Amnesia International

From Amnesty International’s site:

“Download Isreal as printable pdf file.”

Oh.. by the way, Amensty………..


Spell check anyone?
But why concern yourselves with the spelling of the name of an illegitmate country anyway eh?

Amnesty International is regurgitating it again.

An Amnesty International report charges the Zionist regime with a long list of crimes against the Pale-stinians in the occupied territories.
The report, “Enduring Occupation, Pale-stinians under siege in the West Bank” released on Monday accuses Israel of unlawful land grabs and collective punishment of civilians, using excessive and unwarranted force, constructing the apartheid wall, and causing the death of Pal-estinians with medical emergencies at checkpoints

The “Official Pardons for Pale-stians” Organization fails to reveal the reason for checkpoints and barriers.


Hmm. Let’s conjecture. Pale-stians want to toss rockets, blow up their own children as suicide bombers and basically um… kill Israelis.


Howzabout all the elite haters, I mean members, of A.I. set up housing right on the border with the West Bank. Think that may make them re-think the “horrific” security measures?

Oh and not that the AP would ever let on, but the A-rabs happen to be killing each other much more efficiently than Israel would ever dare.


This, my sweet friends, should come as no surprise. I wonder if anyone in A.I. could even locate “Isreal” on a map…ha
Oh wait.
No doubt it’s obscured by the name P-A-L-E-S-T-I-N-E.

Israel is the only country to which the dim witted, patently insane standard of returning land for peace is even suggested.

UN SCR 242, 338.

Y’all remember that lil ditty by A.I.’s evil twin” the U.N.?
Israel” Give back land or else

The Camp David Accords and Oslo.
Give back More Land

Return land in exchange for peace. Rrright.
Observe how swimmingly well that went in Gaza.


Egypt got Sinai back, a huge chunk of land mind you.

The Palis got Gaza in 2005.
Youv’e all seen what they did to it by now.
Agricultural fields have morphed into rocket launching platforms. No more orange groves here Ah-Mad. No siree Bob.


Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2000.

What have the Hezbullys done?
For one, they morphed South Lebanon into an armed camp from which it launched a bloody war against Israel just last summer.

And of course UNIFIL still refuses to disarm Hez-bullah. What a bolt from the blue eh.

Syria got hungry and now wants the Golan, despite the fact that Syria supports and arms terrorists and would use the Golan to cut off water supplies to Israel or better yet, to launch attacks directly into Israel.

DMZ? ha.

Sooooooo…Amnesty International.

You got integrity, alright…. from all those who have no integrity.

Amnesty International: Ignored by Israel….. for 40 years and still counting.

Despite the growth in their population, the Arabs continued to assert they were being displaced. The truth is that from the beginning of World War I, part of Pal-estine’s land was owned by absentee landlords who lived in Cairo, Damascus and Beirut. About 80 percent of the Pale-stinian A-rabs were debt-ridden peasants, semi-nomads and Bedouins.

Jews actually went out of their way to avoid purchasing land in areas where A-rabs might be displaced. They sought land that was largely uncultivated, swampy, cheap and, most important, without tenants.

The Truth about Occupation

Amnesty Int’l. defending terrorists worldwide:

For Amnesty International, “Israeli war crimes” are synonymous with “any military action whatsoever.”
Alan M. Dershowitz

Hey Amensty Int……….
If I throw a stick, will you leave?


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34 Responses to “Amnesia International”

  1. Layla says:

    Great post hun! Amnesty International is as worthless as the U.N. SPIT!

  2. Debbie says:

    Love the title to this post. Hating Israel has become a world-wide pass time. Everybody wants to join the club. Amnesty International rate up there with the United Nations. Terrorist lovers.

  3. Perri Nelson says:

    Amnesty International… another NGO with the goal of bringing down western civilization through attrition.

  4. wytammic says:

    Hi Angel,
    Great post! I guess some people need to study the law and find out that it’s not occupation because the land was captured by Isreal, er I mean Israel ;) during a defensive war.

  5. » Amnesia International - Online Information NEWS & Entertainment Portal says:

    [...] Read more at Angel [...]

  6. obob says:

    the world is a twisted place, and AmIint would have Neville Chamberlin as a spokesman if he were alive today

  7. Maggie M. Thornton says:

    Great point about “obscured” by Palestine. Good post.

    Maggie’s Notebook

  8. Strawberry says:

    Amnesty International is right up there with United Nations! Wonder if the misspelling was a Freudian slip?!

    Thanks for the great post, Angel!

  9. Incognito says:

    For all it’s failings re. issues like this… they have been right on track with other issues. Unlike the U.N. Unfortunately, we can’t pick and choose what issues they favour, which is a shame.

    I just don’t undertsand how they, and a zillion other groups and individuals can’t see the Truth about the Pal/Israel situation.

  10. Seth says:

    The U.N. and Travesty International make a great team. Both are grossly anti-Israel and anti-America, though the U.N. has an outstanding arrangement: They enjoy hundreds of millions of our tax dollars regularly for the purpose, in many cases, of allocating our bucks to support dictatorships and terrorist organizations, park their enemy butts on our soil and oppose the U.S and our foreign policies at every opportunity. I hear they just named Robert Mugabe to head an international development commission of some sort, a position rivaling those of such legendary human rights champions as Fidel Castro and Muammar Qadhaffi.

    AI, however, is no better. They have been doing their left wing number forever, occasionally whining about something substantial in order to be able to look impartial. They hate the U.S. and Israel, and like all liberals they revise history to support their propaganda.

    Excellent, artful, informative and fun-to-read post as always, Angel.

  11. Stanford Matthews says:

    This seems an appropriate post to mention I was watching PBS tonite. They were showing a docu about the six day war. And they reminded me of one of the heroes of my youth. Just a small town kid from the Midwest infatuated with the commanding presence (no pun intended( of Moshe Dayan. No kiddin’, I didn’t think they got any cooler than Moshe Dayan.

  12. kevin says:

    Yeah, Israel is occupied by Jews…go figure!
    I hear there are Hindus clogging up India as well.

  13. Hard Astarboard » Blog Archive » I’ve Always Been Totally,… says:

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  14. Always On Watch says:

    Return land in exchange for peace. Rrright.
    Observe how swimmingly well that went in Gaza.

    Can anyone say “Munich Pact”?

  15. InRussetShadows says:

    AI has a lengthy history of absolutely unforgivable ignorance. They said nothing about the Khymer Rogue, either. They knew nothing about the Soviet gulags, or North Korea’s. They were silent on China’s forced abortion policy, too. AI is nothing but a honeypot for guilty westerners with more money than brains.

  16. Defiant_Infidel says:

    Yeah, defending land you won in war by giving back parts of it (repeatedly) is a sure method to security. Now if they would just take a page from Jorge’s book and open their borders, too…

    “yeah… look at ‘dat, look at it… THAT’S the way you do it…”

  17. Steve Harkonnen says:

    It deeply saddens me to realize that one of my biggest influences in music, Roger Waters, is a supporting proponent of AI. I went to see him in concert last Summer and was disappointed because he was so political. We left before the end of the show.

  18. Gayle says:

    Great post, Angel, and I’m sure your title wasn’t a Freudian slip. :) I love your sarcasm!

    A story that first seems to be off topic but isn’t. Bear with me:

    When we bought this farm there were illegal aliens living in the house. The man who was leasing the crops illegaly let two of the workers live in the house. I say “illegaly” because it wasn’t his house but the owners lived out of state. When we bought the property and the house (which we rennovated) the illegals moved the next day, although we gave them till after Christmas of that year to move. For a while every time I worked out in the front yard Mexicans would drive by yelling “Puta” (whore) out of their car windows.

    I guess I should have given back this farm to the illegals. It makes about as much sense as what some people expect Israel to do!

  19. Angel says:

    Thanks everyones for the input and additions………my my nice to speak to rational minded people!.. :)

  20. of Bullets and Bibles says:

    Atempts To Equate Islam With Terrorism Must Be Rej…

    Why is it, that very few within Islam will speak out against jihad?
    Generally, when a ‘moderate’ muslim does speak, it is to say “this is a religion of peace, it has been hijacked by extremists outside of true islam.” Mixed messages, always the mi…

  21. daniel says:

    You should debate this John Brown over at AC’s site. (a Palestinian supporter)
    I’m sure he would contest this post.


  22. MariesTwoCents says:

    Great Post Angel,

    AI is as worthless as the UN.


  23. Joe Gringo says:

    what a bunch of spineless, American Christian Jew hating, guilt ridden morons. They need to look in the mirror.

  24. Seth says:

    Stanford –

    My #1 Israeli military hero was Colonel Yoni Netaniahu, who led the Entebbe rescue operation (and who was the only commando casualty), though Moshe Dayan was also in my hero circle.

  25. Bar Kochba says:

    End the Occupation- The Arab Occupation of Jewish Land!

  26. brooke says:

    Amnesia International?

    That is golden, Angel!

  27. Angel says:


  28. KKarLLmM says:

    Ooooops my mistake, i thought is was,
    am·ne·sia International…
    (def.).. loss of a large block of interrelated memories; complete or partial loss of memory caused by brain injury, shock, etc…… mistake i see it is!!!!!

  29. DL says:

    AI is now going against any group that is against abortion. These people are just more leftist scum co-opting right wing values for their names -no different than in the thirties when every communist organization here had “America” in their name while they sought to bring it down. Nothing new under the sun!

  30. Robert says:

    Amnesia International??? Damn thats a good one…..
    They are right up there with:
    CAIR, the UN.

    As long as Israel is where it is there will never be peace. And as long as Islam is allowed to radicalize and spread hate and destruction, there will be terrorists.

    If Israel was wiped out right now. Muslims would still continue to kill anything not Muslim, it is the base of their religion.

  31. Robert says:

    Angel the comment I posted earlier is visible, let me know if you see this one.

  32. Jack says:

    I stopped paying attention to AI a long time ago.

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