BronX Fire?..Sue the FDNY


Somone’s suing the FDNY to the tune of $100 mil. money1.gif

Wanna take a stab at it?
Shhh. Don’t ask what religion he is k.

O.K. He’s Muzlim…shhhhhh.
No need for the Lamestream media to report that k.

..It is believed the fire was caused by a space heater. ..

The claim charges ………..the FDNY “failed to respond in a timely manner to extinguish or control the fire.”

FDNY officials declined to comment last night. At the time, the FDNY said that people in the house had tried putting out the fire themselves and didn’t call 911; then, after a neighbor called, the Fire Department arrived 3 minutes and 23 seconds later, officials said.

“There were a variety of things here that could have prevented this fire,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in the aftermath.
String of Factors Contributed to Deadliness of Bronx Fire

Two smoke detectors that might have alerted residents stayed silent because neither of the alarms had batteries.

Firefighters who might have extinguished the blaze quickly sat un-summoned in their station house for several critical minutes because the residents didn’t immediately dial 911, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

The house was also exceptionally crowded.

Authorities said 22 people from two related families lived in the modestly sized home, including 17 children.

“Did a lot of people living in a confined space contribute? It probably did,” Bloomberg said.

The father, a cab driver who does not have U.S. citizenship, returned to Mali to bury his family, having been granted special permission to return to the United States afterward.

Suing for negligence. Right.

Another Muzlim playing the “blame game.”

1- The smoke alarm had no batteries.

2-The residents did not immediately dial 911.

3-The house was exceptionally crowded.

4-It is believed the fire was caused by a space heater.

Wake up and smell the personal responsibility dude.

Yes my sweet friends, years have blown passed since I worked down at Ground Zero. And while I welcomed the unforeseen honor to become the eyes for the masses, I never forgot for a moment that I was on hallowed and sacred ground.

One of a myriad of blessings was my good fortune to get to work side by side with the rescue and recovery teams in New York City.

Of all those I worked with, however,(they all displayed fierce dedication), FDNY impressed me most.

I observed nightly, as our Firemen looked for their missing sons and brothers through the rubble.

I attended one too many wakes with empty coffins.
I was there when civilians were found. The Firemen were just as loving, gentle and thorough as if the victim were their own relative, tucking the flag around them as they carried them in their loving arms.


They worked day and night down at what we called “The Pit.” The magnitude of that empty, giant hole well exceeds beyond the 17 acres of land.

It was simply incomprehensible to our senses.

It’s who they are. That is why they didn’t think twice about dashing and tearing into the burning Twin Towers to try and rescue people they did not even know.

As for me, I say ppftttttttttt to this lawsuit and the ingrates who filed it.

Love and more love to my friends in the FDNY who are still slowly and painsakingly recovering from the appalling loss of friends and family inflicted on Sept.11.


Was the loss from this fire tragic?…Indeed. Blessings to all who suffered.
“It was allegedly a spaceheater.”
Apparently one valued at $100 million dollars.


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26 Responses to “BronX Fire?..Sue the FDNY”

  1. brooke says:

    Looks like another member of the ‘religion of peace’ is hitting the litigation lottery.

  2. Debbie says:

    Excellent catch Angel. I believe there are laws about how many occupants in apartments/housing, etc. There are also standards for space heaters, etc. They were here illegally? Yet they use our legal system to sue our firefighters? spit spit spit spit spit spit spit. This is terrible news. But shush! Don’t mention their religion…. Be PC

  3. Defiant_Infidel says:

    It will be interesting, hopefully NOT even more upsetting, to see where this ridiculous “suit” actually goes. The fact that it is even entertained and heard is, in a way, an indictor of our own moral high ground. Can anyone picture this scenario reversed in a Muzzie country and actually making it to their clown courts??

    Uh huh…. sure.

  4. Panhandle Poet says:

    Frivolous litigation is one of the many problems that moral degradation inflicts on society. I believe there are still many more good people in this country (like FDNY) than there are ingrates who wish to milk the system. Let’s pray the good guys win while we fight to keep evil at bay.

  5. Right Truth says:

    It’s a civil war…

    I’ve got some advice for Hamas and Fatah. If you are going to launch missiles at each other’s leadership, then by all means please use a missile or rocket that is BIG ENOUGH TO DO THE JOB. You keep missing…

  6. Martin says:

    Thanks for posting, Angel; that must have irked you when you first read about it.

    This is almost a daily occurrence thanks to the libs. Immigrant comes to country, immigrant gets flyer on doorknob offering a get-rich-quick scheme, signed, “ACLU”, and here we are. So in the meantime the ACLU shakes down another municipality to fill its own coffers and the trial lawyers get a nice cut as well. Meanwhile our civil liberty (the right to have some money leftover after taxes) is violated because the costs of running government and everything else just went through the stratosphere.

    The cab driver should spend time in jail for involuntary manslaughter for packing so many people into one house and failing to follow fire code. When that’s done, he should then be cited for his part in whatever strange shadiness allowed him to have 22 other likely illegal aliens living with him and be forced to spend more time behind bars. When that’s all done, he should be deported.

    Common sense, what a beautiful choice. ;)

  7. Yankee Doodle says:

    Well, I think the Islamic community “failed to respond in a timely manner to” prevent 9/11 in particular, and ongoing terror in general. They’ve had 15 centuries!

    Thanks for the photos and comments about NYFD.

    Firefighters are heroes on a daily basis. 9/11 really emphasized that, because so many died that day, but it’s the same risk they face everyday, they just don’t get the press coverage.

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  9. Strawberry says:

    I cannot imagine a judge even allowing this to go forward. In addition – the lawyer or lawyers accepting and filing this lawsuit should be taken and hung in the public square. Send this man back to his “home country” and do not allow him back on U.S. soil!

  10. Robert says:

    Unfortunately Angel the Muzzie will probably win the suit. New York, San Francisco and a few other places will pay big time when “the religion of Peace” feels “wronged”

    How about this scenario:
    A man carrying a koran, and wearing a turban and a big winter coat walks into filafal store in Texas during a heat wave in the middle of July.
    People think this is very odd.
    the owner of the cafe tackles him before he gets to the seating area and begins trying to remove his jacket, Nothing is found under the jacket and the muzzie leaves,
    3 days later the ACLU brings a lawsuit against the man that tackled him, he is sued for 500k, he pays, 6 mos later a bomb goes off in LA killing a hundred people, and it is found out that the guy that was tackled in Texas payed for the operation.

    Does the ACLU feel guilty? offer to cough up some cash to the widows?

    Fiction but this is what we are up against, the ACLU and the Terrorist are allies in tearing apart our nation.

    Just wait till the army of ACLU attorney’s comes marching into the courthouse. it will be a sight to see.

  11. Donald Douglas says:

    That’s a great post. I share your sentiments. Whew, $100 lawsuit for a spaceheater fire? Good job pointing the arrows the other way!

  12. KKarLMmM says:

    Love your writing as always Angel….but i am to involved in the joy of watching the HA m Ass and Fat ahs kill each other…with women and children being sacrificed and not one mention of Jews or Israel at fault…i think i am in heaven…I guess that makes the Ham asses the occupier of the Fatahs buildings…it does not get better than this!!!!
    And not a single sighting of i don’t C.A.I.R….tell me Angel what is next, Hillary dropping out!!!
    About the Moozie money hunter, exactly which of his 2 or 3 wives and 16-20 children in this illegal dwelling, where injured by the FDNY????

  13. Ogre says:

    Ungrateful bastards — that’s what the non-US Citizens are. This is why we need “loser pays” laws. I wish I was a judge so I could make the miserable S.O.B. pay all court costs for him filing this crap. Then I’d tell him to stay out of the country when he went “home.” I don’t think non-citizens should have any access to the US court system!

  14. obob says:

    There may be enough negligence on the illegal to prevent the suit from going through. In honesty, the city may have enough to press charges. And if the Muslims failed to call the NYFD because of their religious fears, could the cleric/iman be charged with creating an enviroment that killed those people? Maybe that is a Law & Order wish. Where is Sam Waterson?

  15. benning says:

    Angel, as you said, ppftttttttttt! Tragic? No, not really. This was the result of stupidity and ignorance. Sad, yes. Hardly a tragedy.

    Long as this cab-driver gets socked for court costs, I’ll be fine.

  16. InRussetShadows says:

    I don’t understand how he has standing to file a suit. He’s not a citizen of this country.

  17. OMMAG says:

    It’s quite common in Europe that immigrants from North Africa bring along their little charcoal grills. They use them indoors in apartment buildings and cause frequent fires. There have been cases of firemen being attacked when they show up put out fires and save lives.
    I believe also that there was a case of that same kind of fire in the US.

    Third world immigrants bring the all crap with them that made their homes third world shitholes in the first place……and they will produce the same results in your home town given half a chance.

  18. Gayle says:

    They probably bought one of those defective Chinese space heaters and if they should be suing anyone it should be the Chinese… now that would be really interesting!

    They’re idiots, but that may not cause them to lose this case. After all, a guy whose pants went missing in a dry cleaners is suing for millions. This is so absolutey insane. Both cases should be thrown out of court!

  19. Jonathan says:

    Somone’s suing the FDNY to the tune of $100 mil.

    Wanna take a stab at it?

    Muslims? Stab? Was the pun intended? :-D

  20. Kevin says:

    Why not sue the smoke alarm company for selling smoke alarms that don’t work without batteries!

  21. Next Stop Lauderdale says:

    He should be arrested for negligent homocide and at the least, following the trial, be evicted from the country after busting rocks for a couple of years…………. steve

  22. ortho says:

    Great Post! Timely meditation on an unsightly and dangerous American problem: sue-happy, illegal-Moselman immigrants. If America had a sound immigration policy events like this would not occur.

  23. Angel says:


  24. Incognito says:

    The U.S. ,on the whole, is a litigious society, and that goes for all ethnicities, including good ‘ol Americans. It stinks.

    Ironic they find this less than honorable way to assimilate into American/western society.

  25. frasypoo says:

    Its sad that cases like this even go into the court system.I wish they would give the idiot hell when he tries to get back into the US,he can try suing the Fire dept from Mali!Since he lived in privileged status there and the US is mean to him maybe he can stay back there!

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