India’s DirtY SecreT


“May you be the mother of a hundred sons” – a Sanskrit blessing

“The Hindu religious establishment is completely rotted from within. It has moved away from the universal values of the Vedas and Upanishads [scriptures]. The caste system is a total distortion of the Vedas…says a well-known New Delhi-based social activist and president of the World Council of Arya Samaj, a Hindu reform movement.”

Indias hatred of Women

Uttar Pradesh, India’s largest state with 166 million people, is one of the country’s poorest and most-illiterate regions. Its largest city, Kanpur, is a fetid industrial metropolis of 2.6 million on the Ganges River,..It has no public transportation, no middle class, no city garbage collection, no sidewalks and dismal air quality.

Even worse is the violence perpetuated on its women and unborn girls.

First, there are the baby girls who, simply because they are female, are put on piles of dry grass and burned. Or they are placed in bags and fatally stabbed.

Then, there are the acid attacks. If a woman refuses a man’s advances, he may throw sulfuric acid in her face, disfiguring her and rendering the woman unfit for marriage. Women are defenseless against such attacks as criminal prosecution is rare.

“The father doesn’t kill the man who rapes his daughter; instead, they dispose of her,”


Var–sha.. husband, … hung her from the showerhead after she gave birth to a second girl. Her brother found her in time to save her life but she was in a coma for six weeks and has not been the same since.

Then there is the woman whose husband poured hot coals on her abdomen after she bore a daughter. And a wife who was tortured with cigarette butts by her husband because she bore only girls. Summoned to the scene, local police only took a report.

Multi-Culti at its best.

Muzlims routinely destroying property, threatening death and bodily harm to those who speak out against them, and funding terrorism throughout the world.

Indians burning, pouring hot coals on their women and aborting their baby girls.

Another day, another “let’s understand and tolerate” madness fest.


No, we are not celestial beings, (at least some of us aren’t..heh), but mere mortals, and no doubt there is an unhealthy facet to our understandings and conclusions.

But it is by the very confronting and reflecting upon the unhealthy facets that we make it possibile for the healthy aspects to flourish.

To ignore the unhealthy or shadow side of our thinking is simply self serving, self deception.


Relativism, on the other hand, intimidates us into seeing our values simply as the beliefs of the unique tribe called “the West.”

Beginning in Canada in the 1970′s, it’s purpose was to give surety to cohabitation of populations of different ethnic or racial origins on the same land.

Boy, youv’e come a long way multi culti babies.


According to multi-culti thinking, every group is afforded a legitimacy that forms the basis of its right to exist, influencing its interaction with others.

The notion of just and unjust, criminal and barbarian, vanish before the absolute standard of respect for difference.

There is no eternal truth.

Those who take a stand are accused of ethnocentrism.

They contend that the life of a human being has the same value everywhere.

Amputating a thief’s hand, beheading those who disagree with the norm, and stoning, or “honor killing” women by slitting their throats is disregarded in the name of the necessary equality of all “cultures”.

So multi culti Libs can turn a blind eye to how women and men suffer once they’ve been parked their minds in the waste disposal of this thinking.

Whipping up all kinds of support about the sacrosanct “differentness of cultures” assuages them from having to do anything about the monstrous condition these women and men live and die in.


They can embrace and bless this “difference” even if it excludes the very instrinsic humanity we need to survive as humans.

This, my friends, is the curse of multiculturalism.

It tenders the same treatment to all cultures and beliefs, yet denies freedom of thought to those who wish to liberate themselves from multi culti thinking.

Ethnic and religious minorities are viewed by multi-culti’s as small nations, in which the most shameful and contemptible patriotism is passed off as nothing more than the expression of justifiable self-esteem.

Multi culti Libs are unashamed to flaunt how liberating women and minorities, and guaranteeing them equal rights in all fields, is the precursor of equality and progress here in the “West”, yet hide behind the mystique of “respect for others” when Muzlim or Indian cultures rape, torture and slash the throats of women, those in the wrong caste system or unbelievers.

They thus condone a torturous segregation camouflaged as “diversity.”
But reserve words like “apartheid” for the struggling democracy: Israel.flag10.gif

The multi culti disease is nothing more than bigotry and racism of the alleged anti-racists.

If they were any more stupid, they’d have to be watered twice a week. flowerpot111.gif

If we discard a communal criterion for discriminating between good and evil, just and unjust, we sabotage the entire notion of national community or coexistence.

But maybe, in India, putting babies on piles of grass and burning them, or hanging women from showerheads after mercilessly beating them is just a “custom” we ethnocentric Westerners just don’t “get” eh?


The multi culti credo:
Live and Let Die.

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25 Responses to “India’s DirtY SecreT”

  1. Debbie says:

    Oh Angel, this is just horrible. I’ve not head about this in India. Well we know wherever the Muslims are there is this sort of thing, but I never thought of it to this extent in India. Thank you for sharing. I will link to this in my next article. I’m assuming it’s Muslims, and not Hindu and others?

  2. Gayle says:

    “If they were any more stupid they’d have to be watered twice a week.” LOL! Angel, I run a farm and nursery hon. I have plants I swear are smarter than that!

    The mindset of the multi-cultural crowd is just plain moronic! To ignore the abuse these women encounter every day of their lives is so criminal it’s beyond belief! Women’s rights groups in this country should hang their heads in shame for ignoring this issue, but they don’t because they have no shame; their motives are selfish because they themselves are selfish people. I firmly believe what goes round does come round and it will catch up with them one day.

    Let’s not forget the babies. How can anyone turn a blind eye to the murdering of little babies just because they are girl babies??? Oh, I forgot; the same people who ignore this don’t really like babies. After all, they are also the idiots who think babies in the womb aren’t human lives!

    If we dwell on this stuff too long the sheer anger can make us sick, but it’s a sickness of heart and not a sickness of mind like the moonbats suffer from. Good post, even though it is so very sad.

    God bless you!

  3. KKarLLmMMm says:

    In the 30-40′s in Nazi Germany, this was know as ethnic cleansing..sort of like denture cleansing..removing the unwanted particles from between the teeth..
    but, of course it is the “WESTERN” culture that has it all wrong, we believe in equal backward of us..
    and by the way, easy on the plants they were abused as buds!!!!!!
    Pardon me for my comment dripping with sarcasm, it is my only coping devise…Thanks again Angel, for being out there.

  4. Right Truth says:

    300, The Movie, The History, The Reviews…

    The movie “300″ is one I have not seen, but my interest has been stirred after reading some reviews. What is the movie about? Victor Davis Hanson shares this: Recently, a variety of Hollywood films — from Troy to Alexander…

  5. WordBearer says:

    I covered this on my blog a while back. Cultural relatisvism will kill us all one day.

    The relativists appraoch the problem from the angle of Historicism. Historicism holds that if there was an eternal Truth or good, all cultures would be in universal agreement about it. Since there has never been anything that has been accepted as true by all cultures at all times, therefore there can be real Truth.

    These thinkers do not account for error. Under their hypothesis, if you gave 1000 people the problem of 2+2 and some can back with 5 or 3 they would declare that there was not real answer to the problem.

    They never account for the fact that perhaps some people are living counter to nature.

  6. Kevin says:

    This is a good reason to not be bothered when someone tells you ‘the world hates America’. If these slimeballs are the types of people who hate us, who cares?

  7. Angel says:

    Thanks y’all for sharing your thoughts and feelings on this one. :)

  8. LomaAlta says:

    Angel, good post. Your statement sums up multiculturalism about as well as any I have seen. Thanks.

    “The multi culti disease is nothing more than bigotry and racism of the alleged anti-racists.”

  9. Yankee Doodle says:

    “If they were any more stupid they’d have to be watered twice a week.” LOL! Angel, I run a farm and nursery hon. I have plants I swear are smarter than that!

    Another aspect of the problem is that too many people just have their heads stuck in the ground.

  10. Fang says:

    That is full on.

  11. InRussetShadows says:

    Something that’s been bugging me lately is that while I agree with this in every way (except maybe the hand-amputation bit), it’s not as important that I agree, as that someone who doesn’t agree is exposed to this.

  12. Brooke says:

    How deplorable. It is scientific FACT that the male determines the sex of a child.. perhaps we should start burning and stabbing the men!

    How is it that womens groups can stand idly by and let this sort of thing go on, cultural or not? SPIT!!!

  13. Layla says:

    This is just horrible. When will it all stop? The atrocities that are coming out about women these days in these backwards countries-insane religous practices makes me just ill.

  14. nanc says:

    ahhhhhhhh, but let them try to have sons without the benefit of women…

  15. The American Israeli Patriot says:

    Right of Return For Arabs? …

  16. Angel says:

    Thanks again y’all for the comments and insights! :)

  17. benning says:

    Ahhhh, the Eastern Religions. So peaceful, so calming, so life-affirming.

    Yeah, nothing like the mysticism of Hinduism, or the sage wisdom of Islam, to make you yearn for their rule over all of us.

    Unless you have an ounce of sanity!


  18. Yankee Doodle says:

    What gets me is that some of these people think that just because they are not the victim, it’s not a problem. That seems clearly the rationale in the Islamic world, where Muslim men dominate, and have no problem oppressing women and non-Muslims.

    The trouble is that the same mentality that allows their society to believe that it is okay to oppress one group of people sooner or later will allow their society to oppress any and all groups of people. If human rights are not universally respected, then no one is safe.

    Whenever anyone’s rights are trampled upon, we all lose.

  19. » Dojo Info 3/12/07 | 21st Century Paladin says:

    [...] India’s DirtY SecreT Certainly not entertainment like the last link, this post shows just how evil a country’s policies can be. [...]

  20. Flanders Fields says:

    Most of the women’s movements, as well as many other “liberal” type of movement, are not “allowed” to publicly express views different from their leadership. Leaders of encourage multiculti because that is the true job of thier leaders. They are leftist anti-American activists. That is the primary thing that they do and they will desert any social movement they lead in order to follow that anti-American agenda.

    Islamic terrorism and the left are allied. They are one in their anti-Americanism. It is an alliance of those who are left from the “dead communism” and their fellow totalitarians, the Islamic terrorists.

    Many Islamics would love to escape the fanatics. The multicultis are helping to insure that they will not be able to do so by encouraging more adoption of Islamic control measures and ability to isolate them in like-minded communities.

    These leaders do not care for people. They care only for doctrine and the promotion of their own. They have gained control in several areas and have established mechanisms to allow themselves to obtain funding from corporate leftists who, in exchange, gain competitive or monopolistic advantages.

  21. Angel says:

    Thanks again all for the insights! :)

  22. icanplainlysee says:

    Hi Angel,

    “According to multi-culti thinking, every group is afforded a legitimacy that forms the basis of its right to exist, influencing its interaction with others.”

    The horrific deeds described here are not random acts, like those of criminal intent in the West. This behavior is justified, and encouraged in these societies, either religiously or customarily, or both.

    Imagining a Western mind creating a bizarre philsophy to incorporate this
    behavior into some civilized canon with a sweet sounding name and explanation shows us just how sick the Western mind can become.


    ps thanks for visiting my blog

  23. Nazareth says:

    Angel- these people are true animals- I’ve doen several reports on these and other attrocities and crimes against humanity done in the name of Islam, and it is just frightening the depths to which thse maggots will sink. Children born in India had better be male or else ashes are stuffed in their mouth and lungs until they suffocate, or they are buried alive in the earth in clay pots until dead, or they are raised, then sold into sexual slavery at very young ages to pedophiles from around the world who no doubt will just use them then murder them in cold blood. And the ‘honor killings’? The m,ore appropriate title would be ‘Dishonor cold blooded murders by ignorant repulsive maggots who are more concerned with their reputation than they are about human life’
    These people who do such things will have special locations in hell that is reserved just for the most vile disgusting people to disgrace this planet.

  24. Avoiceofreason says:

    What you post about India is troubling, and sadly is so true. Today on NPR, I know many may not like it, but it comes in clearly, there was an excellent segment, though saddening about how conditions in many parts of India are worsening.

    I find this particularly saddening as I have great love for many – not all – of the concepts professed in “The Vedas”, and in many places the texts so honor the vital place of a woman in society and also how much enrichment the genders give to each other. This is so personalized by the story of Krishna’s love for Radha, one of my favorite tales of antiquity.

    An instance at my job is brought to mind when I read this post. One of the girls in my school – I’m a teacher transitioning towards administration, is from Pakistan, and obviously had reached a milestone in her life as she started to wear a head cover. This wonderful young girl, who is a model of behavior and respect, was wearing a hood to hide the covering, and I encouraged her to not do so, as it was a part of her life. Two points. I feel this act is an appropriate act of multi-culturalism, in that it my hope that she knows I respect her and her beliefs. Sadly, there is also a concern and it is mingled with a hope that she is not subjected to the barbaric practice of mutilation so commonly done to these poor girls.

    Thank you for this post, and hopefully it will remind us all that a call to social justice is never an inappropriate call, and is one that is easy to forget in a world that sends so many voices!

  25. lisa says:

    this is terrible
    it has to stop!!!
    im distusted by this.
    my husband says its not right
    i hope you agree