GermanY..still HaterS after all these YearS


Cologne, Germany (dpa) – When the Rev. Franz Meurer stands at the altar this Sunday in his priestly vestments, he’ll say to the congregation: “Today’s collection is for the construction of the big new mos–que in Ehrenfeld.”
Catholic church collects money for mos-que


After the special collection was announced last Sunday, several parishioners asked if it was really necessary – considering, for instance, that four young Turks beat a family man into a coma on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday.

“All that matters to me about them is keeping peace in the area,” Meurer remarked.


This truly goes under the category of : What were they thinking?


Oh wait, this is Germany wer’e talking about right?


Calling on Muzlims to kill Iszzamic scholar Dr. Raddatz is fine and dandy, but stamping the word “Ko-ran” on toilet paper … merits a one year prison sentence in Germany.

Translation: Wer’e scared of them.

Have they already forgotten the attempted cancellation of Mozart’s Idomeneo so as not to offend the country’s 3.2 million Muzlims?

You recall….they cancelled performances of the opera, which features a scene depicting the severed heads of the Prophet Moha–mmad, Buddha and Jesus, after police warned it could pose an incalculable security risk.

Translation: Wer’e scared of them.

Yes. yes.
To heck with IzlamoNazi radicalisation all across Europe and the emergence of an underclass of disillusioned youths, Turkish Muzlims in Germany.

Oh, and don’t concern yourselves with the threats to the Pope.


Let bygones be bygones won’t ya?

September 15, 2006 · Much of the Mus–lim world is in an uproar over remarks by Pope Benedict, that they say are offensive to Islam. Speaking in Germany Tuesday, the pope quoted from a text that said the early spread of Is–lam had been accomplished by violence.
Pope’s Remarks on Is–lam, Violence Spur Anger

Mus–lim reaction has been vehement.

The Vatican says Benedict did not intend to hurt Mus–lims’ feelings — but the outcry could end the pope’s plans visit Turkey in November.

Translation: Wer’e scared of them.

We know that Izlam has taken a grip on the European culture. Traditional values, customs and judicial standards are slowly but surely being “customized” to meet Mu-slim requirements.
Requirements, not requests.

And…So what if Germany is directly threatened?


CAIRO, Egypt – Isl–amic militants threatened to attack Germany and Austria unless the two European nations break ranks with the U.S. and withdraw their personnel from Afghanistan, according to a Web statement.

Is–lamic militants warn Austria, Germany

“Germany will face more threats and dangers if it doesn’t withdraw its troops from Afghanistan,” an unidentified speaker said in a video statement posted Saturday on an Isl–amic Web site used by al-Qai–da-linked militants.

We still won’t speak out against them.

Translation: Wer’e scared of them.

Rev. Franz Meurer.
You got money to throw away….
I know of quite a few Holocaust survivors and their families that would be more than worthy of your ahem…”benevolence.”

Building a mosque?


You’d do best to remember that “Mein Kampf” and Ji–had mean the same thing : My Struggle.

Just who’s side are you on?

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32 Responses to “GermanY..still HaterS after all these YearS”

  1. GUNZ says:

    And the I-slimes just keep threatening and intimidating their way to world domination…


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  3. Layla says:

    I linked this to my rant of the day…lol. When does the insanity end? ugh…..

  4. Always On Watch says:

    “All that matters to me about them is keeping peace in the area,” Meurer remarked.

    What a fool! Any price is not to much to pay for appeasement? GAG!

  5. Christi says:

    It just leaves you scratching your head in amazement…sigh…

  6. Maggie M. Thornton says:

    WHAT!!! I finally got passed passing the basket in the cathedral to pay for the mosque, and the remainder is just as astonishing.

    If Germany is threatened, they will come running to the U.S. – and we will help them.

    Feed the alligator and hope it will eat you last, as Sir Churchill said.

    I curtsied to you today in a CAIR article. I’ll track back.

    Maggie’s Notebook

  7. Maggie's Notebook says:

    CAIR: Front for Radical Islam? You Decide…

    The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) was rejected from a press conference, and according to CAIR’s own words, is regularly ejected from CAIR’s press conferences. No tolerance from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, as you will see when yo…

  8. Angel says:

    Thanks y’all for the input as always so appreciated! :)

  9. Perri Nelson says:

    You know they won’t spend the money on Holocaust survivors or anyone that the Islamo-nazi’s disapprove of. After all, they’re scared of them.

    We really need to get our troops out now!

    Out of Germany that is…

  10. 123beta says:

    March Madness OTA Weekend…

    One and out for the Dookies… hehe… Please feel free to leave a post and I’ll be sure to send a ping back to you……

  11. obob says:

    Apparentely the ghost of Neville Chamberlin resides in Germany and taken their soul.

  12. nanc says:

    you could NOT be more right in your observations. there is not one single minority who does not hold u.s. by the shorthairs – not one! they’ll gain a foothold here also – look at all the leftwing “christian” groups. we are christians and it is so sad to see this happening at the expense of not only our integrity, but our Lord.

    national suicide – that’s what i call it.

  13. Faultline USA says:

    Good grief more Islamist blackmail! “JUST GIVE IN and GIVE UP” – it’s the leftwing’s solution to everything!

  14. Avoiceofreason says:

    Your point that we are scared of them is so true. I wonder if it is that we are scared of them, or scared of what many of us, and even myself wish to do with those people. At times the virulent anger that I feel towards the movement of Islam is palapable, and while one can never excuse excesses, and remain civilized, it brings understanding of how such horrific atrocities can occur. Sadly, those people, have little remorse, and seem to glory in such acts of barbarism. What I fear is in fact the reality. A great many of those people wish nothing but to wipe their feet upon the ashes of our humanity and our culture. In a very real way they pose a clear danger to not only the security of the United States and other liberal democracies, but to the ethos of Western Civilization itself.

    The questions which must be asked by every member of democracies which place a proper “humanistic” value on the right to life, the right to participate in self-government, the right to worship God as one pleases, the right to live without fear, is what are we as individuals, as member of societies where government is placed squarely on the hands of the people prepared to do if this view is commonplace among those people. Do we dare risk our correct liberalism with views of tolerance and respecting differences. Of understanding that our differences – if we share the common ground of loving the concept of liberty – as a part of our citizenship more than the concept of devotion to the an individual cause which is allowed only because of that free society.

    Perhaps the lines are being drawn. Perhaps this is the climactic struggle of the ages, where history lies balanced on a thread, freedom and light contrasted by domination to a code enforced by the tyranny of evil men. All of our fathers and mothers of history look to us from wherever they lie. Never in the mind of mankind has an age of prosperity and the candle of liberty burned so brightly within our species. Yet, perhaps never are the consequences to guard that light so important. We must all ask ourselves, what am I prepared to do.

  15. Mike@CopTheTruth says:

    I lived there for years and loved it. Sad to see what their country is coming to. I wonder how far behind we are?

  16. ZionistYoungster says:

    Hi Angel, look what I found on The Brussels Journal:

    Save Germany: Stay at Home, Mum. Lead: “A new wave of anti-feminism is taking hold of Germany.” From March 19, 2007.


  17. Fang says:

    They gave Hitler Poland then look what happened. Don’t give Muslims ANYTHING. ISLAM = NAZISM.

  18. michael says:

    So a Catholic Church held a collection to help raise funds to build a new mosque.
    Should some tragedy happen, and “youths” were to burn down the church, for example, do you think that muslims would hold a collection to help rebuild it?
    Or is it more likely that they would raise hell if it’s steeple is taller than the minaret?

  19. DL says:

    The big question (though it clearly has been resolved in the minds of most) is whether or not Islam can be altered through reason and dialogue (that is what the Pope tried to do by calling to the Islamic world’s attention to its moral contradictions) or must there be the inevitable armed conflict. I suspect that the answer will come as always through reaction – not a proper approach to dealing with Islam should it decide the latter path is its choice.

    Personally I would like to see a strong carrot and stick approach. Tolerance of Islam should be in relation to its tolerance of the Judeo-Christian western world. If and when they voluntarily encounter it as immigrants- they, like everyone else must submit their culture(and not seek to dominate) to it. They require this in their lands. Joyful dancing when terrorists score is not acceptable. Raising money and rabble in Mosques is not acceptable. Demanding special employment privilige (no alchohol in cabs or selling pork products) is not acceptable. Mass and open rejection of Islamic terrorism around the world is the only route that is acceptable. Anything less is evidence of an unwillingness to accept western civilizations right to exist. Clearly they must not insist upon the destruction of Islrael. -

    I see little signs of serious and honest attempts to live peacably with the non-Islamic western world.

  20. cube says:

    What? What? What? Since when does acquiescence lead to peace?

  21. Ogre says:

    That’s exactly how Islam works and how it spreads: terror and fear. They’re very good at scaring people. That’s how they recruit in the prisons in America. And that’s how they get money, shut people up, and get their religion in the Land of the Once-Free. Islam cannot spread peaceably because people would reject it — they have already spread using fear. I wonder if anyone will stand up to them and say, “I will not be afraid.”

  22. Brooke says:

    Wha… I’ve fallen through a wormhole into an alternate universe, haven’t I? This is so nonsensical… That’s what must’ve happened…:evil:

  23. DL says:

    For one provocative answer to the peaceful Muslim issue, try this link:

  24. John Kaiser says:

    That is totally amazing. Wow. I am speechless.

  25. Joe Gringo says:

    Non-muslims are scared, you are right….but you know what? I ain’t, you ain’t, most people here ain’t, the more posts/information like this gets out, we can put a stop to this freakin’ madness. Nice post.

  26. Debbie says:

    It’s protection money the Catholics are paying, just like the mob collects protection money from innocent business people. With the Muslims it’s not demanded directly, but indirectly, with indirect threats. ‘See what we’ve done to others, fear us and submit to us and maybe we will leave you alone.” It’s pathetic and I don’t want to see that happen here in the US.

    If we give in, like in the instance of the 6 imams and the airline, it will be a very slippery slope indeed.

    A Voice Of Reason makes a very good point.

  27. The American Israeli Patriot says:

    More Enemies Amongst Us…

  28. Right Truth says:

    Turkey’s annual deployment to the Iraq border and two more Iranians missing…

    Just a routine annual deployment of the Turkish army preparing for operations against Kurdish camps in northern Iraq? The Media Line has the story. Don’t forget that Turkey is hosting ‘a one-day international conference to discuss the donor countries…

  29. Angel says:

    Thanks y’all so much for the additional info and insights..We’re in this together! :)

  30. Red_State_Blue says:

    All the Best!…

    ..the above mentioned news story – in reporting of activities by Sunni Insurgent groups based in Iran on the border between that country and the Kurdish regions of Iraq – suggests that – as dismal as they may be – the hopes expressed by those expecting…

  31. benning says:

    “All that matters to me about them is keeping peace in the area,” Meurer remarked.

    Yeah, that’s what they did in the 30s with the Nazis. We call it caving in, surrender, appeasement. That is one church I would have left, poste-haste!

    Meurer is a fool! And if his parishioners don’t have him tossed on his ass then they deserve what’s coming!

  32. Lucien says:

    Great pst!