WomeN and ChildreN

“Pop group The Pussycat Dolls are set to become real-life dolls – toy firm Hasbro is creating plastic figurines of the sexy six-piece..” band.
Hasbro To Market Pussycat Dolls Toys Towards Six-Year-Olds
Hasbro says the $15 action figures are aimed at children aged six to nine, despite The Pussycat Dolls’ risqué image.

Sharon John, Hasbro’s general manager for marketing, explains, “I don’t think we’re trying to push the envelope any further, but we’re trying to add an aspect of “realism.”


Oh, you mean the new “reality” that girls are sex objects and that is somehow empowering?

The sexualization of children, little girls, before they can remotely process what sexuality is and years before they even have a chance to discover and explore their own sexuality- has become an epidemic.
Children are not equipped psychologically to interpret the sexual behaviour and conduct of pop stars and adults, but predictably try to imitate it. That is what companies like Hasbro bank on.

And while Hasbro and all the other companies who routinely use sex to sell-can cry “First Amendment”, sexualization of children and women is flat out dangerous.If common sense hasn’t told them, may I be the one to point out that children who dress and behave like adults are more vulnerable to sexual assault and abuse. The early sexualization of children has produced ever-earlier sexual activity, not to mention pregnancy among children.

We live in a sexually potent environment, which liberals seem to think is somehow “liberating.”
Before a child even reaches puberty, they have been exposed to thousands of sexual messages. Needless to say most of these messages are explicit, sensational, oftentimes violent, and almost always lack any mention of the importance of emotional commitment in sexual relationships.

Magazines with page after page of nearly nude women, sexual images on the internet, in movies, on the radio, crude sex talk among friends and peers, and sexual billboards. Sexual messages are literally everywhere and not only boys and men, but children are being exposed to them on a daily basis.

Is this the steady diet you wish to feed yours?

Let’s face facts. This is all supported by state governments, many of which mandate sex education as early as kindergarten. School nurses dispense contraceptives and abortion advice without even obtaining parental knowledge or approval.

Abercrombie & Fitch thought it is “cute” some years ago to portray little girls as eroticized future sex objects. They have even used words like “eyecandy” and “sexy” when pitching clothing lines to seven year old girls.

Hasbro has joined ranks with this growing “trend”.

The media’s sexualization of women and children should have been
outlawed before it ever came to this.
But alas, the staunch believers in NO censorship are reaping what they have sown.

There are schools of feminism who support the ideals of what they call “personhood”, as opposed to a strong, exclusive sense of identity as being a woman, or “womanhood.”
They consider the category of “womanhood” to be a socially, culturally constructed category. They don’t believe in inate differences between genders.
But despite all attempts to prove that men are women, and women are men……… “women” will remain a distinct category. And the only ones eligible are those who are biologically female.

Women are more vulnerable to physical abuse; women do get raped; and victimized due to their constitution as women.

Children do as well.

Our legislation has refused to acknowlede this. Women continue to get battered, raped, sexually harassed, stalked and abused by the thousands.
Children have been steadily joining those ranks.

Hasbro has no shame simply because nothing shames us any longer.
I believe it is high time that some obvious points be brought to light.

What Hasbro is doing is child abuse, and should be nothing less than illegal.

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16 Responses to “WomeN and ChildreN”

  1. Anna says:

    Didn’t even know there was such a band much less that they have “dolls” from Hasbro. My girls went through the Barbie phase, but both have gotten beyond that for the most part.

    Older daughter is very conservative and would find the group and their dolls “pathetic”. Younger daughter is more liberal in her thinking and dressing, but is a good girl (we’d know if she wasn’t…love my “small town neighborhood and city”! We know their friends and the parents as well.

    Thanks for the heads up, though. It’s always good to keep these companies on the radar.

  2. ABF says:

    Ok .. this has gone to far … your right Angel, there pushing this beyond the envelope. This attack by the lib left has been coming on all fronts, and this has now become totally unacceptable.

    P.S. – thanks for the link .. were fightin hard, and it’s a small victory, but a start…

  3. cube says:

    This is an issue which makes me apoplectic because I have 2 daughters. We emphasize math & science in our house in the hopes that with a logical mind & good critical thinking skills, our girls will be less likely to fall prey to an idiotic mindset. Our children are bombarded with inappropriate images from every direction & every angle. We can’t protect them from them all. We can only hope to make them strong enough to resist them on their own.

    I’ve also noticed that while they are pushing the girls into early womanhood, they are retarding the boys into perpetual boyhood. I fear that there will a shortage of men for my daughters to marry, only pathetic little boys who only want to play.

  4. Angel says:

    Thanks Anna..:)
    Youre most welcome AB..:)..pushing the envelope seems to be an under statement I’m afraid..:(
    Well said Cube!…The next generation ah…sigh.

  5. Middle America says:

    The problem is also the fact, the companies are out to make a buck. Unfortunately, that buck is on the trend of sexualization as well. It’s a two-fold issue.

    This is similiar to the witchcraft phenomena. Since it was popularized in the 90′s, interest soared. Since interest soared, companies began to implement it within their marketing and products. This is why we continue to see a rise in or toys and cartoons, ect.

    The ACLU defends the NAMBLA for free. Recall also Abercrombie & Fitch magazine contains little boys, basically nude. It was reported this ‘sales’ magazine was so hardcore, a cover was implemented. Unfortunately, there were also reports many pedophiles acquire the magazine, for the sole purpose of the pictures.

    I agree with you Angel, it is a serious issue, regarding our youth. Unfortunately, as parents/kids , we are bombarded with the sexual overtones. Those parents that are knowledgable in this and are against it stand in a minority crowd. Many kids out there, are simply out on their own, being indoctrinated with the dogma.

  6. karl M says:




  7. Gayle says:

    “the staunch believers in NO censorship are reaping what they have sown.” If it were simply they who were reaping what they had sown we wouldn’t have a problem with it. However, all of us are reaping what they have sown, especially our children, and that is the tragedy of it.

    My children are grown, thank God. But it gets harder and harder to protect one’s child from such a trashy media. It’s like living in the middle of a nudist colony and telling your children not to look. It doesn’t work. They pick it up from the media and from other children. We are indeed at war with more than terrorists! Excellent post, Angel girl!

  8. Angel says:

    Thanks Anna, AB, Cube, MA , Karl M and Gayle!..wish there was more we could do besides rant!..:(

  9. Brooke says:

    No Hasbro for our house!

    My hubby and I routinely see LITTLE girs out in the stores/malls/streets dressed like, well, sluts.

    One of us inevitably asks,”How did they make it out of the house like that? Don’t they have a mother/father?”

    Not our kids, is all I have to say.

    I am routinely amazed at how difficult it is to find decent clothing for our four-year old, even at Wal-Mart! Did you know that at Penny’s, you can find thong underwear in a size 2T?!?!

  10. The MaryHunter says:

    As father to two young girls, I’m very disturbed by this trend. We don’t let our girls watch the cartoon “Bratz” for this reason… and she sort of understands that it’s not right for little girls to be wanting to dress like and be like teenagers (or women!).

    Odd, all this force-feeding by the lib culture, since our nation is supposedly growing more and more conservative by the year.

  11. American Crusader says:

    Great post. For the reasons you’ve pointed out, I would never allow my daughter to be involved in any of these “beauty contest” that includes girls as young as five years old. Girls and boys should be able to grow up in an environment that doesn’t rush them into adulthood and adult behavior.

  12. kevin says:

    Jean-Benet Ramsey comes to mind.

  13. Angel says:

    Brooke, TMH, AC and Kev..thanks so much for the inputs…….seems harder n harder to protect our loved ones these days eh…….:(

  14. Always On Watch says:

    For the low price of $15, parents can buy Hasbro “Pussycats” and thereby promote the moral deterioration of their daughters. Ugh!

    I hope I’m wrong, but I predict that these dolls will find a niche in the market.

  15. Lady Jane says:

    Absolutely disgusting! It always horrifies me when I see tiny little girls in skin-tight outfits with provocative styles and logos. So sad! Children should be children!

  16. DL says:

    I recall an afternoon Oprah show where she praised a young black rock group because their momma packed them condoms -this from a woman that was sexually abused by an uncle, I believe. the cult of all sex is good is hard to defeat with friends like this in high places.