TrutH or ConsequenceS

I guess the question really is How do YoU define “TrutH”?
There are some truths which are purely subjective and based on introspection : “I have a headache”, I feel it and that is my truth.
That is quite different from stating the TrutH that the earth is the third planet from the SuN. This TrutH is considered objective, and determined by a combination of shared observations, reasonings, and calculations…unless one has of course actually been on both planets and measured..Heh.

Metaphysical subjectivism holds that we all have some truths with which we are most intimately acquainted based on our own subjective experiences.

Objective truths, however are supposed to be independent of our subjective beliefs or tastes. Such truths exist not in the mind but in the external object.

Our entire judicial system relies on testimony.

Witnesses who swear under oath to testify truthfully in courts of law, are not expected to make completely true statements which are totally infallible, but to make an honest attempt to recount an observed event from their memory to provide testimony.
We have seen that oftentimes what one witness says may differ from true accounts of other witnesses when portraying the exact same event.
Juries and judges are then charged with the responsibility to determine the credibility or veracity of a witness’s testimony.

Which brings us to …James Frey.
Oprah tells Frey he betrayed readers
“A Million Little Pieces” was Frey’s alleged memoir of his addiction and recovery.
It came to light that Frey had fabricated parts of his book which his readers and his fellow addicts and recovering addicts took as gospel.
The book, which I have read, is intense. It is graphic. It is dramatic, descriptive and at times gory.

In it Frey describes a three-month jail sentence he now says he never even served. Perhaps you think that’s nit picking. Well,he described some combative scenes with fellow addicts in rehab which he now claims were somewhat exaggerated…Again that may not seem so unforgivable. But then there’s the most talked about episode wherein he describes in highly specific, gory, using expletives every other word detail- undergoing dental surgery, having 2 root canals, being strapped down without even a drop of Novocain, a story he now claims he “no longer clearly recalls.”
Or the fact that he recounts a friend’s hanging when in fact her suicide was caused by her slitting her wrists?

Does this sound like an author who is coming in good faith, making a sincere effort to recount events as they truly happened?
Let us put this in some kind of ethical perspective shall we.
This is no ordinary “memoir”.
This book had become somewhat of a modern day self-help,inspirational book for addicts and recovering addicts. His experiences which they claim to relate to as no other, his ‘mantras’, his excruciating,detailed recounting of events and happenings they could so relate to.
And now they discover that he too- lied to them.

It was heartbreaking watching him sit on the Oprah Winfrey show, his head and eyes cast downward- with Oprah practically putting the words in his mouth…Did you lie?
He stammers…and she repeats..but what is a LIE?…He eventually concedes.

The hallmark of Recovery from Addiction is living Truthfully, with integrity not shame…living life on life’s terms.
His defense was that he needed a more grandiose image as a coping skill.( Why was he ashamed of who he really was?) So he “embellished” his macho bravado.
Now, many don’t believe a word of the entire memoir.

It seems like the tragic case of the Little Addict who cried Wolf one too many times.

I am not here to kick Mr. Frey when he has already been humbled. I truly pray he gets the intervention and help he needs to continue on his JourneY of Recovery.
But if he thinks he can bypass “Truth” to get there…unfortunately for him ..his true sorrow has only just begun.

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6 Responses to “TrutH or ConsequenceS”

  1. Middle Class Guy says:

    What is sadder, is that Oprah had to publicy humiliate him. She could have cancelled his appearence on her show, stated that she was duped and said whatever she wanted to about him.

    But, no, Oprah being Oprah, had to have revenge for being duped and what better way to get it than in front of millions of her adoring fans. There is nothing better.

    I know the guy is a semi-phony and he did what most people do to sell books, he “embellished”. Call it lying, OK, he lied.

    Did he deserve the brow beating? I think Oprah was just showing how mean spirited she is. She is the huge, mega star, near billionaire and how dare anyone take her in.

    Of course, you can’t say anything bad about Saint Oprah and if she says or does it, it must be right and proper. Sounds just like Saint Hillary.

    I feel somewhat sorry for the author, in that he now has lost his long sought credibility. I feel sorry for all of the people who identified with him and used him as a model for their own recovery.

    As far as Oprah the Great, nah. It is about time she was taken down a peg.

  2. Lawman says:


    Found your blog linked off a friend’s page. You have a very unique and refreshing outlook on life. I enjoyed reading your posts and will most definately be back to see what’s new.

    As for Middle Class Guy, I think what Oprah did was very much appropriate. It’s about time these miscreants were called to task for the lies and coruption they the foster. I wouldn’t categorize her as “vindictive” though. Then again, I never watch her show so her opinion really means nothing to me.

  3. babygirl~lonz says:

    i agree wholeheartedly that what james frey did was wrong as do many others. however, i also believe that the lies they uncovered were not significant to the core of the book’s meaning. to me the core of this book is a man’s battle with addiction and his redemption. wether he was in jail for 3 months or 3 hours doesn’t affect his message to his readers.

  4. Karl m says:

    well i’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona…and this rather cute bridge in Brooklyn for sale…anyone interested…did i mention in my memoirs that i was awarded a gold star in the war of 1812..and as secty of state to Lincoln i was the one who wrote the Gettsyburg Address…that aside..that flood with my friend in the ark..noah..has left many animals in need of shelther..i am collecting only please to my p.o. box of Steelers by +4/super bowl40..thank you..

    now to Mr.Frey…as my good friend Ralph Kramden used to say..”huma..huma…huma…i brive a dus.” stop reality…but the money is great!!!!

  5. Middle Class Guy says:

    Re: Karl M,

    I wrote the Declaration of Independence, helped Lincoln write the Emancipation Proclamation, invented cigarettes while in the tobacco business. I invented the internet, discovered global warming, and finally discovered how to transform oneself into an alpha male feminist. I also created Oprah. You can read about it in my autobiography, How I Invented the World.

    My name is Al Gore.

  6. Karl m says:

    hi there (MCG) AL..

    where have you been…i just finished the Magna Carter and thought you could proof read it…any way i am having some trouble with the Blackberry you invented could use some help…maybe i can catch you in N.Y when you move in with Hill and Bill..Gov. race looks good for you..(vote for Al your Pal!) .say hi to Tipper..great job on the Rap music rating system…