Houston, I think we have a problem…


Kvetch of the DaY:

Frustrated local taxi drivers descended on City Hall today, protesting security requirements at Houston’s airports that they say threaten their business.


Houston taxi drivers protest security rules
The group’s chief issue, leaders said, is a recent requirement that drivers picking up passengers at Bush Intercontinental and Hobby airports have new photo identification badges.

“It violates the constitutional rights of the cab drivers in that in enacts a very, very strenuous background check,” said Der-ic Muh–ammad of the local Ministry of Justice for the Milli-on More Movem-ent, a group helping represent the drivers. “Many of them are being put out of business and not being allowed to work at the airport system for something they may have done in the past.”


Ah yes, our new spokesperson race baiter De-ric Muuu–hammad.

Race Baiting as usual

“Was it because she was a female? Was it because she was black? Was it because she was young? Was it because they were incompetent? Or, is it all of the above?” said Minister Robert Muh–ammad with the Nation of Is–lam. “Frankly, the sheriff’s department would not have moved on this case if it had not been for the inquires of you, the media.”

“They’re trying to whitewash and go back and cover their own ineptness,” said Minister Der–ic Muha–mmad with the Milli-ons More Movem-ent.

In case you’re wondering . . .

He represtents the Mill-ions More Move-ment of Houston.

Another anti semitic Louie F. Production.

Always grand to be on the same side as..cough, gag, “The Most Honorable Minister” (of Hate) Lou-is Far-akan and Al (not so) Sharp-ton.

Well guess what folks.
If they don’t like background checks in the taxi industry..heck.. there’s always Pizza delivery for Fort Dix eh.


Unless of course, the pizza has ham or sausage on it. Ooops..guess not.
Dang, another career down the tubes for the jihadee wanna bees.

Let us analyze sweet friends.
Is it not the role of a security check to actually screen for possible past crimes or “indiscretions”.

Wonder what lil blunders they’re tryin to hide.

-slaughtering Somalis?
-raping and stoning women to death in honor killins?
-massacring Indonesian Christian school girls?
-tryin to blow up Marine barracks
-planting IED’s and explosives?
-tossin Kassam rockets at innocent Israelis?
-comin to America in order to promote jeehad?


So what exactly is the daily “kvetch” or irritant?
Background checks. Ya know…like when American born people get drivers licenses…those background checks.

Here goes another shining example of sha-ria-by-regulation. Not capable of implementing Izzlamic Law by changing our Constitution…yet…our own government will do it in the more dhimmi-fied way…inflicting fundamental changes to our way of life through regulation and judicial fiat.


“Violates their constitutional rights”?
Guess I must have missed the “no background checks” amendment to the constitution. Did you? dunce9.gif

Ummm…Would that be in the section of constitutional law that gives them the right to have publicly funded prayer rooms and foot baths?

Perhaps it’s time to amend the constitution to include separation of mos-que and State…Ya think?

Because of course lzlam is just a simple matter of religious inspiration sans any totalitarian designs. duh4.gif

Want tickets to the latest show in the “grievance theater” of Muzlims.
I didn’t think so.

Enough is enough friends.


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19 Responses to “Houston, I think we have a problem…”

  1. obob says:

    I guess my constitutional right of being alive is alienable. It’s like a photo ID for voting, I have nothing and neither should you. If you hesitate, hit the gate

  2. brooke says:

    A strenuous background check is no problem if you have nothing to hide.

    Frankly, I WANT ALL people whose business it is to go to and from the airports to submit!

  3. Bar Kochba says:

    Discrimination against Islam is not racism. What race are Muslims? It’s the same as saying that discrimination against Nazis is racism. Ummmm….no.

  4. Always On Watch says:

    I think it was Plato who once said something like this: “Even puppy dogs will one day stand up on their hind legs and demand their rights.” His point was that not everything entails a right.

    “Violates their constitutional rights”?
    Guess I must have missed the “no background checks” amendment to the constitution.

    Good one, Angel!

    Muslims are pushing the envelope, testing limits of dhimmitudinal idiocy. Is the West passing the test? Not so well, most of the time.

  5. KKarLLmM says:

    Oh my God…background checks!!!!!
    What if????????
    no problems..its only my wife, daughters and mother..father and puppy.
    disposable loved ones…NOT..i don’t think so!!
    If its such a problem that you don’t want it known…then i do..
    Like the restaurant owner who would not serve O.(#*&%$)J. Simpson, he did a simple check..sorry no MURDERERS…

  6. Street talk and opinions » Houston, I think we have a problem… says:

    [...] Read more at Angel [...]

  7. ortho says:

    fascinating blogging style! the contents and form of your posts defy description. the combination of photos, cartoons, faces, unique hyphenation and spelling, multicolor and multiformat text, produces a hypnotic effect.

    i hope you have a blessed day!

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    Tropical Storm Andrea heads off the season 3 weeks…

    Tropical Storm Andrea has formed off the coast of Georgia and South Carolina with winds of 45 mph as of 11 am EDT today. Bryan at Stormtrack.com got the prediction right while the NWS was downplaying the possibility because the water temperatures and…..

  9. Veritas says:

    Hey Angel,

    I guess I am in the minority here but I agree with the cabbies … kinda.

    There is no way that the background checks and ID requirements are a violation of their constitutional rights. I don’t think so. And I do agree that if you have nothing to hide then there should be no problem.


    The curb in front of the airport is not a secure area. It is a public street. Cab drivers already have to have photo ID’s posted in the taxi’s along with their license. I don’t think anything more is needed nor is it warranted. This is just a case of the government going overboard.

    Leave the cab drivers alone unless they are violating the law or refusing service to anyone because of their dress or what they are carrying. Once someone wants to get into the secure area of the airport or on a plane, then appropriate security is required and that include full searches for members of those groups who have shown to be enemies of this country.

    Profiling Muslims at airports is not discrimination.. just good sense. Extra security requirements for cab drivers on the street is overkill.

  10. Angel says:

    Ah…thanks alls for the kind words and diverse opinions!!! :)

  11. John Kaiser says:

    I think I threw up a little this morning when I had to listen to Dianne Sawyer pull a Cheryl Crow and complain about how much toilet paper we use. Do these people have a clue that North America’s forests are showing GROWTH, not decline.

  12. Debbie says:

    I can’t understand why it took so long for this action?

  13. Gayle says:

    Hi Angel! What gets me is that this is going on in Houston, Texas, no less! Not that I ever fly out of the Houston Airport, but it’s going on in my state and that’s a bit too close to home.

    Veritas is a friend but I disagree with him on this one. I actually drove a cab in Okahoma. Secretarial Jobs were not abundant and I didn’t want to work at McDonald’s, so I drove a cab. They did a background check on me, an American born citizen, before they hired me. If it’s good enough for me then it da*n sure is good enough for Muslims, especially with what’s going on in the world today. But if they are going to run background checks on Muslims then they need to run background checks on all Taxi drivers. That should be a regulation in all states anyway.

  14. OMMAG says:

    Funny …. are constitutional rights determined at “City Hall” ?
    At least you know your dealing with a bunch of losers from the getgo!

    As a personal note, I would be much happier knowing the person driving me around was NOT a crack addict – meth user – junkie – ex con armed robber or whatever! As for the Islamists I carry around a dog chew made from a pigs ear just to leave as a present when one of them disses me!

  15. cube says:

    I can’t get over these people who come from lands with zero rights all of a sudden come here & demand more rights than Americans. Submit to the background checks or go home. Simple.

  16. Angel says:


  17. Veritas says:

    Hey Gayle,

    The background checks to get you license I agree with. It’s the additional security beyond a regular livery license that I have a problem with. They are only talking abou tthe airport. Cabbies in Houston and every other sity already get a license – that should be sufficient. If they can’t pass the security requirements to be a cab driver then I don’t want them picking me up at all regardless of the location. Having extra security in a non-secure area at the airport doesn’t do anything.

  18. Veritas says:

    It’s great that friends can disagree with each other without feeling the need to issue a fatwa.

  19. Incognito says:

    Don’t all businesses have the right to require background checks and periodic drug testing of all their employees?