Meatpackers Quit?..Good Riddance dudes


Kvetch of the DaY:
Muzlim meatpackers.
Gosh I hope it wasn’t non hal-al meat..Pffft.


“Several dozen Mus–lim workers have quit their jobs at a Swift & Co. meatpacking plant in Grand Island, Neb. because their prayer times weren’t accommodated. face2.gif

Boo Frikkin Hoooo

“They kind of issued the company an ultimatum,” said .., president of Local 22 of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union.

“They went in before the shift started (Monday) and said that they’d go unless they could pray when they needed to..”


Muzlims idea of suffering: I bang my head on the wall, and the wall is to blame.


And spare me the twisted multiculturalist shpiel.
Once upon a time, B.M. (Before Muzlims), our country consisted of cultures all operating under one system of government.
The Irish, Italians, European Jews, and others all brought their own ethnic customs and added them to the American melting pot.


Yes. They changed America but in turn were also changed by it.

It’s called “a two way street.”

Muzlims wish to establish separate communities demanding we embrace their own cultural..ahem.. “heritage.”

You know…female genital mutiliation, honor killings of women, slaughtering American and European Christian and Jewish in-fidels…

They want to establish brand new versions of what they left behind. Yea, last time I checked that’s called “separatism.”

The Leftard, lying, self serving multiculturalist delusion begins with the premise the all cultures are equal.
No value judgments can be made about any of them.

You know like Female infanticide in India. That’s cool right? Right.
But guess what Libs.
Y’all believe that value judgments are sooooooo bad. Hmm. Isn’t that a value judgment? Just askin.


Inna meantime Nebraska……..tell ‘em all not to let the screen door hit their bums on the way out eh.

Let them go whine to CA-IR and Mulllah Abbdullah Magilla Gorilla for all I care.


Or let ‘em kvetch to their fellow bomber friends..who incidentally don’t have a leg to stand on. Ha.
Come to think of it..They don’t have an arm to stand on either.


No need to ask Why, why, why my friends…Don’t y’all know those are just Zionist, rational, imperialistic questions ! Sheesh.

It’s clearly a Muzlim thang.
We, infi-dels jus wouldn’t unnerstand k.


Now for all you Americans in denial ’bout the severity of the Jeehad threat……….just follow my pocket watch.


Sleep………..Sleeeeeep…….. Zzzzzzzzz~~~~~~

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26 Responses to “Meatpackers Quit?..Good Riddance dudes”

  1. Fang says:

    Hi Angel. I am back from being away. I missed reading your blog. Glad to see your posts are great as always.

    *Muslims at my work have started to pray in our rest room at work. Now that I know about it all hell is about to break loose!

  2. Layla says:

    Heh! Good riddance to these muzzie’s and who cares if it was halal meat–it all cooks the same….ARGH!

  3. » Meatpackers Quit?..Good Riddance dudes - Street talk and opinions says:

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  4. OMMAG says:

    Good thing I wont have to launch a boycot against swift for Dhummi-ism! :)

  5. American Crusader says:

    Great line…”it’s a Muslim thing”.
    Two standards, the left wants to force multiculturalism down our throats while at the same time supporting separate Islamic communities.
    It must be dizzying trying to support both of these diametrically opposed ideals.

  6. brooke says:

    Get ready for the lawsuits to start flyin’!

    CAIR to the rescue. :evil:

    Of course, I like the use of the term B.M. in reference to the Islamists!

  7. Angel says:

    Thanks y’alls for the additions! :)

  8. John Kaiser says:

    “The Leftard, lying, self serving multiculturalist delusion begins with the premise the all cultures are equal.”

    You have a certain way of saying things Angel.

  9. Douglas V. Gibbs says:

    I say send them packages of bacon and porkchops as going away presents!

  10. Panhandle Poet says:

    They probably slipped into Grand Island with all the illegal aliens! Now, Angel, ya gotta get this right — it’s Y’all if singular and All Y’all if plural — pure Texican my dear!

  11. Joe Gringo says:

    When are you going to write a book?… your angles/style.

    ACM’s or Idol last night?

    Doesn’t get any better ‘n George Strait, chalk another one up!

  12. cube says:

    You said it best when you said boo-frickin’ hoo. I’m sick of kowtowing to them. If they don’t like our ways, then move to a moslem country.

  13. jay says:

    My grandfather immigrated to the US in 1920. he went through a stretch where he had to find a new job each week because he refused to work on the Sabbath. He got fired week after week. No CAIR to help him.

    Let this desert trash quit and starve to death on the unemployment line.

  14. Gayle says:

    “Before Muslim.” “B.M.” Bowell Movement. PERFECT! ROTF!

  15. Big White Hat says:

    I can’t believe that I have neglected reading your blog for this long.

    You Rock!

  16. Big White Hat says:

    All Yall is specific plural (as in each and every one of you.)

    Yall is plural not singular unless you are Sandy Squirrel. You is singular.

    No matter what my friend from the panhandle is telling you, that is the English Language the way God and Sam Houston intended it.

  17. nanc says:

    good! separation of church and job – by golly – they’d do it to christians and jews – it’s about time people stopped kowtowing to these animals!

    y’all has an apostrophe…well, in proper suthun…

  18. KKarLLmM says:

    Meanwhile, Hamas gunmen fatally shot six guards from the rival Fatah movement and
    (HELLO!!!!!!!!!!) mistakenly ambushed a jeep carrying their own fighters, killing five. )
    In all, 16 Palestinians were killed in Palestinian infighting Wednesday — the bloodiest day since violence broke out in the Gaza Strip four days ago.
    Call me when the numbers reach the thousands!!!!!
    and we take these towel head, camelhugger, sheeplovers seriously…WHY???

  19. DL says:

    Threatened to leave –my gosh there should be singing and dancing in Mudville tonight!

  20. Jungle mom says:

    Wait a minute…our kids can’t pray at school, bu they need time to pray at work?!?!

  21. Incognito says:

    Okay, if you want to pray, fine, but do it on your own time: Lunch time, break time, pee time. Don’t expect people to make concessions for one group, or they have to make it fpr everyone. I;m surprised the Union didn’t say anything, though. They usually do.

  22. Angel says:


  23. JR says:

    Hi Angel!

    “They kind of issued the company an ultimatum,” said .., president of Local 22 of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union.

    “They went in before the shift started (Monday) and said that they’d go unless they could pray when they needed to..”

    Like you said: BUH BYE! There are Americans that want those jobs! devils…

  24. Big White Hat says:

    You should study this post. It will clear the whole second person plural question right up.

  25. Seth says:

    If the meat packing biz is unable to accommodate Muslims’ personal scheduling requirements, well… cab companies are always hiring, and those big yellow or checkered four wheeled camels have proven to be the mainstay of Islamic employment in most American cities, anyway.

    It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the next attack on large structures in the U.S. is perpetrated by exploding taxis.

  26. benning says:

    Gimme ten pounds of pork ribs, five pounds of bacon, oh and a prayer rug to eat it all on!