Have you Hugged a terrorist Today?

Photos:courtesy AP.

British police made a fifth arrest on Sunday in connection with a fiery attack on Glasgow International Airport’s main terminal and a foiled double car bomb plot in London that the prime minister suggested were carried out by terrorists linked to al-Qai–da.
5th suspect arrested in Glasgow attack

On Friday, police thwarted an apparent plot to set off a coordinated bomb attack in central London when an ambulance crew spotted smoke coming from a Mercedes on Haymarket Street that was found to be rigged with explosives. They later found a second Mercedes on Park Lane filled with explosives hours.

And on Saturday, two men rammed a flaming jeep into the main entrance of Glasgow Airport, shattering glass doors and sparking a raging fire just meters from people lined up at check-in counters on the first day of summer vacation for Glaswegian schoolchildren.

And in a stunning display of stupidity, naivetee and idiocy, the Leftards accuse us once again of “overreacting” to terrorism.

Nothing to fear from the “Asians” or “militants”..no no.
Muzlims?..Who said anythin bout Muzlims?
Oh, surely not the BBC or CNN…aka..Burka Broadcasting Co. or the Crescent News Network.

Let’s recap my friends:

-If a terrorist attack is thwarted, either at JFK airport, FortDix, or in London,( before it can be carried out), it is not even newsworthy.

-When the MUZLIM terrorists attack, and kill a huge number of people, it is the liability of the United States directly,because of our policy in Iraq and of course, the attacks were directly planned and executed by the Bush administration…orrrrrrrrrrr……… indirectly because of our treacherous American foreign policy.

-And and ..don’t forget the Leftards latest talking points.
“It wasn’t a quality bomb.”…what was it ..a K-Mart special?


-And um… Bush is getting more people killed over in Iraq and the Muzzzlims are certainly more than justified in resisting our selfish imperialism warmongering oil-grubbing ways.
yes ..they sure are excellent statisticians aint they.


-The latest bomb “was set off by “Asians”, not muzlims.” ..Huh?

-A much more ghastly problem, than the measly Izlamo threat is that we “torture” people in Gitmo by putting panties on their heads and make them listen to Britney ad nauseum, remember?


-Or…insert your very own moonbat conspiracy theory here my sweet friends.


The fact that there have been three attempted attacks by Muzlims in the last 24 hours is simply irrelevant my friends.


Just how many attacks or attempted attacks do y’all suppose it would take before the hard core Kool Aid drinkin Leftards and Dhimmicrats would deem our concerns about IzlamoNazism “appropriate” ?

I don’t think there even exist enough sheepdogs for all these dang sheep.

The fact that if these bombs went off, that many people would have been burnt badly is of no consequence either.

Pro-Jeehadi Leftists, claim that WE “created” more Jeehadis by invading Iraq.
Um..perhaps they need a Mathematics refresher course cuz um……
“9/11” happened before Iraq.

Oh but wait..Sept11 was our fault, because of Israel, I forgot.

Ask a self hating Jew like Noam Chomsky..he’ll tell ya.

So what if Sy–ed Q–utb, came to the United States BEFORE the establishment of Israel, and proclaimed that the United States was evil, and needed to be destroyed.
Never let a bit of chronology get in the way of a good argument eh Lefties?

Yes, exposing and confronting Muzlim terrorism is all right-wing fear-mongering. Got it.

Go back to sleep little Lefties.

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.. Tra La la la la laaaaaaaa.

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26 Responses to “Have you Hugged a terrorist Today?”

  1. Terry_Jim says:

    Great post, Angel.

    Sounds like PM Brown is going to stay the course against terrorists- at least domestically.
    From the UK Independent

    But those Labour MPs disaffected by Tony Blair’s authoritarian posturing, who had hoped Gordon Brown would adopt a softer stance on terror than his predecessor, are likely to be disappointed. Even before he moved into No 10, Mr Brown was crafting tough new powers against terror suspects designed to increase the flexibility of the police to question and detain them.


    Amen, Mr.Brown.

    Of course, most reporters are the ones advocating loudest for
    ” a softer stance on terror “, hence the editorializing stashed in this story.
    America’s Socialist Party, the Dems, are equally disinterested in facing reality on those who would destroy us- the religion of perpetual outrage.

  2. Shayne says:

    You should have heard London Mayor Ken Livingstone kissing up to his Muslim overlords today:


  3. Butch says:

    Thanks for the ping! Are you guys back home yet?

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  5. Kevin says:

    And on the left they are saying this is no big deal because they weren’t particularly good terrorists. *sigh*

  6. Kevin says:

    Hey, where’s your photo that I didn’t promise not to photoshop?

  7. Bar Kochba says:

    It’s amazing how the newspaper today spoke about Muslim fears of a backlash against them. After 9/11, there were no anti-Muslim pogroms, no mosques were burnt down. Londonistan is sleeping in the bed that it…

  8. ZionistYoungster says:

    TMBB. You know what TMBB stands for? It stand for, They Might Be Buddhists.

    With apologies to the original, TMBG, goes without saying. ;-)

  9. Robert says:

    I think if/when the muzzies make the next mistake on American soil there will be some serious repercussions among the communities they live in…

    The Muzzies are trying to instill fear in the hearts of the American Public, they think they have succeeded by reading the NYT and watching Folks like Bill Mahr, Harry Reaid and that bunch.
    They need to be hearing from some REAL Americans that will remove everything Islam if an attack occurs in our land again. Not Politicians…

  10. pela68 says:

    Oh, NoNO- Do not ever use the “M”- word. Sheesh!

    Thanks for stopping by Angel!

  11. danny wright says:

    We give the terrorist way to much credit. Its like a blind fat self loathing Pansie being kicked in the shin then claiming the kicker was smart and tough. To be fair they have it bad. They were bred and raised to hate the world and to, frankly, be an ass. They would be nothing but a pimple on the planet if they were not sitting on all that oil. But the West on the other hand chooses to be blind and stupid. You ask a good question; what is it going to take before we take our blind folds off and realize that this is not a game of pin the tale on the donkey. The answer to that question scares me much more than an idiot with a bomb!

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  13. Debbie says:

    Yep, it’s all the Jews and Americans and Brts fault. We’ve treated them so badly.

  14. Right Truth says:

    Hezbollah in Iraq kills 5 Americans…

    Ali Mussa Daqduq, an explosives expert and member of Hezbollah, has been captured in Iraq and is believed to have played a key role in the deaths of five Americans. According to Michael Ware at CNN, Dagdug pretended to be…

  15. Incognito says:

    It’s going to come to a head soon… Scary times ahead.

  16. Angel says:


  17. No Apology says:

    Reverse Racial Bias In Mississippi…

    “What goes around, comes around” – cliché en vogueJudge: Miss. County Biased Vs. WhitesBy JACK ELLIOTT JR.Associated Press WriterJACKSON, Miss. — A federal judge has ruled that a majority black count……

  18. KKarLLMm says:

    As always, you completely rock Angel..Told like it is..
    I can not wait for my dog to finish with the N.Y timeless, for her bathroom needs, so i can read its account of these events..
    If it wasn’t so dangerous it would be funny…are the lefties and liberalies on the hasish pipe, courtesy of the towelheads.Jeeps into airport terminal, no doubt the newest way of expressing their point..Which is what exactly???
    I know it is not our policy to talk with terrorist…
    but, if we turn over Louie(love the hair) Frarakan, Jesse(not Michael) Jackson and Al(not so) Sharpton, will they leave us alone?????

  19. hnav says:

    the reality the Democrat Party, led by Conyers, pushing to give these monstrous Terrorists the full rights of US Citizens, is what really makes it even more insane.

    Democrat Partisans actually seem to want to aid these killers…

    like the Jimmy Carter folly, the Liberal Democrat mindset is just as dangerous.

  20. michael says:

    It’s amazing, isn’t it, that they have arrested 5 people, and still won’t admit that the suspects are muslims. The attackers at Glasgow where shouting, “Allah! Allah! Allah!” but to admit that? Nope, not PC….

  21. Defiant_Infidel says:

    -The latest bomb “was set off by “Asians”, not muzlims.”

    Yeah, well, THAT’s a relief, isn’t it? Good thing there are no Muslim countries or Muslims in Asia…

    Yep, that kind of tripe peddler would be excellent bait for my desert stationed terrorist traps. We’d catch ‘em like lobsters… the bottom feeders.

  22. Dapoppins says:

    Well, there is no such animal as an asian muzlim, is there. So we must be safe.

  23. freedom now says:


    The map is wrong. It should read “Muslim Lands” not “Arab Lands”.

    Turkey and everything east of Iraq are not Arab.

    But as to the actual content of your writiing, I agree.

    Leftists just want to use terrorism to their advantage and then accuse others of profiteering. Just look at the 9/11 Truth Movement or George Galloway.

  24. brooke says:

    I hear that “asian” is the PC catch-all for Muslim.

  25. Always On Watch says:

    And in a stunning display of stupidity, naivetee and idiocy, the Leftards accuse us once again of “overreacting” to terrorism.

    The Leftards, as usual, are so off-base. See this recent post I did on the topic of not taking small attacks seriously:


    Haloscan comments are burping at the moment, so copy before trying to post a comment at any blog with Haloscan.

  26. Next Stop Lauderdale says:


    I love that picture of the Middle East with Israel hogging all the land. You think that the Jews would feel guilty about it since they are using .0003% of the whole area and none of it even has the oil. So lets sumarize: Islamists get 99% of the land and 100% of the oil and it isn’t enough and get this, the sicko world is sympathetic to this case. As you walk through ancient Jerusalem you see streets and roads and remanants of buildings built by the Jews 2,000 years ago. What about prior claim? First use? Historic Homeland? British Mandate? UN Resolution? and still they are willing to share, but the islamo facists decline it still and the world cries because they don’t have any land (huh).

    Hre is the wierdest part of all, the Liberal American Jewish Community trust the Liberals that would sell out Israel in two seconds and distrust Cnservatives that continiually defend Israel…….sheesh. I know I am running on here………………steve