RaP jus keeps gettin better dunnit?

Yo, Word Up, Arabz shares…
Think black rappers are angry? Well, check out this raging rhyme tossed down in A-rabic by A-rab Israeli rapper Tamer Nafar and his crew DAM:

You’re a Democracy?

Actually it’s more like the Nazis!

Your countless raping of the A-rabs’ soul

Finally impregnated it

Gave birth to your child His name: Suicide Bomber

And then you call him the terrorist? The song “Meen Erhabe” (or, “Who Is the Terrorist?”), released in 2001 over the Internet, became the first A-rabic rap hit and spawned a new kind of rap that is spreading quickly throughout the Middle East, communications lecturer Usama Kahf of California State University at Long Beach says in an article under review by the Journal of Popular Music Studies.

A dozen rappers — mostly Palestinians — fill the A-rab streets with rap and hip-hop beats, according to Kahf’s review of the nascent genre. DAM is the best-known. The trio has toured throughout the Middle East and in Europe. Other acts have emerged in Algeria, Lebanon, Egypt and elsewhere. Several Web sites..serve as nerve centers for A-rabic rap and help spread the music under the radar of government censors.

Still, many nonsecular A-rabs view rap as another intrusion of Western culture and “an affront to [A-rab] heritage or an imitation of the West,” Kahf wrote.

A-rabic rappers respond to the challenge by using traditional instruments behind familiar rap beats. They defend A-rabic rap by contending in their rhymes that rap is the new universal musical language of marginalized people, Kahf said. And instead of rapping about Cristal and bling, they focus on social and political problems.”

Yea. Word.
I mean they mus be taking lessons from Eminem dawg.
“Now I don’t wanna hit no women when this chick’s got it coming
Someone better get this bit-ch before she gets kicked in the stomach
And she’s pregnant, but she’s egging me on, begging me to throw her
Off the steps on this porch, my only weapon is force
But on the radio or from a CD, you’re invited to sing along.”

Catchy lil ditty isn’t it?

They are lyrics from “The Eminem Show,” for which Eminem, incidentally received the best rap album award by none other than the Grammys.
And all the women in the audience howled with glee and applauded.
Imagine that.

But fear not…..objectification and exploitation of women are perfectly accepted as authentic forms of artistic expression ..Now in A-rab land..apparently so is ..”The West.”

Rappin bout Social and political problems eh ?..Is that what they call sheer, baseless scape-goating,hatred, and venom spewing these days?
Any U.S. newspapers or record companies lined up to censor this for risk of “offending” the “West”?…
Aw shucks, just kidding.
How dare we …right?

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10 Responses to “RaP jus keeps gettin better dunnit?”

  1. ABF says:

    Sheeesh … I feel so anglo …. and white ……. and insignificant … and chained … and oppressed …

    If I ever said any of that, I’d get the hangin tree … :(

  2. Patrick says:

    Does anyone see the irony in A-rabs borrowing American rap music to spew anti American propaganda?

  3. DL says:

    So our corrupted culture of hate is hurting us from inside and outside our borders. Music is often a tool of corruption, but then again that’s just old fuddy duddy thinking.

    But, then again there’s also ghetto fashion and family structure to export. Gosh the liberal welfare state sure was helpful to these folks.

  4. Always On Watch says:

    Music carries overt and subliminal messages. Hitler knew that as well.

  5. kevin says:

    One of the benifits of middle age, losing your hearing!

  6. Usama says:

    Hello ya all

    Couple of words of caution: (1) it’s probably not a good idea to jump to conclusions about Arab hip hop based one 300 words in a little column, or based on your understanding of mainstream American hip hop, (2) Arab hip hop is a new genre within Arab culture that combines instruments and beats from arabic music with ones from American hip hop, its a hybrid sub-culture that defines itself against and unassociated with the mainstream racism, sexism and anti-semitism that is commonplace is palestinian popular music and the traditional nasheed genre.

    oh and most arab rappers clearly distinguish themselves as critical of the Israeli and US governments but supportive and friendly towards the Jewish and American peoples. In most of their songs, they’re actually critical of their own communities and cultures, and of Palestinian terrorism, etc. The worst thing you can do with hip hop, let alone translated arab hip hop is take a line out of context where the context is critical of palestinian anti-semitism but the line by itself would sound anti-semitic.

  7. karlm says:


  8. Brooke says:

    Whatever. Rap sucks ’cause it isn’t music, period. Any moron can talk in front of a beat box.

  9. vbguru613 says:

    I’m on the fence .

  10. 290154687607 says:


    what the catch is…