Pic o the DaY


Curstey and hat tip for photo to: RedStateand shared with my friends at Perri Nelson’s Website, Blog @ MoreWhat.com, The Virtuous Republic, 123beta, Adam’s Blog, Maggie’s Notebook, basil’s blog, Stuck On Stupid, The Bullwinkle Blog, The Amboy Times, , Conservative Cat, Pursuing Holiness, , Diary of the Mad Pigeon, third world county, Faultline USA, stikNstein… has no mercy, , The World According to Carl, Pirate’s Cove, Blue Star Chronicles, Right Voices, and The Yankee Sailor, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

14 Responses to “Pic o the DaY”

  1. Perri Nelson says:


  2. 123beta says:

    Tax-Time Open Weekend Trackbacks…

    Just days left to find some last minute deductions……

  3. Joe Gringo says:

    Great pic, as i have been away traveliing, still in China, don’t know what transpired here, but let’s hope this will have the same effect as Jon Carrie’s remark!

    Ni hao sister……..that’s how ‘ya doing in mandarin!

  4. Joe Gringo says:

    btw, anyone using blogger, you all are coming through in Chinese and looks like my posts vaporized.

  5. george samek US Army, Retiredg says:

    Saw a great one posted on a USMC barracks “America is not at war, The USMC is at war, America is at hte Mall” God Bless the Armed Forces Of the United States of America. View YouTube post “Remember Me” posted by a 15 year old great American girl!, Message home from our FAMILY.

  6. Gayle says:

    Somehow I missed something, I guess, as I don’t know what this pic refers to either. *sigh*

    Oh well… I’m sure I’ll know here pretty soon. :)

    Blessings, Angel.

    P.S. Joe Gringo’s blog has been “vaporized” and bloggers are coming through in Chinese? I hope he’s joking!

  7. cube says:

    Wonderful pic.

    Pelosi & Reid are pea-brained.

  8. michael says:

    Great picture!
    The troops are worth everything we can give them. Take it from my daughter. Every time we see a soldier on the street or TV (we live in Israel), she says, “There’s a green guy. They made the booms stop.”

    It’s so basic; even a child can see it.

  9. Brooke says:

    Pelosi’s response to that pic: “Yah, you guys are worth $20 billion worth of peanuts!”

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  11. benning says:


  12. Yankeemom says:

    [...] Must See Pics Message to The Speakers ~ [...]

  13. Yankeemom says:

    [...] Must See Pics Message to The Speakers ~ [...]

  14. george samek US Army, Retiredg says:

    Join us at Gathering of eagles,org. we due pure troop support..We were at the Vietnam Wall when the Black Bloc posted threats to damage the Vietnam Wall on March 17 30,000 Eagles faced down 7,000 who damanded to protest on Vietnam Vets Holy ground. The troops post to us and you can post support back to them. Everybody in America is an Eagle We welcome every one. We a Christian organization…Thank You Please pray for our brave troops.