PatriotisM RekindleD

“America, while you were sleeping…

-We have opened the Pandora’s Box of political correctness, and with no end in sight.

-There have been over 30 million killed; we still cannot agree that two arms, two legs, and a head constitute a baby, but is instead referred to by the pro-choice lobby as “fetal tissue.”

-We have chased God out of the public square, and in His place have erected the hollow edifice of government.

-We have let the mainstream media go unchallenged far too long. The media has now almost become a political party unto themselves, and looks to sensationalize the news on behalf of their chosen political interest…
America, While You Were Sleeping… offers us..
-We have allowed “victimology” to become a way of life for the country’s so-called minority populace. That would be everyone except white males.

-We have given title and importance to such low-brow political types as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Michael Moore, and other liberal notables.

-We have witnessed the agenda of America’s plastic people in Hollywood. That these actors and the like should be paid any heed at all when their entire lives are wrapped up within the elitist and narcissistic bubble they live in, is simply wrong, and wasteful.

We have given too much latitude and forgiveness to America’s Isl-amic leadership and citizenry within the United States. Where were their much-needed voices regarding 9/11? Where the hell are they now?

-We have watched the Democratic Party declare that America’s biggest threat is not Osama bin Laden, North Korea, or even Iran. It is George W. Bush.”

Lest we forget sweet friends, during our slumber.
Since the maniacal terrorists attacked America, on our own soil, President Bush has done a few things which perhaps may of note to minded thinkers.

He is in the process of liberated two countries, Afghanistan and Iraq.
He is in the process of Crushing the Taliban. (You do remember them don’t you?)
He has succeeded in Crippling Al-Qa-eda, or at least wounding them.

He captured Saddam Hussein, (the one with NO WMD’s?) the peace lover who mananged to slaughter over 300,000 of his own people.
He has put nuclear inspectors in Lybia, Iran and North Korea and hasn’t detonated a single bomb..(yet*)

A meticulous, well-tuned examination of what the Libs say points to the decline of patriotism in our country.
Some of us wish to awaken..and facilitate its restoration.
Some of us have learned to intelligently appreciate life in our free, democratic land, despite its imperfections.

We are keenly aware that the durability and vitality of democracy requires a sense of community, and strong shared values. Without them we witness the social and political fragmentation that abounds.

Lest you despair-
Know this sweet readers….Every citizen is a soldier.
Incite controversy, offer your corrective visions of society, make an impressive case.
At the end of the day, it is you who must take up arms.

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17 Responses to “PatriotisM RekindleD”

  1. karl says:


  2. Anna says:

    Very thought provoking Angel! (Still not free of the work, but snuck over anyway! :) )

  3. DL says:


    For people who loved to dance on 9/11 and protest wildly over ficticious Koran flushings and political cartoons – that bunch of leaders that are not supposed to be radicals, sure are quiet -hmmm…too quiet, perhaps?

  4. ABF says:

    They dug a mighty big hole while we were sleeping. Gonna take an awful long time to climb out, but climb out we will….

  5. Gayle says:

    “At the end of the day, it is you who must take up arms.” And it may well come to that. If it should, what are the liberals going to do? Run for the hills? What are people whose weapons have been taken away from them going to do? Use slingshots, baseball bats, and iron-cast skillets?

    This is indeed a crazy world we live in.

    And this is indeed a great post! :)

  6. beth says:

    Great post!

  7. Blue Star Chronicles says:

    Islamic Terrorism and Sensitivity…

    We are stressing out Jihadist and we need to stop it. It seems we need to be more sensitive in our verbage ……. I realize common sense isn’t that common. But come on. Is it really that hard to understand?…

  8. 123beta says:

    Open Trackback Weekend #3…

    Link your posts all weekend……

  9. cube says:

    I hear you. I try to fight the good fight with my blog. I hope it has changed a few minds.

  10. karl M says:



  11. DragonLady says:

    Well said! (clapping)

  12. Brooke says:

    Sometimes, I fear the only thing that will wake the Sleeping Giant is a huge, unprecedented attack…

  13. The MaryHunter says:

    “Every citizen is a soldier.”

    Couldn’t be more true, in view of the perpetual war of words that has done so much to rip this country apart — while its elected officials do profoundly idiotic things in the name of fighting for their respective parties.

    Great post.

  14. TMH's Bacon Bits says:

    Bush Caved Twice…

    You can’t get into bed with the enemy any more than this: betraying your own base while gaining near giddy approval by the enemy for rewarding illegal criminals with pardons and citizenship.


  15. kevin says:

    Two thumbs up for that post Angel.

  16. Lady Jane says:

    Great post, as always, Angel!

  17. Adamaitis says:

    Great pst!