WomenS Loss of ModestY

Clothes define people.

A person’s clothing, be it a suit, pair of jeans, bikini or a modest head to toe covering is a critical element of his or her culture, class, personality, society and religion.

For women, fashion has always followed a pattern of varying erogenous zones by insisting that some feature of the woman’s body be revealed or exaggerated so as to draw attention to it and in so doing…… attract ..men.

Changing fashions for women reveal the political as well as social climate of the period.

Universally, women have been duty bound to go to extreme lengths to be considered fashionable and to fit specific beauty “ideals” of a given culture.

What became known as the “Hour Glass figure”, was an absolute must in the Victorian era, hence the corset, which artificially constricted a woman’s waist by being laced as tightly as she could possibly handle.


No matter that it caused difficulty breathing, problems with digestion, impaired mobility or in some cases even broken or deformed ribs or displaced internal organs.

Small price for beauty eh.

The “bustle”, a mass of material draped in a big puff at the woman’s back. Sometimes long and extended ” trains” were then attached to the bustle.

No matter if merely walking down the street became a chore.

Small price for beauty eh.

The stunning neck.

The Padaung tribe of Burma considered a long neck beautiful. About
age 5, girls were introduced to the first neck ring. As they grew, rings
were added. Their shoulders were pushed down, making the neck look
Neck Stretching
A woman wore up to twenty pounds of rings on her neck and even more on her calves…

A fully stretched neck was between 10-15″ long.. A woman could not drink from a cup, because tipping her head back would overbalance her and she would fall! She could only drink from a straw. And forget looking at the sky.. If a woman offended her tribe, her
rings were cut off and she would choke to death, unless someone held her head up…
To see an animation of the “stretch”

Small price to pay for beauty eh.

Chinese Foot binding.

So exactly what is foot binding?

In a nutshell it was an attempt to stop the growth of the feet. It usually began somewhere between the ages of four and seven. Possibly even later if the family was poor and needed their daughter to do work around the house or farm.

A bandage, ten feet long and two inches wide was wrapped tightly around thc foot, forcing the four small toes under the sole of the foot. This made the feet narrower but at the same time it made the feet shorter because it also forced the big toe and the heel closer together by bowing the arch of the foot. The bandage was tightened each day and the girl was put into progressively smaller and smaller sized shoes.


The entire process usually took about two years at the end of which the feet were essentially dead and utterly useless. Binding the feet was the easy part, being bent so out of shape the feet required lots of core. Thc feet had to be washed and manicured on a daily basis. If they weren’t manicured properly the toe nails could cut into the instep and infection could set in. If the bindings were too tight they could cut off circulation which could lead to gangrene and blood poisoning.

The feet had to be massaged and given hot and cold compresses to help relieve the pain and help improve circulation. If all this isn’t bad enough, corns would develop on the toes that were bent under and would have to be cut off with a knife. But wait.. It gets worse..

Chinese Foot Binding
With the lack of circulation flesh would rot and fall off and sometimes the toes would ooze pus. The pain was said to have been excruciating especially if this process was begun at a later age. The ideal foot would fit into a shoe only three to four inches long.

A Chinese saying says, “Every pair of small feet costs a bath (kang) of tears”. It is difficult to imagine the suffering that these women had to endure.

Small price to pay for beauty eh.

Mursai Lips.
Mursi land is in southern Ethiopia….
The women wear large lip ornaments made of clay or wood. They share this unusual custom with the Kayapo natives of the Brazilian Amazon…

At puberty, the girl’s bottom lip is pierced and a small wooden or clay plate is inserted. They gradually increase the size of the plate, year by year, until it reaches a dramatic 10 inches in diameter.

Mursai Lips
The size of the disk sets the price of the young woman’s dowry. The larger the disk, the more cattle her family will receive from the groom’s family. As many as 50 heads of cattle will be paid to marry the girl with the largest disk.

Have we ceased and desisted the torture.

Women are now indoctrinated by the advertising media that they are celebrating themselves, and their social group by trying to heighten the sexual allure in what they wear or “don’t wear.”

Miniskirts and bikinis women are told are for the bold and the beautiful. The more skin a girl or woman reveals, the more “guts” and self confidence she has.

Thin became in to the tune of millions suffering from anorexia and bulemia, some as young as 6 years old.


Wrinkles and natural body fat became evil and taboo to the tune of millions of invasive cosmetic surgeries and procedures being performed hourly.


Low-rise jeans exposing girls’ and womens’ stomachs, cleavage being flaunted, even in the workplace, the exposure of undergarments and buttocks accompanied with 7 inch stiletto heels.
Clothes ones reserved for prostitutes.

Women relinquish the honor they inherently have as human beings created in the image of God when they encourage men to see them as sexual objects.


Sure..it gives men the power ……….to endlessly feast their eyes..and more…….with no expectation whatsoever in return……not even…….respect.

Clothes define people. Indeed.


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23 Responses to “WomenS Loss of ModestY”

  1. Always On Watch says:

    The “bustle”, a mass of material draped in a big puff at the woman’s back.

    Like I need any padding in that area!

    I realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Nevertheless, today’s anorexic, cadaverous models are downright hideous.

    And that’s not the worst part! Teenaged girls strive to look like those models; several of my students have come dangerously close to malnutrition.

    About Chinese footbinding….Christian missionaries helped to put an end to that practice in certain parts of China.

    Having myself flirted with anorexia, I know how insidious the disease is.

  2. Kevin says:

    I blame twiggy.

  3. InRussetShadows says:

    It’s even worse than the picture you paint, Angel. Coupled with the emphasis upon looking like whores is a contradistinctory and as-powerful emphasis that men are not to look, or the dreaded hostile workplace / sexual harassment complaints start to flow. Clothes are used as weapons to control men, while they imbue the wearer with an egotistical sense of importance and bravada. It is a losing game for everyone involved.

  4. David says:

    More to it than simply “empowering men”. Frankly, women who make the choice to appeal to the least in men are searching for the lowest possible “return” on their apprel “investment”–and they’ll likely get it, since what they are advertising is cheap sex from someone who regards herself cheaply.


    Of course, mothers who allow their tween and teen daughters to dress like whores are culpable, as well.

    As are fathers who allow such behavior.

    But then, there are fewer and fewer parents nowadays, anyway. Oh, biologically, sure, but parents who actually exercise caring parental authority instead of some childish perversion of parenting (such as, among other things, attempting to be their child’s buddy or being their child’s chauffeur, caterer or whatever) are becoming rarer, it seems. Otherwise, why would so many young girls leave their homes for school dressed like whores? And then grow up to be young women who feel they must essentially be (part time, amateur) whores to “get” some pseudo affection from a man (who probably should be horse whipped for taking advantage of the situation).

    Go ahead, “parents”: let your daughters dress like whores in imitation of the pop idols you allow them to adore. (Yeh, you let ‘em listen to and watch crap, so why should you baulk at letting them dress in the fashion of the pop idols you allow them to worship?)

    *profound sigh*

    I have been heartened to hear, recenty, of an apparent gentleman who has been courting my daughter. Of course, I have only my daughter’s description (well, and her room mate’s description) of his behavior, but it’s been encouraging. Women don’t have to be satisfied with giving away “free milk”–and they don’t have to advertise “free milk” in order to get some substitute for a genuinely respectful relatinship, and indeed, women who do advertise “free milk” are unlikely to find satisfaction in their relationships, IMO.

    It’s up to them. Societal pressures? Fashion? *pfui* Make seriious choices to get what you need, women, NOT what society tells you you ought to want.

    Well, that’s how this old fart sees things.

  5. Gayle says:

    Great post, here Angel… and very informative and interesting. I can’t even imagine that foot, neck or lip thing. Good grief!

    Good grooming is a must, but I believe the female body should be exposed to the men who love us and not to the entire world. Women dressing like sluts look like sluts, period! Something should be left to the imagination. I think really good men are more attracted to a woman who dresses classy and modestly than to someone showing her all to everyone in sight. That might appeal to a man for a one night stand, but do they want to take their little bimbo home to visit the folks? Not usually!

    A friend of my daughter’s who is overweight and very big busted attended a church function, a picnic, in a spaghetti strap shirt with no bra. I saw her sitting with some very shocked looking friends of mine at a picnic table. Her shirt was so low the tops of each nipple showed. I walked up behind her, pulled up her shirt and said, “Come inside with me. We have extra clothing inside. You aren’t dressed properly for church, or anywhere else.” She didn’t even look embarrassed, but she did put on the shirt I found for her.

  6. American Crusader says:

    I had no idea that those neck rings caused so much damage. I always thought they were strange but when reading how someone would choke if the rings were suddenly cut off amazed me. Feet binding is excruciatingly painful.
    Apparently, it seems that women get the worst of it when it comes to meeting a societal standard of beauty.

  7. Brooke says:

    I’ve never been so glad to be average, and have a hubby who finds me beautiful just as I am, even with the extra “baby weight.” ;)

    What an illuminating post, Angel. Women must mutilate themselves to be attractive, yet rarely do we find men doing the same.

    So, who’s more confident after all?

  8. Brooke says:

    Of course, when you see the belly hanging out over clothes that are 5 sizes too small, one can’t help but think that the perp may have TOO much confidence… ;)

  9. Layla says:

    Great post hun and all so true. Cloths do define a person. Also, how vain one is says a lot about where that persons heart is and more to their character than all the fine cloths in the world.

  10. Debbie says:

    Angel, great article and I love the photos. The ‘removing of ribs’ to make the waist line smaller is another terrible thing that some have done in the past. What some go through to look what they think is beautiful.

    I like to look fashionable, but I’m not going to any surgical extremes. Fashion and FAD are two completely different things.

    Also being feminine is important. That’s different from looking like a slut.

    Hubby loves me just like I am and I’m thankful.

    Unfortunately men are now jumping on this bandwagon of moisturizers, makeup, plastic surgery. People won’t know what any one REALLY looks like.

  11. Angel says:

    Thanks y’all so so much for the inputs and feedback…This topic is dear to my heart and I think it needs much more publicity so thanks! :)

  12. Right Truth says:

    Place your bets, who will take out Iran’s nuclear sites?…

    Six leading world powers are meeting in London today to discuss the possibility of imposing tougher sanctions on Iran, but does Iran care? Nope. Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced yesterday that ‘Tehran’s nuclear program is unstoppable a…

  13. DL says:

    A real gem of a post Angel. And to think I used to worry because women felt compelled to avoid wearing white after Labor Day

  14. 123beta says:

    Open Trackback Weekend #42…

    Alright, it’s the weekend once again… And I have to work. Ugh….

  15. michael says:

    Interesting post, Angel.

    I’ve never really understood the fashion industry and its need to objectify. They claim to “enhance feminity” but runway models (and the clothes they wear) are usually pretty nasty… and definitely not representative of the average woman, or her wardrobe.

    There’s a Jewish tradition called tzniut, modesty, that governs how people dress in public… When I married, my wife started to cover her hair, and in the last few years has only been wearing skirts. Personally, I find her more alluring now than when we were dating, and I have grown to have a high respect for her, and the way that she will always manage to look good while retaining her dignity/modesty.

    The only way to fight this sort of “over exposure” is to properly educate our children, so that they have good taste and a healthy body image.

  16. Kelly says:

    All I have to say is AMEN!

    …well and I want to echo David’s comments as well…”*profound sigh*”

  17. ZionistYoungster says:

    Great post, Angel! Though the pictures and the descriptions of what women in various cultures have to go through sent me shuddering… stronger a case against multiculturalism cannot be made.

    There’s just one pitfall to this post, in my opinion: someone who agrees with you on the importance of women’s modesty could drift to the other extreme of totally covering up, a.k.a. the Islamic dress-code. I wrote, on December 15, 2006, my post Women Between the Extremes on exactly that issue.

  18. Iris says:

    Wow! I just found this blog in the course of researching for a scholarship essay I’m currently writing on the problem of women having to go through such extremes to conform to societal standards of beauty, and I couldn’t agree with you more!
    Nowadays, it seems that women dressing provocativley is encouraged, and even flaunting themselves in their B-day suits is becoming increasingly more acceptable ie. the degrading magazines one can obtain to entertain these perversions.
    Keep it up ’cause a lot of people, especially women, need to hear this message!

  19. nanc says:

    i don’t get it i guess, having been what most would call “average” in height, weight, skin tones, good hair – however, i do remember a boyfriend from lonnnnnnnnnnnng ago, whose ex-girlfriend told him, “well, she’s not beautiful, but she is striking!” i told him to bring her on over and i’d show her just how striking i could be!

  20. Angel says:

    Thanks again y’all for the support and feedbacks! :)

  21. GUNNY HARTMAN says:


    Not only have you shown the folly and extremes of weirdness, but reminded us about the fleeting and subjective nature of external beauty.

  22. Julio Iglesius says:

    “yet rarely do we find men doing the same”

    Not true actually, Males are mutilated in a variety of ways:

    - Circumcision
    - Facial tattoos (Maori and Various Borneo tribes to name two)
    - Scarification
    - Genital Piercing (variety of african tribes)
    - Mental mutilation (occurs from fighting wars)

    Lots more and just do a google if you want to see for yourself!

  23. VBurton says:

    ummm… not saying that i dont agree with you argument. but the fact about the Padaung girls not being able to take their neck rings off is a myth. they actually take them off every few years to add to the rings. several women have been forced to sell their rings to escape poverty as the metal is very valuable.
    i think we shouldnt condemn a society’s customs just because we dont have the same views. if you take away their traditions you take away their identites. if they wish to change thier bodys thats all right with me.
    just think of the things we force our children to do! take braces for example because they are completely accepted by our society. we strap metal bands to our children’s teeth to make them straight, who cares if it hurts, it dosen’t matter if their gums and lips bleed from the sharp corners, they have to wear them until thier teeth are acceptable by society. and one that really irratates me: shoes. i understand why you’d need them if you live up north where your toes will fall off if you dont have protection but here in the pacific its totally unnessesary. for the first 12 years of my life i never put on a shoe,even if there was choke keave thorns. if i totally had to i wore rubber slippers. but when i went to a mainland funded school the first thing they said was “covered shoes”. i mean what the hell! now my feet smell wierd. they cant breathe, they cant feel. my PE dosent understand why i cant run straight. obviously he came from texas. he even has a wierd accent…. woops! sorry! i rambled! shutting up now!