Doozie of the Day: Barak Obama Osama Yo Mama


Today’s Doozies:

Lines that ought to be jokes..but are dead serious.

Angel’s first prize goes to:

Barak Obama

“Nobody is suffering more than the Pales–tinian people,” Obama said..

Obama wants us to fund terrorists.. yay
(…he supports relaxing restrictions on aid to the Pale–stinian people.)


Guess B.O. has never heard of Darfur..
or or…
all the innocent Israeli children who have been and continue to be blown to bits by the Hammas sponsored suicide bombers or the hundreds of other innocent civilians murdered.

Oh wait, they’re dead so I guess they aint suffering no moe right B.O.?

Well, we now know B.O. was educated in a Madr-assa as a young boy and deceived us ’bout his Muzlim heritage.


Guess you can da boy outta da madr-assa but ya caint take the mad-rassa outta da boy huh.

Ya know dude, ya may wanna brush up on yer history before ya open yer pie hole next time. bookread10.gif

You know , perhaps learn how the so-called “Pale–stinian” people came into existence.

Guess what dude…Muzlim or not…there is no such land, nor people.

Want us to raise money for the unicorns of Atlantis too dude?


The vile PL-O even denied the claim to “Pale-stinian” territories before the Arabs waged war against Israel back in 1967.

That too long ago for u to recall B.O.?

“Pal-estine”, as brought about by the British and the one and only UN, was the land referred to and legally owned by the none other than the Jewish people.

You know..the ones who own the media and use Christian blood for matza balls……..Jooooooooooos.


But sure buddy.
Let’s give more of our money to a terrorist org k. moneyl96.gif



Especially one like Ham-asss:

1-who don’t hold open elections
2-don’t have an independent judiciary

3-don’t have a free press

4-don’t subject their treasury to public scrutiny

5-don’t stop suicide bombers, but pay them highly as incentive

6-who don’t censure religious leaders who call for mass murder and
exterminations of entire peoples

7-don’t extend equal rights to women, but instead, embrace honor killings, torture and gender apartheid

8-who don’t stop flying kassam rockets into Israel, maiming and
killing innocent families almost daily

9-who don’t bother raising any funds to build water, sewer, transportation,
or heaven forfend an education infrastructure for their children or familes

Sorry B.O…but there are dozens of other battlegrounds around the world, where the downtrodden fare far worse on their best days, than the Pales–tinians terrorists ever have on their worst.

Thanks for the bag full of bovine manure B.O.
We won’t say ya never gave us anything k. facee23.gif

Uh…and about your understanding of “suffering”…well… you might want to revisit an English dictionary.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality.


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25 Responses to “Doozie of the Day: Barak Obama Osama Yo Mama”

  1. obob says:

    wow, I haven’t seen that fury in some time. Well put and laid out. It does floor me how so many on the left hypocritically dnounce our government and our freedom of Iraq. In turn we have brave solidiers trying to prevent numerous hate crimes and geonocides as the left complains of our being there period. Is the left so wrapped up in hating GW ans our country they are willing to allow millions to die for the prized ego?

  2. Fang says:

    “Ham-ass” :)

  3. Debbie says:

    Oh Angel, I heard this earlier and forgot all about it. It fits in perfectly with my latest on Israel. What is strange, Black people don’t even like Obama. He’s a pigment of the white, far left.

  4. nanc says:

    if i wasn’t sure, i’d say he was one of jimmuh’s illegitimate kidz…just me thinking out loud…there’s no law against that yet, is there?

  5. Right Truth says:

    Bickering Over Israel…

    Tzipi Livni, Israeli Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, made some memorable statements in her presentation March 12, 2007 (via Judeoscope). I wonder how Ayman al-Zawahri took her comments? They know, as we do, that even if the…

  6. Yankee Doodle says:

    ““Nobody is suffering more than the Pales–tinian people,” Obama said..”

    In a way, he’s right.

    How would you like to live under Islamic terrorist rule? For all the nine reasons you mentioned about Hamassssss (Oops! The “s” key got stuck.), it’s bad. Jihad without end.

    At least an Israeli knows something about freedom, and has a shot at a decent life, until killed by a suicide bomber.

    ssssssssssssssss (That “s” key again!)

  7. michael says:

    Sometimes, when I hear such a stupid statement as Nobody is suffering more than the Pales–tinian people, it makes me sad that I long ago gave up my Democratic Party membership, and can’t vote in their primary, against Obama.

    Ah, well.

    At least I know that he hasn’t got any real chanc of winning; I don’t think that America will vote for a black man for President.

  8. Old Soldier says:

    B.O.? It took me the longest to correlate Barack Obama to B.O. – I kept thinkig, Body Odor. Do you think the two are interchangeable?

    Where’s Samson when you need him?

    Great post, Lady, really great!

  9. Right Truth says:

    Osama Bin Laden’s landlord arrested…

    Arrested — Sidi Akbar who is accused of not only helping the al-Qaeda leader escape, but also of having hosted him in a location in Nuristan, far away from Afghan and American troops. (AKI) The Pakistanis are reportedly on their…

  10. Ogre says:

    And just think — the two biggest “front-runners” for the Democrat nomination for president both think that Palestine is a country and that they’re oppressed by Israel. Elect one of these morons and watch the wars in the middle east explode. I sure hope Israel has nukes, because they’re going to need them.

  11. Layla says:

    The man who has the middle name “Hussein” is a muzzie at heart. Let him run for President in the so-called Palestine! SPIT!

  12. Webloggin - Blog Archive » Bickering Over Israel says:

    [...] The Doozie of the Day comes from Woman Honor Thyself: [...]

  13. cube says:

    B.O. doesn’t fool me. Neither does Hillary. Le’s hope enough of our folks realize that neither one of these leftards are capable of running the country.

  14. DL says:

    lEave Barack alone till Hillary is rejected and then he should be an easy target. Just get him flustered a bit. He’s not ready for the big show yet!

  15. Brooke says:

    Hmm… Maybe the psuedo-stinians wouldn’t suffer so much if they would quit bombing civilians and electing terrorist organizations to represent them.

    Yah… Goooood one, Obama.

  16. David says:

    Funny thing… my blogmom (she whelped me unintentionally and is a big enough person to have acknowledged her part in inflicting the world with twc *heh*) is a very bright lady. Worked (as a token conservative) on the Harvard Law Review with Obama. Says he’s a very bright guy. Assuming she’s right–and it’s a safe bet–then he MUST know he’s talking through his hat when he says such things.

    And that makes him either self-deluded or deliberately deceptive. IOW, a typical politician *spit*


  17. Martin says:

    “Want us to raise money for the unicorns of Atlantis too dude?”


    If he’s so worried about the downtrodden maybe we should stop for a minute and consider the Israeli children being blown to bits, as you and others have pointed out, not to mention millions more elsewhere around the world; say, for example, Chinese children and political prisoners forced to work slave hours in factories or “donate” organs so their leaders can further beef up their military and strategic interests, which also happens to include supplying and supporting any regime or organization that opposes countries like the US and Israel.

    But I guess his definition of “downtrodden” is any group that is friendly to Islamofascist terrorists and who get support directly and indirectly (but quite deliberately) from the brutal leaders of Russia and China.

    Excellent job, Angel. :)

  18. Angel says:

    Thanks again one and all for the wonderful additions! :)

  19. OMMAG says:

    Absolutely positively !!
    Another good rant Angel … keep spreading the word!

  20. benning says:

    I hope you didn’t expect better, Angel. Obama is your standard, Liberal, Democrat Senator. No lie will be left unturned.

    And this is the “man” who is supposedly giving Shrillary such a hard time? Yeesh!

  21. KKarLLmMM says:

    Now i have to address his Arab loving remarks, i do not think so….
    The continued inner fighting between Ha ha ass and Fat ah ( is it just me, or are there a bit to many HA HA HAs in their names) is proof enough that it is ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY!!!
    unless some time out is needed to perform HONOR KILLINGS…those wild and crazy burka wearers always looking for some equal rights…what nerve!!!

  22. ZionistYoungster says:

    Spoonerism time:

    Sarack Hubbein Osama.

  23. Butch says:


    I’m not sure why I’m not getting your pings…

  24. 123beta says:

    Daylight Savings Open Trackback Weekend…

    Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour this Saturday night. Please feel free to leave a post and I’ll be sure……

  25. MattyP says:

    Yea yea