AmnestY?..What Amnesty?

The comprehensive immigration reform bill that has dodged attacks from the left and right for weeks, survived “poison pill” amendments, and was once pulled from the Senate schedule failed its most important test Thursday. Passage of the legislation now appears unlikely.

46-53, immigration bill goes down in defeat

Amnesty Bill dead again?
No way Jose! ha

Is it too early to party?
Who’s servin drinks?
Where’s the buffet table?

Can you say BoooooooooooooooooYaaaaaaaaaa!

Let us give credit where it’s due.
The temporary defeat of the Kennedy-Bush-McCain Amnesty bill, can be credited in very large part to talk radio.

So beware, because now the Dhimmicrats are really going to try to impose “The Fairness Doctrine”. Pffftt.

And guess what..We, the People crashed the phone lines…yes!

Our voice, our pens, our posts MATTER.

“the sergeant-at-arms’ office told them that the volume of calls leading up to the immigration vote was so high it had crashed the phone system, and no one was able to get through during morning debate.”

Immigration Bill Fails Crucial Test Vote

Never say DIE.
A true victory for America my sweet friends.

p.s. Harry Reid is “disheartened”. Boo-frikken-Hoo.

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24 Responses to “AmnestY?..What Amnesty?”

  1. cube says:

    I was on pins & needles over this vote today. All I can say is… pass the pitcher of margaritas!

  2. Perri Nelson says:

    Great news!!! I’m especially glad that Sen. Reid is disheartened.

    By the way Angel, come see all the details about the new granddaughter!!!

  3. Wake up America says:

    Cloture FAILS on Immigration Bill and Reaction Rou…

    The fight is not over by a long shot. First Reid is promising to bring this back, then again, he rarely keeps his promises, so who knows. Secondly, we still need to stay on our representatives to get them to SECURE THE BORDERS and to ENFORCE OUR CURR…..

  4. Layla says:

    Amensty-Shamnesty DIED in the Senate today. Hurray! And when Bush was supposed to comment on it he came out mad as all get out looking green and spoke a line or two on terrorism and said NADA about Shamnesties DEATH today! Boo hoo freakin hoo!

  5. Joe Gringo says:

    The people have spoken and have won!

    Next up……the Fairness Doctrine……and this one isTHE biggie.

    Keep up the great work Angel…… Laura Ingraham has titled her upcoming book…..”POWER TO THE PEOPLE!”

  6. Stout Republican says:

    Dance dance dance…

    But like Senior Gringo said, this is certainly opens the door to the fairness doctrine.

  7. Dick Steele says:

    Time for FAIRNESS!!!!
    I want my govenrment sponsored radio program too!!!

    Prepare yourself for DICK STEELE’S THROBBING RADIO BROADCAST. I’m going to take over Limbaugh’s time slot!

    (P.S. sorry I haven’t posted for a while…I’ve been getting treatment for GBS).

  8. Cloture FAILS on Immigration Bill and Reaction Roundup at Conservative Times--Republican GOP news source. says:

    [...] Woman Honor Thyself is partying with us!!!!!! [...]

  9. Defiant_Infidel says:

    A bright spot at last in a long, cloudy period! Anything that depresses Senor Reid impresses and elates me!


    Yes, Angel, ranting, blogging, phone calls and e-mails to our critters DID finally have the desired effect….

    Who is surprised on our side now when Kerry, Pelosi, Durbin the Turban, Hildebeast et al immediately whine in chorus to promote the “Fair-Less Cistern”. Can’t you just hear them all huddled up and muttering about those unbridled free speech habits of the American public pee-ons?

  10. InRussetShadows says:

    Hallelujah. May we long remember the traitors who voted for this travesty of a bill and drum them out of Congress as quickly as possible.

  11. MariesTwoCents says:

    I know who is serving the drinks but I dont think he is sharing, Teddy Kennedy!

    I am not going to beat up President Bush over all this, he was hijacked by the left yes, and went along with this crap yes, but soon he will swing back into reality and realize the error of listening to stench like Kennedy!

    I think ever since the elections last November President Bush has been in a daze and is trying to pander to much to the left.

    It’s time we all call the White House and let him know that!

  12. Kevin says:

    Yay! It is a good day. A very good day.

  13. No Apology says:

    You’re baaaaacckkk! Amnesty’s got a fork in it. Now about those borders, Mr Bush…build it long, tall and wide (well, wide enough so’s the suv’s can’t jump it from a ramp).

  14. Yankee Doodle says:

    “I am not going to beat up President Bush over all this, he was hijacked by the left yes, and went along with this crap yes”

    Well, I am going to beat up on him.

    I didn’t vote for him so he can give in on important issues, and he’s been doing that since shortly after he took office, long before Nov, 2006.

    Giving in isn’t why we elected him, and it isn’t what we pay him for.

    Furthermore, he’s still got balls and a backbone when it’s important to him.

    I think we’re seeing his true colors, here.

    Oh, that we had a real Republican in the White House….

  15. No Apology says:

    Bonfire of The Insanities…

    Socially-engineered equality is bound to fail for many reasons, but one reason stands out: we tend to prefer our own kind. All the finger-pointing, cries of “racism”, and political posturing by certain well-known race-baiting demagogues won’t change…

  16. » AmnestY?..What Amnesty? - Online Information NEWS & Entertainment Portal says:

    [...] Read more at Angel [...]

  17. Donald Douglas says:

    Immigration reform is dead! Long live immigration reform! Seriously, a lot of senators are looking ahead to the election calendar. The issue’s not going away, at indefinitely. Sure, let’s lock down the damned borders. But it’s ludicrous to think were going to round up 12 to 20 million illegals and send them home. Rememer cattle cars, folks.

  18. danny wright says:

    This whole thing has got to be the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. It remindes me so much of the Hillary Care Debate back in 92.

  19. Angel says:

    THANKS FRIENDS!!…this news made my day~! :)

  20. Always On Watch says:

    A victory for America’s sovereignty.

    Teddy looks as if he smells something bad, now that “his” bill has failed.

  21. brooke says:

    It isn’t over yet… Look for this to be snuck into other bills as pork, bit by bit.

  22. Yankee Doodle says:

    Donald has a point, and Brooke is right on the money!

  23. Defiant_Infidel says:

    BUILD the fence.

    REMOVE desert ‘water stations’.

    SHOOT illegals attempting to cross our fence.

    DEPORT those found illegal in raids on businesses employing same.

    FINE the snot out of the biz you find employing illegals. Make it HURT BAD. You have now removed the reasons for coming here illegally.

    FUND the raids with the aforementioned HUGE fines.

    PURGE the entitlement abusers from the welfare programs and

    POINT them to the freshly open jobs that illegals used to do. Hunger will motivate lazy a**es.

    NO APOLOGIES… Severe penalties for breaking sovereignty is acceptable in all other countries, including Mexico. We should be no different.

  24. Douglas V. Gibbs says:

    The laws on the books are adequate, they just need to be enforced. They aren’t being enforced because the Left is pushing their multi-cultural diversity routine, and the Bush Administration is too busy trying to act upon their Globalist belief system. The contradictions are clear. There are people out there who wish to kill us and we are leaving the border open for reasons that have nothing to do with protecting this nation. National Security should be first and foremost, meaning that the immigration laws currently on the books needs to be enforced. We don’t need immigration reform, we need politicians with backbones.