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The Auschwitz Album is the only surviving visual evidence of the process of mass murder at Auschwitz-Birkenau. It is a unique document and was donated to Yad Vashem by Lilly Jacob-Zelmanovic Meier.

The photos were taken at the end of May or beginning of June 1944, either by Ernst Hofmann or by Bernhard Walter, two SS men whose task was to take ID photos and fingerprints of the inmates (not of the Jews who were sent directly to the gas chambers).

The photos show the arrival of Hungarian Jews from Carpatho-Ruthenia. Many of them came from the Berehov Ghetto, which itself was a collecting point for Jews from several other small towns.

The Auschwitz Album

Early summer 1944 was the apex of the deportation of Hungarian Jewry. For this purpose a special rail line was extended from the railway station outside the camp to a ramp inside Auschwitz.

Many of the photos in the album were taken on the ramp. The Jews then went through a selection process, carried out by SS doctors and wardens.

Those considered fit for work were sent into the camp, where they were registered, deloused and distributed to the barracks. The rest were sent to the gas chambers.

They were gassed under the guise of a harmless shower, their bodies were cremated and the ashes were strewn in a nearby swamp. The Nazis not only ruthlessly exploited the labor of those they did not kill immediately, they also looted the belongings the Jews brought with them.

Even gold fillings were extracted from the mouths of the dead by a special detachment of inmates. The personal effects the Jews brought with them were sorted by inmates and stored in an area referred to by the inmates as “Canada”: the ultimate land of plenty.

The photos in the album show the entire process except for the killing itself.

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18 Responses to “NeveR AgaiN”

  1. Perri Nelson says:

    The people who deny that the Holocaust ever happened truly need documentary evidence like this to be widely distributed. The fact that this album was compiled by some of the very people participating in the atrocities makes it even more compelling as evidence.

    Thanks for posting this Angel.

    And yes, everything is well at home.

  2. American Crusader says:

    Great job Angel. I wish all the Holocaust deniers would take the time to see this for themselves…but even then, those like Ahmadinejad would deny the obvious truth for political reasons.
    I wonder how the world will look at the Holocaust 75 years from now, when there are no longer any survivors or children of survivors still around?
    Will they forget?
    Will they care?

  3. Jungle Mom says:

    I pray this never happens again. And yet ,I fear! Here in Venezuela the government is denying it and the new school books are being “revised” and i am sure this is one of the things that will be changed.

  4. 123beta says:

    Tax-Time Open Weekend Trackbacks…

    Just days left to find some last minute deductions……

  5. Christi says:

    The people who deny the Holocaust don’t want to know the truth and no amount of evidence will convince them but it is good for the rest of the sane world to never forget. Great post, Angel. Thank you.

  6. OMMAG says:

    My friends who happen to be blond blue eyed Polish Catholics were arrested, interred, shipped in cattle cars and starved near to death.
    They are survivors or rather were ….. as life eventually overtook them.
    No matter ….. the experience of the German death camps was not unique to Jews!

  7. shootings. holocaust. » change therapy - isabella mori says:

    [...] today is holocaust remembrance day. [...]

  8. GUNZ says:

    I’m always shocked every time I read or look at pictures of the Holocaust and it’s nothing short of sickening.

    Very good post Angel and a great reminder of the greatest travesty this world has ever known.

  9. Street talk and opinions » NeveR AgaiN says:

    [...] Read more at Angel [...]

  10. KKarLLmM says:

    The idea of denial… a historical tragic event, continues to reveal the depths that the collective ALL has sunk to. The time has come, over and over again to fess up to the woeful actions NOT taken by the worlds population.
    The only way to move forward is to repair the past not bury it. AGAIN!!!

  11. michael says:

    They sound the civil defense sirens here in Israel at 10am on Yom HaShoah, and for 2 minutes, everything just stops: traffic, stores, business; everything.

    People stop what they are doing and stand at attention. From my window, I could see a car parked at the curb, and the driver was standing by the open door, and the siren was wailing…

    It’s a truly moving experience.

  12. ZionistYoungster says:

    With you in your sorrow, in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech massacre, people of the Land Of The Brave Because Of The Free.

  13. DL says:

    Teaching the truth about the Holocaust should be required by middle school. The holocaust deniers-other than the Islamists are basically liberal. the truth of the holocaust goes against liberal utopian thingking that all people are inherently good -the fools!

  14. Angel says:

    I humbly thank u all for your insights on this…………

  15. freedom now says:

    If they can get away with it, Revisionists will change much more than just the history of the holocaust.

    The 9/11 Truthers are the new wave of Revisionists

  16. Brooke says:

    Never again, and never allow the Holocaust deniers to spread their insipid lies through ignorance of the truth!

  17. benning says:

    Now, more than ever, we need to remember and to declare that the Holocaust happened and must never happen again!

    Thanks, Angel!

  18. Howard Larson says:

    Too young to remember first hand, the news that a ship with Jewish refugees showing up in New York harbor and being turned away by our government is wrenching.

    Andrei Markovits has a book out–’Uncouth Nation: Why Europe Dislikes America’–that he spoke about this weekend past on C-SPAN2. In the course of the talk, he said the bastion of anti-Semitism leading up to WWII was centered in the German and Austrian university faculties. Today, in those same institutions, anti-Semitism has been replaced by anti-Americanism.

    And, I believe, this same or similar anti-American self-loathing is manifested amongst our own University faculties. Especially, in the elite Eastern colleges.

    So, what is going on with these people–past and present? The mind boggles.