Apartheid, A definition once and for All

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We got your “Apartheid” right here Dhimmi Carter!

Any insights sweet friends bout ole Dhimmi himself?


27 Responses to “Apartheid, A definition once and for All”

  1. MariesTwoCents says:

    Jimmeh is a mess. It was bad enough when he was President but now he runs amok supporting the terrorists, oh no that’s right to him they are “Freedom Fighters”. Why cant the man go back to Peanut Farming?

  2. michael says:

    Carter is an idiot; why do people pay any attention to him? Maybe if we all just ignore him, he’ll go away…

  3. jay says:

    From the look of things, it seems that Carter’s dentist is from Gaza.

  4. jungle Mom says:

    One of my least favorite people! Living in Venezuela and knowing the disaster the Carter Center brought about while vote”monitoring” here, I can imagine no one I would less like to see involved in middle eastern politics!

  5. Gayle says:

    “Carter’s dentist is from Gaza!” LOL!

    I was taught if you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all. *sigh* Okay… “Carter has good hair for a man of his age.”LOL!

    Now I can say that Carter is an absolute moron. How he got to be president doesn’t say very much for America. He’s also an obvious traitor and I believe should be prosecuted as such. There are many other words I could use to describe what I think of him, but none are words I would allow on my blog so I would certainly not use them on yours. GRRRRRR!

  6. Gayle says:

    PS: That cartoon has been snatched for this week’s Fractured Friday. Thanks, Angel! :)

  7. Layla says:

    I wrote a lot about this piece of trash called a book a couple months back. Carter is a Jew hater and Muzzie terrorist lover. I have no use for him – SPIT!

  8. cube says:

    Carter is an idiot and a liar. Always has been & always will be. I can’t understand the gravitas he gets from the left.

  9. InRussetShadows says:

    As someone who lived many years in Georgia, I can tell you that Carter is not only a statewide embarrassment, but a disgrace to the South as a whole. That he continues to defame the country is even worse. Every time he opens his mouth, he confirms the perception that people have of dumb, racist, Southerners, and abroad, of backwards Americans. Carter is the left’s useful idiot.

  10. Stout Republican says:

    I don’t get how people can’t see through the transparency of Carter. He’s obviously biased, probably bought and paid for, and ultimately should have followed instead his non-political DOMESTIC social work. But hey…he’s a Democrat…free-pass issued at book publishing.

  11. Brooke says:

    Great find, Angel! Israel is CLEARLY not an apartheid state, and her Arab neighbors are!

  12. Avoiceofreason says:

    He should go back to making houses. He was a trainwreck as a President, and is about as bad as an “Elder Statesman”. At least when he was swinging a hammer he was doing something that was positive.

  13. Angel says:


  14. Stanford Matthews says:

    Don’t recall the word apartheid being used since South Africa was a staple in the news. But if the shoe fits?

  15. Debbie says:

    Carter is a disgrace. He needs to sit down and shut up. Southerners are ashamed of him.

  16. GM Roper says:

    Years ago, when Carter was running for Prez the second time (thank Almighty God he lost) There was a political cartoon of Carter with a hoe, in the middle of a peanut patch… the caption was priceless… “Jimmy Carter, out standing in his field.” I kept that for years.. wish I had it now…

  17. Veritas says:

    Carter is the reason we are in this mess now. If he had acted decisively when the Iranians, in an act of war, invaded our embassy and took our citizens hostage we would not have the terrorist problems we have now. I just don;t understand why this isn’t publicized more.

  18. kevin says:

    I’ve posted on Carter many times, his Presidency was marked by the “misery index” (over 10% unemployment, interest rates and inflation) and a disasterous foriegn policy that lead to the Iran Hostage Crisis and the Camp David Accord Folly. Reagan won 49 states in ’80 because of Jimmy’s rediculous Presidency.

  19. JR says:

    you see, he comes on like this friendly grandpa. most of us have or had a grandpa we loved.

    underneath though, he’s a devil. he seems to be revealing this more openly now.

  20. American Crusader says:

    You cannot call Arab/Islamic states apartheid either. They use genocide instead. I wonder why Jimmy Carter doesn’t find that troubling?
    Carter went from being one of the worst presidents ever to being one of the worst ex-president’s ever.

  21. Faultline USA says:

    Advanced age and oncoming senility coupled with a longing for attention and power = Carter’s Dhimmitude!

  22. Layla says:

    Grrly I hope all is okay?? Have not seen yah in a day or so. Blessing to yah and thinkin about yah!!!!!

  23. KKarLLmMM says:

    And then there was….here’s, Jimmy!!!….
    as for me , i will take Vince (of the New Jersey Nets basketball team) he is the much better Carter… or the Magna Carta of 1215…

  24. Always On Watch says:

    Carter needs to dry up and blow away!

  25. Maggie M. Thornton says:

    The Libs embrace disgrace. It’s their calling card. You can no longer be in leadership without the mantle of disgrace surrounding you.

    Maggie’s Notebook

  26. bernie says:

    In the Muslim/Carter world Up is down and left is right, right is wrong and black is white, and Israel is an apartheid state.

    This is what happens when the world accepts the notion that Islam is a religion. It is a religion the same way Attila the Hun was a prophet of God.

  27. Angel says: