HomeGrowN TerroristS AgaiN

NEW YORK – Federal authorities announced Saturday they had broken up a suspected Mus-lim terrorist cell planning a “chilling” attack to destroy John F. Kennedy International Airport, kill thousands of people and trigger an economic catastrophe by blowing up a jet fuel artery that runs through populous residential neighborhoods.

Feds foil JFK terror plot, arrest 3

One of the suspects, Rus-sell Defre-itas, a U.S. citizen native to Guyana and former JFK air cargo employee, said the airport named for the slain president was targeted because it is a symbol that would put “the whole country in mourning.”

Authorities said the men were motivated by hatred toward the U.S., Israel and the West. Defre-itas was recorded saying he “wanted to do something to get those bastards.”

The arrests mark the latest in a series of alleged homegrown terrorism plots targeting high-profile American landmarks.

A year ago, seven men were arrested in what officials called the early stages of a plot to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago and destroy FBI offices and other buildings.

A month later, authorities broke up a plot to bomb underwater New York City train tunnels to flood lower Manhattan.

And six people were arrested a month ago in an alleged plot to unleash a bloody rampage on Fort Dix in New Jersey.


But have no fear.

Democrats have banned the phrase “global war on terror” from the draft Pentagon budget, arguing that it is a propagandist term designed to boost President George W Bush’s contention that the Iraq conflict was a war of necessity.

Yup. According to the Dhimmicrats…There is no Global War on Terror

No need for America to fight and win a war that’s not even taking place eh…


Plus we know the perps were probably just some underpriveleged “youths”, ya know feeling all estranged and stuff, victims of something..well ..anything actually.


Of course one of the Muzlim terrorists had some choice words bout “Joooooooooooooos”. But don’t they always.
Ex-Cargo Worker, Former Guyana Parliament Member Allegedly Plotted to Hit JFK Airport

“…Defr-eitas discussed the war in Lebanon in August 2006 and agreed, “Mus-lims always incur the wrath of the world while the Jews get a pass.”

Free pass..ha.

What is it with Rad. Black Muzlims and Jews……can’t get the jealousy out of their bones eh?


And most definitely this would have never happened if the Zionists didn’t insist on torturing the poor Guyanese and if the U.S. hadn’t illegally invaded and occupied Guyana and Trinidad right? afro9.gif

All y’all recall this?

US President George W Bush has tightened airline security and said a plot foiled by Britain to blow up US-bound flights was a “stark reminder” the United States is “at war with Is-lamic fascists”.
US at war with ‘Is-lamic fascists’, Bush says

US Mus-lim groups have criticised Mr Bush, saying his choice of words could inflame anti-Mus-lim tensions.

“The problem with the phrase is it attaches the religion of Is-lam to tyranny and fascism, rather than isolating the threat to a specific group of individuals,” said.. spokeswoman for the Mus-lim Public Affairs Council in Los Angeles.

Thanks Muzlims for sharing. Really.

could inflame anti-Mus-lim tensions“………ooooooooooooh. Inflamation. That doesn’t sound good. Pfft.


“isolating the threat to a specific group of individuals” Hmmmmm.

Ya mean like these isolated events?

June 24, 1993-New York City landmark bomb plot

Ab-u Ka-mal – 1997
New York City …a Muzlim Pale-stinian teacher shot seven tourists on the 86th-floor observation deck of the Empire State Building, killing one..

Rash-id B-az -March 1, 1994
New York City …a Muzlim,Leba-nese livery cab driver, opened fire on a van full of Hasidic Jewish boys on the Brooklyn Bridge, killing one and wounding several others…But they were only Jews right?

Ah-med Res-sam -December 13, 1999
Planned Attacks Around the Millennium Celebrations

U.S. customs, law enforcement, and intelligence officers successfully disrupted a series of attacks planned around the Millennium celebrations…

Hesh-am Had-ayet -July 4, 2002
Los Angeles, Calif. …This Muzlim opened fire at Los Angeles International Airport while standing in line at the ticket counter of Israel’s El Al Airlines, killing two and wounding four others before an airline security officer shot him dead…

Moh-am-med Re-za Tah-eri-azar -2006
Chapel Hill, NC
.. a twenty-two-year-old Iranian Muzzzzzzlim student named Moh-am-med (how novel!) drove an SUV onto the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, deliberately trying to mow down and kill people and succeeding in injuring nine……….

And on and on and on and onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

But they’re just random acts of kindness by what the Lamestream Media affectionately call “mentally unstable” individuals.

No links to Izlam and no ties to international terrorism. Rrright.

You can always check out the latest “isolated” incidents at The Religion of Peace

In light of this new ahem…”development”, I propose we take more homeland security funds from N.Y.C. and fork it over to mos-ques who are in dire need of protection from terrorism and um…”backlash”.


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32 Responses to “HomeGrowN TerroristS AgaiN”

  1. University Update says:

    HomeGrowN TerroristS AgaiN…

  2. Neil says:

    What is it with the Left? How many of these will get broken up before they realize we have a serious problem? It is as if these don’t count as problems for them unless they are carried out.

  3. LomaAlta says:

    Nice post Angel.

    Like OJ seeking his wife’s killers, the liberals are still seeking that “vast majority of modertates” in Islam. When OJ brings the real killers to justice, I may start believing there are really moderate Muslims who do not want to kill us.

  4. Daddy Dawg says:

    Boyz will be boyz. I think Forrest Gump said it best: “Stupid is, as Stupid does.” It seems that the left NEEDS to protect our selves from our selves, what ever that means to them. To me, it means I’ve got some jerk, more commonly called “an ass”, trying to meddle in my business. If this happened to them in their country and it was an American that did it, wouldn’t they be all upset. But, it doesn’t happen does it. Even as much as we desire them to change, either attitude or life. Basically, as I see it, we are dealing with the adverage or below-adverage serial killer, or a wannabe. The film Independence Day was the fore runner to this realitive new Islamic belief. The scene where the president asks the alien what it wanted us to do. The alien, with his tenticle wrapped around the throat of the scientist replied, “Die”. Think the Islamic rads watched the movie too much!!!! Well, enjoyed it. Gotta go,
    Lator Gator,
    Daddy Dawg

  5. Defiant_Infidel says:

    Frustrating and oh so dangerous… the lefties continue to refuse to see what is before them… And “them” is all of us, unfortunately. Meanwhile, Prez Jorge continues to step so carefully around any lefty nerves, encourage shamnesty and chastize real Conservatives for their criticism of the gaping holes of insecurity.

    Afterall, it is us Conservatives who are attempting to “scare the citizenry” according to Jorge, right?

    My loyalty is evaporating and I am giving serious thought to what appears to be my only remaining alternative…


  6. kevin says:

    It looks like the Democrats are going to have to ban the use of the term “Homegrown Terrorist” now.

  7. brooke says:

    LOL at Kevin; he’s most likely right!

    Nothing to see here, move right along…

  8. beth says:

    The democrats are just afraid, kinda pitiful really, except they are going to get us all killed with their appeasement and denial.

    It’s SO much safer to blame the big bad Jooos cause everyone knows they won’t come kill everyone for disagreeing with them or even for treating them badly. Not so with the muslims.

  9. Blue Star Chronicles says:

    The War on Terror is NOT a Bumper Sticker…

    The few times I’ve heard the news today, I’ve heard about the plot to blow up JFK Airport that was foiled today.

    It is interesting listening to the media’s take on the terrorists plot. Various ‘experts’ are interviewed and various talking heads…

  10. Jungle Mom says:

    I think it should not be taken lightly that one of the plotters intended to fly to Caracas and then to Iran. We now have direct flights from Caracas to Tehran.

  11. Stanford Matthews says:

    Pardon my outburst, but for all those elsewhere calling this home grown terrorism, I say, homegrown my ass. Here’s why.

    Russell Defreitas, a U.S. citizen native to Guyana
    Abdul Kadir of Guyana
    Kareem Ibrahim of Trinidad
    Abdel Nur of Guyana

    By ADAM GOLDMAN The Associated Press
    Article Last Updated: 06/03/2007 01:02:05 PM EDT)

    thanks for workin’ it, Angel

  12. Gayle says:

    Wonderful post and esquisite satire, Angel. You are a master! er… mistress. Nope, that doesn’t sound right. Well, you are great at it!

  13. Blog @ MoreWhat.com » Blog Archive » MoreWhat Matters: Today’s Blog List says:

    [...] Woman Honor Thyself [...]

  14. David says:

    A. Pound sand in a rathole.
    Q. What do Islamic apologists NOT have the sense to do?

  15. Angel says:

    THANKS ALLS…I SURE WISH THE TERRORISTS..(yes, lefty libs, there is such a thing)..WOULD LEAVE NY THE H__LL alone! arggggggggg!

  16. 4 charged with terror plot at JFK airport - CNN.com « Spanish Pundit says:

    [...] Woman honor thyself, has also posted about this. [...]

  17. » HomeGrowN TerroristS AgaiN - Online Information NEWS & Entertainment Portal says:

    [...] Read more at Angel [...]

  18. Incognito says:

    Trinidad and Guyana!… maybe people will start realizing that it *is* global and not just relegated to those from the Middle East.

  19. Goat says:

    Luv Ya Angel, keep it up, you are always a breath of fresh air.

  20. Strawberry says:

    Maybe if the leftists were targets, it would change their views! NAH – they would just report it as a conservative plot to undermine their message! We have men and women fighting and dying for these animals to live here freely, using whatever means at their disposal to destroy our way of life! Something is very wrong with this picture when they are made to be the victims by the left leaning.

  21. InRussetShadows says:

    What motivates a leftist to be disconnected from reality? Is it the same nature that needs protection from the harsh world by spinning a cocoon of political correctness, the same nature that needs to rewrite history to avoid any pride in their homeland, the same nature that leads them to believe that words are actions, and the same nature that presumes everyone has at least as much logic as they do?

    I think a year of military service should be required for everyone self-identifying as a liberal.

  22. Freedom Now says:

    It light of these developments perhaps Republicans should have opposed the term World War II because it benefited FDR and Truman.

    Naahhh… Only Democrats can do something as low as that.

  23. Always On Watch says:

    Democrats have banned the phrase “global war on terror”…

    As if denying the existence of a war will make that war go away!

    The Dems are so out of touch with reality as to need confinement in a mental asylum.

  24. Always On Watch says:

    Addendum: These three Muslims just arrested are not “homegrown terrorists.” They’re from South America. Just how does that qualify as “homegrown”?

  25. Angel says:

    Thanks again alls for the feedbacks………..
    “One of the suspects, Rus-sell Defre-itas, a U.S. citizen native to Guyana..”……he was a US citizen…….still plotting against his very host country that took him in..SEAL THE BORDERS!

  26. OMMAG says:

    Leftards NEVER get it until they catch a personal bullet or piece of shrapnel or whatever!
    Even then many of them will try to blame the Government or whoever their current favorite strawman happens to be!

    Be vigilant – Be Strong and remember “Living Well Is The Best Revenge!”

  27. Bar Kochba says:

    In my opinion, the belief that we ARE at war with terror is naive. Terror is not an enemy but a tactic used by our real enemy, Islam. 9/11 is Islam at its purest, as Muhammad would have wanted.

  28. Yankee Doodle says:

    islamophobia inspector said…

    I regret to inform you that this weblog and some of its comments have been identified as potentially Islamophobic. Under EU Directive DCLXVI it is compulsory for all contributors to take the following Islamophobia test immediately:


    (1) You refer to the midwinter holiday as ‘Christmas’.

    (2) You save loose change in a p***y-bank.

    (3) You allow your children to read unexpurgated versions of Winnie the Poo.

    (4) You doubt whether it’s politically correct to stone rape victims.

    (5) You believe that the earth is round.

    (6) You think there’s something weird about a 50 year old man marrying a six year old girl.

    (7) Your children play with Barbie dolls, teddy bears or LEGO.

    (8) You object to being a third class citizen in your own country.

    (9) You fail to celebrate cultural diversity when your daughter is gang-raped for not wearing a headscarf.

    (10) You think government policy should be determined by your elected representatives rather than a raging mob.

    (11) You object to your taxes being used to support people who are plotting to kill you.

    (12) You aren’t convinced that ‘Jihad’ means ‘Inner Spiritual Struggle’.

    (13) You don’t understand why the Jews must be exterminated.

    (14) You aren’t married to at least one of your cousins.

    (15) You don’t have sex with your daughter-in-law.

    (16) You sometimes have doubts about BBC reporting.

    (17) You occasionally wonder what’s inside those walking tents.

    (18) You realise that taqiyya is not a Mexican drink.

    (19) You believe moderate Muslims ride unicorns.

    (20) You don’t appreciate the multicultural need for Methodist grandmothers to be body-cavity searched before boarding aircraft.

    (21) You claim to understand the words “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them”, even though you don’t speak Arabic.

    (22) You fail to see the difference between criticising Christianity, Buddhism or Hinduism, which is free-speech, and criticising Islam, which is racism.

    (23) You have reservations about ‘faith schools’ where the kids will be taught that Jews and Christians are pigs and monkeys, at public expense.

    (24) You don’t understand why flying your country’s flag has become a hate-crime.

    (25) You don’t believe that God is a brothel-keeper.

    How many of the questions did you answer ‘YES’ ?

    On a scale of 0 to 25…

    0 you are a Dhimmi and will be nominated for the Neville Chamberlain Peace Prize.
    1 to 5 you are a Najis Kaffir.
    6 to 10 you are an Islamophobe.
    11 to 15 you are a Thought Criminal.
    16 to 20 you are an Enemy of Allah.
    21 to 25 you are a Racist Zionist Crusader.

    Fatwas are automatically awarded for all scores above 5.

    Fatwas will be posted in plain brown paper envelopes in a choice of laminated or embossed styles, generously sprinkled with ricin, anthrax, sarin and polonium.

  29. KKarLLmM says:

    I love my dose of WomanHonorThyself everyday…
    The daily happenings delivered with wit and wisdom and a little bit of charm.
    Thank you so much to the endless rambling of the goat squeezing towelheads…it makes it that much easier to argue the wisdom behind the wall building in Israel and the endless checkpoints….
    you go Moe Ham Eds “Make my day”……

  30. WordBearer says:

    The media and the entire establishment will never face up to the threat of Islamofacism. To do so would mean what they we taught at Harvard might not be true.

    They are more worried about the idea that somewhere a Christian might be praying or not approving of abortion.

  31. wordsmith says:

    a “stark reminder” the United States is “at war with Is-lamic fascists”.
    US at war with ‘Is-lamic fascists’, Bush says

    US Mus-lim groups have criticised Mr Bush, saying his choice of words could inflame anti-Mus-lim tensions.

    “The problem with the phrase is it attaches the religion of Is-lam to tyranny and fascism, rather than isolating the threat to a specific group of individuals,” said.. spokeswoman for the Mus-lim Public Affairs Council in Los Angeles.

    Angel, as you know from my post, I have no problems with “terrorists”, “Islamic radicals”, “Islamic militants”, “radical Islam“, “Islamo-fascists”, etc; but I am in favor of a new word- “hirabah”- to supplant “jihad”. It is part of the counter-terrorism propaganda war. Anyone who doesn’t understand my line of thinking on this should read my post. Even some of my conservative allies, I know, have trouble with seeing what I’m seeing. I know how they are perceiving this, because I’ve been there; I’ve shared much of the fatigue on pc-multiculturalist sensitivity nonsense. But this is different, in a sense. And I think it can make a big difference in the war.

  32. Tyler says:

    Great pst!