Israel: TakE GazA Back

Dedicated to: ZionFlag, Karl M and Sayitlikeitis.

Gaza greenhouses during Israeli ahem..”occupation”:

Jewish children at a greenhouse in the Gadid settlement only one week before the bloody handover to the terrorist thugs.

The Jewish settlers had the most state-of-the-art agricultural facilities in the world. They exported flowers, fruit and vegetables to Europe and around the world…incidentally employing thousands of Pales-tinians, and Israelis in the process.

Greenhouse in Gaza post Israeli..ahem..” occupation”:

The Pallys turned Gaza into a reeking pile of excrement whose stench wafts up all the way here.

Oh lookie, they made a tunnel for arms smuggling. Nice goin eh.

The hothouses had taken literally years to build, but despite P.A. police watching..the thug Pale-stinian mobs ransacked them within minutes of the Israeli expulsion.

They stripped them of their glass, wiring, computer and electronic equipment. They destroyed the irrigation pipes and timers.

They thus destroyed a vital source of employment for Gaza Pales-tinians ..and now they’re whining?

The Jewish people have lived on and off in Gaza for millennia.
Before Christianity or Izzlam were even founded..
(Forgive me for saying those two in the same sentence dear readers.)

Certainly for centuries before the concept of a cough, cough, Pal-estinian nation was even fabricated.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Israel’s air force fired a missile at a house in Gaza CiThe strike followed a decision to step up attacks against Is–lamic militants in response to rocket fire from Gaza late Sunday, killing at least eight people, residents and hospital officials said. .

Israel strikes Ham-as dwelling


A week after they descended like locusts on the greenhouses that Jewish settlers looked after and tended lovingly to in Gaza, looters pillaged away at what should be a prize asset for an allegedly fledgling Pales–tinian state.
What has become of the abandoned Jewish settlements in Gaza?

Brazen A-rab thugs and vandals dismantled the farms that once produced some of the world’s finest tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.
That’s what happened.

They can’t even manage to keep their feeble sewage ponds in check.
Why you ask.
Oh. Because of G.W. Bush and the filthy Zionist “occupiers” of course.
Naw, I’m just playing with ya.


It’s because they’re too busy spendin the money the U.S. gives them on
on guns and Kassam rockets to fire on Israeli children and families in Sderot, remember?

The minor fact that Ham-ass, whom the Pal-estinians elected into power, is hellbent on the destruction of Israel, is a complete non-issue eh.

Remind me once more why the bleep the oil-rich A-rab nations aren’t ponying up the cash to bail out these perpetual thugs and killers.

Gee. Maybe it’s because they watch too much Mickey Mouse these days. Ya think?


Yas-ser Ar-afat, their hero of old, wretchedly ruled by chaos and madness.
Does anyone remember the deals he rejected..such as as King Hus-sein’s offer to be part of the Jordanian government?
Of course…He declined. Why. So he could maintain his abuse of power and terror against Israel, using his own Pally people who he didn’t give a bloody dam about.

But, Lamestream media, and the hard core Libs want ya to “feel sorry” for the apartheidian, “occupied” terrorist Pallys.
Guess what folks?

WW2 was, in part, started by appeasing Jew haters feeling sorry for the Germans.


Heck, they only wanted the Rhineland back….oh, oh..and don’t forget the Sudentenland..and and… a piece of Poland.. and a bit of France..and Hungary and and and………….

But alas…“The Great Satan” keeps forkin money over to Ha-mass and Fat-ahh..the terrorist thugs with no army, no navy, and no air force, but enough rockets to hurl daily at innocent families.


Israel, for some preposterous reason is still committed to living alongside A-rabs. A-rabs, however, are committed to living in a world free of all Jews.
Nice formula eh.

(Israeli house hit by Kassam rocket. AP Photo.)

Leaving Gaza would bring “peace in our time”. Uh huh.
C’mon now.

If you’d just get your tinfoil hat adjusted a tad… all of this would be clear as ice.


Israeli families being forcibly removed from their homes in Gaza so the terrorist thugs can form their permanent sewer hell hole:

Pallys doing what they do best: Destroying:

A-rabs burning a synagogue in Gaza.

Girl injured by rocks thrown by Pales-tian thugs.


Time to re-think and give Gaza back to humans.

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33 Responses to “Israel: TakE GazA Back”

  1. kkARllMm says:

    Mucho Thanko on the dedicated post..
    Is it just me.. or are the Fat aha and Ha am ass fighting with each other over what exactly???? did some one say $$$$$money$$$$$.
    So the Israelis gave the Palas idiots the Gaza strip and they did what with it????
    So the smart thing to do is continue to give them more land….??why exactly??
    I believe logic dictates that the best thing to do with the a rabs of Gaza is let them fight to the very end and the last one standing wins what is behind door all expense trip to the West Bank to blow themselves up there!!!!

  2. Incognito says:

    What a crime…! to destroy the little oasis the Israelis created in that God-forsaken desert. You’d think they would have taken advantage of what was built there, but they’re too hell bent on destruction because of their deep-rooted rage and hate. Painful to see what they have done.

    And Arafat.. just wanted to fatten his Swiss bank accounts, no wonder he rejected all those offers. While his people starved.

  3. » Israel: TakE GazA Back - Street talk and opinions says:

    [...] Read more at Angel [...]

  4. michael says:

    pictures are truly worth a thousand words, and the “before and after” pictures you posted of the greenhouses speak volume about the difference in the societies that Israel and the palestinians have created.

    They’re only goal is wipe any trace of anything Jewish, or Israeli, or connected to Israel off the face of the Earth; and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we can get on to winning the war.

  5. InRussetShadows says:

    Israel has done a much better job of taking care of the earth than Hamas and Fatah have done. Where are the environmental activists? Israel has a free press, whereas the Hamas territories do not. Where are the free press activists? Israel has gender equality before the law, but Psuedostine does not. Where are the womens’ rights activists?

    I do not agree with Israel pulling out of Gaza, but the silver lining of this is irrefutable visual evidence that the people there are not fit to have their own state. All you have to do is see the pics that you’ve posted. Now it is up to us to repost those pictures and the others like them over and over again until people finally wake up.

  6. Mustang says:

    Author Leon Uris presents and accurate view of Arab culture in his book entitled “The Haj.” His description of these people in decades past is as relevant today as it was when first penned. Essentially, the culture is barbaric; its mores banal; their traditions, if you simply study their treatment of women, are ungodly.

    In my view, Arab culture is not unlike the behavior the Soviet hierarchy; jealous of good ideas, all brilliance is squashed. Look at what Arab culture has done to the cities in Lebanon, once filled with beautiful towns and a major tourist attraction – it is now, utterly destroyed. Having created a society that suffers from the mindset of thieves (such as Arafat), every member of Arab society is miserable. They are not unlike the boxer, who after years of sparring in the ring, come to love pain.

    Arab culture is a classic example of the “mirror image self,” where one perceives themselves as they think other’s perceive them. Lacking any sense of social responsibility, the average Arab is willing to sit idly by and watch such men as Arafat line their pockets with billions of western dollars. Of course, they are angry about this, but rather than directing that ire upon those who perpetrated it, and rather than demanding responsible leadership, they instead seek out to destroy the weak and the innocent – not in retribution for their misery, but rather to simply make others as dejected as they are. If anything, the Arabs have mastered the art of blaming others for their own shortcomings. If they act cowardly within the context of their own social strata, how should we expect them to behave towards others?

    In spite of the so-called “message of peace” I keep hearing about, Arab culture is morally bankrupt. They do not bring us a message of peace . . . they bring us a message of pieces.

  7. Jungle Mom says:

    The before and after pictures should convince anyone…but some are willingly ignorant. They only see what they want to see.

  8. John Kaiser says:

    You hit on something here, destruction. The Palestinians seem to destroy any and all good works left behind that they could be using for their benefit. There is a strong satanic element to this whole situation.

  9. Gayle says:

    Great post, Angel! You’re right, we posted on the same thing.

    Murder and destruction are the only thing those people know how to do, and they do it quite well, don’t they? That’s because when you’re not very bright to begin with and you only have one talent, you must practice it over and over again to stay sharp.

  10. Red_State_Blue says:

    Winning …

    Ideally, [this]…effort…should have the effect of – finally – uniting supporters of the war around a central, productive and highly visible set of related objectives, actions and activities. The… connections established in the course of [this] und…

  11. Panhandle Poet says:

    Always on target aren’t ya?

  12. nanc says:

    yup – they destroy everything the israelis have built up and then want aid from them when the time comes – i’d tell them to stack beebees.

  13. Dragon Lady's "My Republican Blog" says:

    We Have No Right to Demand Anything of Israel!…

    Senior Israel officials fear friction could arise with the Bush administration over a timetable issued by the United States that sets detailed benchmarks for measures that both Israel and the Palestinians must implement….

  14. Always On Watch says:

    Those before-and-after pictures of the greenhouses say it all! Islam is a death cult. World, get a clue!

  15. Debbie says:

    Excellent post and good advice. All the efforts of the Israelis have been ruined. Just goes to show you what the world would look like if allowed to fall to the hands of “those” people.

  16. Layla says:

    Great title and post that says exactly what I believe and feel. Take Gaza back. The sad thing is that it was beautiful, and they the fake people “palestinians” wrecked it and now it must be “re-cultivated” and “re-built-up”–everything the fake people touch dies! SPIT!

  17. Angel says:


  18. Next Stop Lauderdale says:

    I don’t understand why the world doesn’t see that Israel has tried to normalize with Arabs in “Palestine” (Not Palestinians) and each gesture is met with more killing of random innocent people. The world is demented on this issue………as prophesized. . . . . . stevereenie

  19. zionflag says:

    Wow!! I have no words only deep emotional outbursts when I see these Gan Eden photos of Gush Katif before the murderous, hit-squad, hormonal male bombers, sicko pieces of manure, deranged psychopaths entered and did only what they know how to do……”DESTROY”.
    The problem presently is that the US and EU are demanding further and further retreats from land that Israel is residing on in order to placate the starving, hungry, war mongers PALESTINIANS & the corrupt Israel government which manages the country with blindfolds is looking to reinstate “piece talks” with normal(ha!) countries like SYRIA, EGYPT and PA.
    Angel, we need HELP….to spread the word on every blog site. Email ANGEL’s site to everyone you know, and have them mass deliver the message to others till a drop of sanity emerges.

  20. Defiant_Infidel says:

    An ‘army’ of “us” is indeed true, Angel. Yet another home run from the one woman team in NYC (of all places for a saviour to emerge!). It is our civilization’s loss that we, the frickin’ people, only embrace opinion and not the power to directly effect change. But it is our opinion and voting habits that could eventually evoke change.

    I continue to be so frustrated that certain potentially giant tools within the grasp of Jorge and Co. are left in the tool shed… For example, how long would it take to really alter the landscape over there if we withdrew our financial support of these parasites??? I thought I remembered hearing that was what we were to do when they elected a terrorist clan to lead them??

    Nope. We instead re-channel the $$$ (which end up going right where they always did… to the terrorists… via an extra street on the roadmap or two).

    BFD!!! Overall change = ZIPPO!

    The message we send between the lines is even worse.

    “Do whatever you want to terrorize us and our allies, we HAVE to please our liberals! We would rather the Jews endure your homocide bomber attacks than for us to endure criticism from “our own” of what would be our politically incorrect decision to withhold money from our sworn enemy.”

    “We will eagerly face defeat than displease our whiners.”

    Good stuff! Now I can face the remainder of my day with a revitalized afternoon depression.

  21. brooke says:

    I’d BETTER see some ‘disproportionate response’ from Israel on this latest round of arab aggression!

  22. jay says:

    Great post Angel. Despite the fact that this is plain for all to see, no one is paying much attention. I understand that daily rocket attacks in Sderot are virtually a non event overseas. As usual, Israeli “terror” is headline material.

  23. MariesTwoCents says:

    This whole thing is such a darn mess.

  24. ZionistYoungster says:

    Great post, especially the “Before” and “After” comparison.

    The most galling thing here is that people think it’s something new. They’d be ready to excuse it all under “the current context”, saying things like “They saw the hothouses as artifacts of the Occupation”, but in reality, this turning of blooming land into desert was exhibited from Islam’s early years. North Africa, the breadbasket of the Roman Empire, was turned into its present sorry state by the 7th- and 8th-century Muslim invaders. The “sirocco-blast from Arabia” was in both the spiritual and the literal sense of the phrase.

  25. JR says:

    Good post Angel,

    A real comparison of the two peoples, our ‘orange friends’ promoting LIFE, and then the ones, who are handed something good, and the KILL it!

  26. Bar Kochba says:

    We’ll be back in Gush KAtif soon. Olmert and his lackeys are beginning to learn that Israel can’t fight its enemies while retreating. Remember, Jews have already been expelled twice from Israel and are back…

  27. Angel says:


  28. TJ's Anti-contrarian Blog says:

    Nicely said but not surprising.

    We possess our own population of those with a sense of entitlement. They don’t want to work for their living, they just bitch and moan about why others are too rich or the world is unfair for them.

    In many of our cities we can watch as HUD housing is slowly dilapidated into slums. The employers flee, potential employers don’t want the risk of moving in, then the inhabitants complain that they can’t find a job.

  29. wytammic says:

    Too bad we don’t see pictures like these on the news at night. Why is that? I guess because the MSM is too busy reporting about how mistreated the Palestinians are?

  30. David says:

    Why don’t you give moderate Palestinians a fair break and list all their vigorous activity to bring peace?
    (sorry for bad link above)

  31. Ping,Ping,Ping... « in2thefray says:

    [...] The recent fighting in Lebanon has raised many concerns and discussions. The Lebanese army in the hunt for bank robbing Islamists with ? links to Al Qaeda attack their hideout. Problem is they are using a refugee area full of Palestinians to hideout in. Anyway one quickly blurted bite that caught my ears was about the Palestinians not being able to better the area construction wise. So slums you can’t better is easily fodder for radicalization of the residents therein. No ? Well it’s wrong not to allow refugees to integrate and be active in the place of their refuge. A little common sense a little assimilation equals a better situation. Where’s the PING ? This is maybe only related in my head. WomanHonorThyself had a great post about the negative transformation of a site in Gaza. Check it out. I’d ask you to keep in mind that the place had great potential and it was ruined. To whose benefit ? [...]

  32. webrand says:


    What vigorous activities of moderate Islamics to bring peace did you have in mind? If there is some I would like to hear about it. I do not know of any vigorous activity on the part of moderate Palestinians to bring peace except for a temporary peace held out by Fatah until it is strong enough to destroy Israel.

  33. Carl says:


    I just took a look at your blog. Wow the pictures describing the diffferences look amazing. It couldnt be any clearer. Hamas’s main objective is to wipe isreal, so the push from the US and other countries to give up Gaza was a total mistake. They will keep wanting more until they wipe isreal clear from the map. With so much energy that is going to have isreal give up the land, you would think that now the the world has seen the result of the land transfer they would help give it back to isreal. but of course that is not the case.

    It a sad situation over there but Isreal is protected under gods promise so I wont worry about them being wiped out. they will not be wiped out and hamas, iran and all the other identities that are calling for Isreals destruction better watch out.