More Teens Can Name the Three Stooges Than Can Name the Three Branches of Government.
More teens know the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air than know the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
More teens know which city has the zip code “90210″ than the city in which the US Constitution was written.
More teens know who starred in the motion picture “Titanic” than know the Vice President of the United States.

For the detailed study:
National Constitution Center Survey

Whoever hasn’t heard about the absolutely dismal performance records of American public high school students just hasn’t been paying very close attention.

Schools are no longer places of education; they are warehouses, detention centers and sophisticated day care centers.

And now ..thisssssssssssssssss…
USA today’s opinion of the day: Let high school kids sleep later. Start the school day later to accomodate the exhausted teens and wala!..their performance will rise!

No more falling asleep at their desks during morning class, more attention and concentration..just like that!
The details are at USAToday

Just what teens need more of these days: self indulgence and accomodation.
So when they go off to college (provided they can even read the entrance application), or when they enter the work force, they can just assume if they party till 2AM, the boss will just allow them to show up at work ..at say…noon?

If wev’e given up on providing an extensive education, the very least we can do is make a feeble attempt to build character. Lowering standards is not only scandalous..it’s downright shameful.

After all won’t the teens of today be governing themselves one day..not to mention some of them governing others as well?

On second thought – maybe they’ll just sleep in.”

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9 Responses to “ZZZZZZZZZZZ’s”

  1. Middle Class Guy says:

    I have been decrying the state of education for many years. I heartily agree that our schools are nothing more than warehouses and sophisticated day care centers.

    People graduate from college with rudimentary communication skills. They cannot write, verbally comunicate, or make critical decisions. They cannot even think.

    Earning a degree, post graduate, or doctorate, is no longer a guage of education, intellectual capacity, or intelligence. It has been merely reduced to completing a course of study.

    If kids need more sleep, they should go to bed earleir. What if we demanded that the workplace started later to allow us to get more sleep. How about farmers sleeping until ten am or the military rising at noon.

    Look who is in charge of our schools though and publishing the text books. Texts even have a multicultural editor; I suppose to ensure that the text is properly written for indoctrination. In the new indoctination that passes for education today, building character is incorrect and inhibits self esteem. It is more important to teach diversity, and multiculturalism. To graduate you have to sing all of the words to Kumbayah correctly.

    Our schools, on all levels are failing. We will pay the price for this in the future. That giant sucking sound you ear will be more jobs going overseas to higher educated societies.

    We are soon to be in big trouble in this country.

  2. WomanHonorThyself says:

    Kumbayah..dang MCG..I never did learn the words..heh.

  3. David says:

    “Schools are no longer places of education; they are warehouses, detention centers and sophisticated day care centers.”

    Ya had me up until “…sophisticated day care centers.”

    Expensive, overly rule-bound, inefficient stupid factories. Sure. But I don’e know I’[d choose “sophisticared” as a description…

    “Prisons for kids” works as a descriptive for me.

  4. WomanHonorThyself says:

    mea culpa David..one too many ‘flowery’ adjectives i spose..lolz

  5. Ayelet says:

    Please. In NYC, schools aren’t there to educate – they’re there to feed the kids (breakfast and lunch) and use them as guinea pigs to test out every stupid, non-research-based teaching program out there. It’s atrocious. I have sixth grade students who look at me like I’m looney when I use the words “noun” or “verb” for the first time! But they spend an hour every day on “writers’ workshop”. *shudder*

  6. GirlPower says:

    My goodness! How do we expect these “children” to be able to one day take care of other children when nobody will ever treat them like adults!? Life is not always about comfort and self indulgence and its about time they learned that!!!!

  7. Karl m says:

    moe..larry…curly,.. bud abbott and lou costello..(not that family!!)paul..john..george and ringo…how am i doing so far…herman..lilly..eddie..marilyn and grandpa al…8th grade level???jerry..(cosmo) kramer..george..elaine…high school here i come…STOCKTON TO MALONE..(sorry couldn’t help it)…seriously where is my Ipod…and who took my Bluetooth…and these school lunches are the pits…thank g-d for the vending machines and the bathroom smoking breaks..come on Woman Honor Thyself they need their rest…remember the after school activities and HELLO…preparations for the Prom…it is not easy being a teen..thats why they get 7 years to get it right!!!

  8. WomanHonorThyself says:

    lol@ u karl m!..7 yrs..haha

  9. SHMARYAHU says: