Hooray kids’s…………. “Pal–eostinian Prisoners Day!”
Gitcher ski masks, chains, lighter fluid, old Alice Cooper T-shirts and urban outfitter scarves, one and all and join the partay!


One word:

I am dumbfounded.

(OK that’s 3 words, but I am still dumbfounded). unsure.gif

Holocaust Remembrance Day versus “Pal–oestinian Prisoners Day” in the West Bank city of Bethlehem April 17, 2007.

Or …

Jewish Memorial Day – Yom Hazikaron

Jewish Memorial Day (Yom Hazikaron in Hebrew) is a day to remember the victims of terrorism and the Israeli defense forces who gave their lives defending Israel.

Victims of terror…not perpetrators.

The sound of the siren is sounded twice on Jewish Memorial Day in Israel. During those two moments, all Israeli people stand still in memory of the thousands of Israeli soldiers who have died for freedom and independence.

Not for random killings or suicide bombings of babies and their mothers.

Ceremonials are held in military cemeteries, where candles are lit, prayers are invoked and people repeat the war stories of Israeli war veterans, remembering the courage of their soldiers.

Not the latest embassy or railroad track or skyscraper that was blown to bits by some thug, cowardice terrorists.

But hey….Paleo–stinians were out in the streets today, in all their glory…cough, cough, gag,….demanding the release of thousands of terrorists in exchange for kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.

Photos: courtesy Yahoo.

Free our Terrorists or Else

Contrast this seedy lot, my friends, with the typical Jew, the Holocaust survivor who gave his life for his students at Virginia Tech this week.

Vive la difference right Libs?

Demanding the release of Paleo-stinian, terrorist prisoners from Israeli jails.
The inmates have stopped running the asylum.
They are now subleasing it my friends.

Oh, by the by, nice quality of protest posters the A-rabs seem to come up with eh.

Here they are..the Men in Black..using..oh wait…that’s their holy Bible …thumbs-up.gif

And props to the editors Pallies….very nice touch with the standard burning effigy.

Oh, look tricks for the kids!

What to do you ask?

Well, let’s see… Israel could always unleash an attack chopper and wipe out anyone near “demos” like this. helicopter3338.gif

Cruel you say?

Yea. I feel so distraught…violin anyone? violin.gif

Heck…….They want war. Give ‘em war.

Instead of even entertaining the notion of swapping innocent Israelis for genocidal terrorist bacterial filth, Israel should have been “shooting to kill” at least 10 prisoner terrorists every hour on the hour until it gets its innocent soldiers back.


Not to mention that the Arab squatters in Aza should be deprived of food, water, electricity, medicines, health care and everything Israel is benevolent enough to offer the terrorists living there…….

How’s your Gaza now huh Accchmed?

But hey…seems the Libs would rather have us circling the bowl faster and faster as the leftards encourage these thugs and maniacs to flush the handle one more time. toilet8.jpg

Paleostin-inas celebrating the massacre of Sept.11.

Garbage in garbage out.

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25 Responses to “Partaay!”

  1. george samek US Army, Retiredg says:

    Please, pretty please, would someone please tell Iran, and like minded fellow travelers that the efforts to recreate Nazi Germany will be lots harder. This is due ti over 140 multiple warhead nukes now on allert, 24/7 . Peace is the only option, in any attempt to put the Jewish stare into collective ovens will require walking over melted sand A fact the PC media, world leaders, and those who have there own answer to “The Jewish Question” might well be advised to ponder. The Middle East problems may be resolved by one quick misstep by radical Islam, the world will howl, the UN will weep, and America will wonder “Why did nobody tell us this would happen. All people may wonder just who holds the key to peace in the Middle East, it just may rest in the hand of the leaders of the Jewish state..Please ask Iran to play nice and tend to there own suffering people.

  2. jay says:

    You are 100% correct, it is war. the problem however is that the israeli government is not ready or willing to fight. Victory comes when one side comes to the stark realization that there is no point in continuing the fight. Surrender then follows. The Paleos are far from that. On the contrary, Woe-lmert and cronies embolden them more nad more every day with their hesitancy and “gestures”. Time to bring out the heavy artillery and silence the whole region. Until that happens, it’s only going to get a lot worse.

  3. InRussetShadows says:

    There is a serious problem with humanity as a whole if it cannot distinguish between the victims and the aggressors.

  4. Defiant_Infidel says:

    I agree (surprise).

    Jay has an excellent point, too. Olmert is one of Israel’s greatest disappointments and failures ever. He set Israel’s situation backwards 20 years when he backed down from Hezbollah last summer… with officially over 90% of Israel’s population supporting all out war at the time! What kind of threat do you suppose we will have to face to get over 90% of our citizenry behind fighting instead of fleeing?? (Perhaps a series of catastrophies which leave only 10% of our population?)

    George Samek is correct regarding Israel having the tools to play serious with. A good race car is no good to any team who fails to produce a skilled driver, though. Under those circumstances, the race can be easily won by someone who would otherwise just be another loser… like I’m-a-dinner-jacket.

  5. Brooke says:

    I like your idea about bombing these little Paly “demonstrations.” :twisted:

  6. Martin says:

    So how do we celebrate Palestinian Nutjob Day? I don’t have any suicide-bombs to blow up or wives to beat, so I’m feeling a bit left out… ;)

  7. KKarLLmMM says:

    I so hate when it come to me to explain to the towelheadLESS.
    A) the jews were VICTIMS of murder by the German Nazi leadership..
    …the Gazilians and a-rabid goat chasers are criminals.
    B)the jews were contributing members of society as doctors, lawyers, teachers etc.
    …the moozies are…..i guess moozies!!!!

  8. OMMAG says:

    How to celebrate Palestian Day?
    Do what they hat the most. Live well, celebrate with joy, treasure life and freedom. Drink beer and be thankful your ancestors stopped chasing goats and scavenging fruit to learn how to plant grain, live in peace and build a better world!

    Celebrate who YOU are!

    Because the ARABs who call themselves Palestinians are incapable of any of those things!

  9. MariesTwoCents says:

    I cant wait for the day when Radical Islam is squashed.

  10. Joe Gringo says:

    The only thing these freaks understand is power, we should have taken a page from the Hiroshima Rules of Engagement and knocked these son of a bitches back to where they so want to be……the 7th century.

  11. Smart-Lass says:

    Mr. Samek is right: the last thing the world needs is nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran and like-minded nutjob states, because Israel could put a decisive and total end to this. We’d all be wise to do what we can to avoid the glass parking lot, but if it comes to that, it won’t be Israel that is wiped off the map.

  12. Angel says:


  13. Howard Larson says:

    The paleo-stinians were celebrating what? Sinking further into the mire their leaders have created for them? Stop. And think about how benighted their minds must be. Who can reason with them? There value system is nowhere near that of civilized people. Their hatred of Israel is their undoing. Who shall release them from their misery? When shall they have a change of mind? Is there a voice among them, as a voice from the wilderness, that would cry out in favor of peace?

  14. American Crusader says:

    Could the contrast be any clearer? The differences between Israelis and Palestinians are equal to the distances between good and evil. It’s clear cut. You cannot compromise with filth…you can only wash your hands of it.

  15. george samek US Army, Retiredg says:

    Might the UN ,and the real world, focus on another possible answer to a “Homeland “for the Palestinians. iIf the nations who surround the Jewish state, would back up there borders just a little each, thisi might just allow room for a peaceful solution to this major standoff ..,and prevent not only a nuke responce under great pressure, against Iran,.. but also those who now sponsor terrorist attacks against the Jewish state?.. As for Iran its self ,..the people of this countrys leadership must be ready to adjust to a maimtainable peace in the Middle East,.. or face possible suffering not felt since the nation of Japan was brought to its knees by a sudden atomic attack , ending WW-2…No expert on war,.. or the Middle East,.. just a old guy who spent years standing ready to help send atomic death towards the former USSR ,.and North Korea..We ,the world,.do not want to let this Genie out of the bottle again,..Pray for peace,..Prepare for War..Pray that Iran never obtains atomic weapons….MAD, Mutual Assured Distruction ,worked in the past, but unlike the USSR, the present day leaders of Iran are not yet able to think out of the atomic box. I have no answers, just my humble suggestions.

  16. JR says:

    look at a satellite photo of Jerusalem, Israel… Jewish side, green. Arab side, brown.


  17. Faultline USA says:

    Unbelievable – “Pal–eostinian Prisoners Day!” Wonderful comments here from we the still sane.

  18. Gayle says:

    There are many wonderful comments here, so all I can say is you have again outdone yourself, Angel. Your sarcastic wit is unsurpassed! :)

  19. Layla says:

    The so-called Palestinians are disgusting. How about Abolish Palestinians Day!

  20. michael says:

    Angel, you said:
    Instead of even entertaining the notion of swapping innocent Israelis for genocidal terrorist bacterial filth, Israel should have been “shooting to kill” at least 10 prisoner terrorists every hour on the hour until it gets its innocent soldiers back.

    I ask, why take those prisoners in the first place? They are only a liability, and prisons cost money. I’m sure that “killed while resisting arrest” can be made plausible enough. And it will prevent the 50% recivism rate among release pali terrorist prisoners.

    As for cutting of Israeli services to Aza (gas, water, electricity, sewage), I am all for it.

  21. Freedom Now says:

    I never understood why prisoner exchanges are typically about a hundred Palestinians for each Israeli (OK this is a guesstimate).

    But Israel values the lives of its citizens more than the Palestinians or the former Arab masters.

    Not to mention that it is harder to capture an Israeli and terrorists are not worth much.

  22. Ace says:

    Who’s Alice Cooper?

  23. Angel says:

    Thanks y’all for the terrific input! :)

  24. george samek US Army, Retiredg says:

    As Nuke Troops say..Our business is death, our only business, and business is good!! Problem is we have so many new nations in the death business that a first strike responce will set in motion death behond the ability of mankind to understand….Duck and cover, was a joke then, and as of today that is all our government has to offer. If we go nuke I hope the cockroaches will do a better job of running the planet, at least they can walk in the daylight, without fear of the orkin man screwing up there day. Have a nice day, try to play nice , try real hard to reserve all future mass killing to using Rosies dead body to club all the baby harp seals . The world, and I, would miss the seals, nobody would ms. Rosie.

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