Paul Potts


Anyone familiar with American Idol?

Finally ……something sweet from the U.K.


Three minutes and 36 seconds.

“Confidence has always been a difficult thing for me..” (Paul Potts)

Aint that the way it always goes……..the gifted, creative geniuses…the most humble.
Brought me to tears my sweet friends.

Good on you Brit!

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  1. velvethammer says:

    Isn’t that amazing! I was awe struck. What a voice!

  2. pela68 says:

    Ahh, do check this link out.

    http:// ww w.break. com /index/ cellphone-salesman-does-it-again.html

  3. Gayle says:

    He’s absolutely incredible! Thanks, Angel. :)

  4. Dee says:

    WOW! I’m all farklempt!

  5. Kevin says:

    Saw on Brit Hume that he won the next week! $200,000k (pounds?) and a record deal! I don’t like opera in general, but this guy made me rethink my position.

    Said he’s going to use the money to fix his teeth :) . England, huh? :)

  6. Kevin says:

    Here it is. It’s the same song, but the whole thing, and a week later.

  7. wytammic says:

    Holy Moly — that was sweet.

    Kevin — you crack me up!

  8. ptgal says:

    just goes to show….u never know!
    life is full of surprises!

  9. CSharpGuru says:

    Texas???? Im going to England. Phantom of the opera here i come.
    Did he practice? Did he practice?? Whats practice? This guy is awesome!

  10. Shane says:

    Loved Paul Potts!!
    Check out Connie Talbot

  11. Debbie says:

    What a voice. God only made a few voices like this one. I’m so glad he is getting the opportunity to use his gift. And lucky us, we get to appreciate it.

  12. Angel says:


  13. Incognito says:

    Yes, I saw this… well deserved. brought tears to me eyes! :-)

  14. Goat says:

    Yeah ain’t he a diamond in the rough. I saw his first round video at Townhall and was floored. That is singing, I mean here is this dumpy, chubby kinda of goofy fella then he sings and , WOW. That is a rare talent indeed, I love powerful singers and he deserved the win. It reminds me of the Andy Griffith Show episode and the fella in overalls that could naturally croon won over the ladies auxilliary. Paul can sing our National Anthem at the Super Bowl next year as far as I am concerned, he could belt it like it is meant to be, simple and powerful.

  15. babygirl_lonz says:

    WOW! “britains got talent” sure beats out “americas got talent”. That was really beautiful………..

  16. Defiant_Infidel says:

    Very impressive. Yes, Kevin, he should attend to those choppers with his coming fortune… (Leave it to the comedy guy, Blogi, to notice and comment!)

  17. Right Truth says:

    Rushdie, Muslim rage, and the West…

    Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II bestows the title of Sir to author of “The Satanic Verses”, Salman Rushdie and the Muslim world reacts with … cartoon-like anger. “Pakistan’s parliament passed a resolution to condemn the action as an affront to Musl…

  18. cube says:

    I thought I heard my name… ;-)

  19. jackie says:

    If anyone is interested he’s set to appear on the Today show Thursday morning.

  20. Dapoppins says:

    chills. Chills up and down my arms I tell you!

  21. brooke says:

    It leaves me speechless every time I see it!

    To think this man works as a cell phone salesmen… It just goes to show that you never know what talent those around you possess!

  22. Coleen Gollnitz says:

    The best voice since Mario Lanza and I’m old enough to know!

  23. Lynelle Autumn says:

    I watch him over and over again. I am so glad he
    won. I would buy a dvd of him singing. Great
    story of facing our humilities and winning.
    I too had a crooked tooth when I was young.
    Finally got it veneered by a dentist, as a young adult. Not embarrassed
    to smile anymore.
    From Utah

  24. Doug Smith says:

    I’m 66 years old and I was also blown away with the voice of Paul Potts.
    I wish all the success to you and I hope you continue to fill the hearts of people all over the world with with your gift of music.

  25. Anne says:

    Paul Potts is marvelous. Saw him on YouTube in USA. When he makes a CD I will be one of the first people in line to buy it. Bravo!

  26. Angel says:


  27. cmccoy says:

    Absolutely stunning! A fabulous voice within a humble man. Paul Potts has been blessed with a unique and wonderful talent and the public is fortunate that he has been discovered. I truly wish Mr. Potts and his wife much happiness and good fortune throughout the coming years – and I look forward to hearing him sing again and again . . . and hopefully, he will come to Nashville Tennessee and sing in our new opera house!

  28. Gary says:

    imagine a duet with Paul Potts and Andre Bocelli…a blind man and a humble man bringing the world to tears…then throw in Sara Brightman and get out the tissues….

  29. Dan says:

    Paul Potts is my new hero….

  30. ryan says:

    Paul Potts is a really interesting and inspiring guy!

    Take a look at his lifestory – a cinderfella story if you may:


  31. Mark T says:

    The voice is remarkable. But what makes this video worth a thousand views is the story behindit. An unassuming man going about his life like most of us, never getting a break, like most of us. Being a good, decent person, like most of us and something wonderful happens to him. He IS us. He made it and we can share that everytime we watch and listen to his story and his voice. INSPIRING!

  32. JoAnn says:

    I’ve watched the video I don’t know how many times!.. I’m have had tears just listening to that voice… and I sang and played for years!… have got to say, after hearing him, I”M NOT SINGING AGAIN!……..
    I was in tears, and goose pimples don’t even come close, it’s just an amazing experience just to hear this young man.
    I’m sure he has ha many years of training, or many years of being self taught, you never know.
    Dedication to his born talent, and that is just so splendid that HE knew it and suceeded to refine it.
    I wish him the best, and would love to hear him again!.
    I’m sure the Queen will be moved to tears as well.
    I wish him only the best!.. amazing!

  33. Angel says:


  34. Don R says:

    It is 11:15 in the evening. I know that someone, somewhere is feverishly working through the night writing the script. I can’t wait to see the movie.

  35. Melissa Perez says:

    It’s easy to see why the world is falling in love with Paul Potts. Not only does he have an amazing voice, but he has a sincere humbleness about him that even the most cynical, mean spirited person cant help but to be drawn to him. He is living a Cinderella fairy tale right now.
    From the inexpensive clothing to the less than perfect smile, he sings with a passion that clearly shows his love for the music. You can see the look on his face before he sings. If one has to guess what he is thinking, it would be: “I CAN do this”
    He sings with sheer determination and puts 100% into his performance.
    Its no mystery to me why we have all have fallen in love with Paul Potts.
    There is a dream inside of all of us, that most never get to fulfill. To see such a wonderful man accomplish this makes us all feel triumphant.
    I can’t wait for the CD.

  36. WPBNammie says:

    My husband and I are grandparents who like alternative rock but when I heard Paul sing I actually cried. Both my husband and I have listen to him singing repeatedely over the last few days. What an incredible voice from a very humble man. Some people sing opera from the voice – Paul sings from the heart and you can really tell the difference. I will be one of those people waiting in line for his first CD.

  37. Linda Ammon, Ohio USA says:

    I have just watched the various Youtube clips and other sites’ clips of Paul’s first tryout for at least the tenth time and wound up crying again. What a wonderful thing to behold. I think we all have a dream and even if ours don’t materialize we can have the joy of living someone else’s dream along with them. This is truly a heartwarming story and it’s real life! A warm and fuzzy feeling for sure! I wish Paul and Julie-Ann ALL the good luck and best wishes for the next chapter of their lives together. Thanks for this wonderful feeling!!!
    Ohio, USA

  38. Tommy says:

    This man brought tears to my eyes.
    Roll over Enrico Caruso, Mario Lanza & Luciano Pavarotti, Paul Potts has
    come out of his shell and a Brit as well…..Tommy.

  39. Kathy says:

    Best thing from England —– EVER !!!
    Good on you Paul.

  40. Liz Green says:

    Oh, oh, oh. Paul – you have a fantastic voice and a wonderful personality. You will be famous. Just don’t let “them” get at you and try and change you too much, you are great as you are.

    Well done x

  41. Debbie says:

    The first thing that struck me about Paul was his crooked grin. The second thing that bowled me over was his voice. I watch the clips over and over again and have tears each time! Paul, don’t “fix” anything about you. Everybody has perfect teeth these days. You’re going to be famous and I’m going to buy an album whether you replace your crown or not and I’m not even an opera fan!

  42. Mark K says:

    I’m not a crying man, and when I first got this email,
    and saw this average man standing on stage, I was about to hit the
    delete key, but decided to hit the play button instead. And
    I’m glad I did.

    The first time I watched and listened to Paul, I was shocked..
    …is that incredible voice coming from this man? The second
    time I watched in awe. And the third time I watched in tears.
    pouring down my face. I watched it over, and over, and cried, and
    cried. This man is a gift to the world. He is the voice
    of heaven and humanity. I’m buying the CD. Thank you Mr. Potts!
    Soon to be Sir Potts if the Queen is sensible.

  43. A Phillips says:

    Yup, Paul Potts is certainly one of the best things to come out of WALES (not England) for a while and I’m sure everyone wishes him all the best,
    great stuff!!!

  44. Suzi Blair-Newlands says:

    Paul Potts is a miracle in this day and age of me, me, me, and the I wants…Someone who deserves it has made a place in my heart. I wish him all the best and hope he has a long and wonderous career!

  45. Scott says:

    Yes I agree with all the nice comments above. Remember to all those people who have no geographical knowledge ESPECIALLY our friends over the pond who think the UK is ENGLAND. The Beatles originated from Liverpool ENGLAND, the Rolling Stones, Oasis etc from ENGLAND. Tom Jones originated from Pontypridd WALES and so does Paul Potts, Port Talbot WALES. Find some time and look at an atlas and look for the British Isle. We were once GREAT britain but we are no longer GREAT!
    So please..although the “Britians got talent” show was filmed in England PAUL is from WALES!!! I live an hour away from him so there :P ;)

  46. Scott says:

    I stand corrected ..the show is filmed all around the UK. In major cities like London, Manchester, Liverpool and CARDIFF (capital of Wales) where Paul Potts auditioned. Cardiff is the major city of Wales and also the capital. So paul hadn’t far to travel down the motorway (highway) to reach Cardiff. :)

  47. Maggie M. Thornton says:

    He is incredible. I can’t imagine that he must “compete” with that voice. BTW, I think Tony Blair is sweet.

    Maggie’s Notebook

  48. jenny layton says:

    What a great voice. New Zealand loves him already. How great to see someone so humble and yet so talented. Cant wait for his CD.
    Jenny, Auckland

  49. Maggie's Notebook says:

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  50. Amela says:

    Bosnia loves him too. Paul I am already in love with your voice and looking forward to hear your CD.

  51. Fernando says:

    Me gusta comprobar que el mundo esta lleno de genios con los que te cruzas en la calle todos los dias…..
    No solo es importante la voz, el sentimiento es lo que alimenta el alma….
    Gracias Paul por salir de tu agujero…

  52. Angela says:

    Paul comes from Port Talbot in Wales
    in the Uk.


  53. mark in California says:

    Hats off to the Brits for voting Paul Potts the best of the lot. We all know he has some amateur opera in his background but that in no way diminishes the credit he deserves for having the courage – after so much hardship and struggle – to present himself in so public a forum, and to carry it off so well. Every so often something really great happens to a genuinely nice person. That seems to be what has happened in this case. And when it does we all win. Looking forward to his first cd.

  54. Debra says:

    I watched the youtube video this morning at work for the first time and could not look away. It was everything I could do to hold it together. His voice stayed in my head all day, and when I got home this evening I watched it again many times over. It is so moving. It can’t help but bring tears to your eyes. Good things still do happen in this crazy world. What a wonderful gift.

  55. Kathy says:

    I also cannot stop listening to Paul. I pray he uses his God-given talent for God’s glory. May his success bless him and not curse him as has happened to so many in the entertainment world. Read God’s Word Paul as you go forth in your new life. I cannot wait until his album comes out.

  56. ann says:

    You are amazing. I just cant stop listening to your beautiful voice.
    what a discovery!!

    The very best of luck to you and your wife for the future.

    I will never stop tuning in to your voice,

    Ann Ireland

  57. Iliana Yanez says:

    Paul, God bless your voice!!!!! For ever

  58. Luisa says:


    Your critic and the opera critics do not lessen at all the value and beauty of Paul Potts.

    His voice is not good, it is perfect and unique. Paul is one of the very few born with true and magic talent and that, nobody can take away from him.

    He is too beautiful to be touched by the greed of commercialism, too pure ad too honest to be tarnished by unkind critics. And above all, he is himself and no one will ever be able to say otherwise.

    The most beautiful voice of many generations!

  59. KELLY says:


    All I can say is absoutley fantastic, your amazing good luck to you. I will buy your cd and please make many more.

    Kelly UK

  60. Kim Hedges says:

    BRAVO!!!!!! BRAVO!!!! BRAVO!!! I can’t stop crying! God Bless you and your future! I am so happy for you.

  61. Kim Hedges says:

    I am an American Idol Fan who fights constantly with my family and friends when I agree with your assessment of the contestants on the show. The one thing I walk away thinking at the end of every season is, “I know there has to be more class and sophisticated talent in this country”. After seeing Paul Potts, I am now, even more convinced you are right in your criticism of the talent available in the states. Paul is my idea of an “idol” and I applaud him and cry with joy for him everytime I see him perform. What a great show and what a fantastically talented winner! Take care of him as I know you will and PLEASE bring him to the states for us to enjoy! My best to you both! BRAVO!!! BRAVO PAUL!!!

  62. Fernando says:

    Unbelievable! I just can’t stop watching and listening to him once and again. I’m not a big opera fan, but this guy has a gift that goes beyond genre, that gets to your heart and senses in a way that I cant describe.

    And he is probably the humblest talent I have ever seen.

    I really thought this was an extinct specie

  63. Rafael says:

    I stumbled Paul’s 1st video by accident, i can’t tell you how many times i’ve watched it, the only thing that bothers me is, who is that girl in the red the keeps standing up? LOL….

    Paul, you may never read this, and it’s not important that you do, protect your voice but more important guard your humilty its a well spring of life.

    God has blessed your life, use it well…..

  64. criss says:

    I too have watched the videos of Paul, over and over again. Each time I am so happy for him, he really does have something. Maybe beauty really does come from the inside, wish all the world believed it. Go Paul Go, stay humble, genuine and honest. Love from Canada

  65. Amelia from USA says:

    I feel so friggin’ VICTORIOUS every time I watch his video, which happens at least twice a day. I feel so victorious for every decent common man/woman on this planet who has ever had a dream, self doubt, insecurity, whose looks were less than perfect, whose life has had its share of adversity, whose self esteem has been beaten down. I admire his ascent from despair. I admire his tenacity and his faith in himself.

    There is such power in his voice, and deep soulfulness in his eyes. The vulnerability speaks volumes along with the incredible talent. I hope he never strays far from that humbleness. I’m HOOKED, and I’m not a
    die-hard opera fan. I will always be inspired by him.

    Time to go listen again…….thank you, Paul Potts, for making it.

  66. Janie says: is a nice place to watch Paul, you can chat and read…and see what’s new in home design

  67. Miguel says:

    I love opera, I love Alain Vanzo, Alfredo Krauss, Tito Schipa, Domingo, Luigi Alva… you Paul, made me cry like a child. I cannot stop watching your videos over an over again. I find your voice absolutely beautiful. I love tenors, but the color of your voice is one of my favorites. I have to stop watching your videos, i don’t have more tears.

  68. Dave says:

    All of us have a God given gift. In that aspect Paul is no different than any of us. Where he is different however is that he discovered his gift early on and let nothing stop him from developing it. That I find is equally as inspirational as his singing.

    If you have any contact with youth please show them this wonderful clip.

  69. Mark Hutcherson says:

    Paul has an amazing talent and I for one have changed my view of Opera music because of his wonderful voice. 30 days ago no one outside of the U.K. even knew who Paul Potts was, but today millions of folks are eagerly awaiting the release of his new album named “One Chance”. There is still a big desire among people to see someone ordinary make good in this world and right now those hopes are placed squarely on Paul Potts.

  70. Aaron Crook says:

    Thank you Paul Potts for bring so much joy to us with a voice only the all mighty could create.

  71. Judi says:

    Sigh. Fairy tales really DO come true! I get alligator tears every time I watch his video! More power to him for rising above and persevering. You Go Paul!

  72. Hamlet Cardenas says:

    What a story! What an inspiration! The underdog, the downcast and rejected of society. This clearly illustrates that what God gives you no one can take it away from you…..You go Paul, and may you reach the hightest peak…

  73. Mona Utaker says:

    I agree from the bottom of my heart in all the comments. I really wish and hope that you, Paul, if you ever read this, do understand, that your talent is YOU just the way you are now. It may be difficult to travel around the world, as you are doing now. I bought your cd, and I am so happy and touched every time I listen. Do not change your personality to keep your managers and other people pleased. You have a higher obligation. Listen to your body, mind and feelings before you open your mouth, and let your incredible come out,
    When I look at the videos and listen to you my shoulders go down, my breathe come through my whole body and the crying inside me find its way out. I really cry – and I am so released…. Thank you so much, and good luck to you.

  74. Rita Dirkx says:

    When Paul starts to sing my husband and me are touched into our soul and each time the tears are coming from our eyes. He sings with so much feeling and it comes right out his hart. We do wish him and his family all the luck in the world.
    We are from Belgium and in my opinion he is going to make it here.

  75. Tom Vannus says:

    Sorry Pavarotti, someone better showed up…

  76. ailsa says:

    That is unbelievable!You are so cool!——A Chinese girl

  77. juli Lewis says:

    I think you are truly remarkable!!! I share your performance on Britain’s Got Talent with anyone and everyone. I now have your CD and will be getting it for everyone on my Christmas list. Awesome

  78. Janella Martina says:

    Someone said : “Success is not a destination, it’s a journey”. Paul Potts: I get goosebumps, everytime I replay your song(s). You go Paul…the sky is the limit. God bless your journey!

  79. BERYLE lOCKHART says:

    I think I have listened to every site that has your singing. I am 72 years old and love opera. I’ve been to hear the greats!! However,I am addicted to your voice. I personally believe you are better than any vocalist I have heard. Stay humble and available and you will have to give God the glory for what He has done in your life and we too will give Him Thanks for your beautiful voice which gives the public so much joy. Never forget where you came from. Stay with your wife and you will have a wonderful life. You are surely blessed.

  80. rita says:

    Only God can create an instrument such as your voice. The first time I watched the You tube video I, too, was moved to tears. You truly touched my soul. I bought your cd tonite and soar every time I play it. I know you will always remember from whence you came and the blessings will continue to flow. Never doubt how truly “special” you are.
    Gently, gently, in God’s good time every good thing comes to pass.

  81. Matt says:

    I just discovered Paul recently when someone forwarded one of the youtube videos to me. Of course I was so impressed I had to forward it to everyone I knew. I rarely like opera, but like everyone has said, you can’t watch him sing without bawling like a baby. He’s absolutely incredible, and if I had any advice, it would be don’t even fix your teeth. You’re perfect the way you are dude. That’s half of why we all love you. As for all the GOD references, hmmm, I guess no one else deserved a voice like that, or GOD had fun messin up his teeth. Please… if I was GOD I’d have given everyone this kind of talent. Paul deserves all the credit, he did it on his own, and he seems like a rare genuine human. I just hope fame doesn’t change him.

  82. Kitty Lipscomb says:

    The first time I saw Paul Potts was on the Oprah show. I am not a big opra fan but as I listened to Paul, the tears began to flow. I was absolutely blown away. He is wonderful. Thank you so much, Paul Potts, for being the wonderful person that you are.

  83. annmarie says:

    Paul Potts sounds alot like Mario Lanza. This mans voice is not operatically trained, but is definately one you want to listen to over and over. Its a nice refreshing, to find a celebrity, good living, modest humble, great humility. Honour him, not the celebrities that are out their with such awful characters.

  84. Amanda says:

    See Paul Potts in concert live, you will not beleive how good he is, like Caruso, he is the opera peoples choice, opera snobs, you will turn greener when you hear what a rare voice this man has, who has not gone through the opera training schools, get him in Convent garden,tickets will sell faster than ever before. Sorry to upset you opera snobs.

  85. Nice_day says:

    It is great to see this man winning this contest..I did not know this as I live in a different country..I am amazed.

    1000′s of bravos to see at something good coming out of the UK for a while..let’s hope this continues. Well done mate, well done indeed.

  86. tetje says:

    I listen to la prima volta every evening, it’s my goodnight song, haven’t been so moved since my husband to be seduced me with an old Gigli record.
    I have his records but I prefer seeing him singing even if he only moves ever so little, it’s his eyes I think and the genuinity he radiates. Pavarotti never moved me. Paul Potts does. When I heard La Prima Volta for the first time I thought I should faint and I’m a hardworking no-nonsense grandmother of five! I’ve my ticket for his concert this autumn when he comes to Belgium.