Crocs on a PlanE?


Jerusalem.. - A Pale–stinian woman was caught trying to smuggle three crocodiles from Egypt into the Gaza Strip via Rafah Border Crossing, it was revealed Sunday.

… spokeswoman for EU BAM, which monitors the border as part of an agreement between the Pale–stinian Authority and Israel, said that the smuggler tried to cross Thursday into Gaza with the three crocodiles taped to her upper body.

Gaza woman caught smuggling crocodiles taped to her body

The crocodiles measured 40 to 50 centimetres in length. They were returned to Egypt, and the woman was questioned by Pale–stinian security officials.

She related that she wanted to sell the reptiles to a local zoo.


Ah, yes the poor thing.
Dang it takes some “thick skin” to so something like dat eh?

After all, Israel is oppressing Ar-abs daily, making life unbearable for them,’s simply the the worst place on earth for them.

So what if in Israel, Ar–abs actually vote in free elections.

So what if A-rabs hold office.

So what if theyr’e even allowed to protest.

So what if they freely publish newspapers attacking the government who takes care of them.

The ungrateful Ar-abs can not remotely do anything like this in any other Muzlim state with the possible exception of newly liberated Iraq…thanks to none other than our own United States.

Of course every lefty liberal group in their condescending uber-wisdom has already decided that multiculturalism ..even if the culture says “Israel is apartheid”- is a good thing.


They then side with the terrorist baby-killing paleos-tinians over Israel which is the only democracy in the entire Middle East, period.

Sheesh…Maybe there were bombs inside the crocodiles huh.


Yes indeedy, can ya just foresee an onslaught of Suicide Crocings.


There’s a first time for everythang friends eh?


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8 Responses to “Crocs on a PlanE?”

  1. KArL MmM says:

    Have we become to cynical Angel, perhaps these were her new shoes and matching purse…..or maybe her new CrockPot….
    could well be a present for her loving husband Mahmud…a pile of Crocks!!!!

  2. Butch says:


    Again Haloscan has failed me… I’ll go thru all of your latest posts and send you a tb on each…

  3. 123beta says:

    Another Open Trackback Weekend…

    Wow, this week passed quickly! Time for another open trackback weekend, so have at it….

  4. GUNZ says:

    Suicide crocs…

    Hmm well, there’s possibilties there I reckin’.

    I guess they’d need a new prayer before blowing themselves up. They’d say goodbye to their family and promising Allah he/she would be there shortly all in this one phrase:

    See you later alligator-afterwhile crocodile…


  5. Brooke says:


    I just don’t know about some people…

    Crocs on a plane? LOL! Shh, Angel. Don’t give Hollywood any ideas!

  6. nanc says:

    there are no depths or heights to the stupidity of some people. i’d have made a pair of shoes out of them and just worn them in – jeeeeesh.

  7. Kevin says:

    Give a Louisianan a crocodile, and he’ll eat for a day. Give a muslim a crocodile, and he’ll make a crocodile bomb.

  8. Angel says:

    lol @ y’all and thanks! :)