Islamophobia.

    Best Wishes,
    A. Truman North
    Conservative Digest

  5. KKarLLmMMm says:

    I see a pattern developing in your posts…COMMON SENSE!!!
    Beware Angel, this will get you nowhere…the apparatus that now controls the world we inhabit has relinquished all remains of the common sense. To now make it, you have to think like a farm animal, especially in France.
    If it wasn’t true, this story and others like it would qualify for the TWILIGHT ZONE..but, unfortunately it is happening in 3D and living color!!!
    Is there hope? yes! i believe so, but we need a wakeup call…and i thank you and your writings for at least dialing the phone…now will anyone answer it????

  6. Angel says:

    Thanks y’all for the added insights and comments!:)

  7. Cao says:

    Great post. That is too funny. There is a pattern here…common sense! That’ll get you nowhere! bwahahahaha! too funny.

    I am enjoying what you have going on over here! Thanks for the trackbacks, it’s bringing me over to read the new entries.

  8. cube says:

    And the French will run away like les petites lapins.

  9. Wake up America> says:

    Is the Good news From Iraq being hidden from you?…

    I am very thankful we have the internet where we can obtain the full picture ourselves without having to rely on the MSM since they have already proven themselves incapable of delivering the complete picture or following their own code of ethics….

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  11. Brooke says:

    Go, Angel, go!!!

    Great rant; you are dead-on!

  12. - Christian news, commentary, and inspiring daily devotions » Palestine’s Crimes Against Humanity says:

    [...] What’s a poor racist terrorist to do when the world questions their racism? Claim counter racism, that’s what. French Muslims are trying to claim that the world is racist towards Muslims because we have the sensibility to call radical Muslims terrorists. WomanHonorThyself has the lowdown on the latest ridiculous attempt by Muslims to justify radical Islamic terrorism that a great number of Muslims practice. Apparently Muslims are trying to get Islam labeled as a race instead of a religion so that they can claim racism whenever a radical Islamic terrorist is taken to task for their crimes against humanity. They’ll claim the world is racist toward Islam, yet they totally ignore the fact that their religion, as perverted by radicals, ongoing from the time of the holy trip to a rock somewhere in the Middle East, is nothing if not racist toward everyone outside of Islam. [...]

  13. michael says:

    Can anyone coin a term for that my sweet friends?

    Angel, it’s “fascist expansionism.”

  14. sayitlikeitis says:

    The only insult is: Muslims are an insult to the human race.