Gangsta RaP gettin a bad rap?


Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is delivering pointed critiques of the African American community as he campaigns for its votes, lamenting that many of his generation are “disenfranchising” themselves because they don’t vote, taking rappers to task for their language, and decrying “anti-intellectualism” in the black community, including black children telling peers who get good grades that they are “acting white.”

Obama reaches out with tough love
Candidate says criticism of black America reflects its private concerns

Al Sharpton
, who has at times depicted Obama as an overhyped media phenomenon lacking in substance, praised Obama for his critique of rap music.
“I think his addressing it is good,” said Sharpton, 52. “I agree with everything he’s been saying because I’ve been saying it.”


That’s right’s okay for blacks to criticize other blacks, remember?

Oh and lookie. Al the rabid, anti semite, criminal, “not so ” Sharp-ton agrees.

Gee. I wonder if the title “gansta rap” handed u a bit of clue Al and Obama, Osama, YoMama.


Wha happened Al and Obama..ya woke up outta yer coma afta 30 years of this garbage spewing onto our airwaves?

For those who may not be in the know..Rap Music combines rhythmic instrumental tracks with spoken, rhyming words.

Gone is the traditional melodic song. (unless it’s jacked from an old tune and combined, usually as the chorus)

Think it’s a new phenomenon?
Think again.

Rap has been around in New York City since the mid-1970s.

DJ’s used to mix up music by using records playing on two turntables, switching rapidly from one to the other to mix and match beats between songs.

Some DJ’s talked with humor and syncopation over the rhythm of instrumental versions of music even back in the day.

That’s right Al and Obama YoMama…wayyyyyyyyy back in the day.

But heck if industry nods of approval like the Grammys are any indication whatsoever….then lyrics promoting hatred, drug use, crime, objectification and exploitation of women are accepted as authentic forms of ahem…”artistic expression” especially if it’s bein used in rap or hip hop music.

Try substitutin the word “black” or “gay” or “Muzlim” where the word “ho-e” is and you’d have been arrested for a hate crime..if your’e a white man, that is.

Blacks have been cashing in on misogyny for decades. That’s right Obama…decades…can ya count that high?

“Down As–s B*tch,” is a tame one.
I’ll spare y’all the graphic ones out of respect to myself and my audience.

By big mogul and so called “artist” Ja Rule.

If you’d lie for me, like you lovin me..
If you’d die for me, like you cry for me,
If you’d kill for me, like you comfort me,
Baby say yeah,
Girl I’m convinced, you’re my down as–s b*tch

What?..Ya mean ya never heard of about the “ride or die chick”…you know the girl who will do absolutely anything for her “man”. The man who can beat her, cheat on her and help her make illegitimate babies he won’t pay a cent for.

I mean who cares that there has been an increasing population of women in jail for selling drugs and committing crimes for their boyfriends.

Any rap joints written bout that lil phenonenon?

Rap glorifies dating violence and coercion around sexual activity- is made to appear um…well… “normal”.

Any rap joints written bout that lil phenonenon?

Naw. Sexual objectification of women is celebrated. The raunchier and more pornographic the video, the better.


Girls are “enlightened” that’s it’s perfectly legitimate to be used for sex.
No emotional commitment necessary. And marriage?..Who needs that anyway right. Fathers for their babies?..Ha.


Meanwhile all the self proclaimed “experts” are first starting to “explore” the impact of media messages on children’s health and behavior. Pffft.

Think they need a crash course in the bleeding obvious?


Nat-e Do-gg’s joint has to be “sanitized” for the airwaves.

“I Need Me a B*tch.”

“I need me a b*tch, with some big old thighs
I need me a fine as–s mothaf*ckin’ b*tch with some pretty as–s eyes
I need me a b*tch, like I need some cash
I need me a b*tch so I can floss that ho-e and make my ex mad”

Here’s some of the lil “cleaned up” version.
(Since when do we need to “clean up” music before it hits the airwaves huh)

I need me a chick, who ain’t scared to flirt
I need me a chick in the middle of the grocery store she’ll lift up her skirt
I need me a chick, like I need my crew
I need me a chick to pass on to my boys soon as I get through

Yea. Real Verbal Wizards they are.


Let’s be honest.
Society always has and always will accept misogyny.


If it didn’t, most comedians would lose their jobs and most of these songs wouldn’t sell.

Yes. I listen to positive and loving rap joints..but let us be honest here friends……..
The hatred in most rap rhymes makes it rotten at its core.

And no “whitewashing” is gunna change that.
Oh..and by the way………
No apologies here.

Some of us have been hollerin bout this for some time now…ahem..Pre-Imus Politically Correct Timing Schedule.

My Earlier Insights
More Insights Pre-Imus
Just anotha day inna Hood

Go back ta sleep Obama YoMama and take yer sidekick Joo hater “not so” Sharp-ton wif ya k.


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23 Responses to “Gangsta RaP gettin a bad rap?”

  1. cube says:

    I never liked rap. It’s always been garbage. As far as the politicians go, they didn’t have any problems with it when they were getting tons of money from the rap & hip hop crowd. B.O. & Shrillery both.

  2. Perri Nelson says:

    “including black children telling peers who get good grades that they are “acting white.””

    But of course that’s not racist, because “only white people can be racist” according to the Seattle School District.

    Good post Angel. The “rappers” didn’t start this stuff either. Look at some of the punker’s videos and you’ll see they were treating women the same way in the 70′s. The rap and hip-hop stuff is just more of the same and I do mean “more”.

    What makes it so much worse though is that you can’t criticize it without being called racist. It’s infuriating.

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    Next thing you know, Hillary will be trying to rap from the podium when she is in the inner cities. I bet it will go over as well as her fake southern drawl.

    The objectification of women is as old as Adam. It used to mean that women were held up to be objects of affection and admiration. Women are the vessels of our children and the nurturing of our youth. It made sense that there was a reverence for the fairer sex.

    Now, that objectification is violent, demeaning and degrading. The are possession or adornments. They are trophy wives and sexual toys, nothing more. Some see them as disposable commodities and servants to their egos.

    There is nothing wrong with admiring or desiring an attractive woman, it is as natural to men as breathing. Just as I see nothing wrong with women doing the same to men. It is in our nature. What is horrible wrong is when those actions are coupled with words or deeds that cheapen, insult or abuse the target, be it a woman or a man. I had a friend that worked at Chippendales. He often told me that women can be as bad or worse at times than men in those establishments.

    That type of behavior is wrong no matter who does it.

  4. Layla says:

    I gotta tell yah the title cracked me up….I loved it and thank you for the laugh. The only one I honestly have had today. ARGH! One of those kinda days.

    Yes I heard all about this….Gangsta Obama hittin the gansta scene…..I bit old you know, but suppose that gansta thinks it is better late then never right – yeah man, the dude rocks….PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTT! Spit!

  5. Christi says:

    Concerned Citizen, did you have to put an image of Hillary rapping in my head? lol

    Angel, I don’t think Sharpton will put up with Obama laying the blame on the black community for too long – it would put him out of a job.

  6. Gayle says:

    Angel gal, it’s really not like you to stifle yourself this way. ROTF! Rap certainly does not rock, but you do!

    I think everyone has heard this horrible and demeaning crap whether they listen to it or not. You can’t help hearing it when it blares from their cars full blast. Even in a hot summer with the windows up and the AC running, you can hear it! I lost it at a gas station once and yelled at a Mexican guy who was playing it full blast “Will you turn that sh*t down! I’m going deaf!” Then I thought “Ooopsies… he might shoot me!” Surprisingly he said he was sorry and turned it down. I wouldn’t suggest that method though. He could have shot me.

  7. Butch says:

    …Liberals: All comments designed for the ultimate MSM exposure. Not for the better-meant of our country… Sad.

  8. The Amboy Times says:

    Around the Blogosphere…

    I’ve been busy lately, so today’s post is just a collection of posts that I found interesting.Hot Air has a trailer for the film banned by PBS, Islam v Islamists. Jihad Watch gives us the latest example of Muslims celebrating…

  9. Angel says:

    Thanks y’all for rappin with me bout this…Heh :)

  10. Martin says:

    Apparently it’s okay with libs for rap artists to simulate rape and actually commit sexual assault on a child on stage, as Akon just did. And it’s okay also, apparently, for YouTube to censor anyone who tries to talk about it (e.g. Michelle Malkin). :/ But at there is some positive rap/raggae out there: Grits and Matisyahu…yo :p

  11. Pam says:

    YOU SAID: “Try substitutin the word “black” or “gay” or “Muzlim” where the word “ho-e” is and you’d have been arrested for a hate crime..if your’e a white man, that is.” Boy if that ain’t the truth! My hubby is a minority and he feels sorry for the American white man!

    Great post here. It sickens me to think my country has sunk so low. Parents who allow their kids to buy, watch, or listen to this garbage are beyond my comprehension!

  12. benning says:

    You knew the clueless Left had moved ahead in the culture war when Snoop Dogg starred in a Chrysler commercial. The Leftist Elite has pushed “on-the-edge” ‘Art’ for a very long time and Rap is simply another stab at the heart of America. Obama is late to the dance and now he’s trying to dance with Al. Sad, but not unexpected.

  13. michael says:

    I never liked rap. And the more of it I heard, the less I liked it.
    Obama better be careful though, cause it people see Sharpton endorsing him, it could scare off voters.
    ‘Course, I’m just cynical enough to believe that America won’t vote for a black guy, anyway…

  14. ZionistYoungster says:

    Barack Oh Bummer is going to get some flak from his fellow Libtards who think gangsta rap and hip-hop are “forms of resistance against white imperialism” and therefore should be kept alive. I’m not making this up, the far-Left site CounterPunch has had, for the past week or so, quite a few articles making that point.

  15. InRussetShadows says:

    The ghetto culture poisons everything it touches, white, black, male, female, Hispanic, whomever — rap/hip-hop just happens to be the least beat-up car in that junkyard.

  16. brooke says:

    And where, pray tell, are the so-called women’s rights groups?

    Oh, that’s right… They’re lobbying for your “right” to have an abortion rather than fighting this literal POISON.

    If the execs that rule the airwaves were even the slightest bit intellectually honest, they would be canning these rappers for hate speech right along with Imus.

  17. Jill says:

    About Obama stating the obvious, you said, “That’s right’s okay for blacks to criticize other blacks, remember?” I don’t think that’s always the truth. Look at the backlash that Bill Cosby received for his speeches encouraging the black community to get educated and take responsibility for themselves. I think lately the only people who seem to get away with critcizing (or slandering) others are muslims. Maybe thats how Obama is getting away with it.

  18. DL says:

    Imus just handed Sharpton the keys to the race pimp kingdom. He will roll this issue(that he never before cared one iota about) into power and money in the white liberal community. If it has the side effect of embarassing the black community into cleaning up their act, as urged by responsible blacks such as the Coz and Juan Willams, good will be accomplished anyway.

  19. Angel says:

    Thanks again for the comments my friends! ;)

  20. Street talk and opinions » Gangsta RaP gettin a bad rap? says:

    [...] Read more at Angel [...]

  21. Lawman says:

    I just never did like anything that espouses killing police officers, dealing drugs, and abusing women for fun. In case you didn’t know already, that’s bout 95% of current rap lyrics.

    I still don’t like Obama but at least I can honestly say I agree with him on this particular item.

  22. KKarLLmM says:

    So they continue to drop the verbal toxic waste on humanities ears and THEN they wonder where is the respect?!?!
    RESPECT….a theme song long lost on the rappers generation…and whos fault is it????
    Duh, i guess the Israelis…or the over abundance of sugar in everyones diet…or just maybe…the fatherless families of all the balck children…

  23. No Apology says:

    “I think his addressing it is good,” said Sharpton, 52. “I agree with everything he’s been saying because I’ve been saying it.”

    Ah, well – it’s ok because Brer Sharpton has, you know, already said it. Just a warning, Pretty Boy Barak – Al is watching you.