Wherez the RemotE?


O.K. ok ok…I gotta get into the 21st century if it kills me.

This is the 3rd or is it 4th time, we’ve had to change the “starter”..(I think that’s what its called)…you know the gizmo that lights the stove up.
d’uh @ me

Soooooooo, your’e thinkin…How old is that dang stove eh?

Well, I’m one of those who caint seem to figure out new gadgets and I’m allergic to reading manuals…soooooooooo I jus keep fixin mah old ones!

I need a gentle shove into the new age of “where the heck is the ON/OFF switch on this thang” era.

Here are ….Some new gadgets out there:

Inflatable Massage Chairs. Go figure.


Solar Generator Briefcases. woooo that would make the “Goreacle” happy now wouldn’t it? lol sun017.gif

Cell Phone Mini Projectors….for those last minute emergency presentations!


The Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun which delivers a 950,000 volt of shock designed for joggers runnin thru slums …heh


And of course who could do without the new
Flying robot computer which……
serves as a camera, a communications device, a fully operational computer and more.


Do y’all like new fangled appliances and gadgets or are ya stuck in the olden dayz?….. heh

Now, where the heck did I leave my Ipod? musicburncdani-uddy.gif


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13 Responses to “Wherez the RemotE?”

  1. Stanford Matthews says:

    When I was very young, my mother tried to balance my enthusiasm by informing me I should never overstay my welcome. But I’m havnig too much fun right now. I will answer by saying I prefer the KISS philosophy I leanerd while flight training. For those who don’t know, that stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid. It was intended to reinforce the idea to adhere to the fundamentals and always be able to fly a plane using the basic skill set and not to forget that when adding the many available pilot comforts. Sort of like teachers requiring students to take a test without their calculator. I find wisdom in that thinking.

  2. nanc says:

    i am hopelessly stuck back in the late eighties/early nineties – i’ll take an old working thing over a new wonder how it’s going to work thing anyday!

    as a little girl i loved to put new cords on things, take toasters and radios apart – replace things on them and put them back together in working order. these days i cannot tell you how to set a digital watch and heaven forbid figure out the dvd player’s remote control.

  3. Avoiceofreason says:

    I am so glad I am behind the times. But I do know computers!

    Very “snarky” post.


  4. FreeCyprus says:

    haha! Great post Angel.
    I must admit…I’m very much a techno-geek and love every new gadget and I’m always reading up on the latest technology trends.

    I’d right a user manual for you any day.


  5. Perri Nelson says:

    I enjoy a great many of today’s technological marvels, just not the use to which we put a lot of them.

    Cell phones are nice. Wireless internet is nice too. I’m NOT going to pay extra to browse the web and read blogs with a cell phone though.

    Most of today’s rush toward technology anymore seems to be wrapped around our self-centered attitudes toward life.

    My wife and I gave my stepson a cell phone a few years ago so that he could be reached in case of emergencies. For a few days he thought it was cool. Then, after showing it to a few of his friends, he was upset because it was “so ghetto”.

    Apparently what was wrong with it was that when we upgraded our phones we didn’t buy him a new one, but instead let him use my old phone. It wasn’t the latest “slick thing” with built in video, mp3 ringtones and the like.

    Not too long after that he managed to “lose” it. We’ve never gotten him another one. It’s a shame that for many technology is really just a way to make us feel important.

    It’s really meant to serve us and make our lives easier. As if we really need that anymore.

  6. Brooke says:

    Hm. I like that “knuckleblaster” thing! :D

  7. Angel says:

    heh..thanks alls for the inputs! :)
    Stove’s workin..yipee!

  8. Debbie says:

    You won’t fine another person LESS technical than I am. We have about 6 remote controls for all the electronics, TV, VCR, DVD, DVR, Stereo/Amps, blah blah blah. I do good to turn the TV and Satellite on without screwing something up. When I do, it’s either don’t watch anything, or if hubby is home, I say, “I pushed a wrong button, again, help.” ha

    I guess our talents are found elsewhere, Angel! :’)

  9. Right Truth says:

    Fred Thompson, Run Fred Run…

    Conservatives are all a twitter, salivating at the thought of a true conservative Presidential candidate for 2008. Is it possible? Oh, be still our beating hearts. A dream come true? Clarice Feldman at The American Thinker shares Why I heart…

  10. Terry_Jim says:

    What do you call the kid positioned
    near the TV to change channels??
    —Amish remote control. :-)
    If you grew up in the 60′s and ’70s
    you probably WERE that kid.

    I like the gadgets, but I don’t carry a cell phone, yet.
    My wife does, and that’s enough expense.
    The cell phone, broadband internet, and Cable TV
    costs about $150 a month. Cheaper than a lot of folks spend on them , I suppose.
    They are increasingly seen as necessary these days.
    Long past delighting in the utility and convenience of cell phones,
    many of their owners rely on them as status symbols.
    I was talking to a young 20-something guy at the Cricket cell phone store Sunday. Even he shakes his head at the money people drop on ringtones and screensaver pix for their phones.

    I don’t need fergielicious , photos, or Family Guy wallpaper.
    Just want to make a phone call occasionally.

    There are still a few pay phones around for me.
    I wonder if the kids think I’m Amish??

  11. GUNZ says:

    All you need is the great outdoors, an e-tool [ the handle part ], a canteen cup and some heat tabs… bingo kitchen! Oh yeah food. A game trap and a really sharp K-Bar…

    I’m not to domeStimicated! LOL.

  12. michael says:

    Assuming you have a gas stove (the best kind), the gizmo that lights the stove up is an “igniter” if it’s electric (a sort of automatic Zippo), and a “pilot light” if it’s also gas (don’t fart near it).

    Just tryin’ to be helpful…

  13. KKarLLmMM says:

    The only remote control i can not live without seems to be in the hands of a “higher power”..the rising of the morning sun..the perfect balance of Oxygen in the air…the beautiful horizon at sunset….and a special friend to share it all with….thank you GOD…..