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[Editor's Note: This article is reprinted with permission from American Freedom Riders.]

A Pattern of Malicious Prosecution by U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton

by American Freedom Riders

Written by his own hand, former U.S. Border Patrol Agent Gary Brugman tells how, in the performance of his duty, he was falsely charged and convicted of violating the civil rights of an alien caught entering the U.S. illegally at the Mexican border. This case, along with the cases of Ramos and Compean, Hernandez, Sipe, and who knows how many more, serves as proof of the agenda of malicious prosecution by Johnny Sutton against law enforcement officers who dare to uphold our immigration laws. (Sutton bio – Note the joined-at-the-hip relationship with George W. Bush)

Once again, as in the Ramos and Compean case, Sutton worked in concert with the Mexican Consulate to locate a deported Mexican national and payed his way back to the United States many months later to testify against a Border Patrol agent on false assault charges. A Mexican national who had registered no previous complaint against Agent Brugman. What incentive was he given? Who knows. It is known that a member of his family subsequently received chemotherapy treatment in the U.S. In a post trial interview, Johnny Sutton went so far as to thank the Mexican Consulate for cooperation in locating the deported alien. (DOJ Press Release)

A scandalous, but creative twist to this prosecution was that the Sutton gang also brought a convicted and incarcerated drug smuggler from his prison cell to testify against Agent Brugman. A drug smuggler who Agent Burgman himself had captured six weeks after the incident for which he was being prosecuted. Once again, there had been no previous accusation of any civil rights violation. Now however, the convicted drug smuggler conveniently offered supporting testimony to the prosecution’s false accusation that Gary Brugman was a rogue agent and a criminal. The false and vengeful testimony of this convicted drug smuggler should never have been allowed by the judge.

No one would listen to Gary Brugman several years ago and he spent two years in the general population at federal prisons wearing newspapers and magazines taped to his body as hopeful protection against inmate attacks. In view of what has recently been disclosed about Johnny Sutton’s malicious tactics, his story will be viewed with great interest now. Gary lost everything and his life was ruined but he survived his sentence and is now a free man again. Gary Brugman remains a patriotic American and tells his story now only in an effort to help Ignacio Ramos, Jose Compean, and Gilmer Hernandez prove their innocence against the power, influence, and treachery of the U.S. Attorney and George Bush water boy, Johnny Sutton.

Note: Gary has been a Harley rider for twenty years and on February 18, 2007 he rode with the American Freedom Riders and joined the families of Ramos, Compean, and Hernandez in El Paso, Texas to protest the conviction of the “Texas Three”. He is an honorable man and we are proud to call him our brother.

Read “My Story”, by Gary Brugman 2-20-07, now…

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5 Responses to “Guard the Borders Blogburst”

  1. Gayle says:

    It seems really ludicrous that the public needs to be educated about our open borders, Angel. It also seems more than ludicrous that good men actually do jail time for protecting our country, something that our government should be doing but isn’t!

  2. Layla says:

    This is completely pathetic. While illegals invade our country on a daily basis those that entrusted to protect our country and our citizenry are jailed. As I said before, Bush says, “We are a nation of laws.” Again I ask, FOR WHO?

  3. Florian says:

    Oh gosh! When does it ever end? Bush is a pathetic liar when it comes to this issue. He could care a less about 30 million plus illegal alien criminals stealing from our social services and multiplying like rabbits while the rest of us just drop our jaws. It’s probably too late to do anything–we might be doomed. France is in a similar situation with it’s out of control African and Muslim population.
    Bush cares about Iraq and it’s borders–but he can only sneer and snicker at ours. Nice leader!

  4. OMMAG says:

    As an outside observer I’ve wonder from the start about the Federal prosecutor’s office and it’s motivation or direction.
    These guys like Sutton look like political hatchet men…but who is to gain from the persecution of honest citizens?
    Peel the onion layers back and what do you find?

  5. Cactus Wren says:

    Gary Brugman is scheduled to be on the G Gordon Liddy radio show tomorrow, March 7th.