Ayaan Dukes it out ..and WinS


Ayaan Hirsi Ali is probably the most measured and rational critic of Izlam. An iron fist…in a velvet glove.

Check it out till the very end my friends..
If you can stomach Maher and that Issa guy …

As for Maher..
He lashes out at the “Old Testament God” calling him a psychopath.
Didn’t exactly call All-ah anythin now did he. smile-werid.gif

Then he goes on to call Noah a Jew…lol..Well, that kind of ignorance is just funny.

‘Course he couldn’t even allude to the violent strain in Izlam without adding his ignorant rant that Judaism and undoubtedly, Christianity are also founded on violence. Rright. at-wits-end.gif

Then along comes Issa.
There’s “no evidence” of radical Izlam in the “Palestinian Territories.” (whatever those are…)

“Christians and Mus–lims have lived side by side for thousands of years in peace.” – Darrell Issa

Uh. Yea.
Perhaps he missed the entire history of Jewish and Christian dhimmi-tude and er.. this………
Bethlehem’s Christian Exodus

Israel is the only country in the Middle East where the Christian population is actually rising.



May God bless Ayaan and keep her safe.


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17 Responses to “Ayaan Dukes it out ..and WinS”

  1. OMMAG says:

    Ali is often surrounded by her inferiors. Mahr and his guests are a perfect example of this!

  2. GUNZ says:

    Oh yes… Saw this over at Bushwacks a bit ago. Very good video. She’s spot on with it that’s for sure and very intelligent. I was impressed. Now if our wonderful leadership in Government would call it like it is we might gain some more ground in this war on terror. Screw the PC stuff, this is an evil, dangerous and vile religion pure and simple. Religion of Peace my a$$…

  3. Right Jokester says:

    Hey I saw that entire program (I went back and forth because I had it TIVOed) and thought Ayaan was great (and I ordered her book from Amazon) but I thought Maher did pretty good too in that he agreed with her. He also said Western Civ, because of democracy, is superior to Islamic culture and Ayaan agreed.

  4. DL says:

    Maher , so like most liberals, must hate the God that commanded certain behaviors from those he made and loves, because maher and liberals can’t get away without being reminded that the “I’ll decide what’s right and wrong” life they chose is sinful. Hating God and his followers is just an imperative reaction to their manipulation of their own consciences in order to dispense with their own guilt and eventual thoughts of punishment.

  5. Debbie says:

    I can’t stand Maher. I’m not sure if he considers himself an athiest, but he is so anti ‘religion’ he may as well be. He is a man with little joy in his life, with much hatred and therefore a very unhappy man. That can happen when you don’t have God in your life. I cannot imagine going through life ‘on my own’, without the strength, help, joy, salvation that is offered by God.

  6. Carl says:

    I can’t watch Bill Maher on television in any capacity due to his hatred, arrogance, holier-than-thou attitude and massive hypocrisy. Rather than have my blood pressure shoot up, I change the channel.

  7. hnav says:

    Bill Maher has no talent, has no intelligence, is not funny, has an unattractive face…

    Why is he given so much air time?

    Just a fool…

  8. InRussetShadows says:

    I’ll take your word for it, Angel. I too can’t handle Maher and all his vile, tiny hates, arrayed around him like undead children, dressed for a mock-marriage. I have not forgotten his praise of the 19 hijackers who murdered 3,000 of us. And I must say that his hatred of the “OT God” is really nothing more than an unsubtle trashing of Judiasm, no?

  9. hnav says:

    i just wanted to add however, i don’t agree with Ms. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, about the need to first remove the Taliban from power in Afghanistan.

    This was an essential priority…
    (It was basically a terrorist run state, a base for al Qaeda)

    It had to be done immediately. The Clintons were negligent for ignoring it. Many of those from SA, were trained in other areas of the globe, including Afghanistan to be terrorists.

    She is gorgeous, well spoken, brilliant, a wonder, a treasure, etc…

    But, as much as I wish SA would change, (we must pressure them in every sense), this is one of the essential reasons for the removal of Saddam.

    To pull US Forces from SA, the world needed this Monster, who promoted death, instability, terrorism, etc., to be removed from between Syria and Iran.

    There are many steps to be taken on the long path, in this admirable effort to end Radical Muslim Terrorism, and they should not be so easily diminished.

  10. Layla says:

    Bill Maher makes me sick. He is one of the most ignorant men on the face of the earth. He knows nothing, but the only fact that is he is a legend in “his” own mind. Radical Islam is destroying this world and there are so many people who are still duped and actually sympathetic to the so-called Palestinians–so many Jew haters it makes me ill. This war against terror will never end until the Muslims themselves stand up against this radical Islam and put a stop to it. Pathetic.

  11. wordsmith says:

    I don’t believe in handing out random acts of violence…but, frankly, Bill Maher just needs an ass-kicking. That’s the bottomline.

  12. Right Truth says:

    Going after the head of the snake…

    In order to kill the snake you have to cut off the snakes head. Al-Qaeda and related terrorists are trying hard to cut off the heads of those they see as snakes. It’s easier for them to attempt this than…

  13. FreeCyprus says:

    “Israel is the only country in the Middle East where the Christian population is actually rising.”

    You got it.

  14. Kevin says:

    Sure Maher lashed out at Christianity, but you have to do that if you are on the left before you say anything bad about some other religion. I think it’s in the rulebook. What was amazing was that he seems to actually ‘get it’ that islamofascists need to be destroyed. Not many on the left do.

  15. Brooke says:

    Mahr is a frickin’ moron.

  16. Angel says:

    Thanks y’all for the comments and additions as always!.:)

  17. benning says:

    Maher is going to be very upset, and quite surprised, when he meets his maker.

    Always the Asshat, is Maher.