WesterN Apologists SpewinG


The War on Terror has radicalised Mus–lims around the world to unprecedented levels of anti-American feeling, according to the largest survey of Mus–lims ever to be conducted.

Seven per cent believe that the events of 9/11 were “completely justified”. In Sa-udi Ara–bia, 79 per cent had an “unfavourable view” of the US.

Anti-American feelings soar among Mus–lims, study finds
Gallup’s Centre for Muslim Studies in New York carried out surveys of 10,000 Muslims in ten predominantly Mus–lim countries. One finding was that the wealthier and better-educated the Mus–lim was, the more likely he was to be radicalised.

Of course. WE caused the Muzlim Jeeeeeehad.


The Muzlims haven’t been er… “radicalized” since Iz lam commenced.


The current campaign of Muzlim terror and random slaughter isn’t part of a 1,300 year old jeeehad that has been waged on the non-Muzzzlim Infi-dels in accordance with the Ko–ran and Izzlamic doctrine.

No no no.

This jeeeeeehad against the West didn’t begin long before America was even thought of let alone discovered .


It just started since WE started messin wif dem ,aiight.


No matter that the Saudiz are funding Izlamic schools and mosqu-es throughout the world to indocrinate students that America and the West are pure evil.

Not to mention the curricula in A-rab schools who routinely teach their students to hate the U.S., Europe, Israel, and all Jooos.

So what if Shar–ia and democracy are mutally exclusive. Minor detail eh.


Accordin to the Apologists, the achievements, feats and triumphs of Western civilization are full of every human sin found and, of course, peculiarities of the sinister “West.”

You know, like the West invented slavery right?

Despite the fact that it um…. existed all over the world for thousands of years.

It is unremittingly illustrated as if it was a peculiarity of Europeans enslaving Africans. Barbary pirates and er..Muzlims alone, brought twice as many enslaved Europeans to North Africa as there were Africans brought to the United States.
Another minor detail no doubt.

Apologists galore.
Why is it my friends that the howlers are the ones who get the most publicity.


The “offended” Muzlims, Sheehan, Murtha, Dean, Kerry, Shrillary….and the rest of the D’crats: “WHATEVER IT IS, IT’S OUR FAULT” clan.

Lesse now.
22 Arab states among 300 million Ar-abs and the Palestin-ians still haven’t found a home.
Heck, that’s our fault too.


Leftist Apologists and IzlaamoNazis are fellow travelers.

They both travel backwards, but somehow call it “progress.”


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3 Responses to “WesterN Apologists SpewinG”

  1. OMMAG says:

    As always you make the point very well!
    Don’t forget the first tactic of the weakling and the born loseris to blame someone else.
    BTW – I borrowed your earlier Pic from the Fasching parade for my own spot…….Links and thanks to you Angel!

  2. KKarLLmMm says:

    Someone explain it to me…..the endless complaining and moaning about our terrible country….but the unending flow of camel lovers into it???
    Am i the only one who just doesn’t get it..the oppressive western ideals and its affects on the moooozzzie middle east, but their intense desire to live thru out our states……feel free to address my confusion..ACLU,CAIR, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter…etc…..

  3. Brooke says:

    Amen, Angel, and what Kkarll said! :mad: