Bombers on BenefitS

They fled to Britain from war-torn East Africa to escape persecution. Here, they were given homes, an education and benefits, but in return they plotted mass murder against the very people who gave them sanctuary…
Bombers on benefits: How four refugees taking sanctuary in Britain betrayed us
The four Is–lamic terrorists were facing life sentences last night after they were convicted of the 21/7 suicide bomb plot, which they hoped would be ‘bigger and better’ than the 7/7 attacks two weeks before which killed 52.

Someone assist me with Britain’s logic please.


The ringleader “was given British citizenship and a British passport despite serving a lengthy jail term for two violent robberies, with a conviction for sexual assault also to his name.”

Allow me to repeat that.
“serving a lengthy jail term for two violent robberies, with a conviction for sexual assault”

Oh. Wait.
Muzlim leader Sheeeik Ta-jj el-D-in al Hi-laly said that women invite rape.
Got it.


Now friends, follow the bouncing red, bloody, dhimmi ball. ballssani.gif

1-”He and his cohorts had claimed more than £165,000 in benefits between them before they tried to blow up Tube trains and a bus..” money395.gif

2-The ringleader had been on the run for seven months before 21/7, having dodged a court appearance for criminal behaviour while distributing extremist leaflets in Oxford Street.


3-He was allowed to fly to Pakistan while on bail..airplane1.gif….

4-When he returned months later he was waved through passport control even though a warrant had been issued for his arrest……

5- ..the UK was failing to check passports against the international database of suspected terrorists.

6-…was not automatically stopped at the airport on his return because he was only wanted for a minor offence.

Sorry blokes, but ya seem to be a tad behind the curve on this one eh.


Anyone major in Math here? matha3.gif
D.I. — be a love and help us out wouldya.

Young Muzzzlim men purchasing huge quantities of explosive material.
What does that add up to?


Hmmm…See any red flags go up yet?
Didja think their mufti were goin to sell the gasoline on the street.

Interpol attacks Brits failures

Mr Noble, who was chief of staff at the criminal division of the US Justice Department under president Bill Clinton, said: “We have the passport numbers, fingerprints and photos of more than 11,000 suspected terrorists on our database. But the UK does not check it against immigrants coming into the country or foreign nationals it has arrested.
The guys detained last week could be wanted, arrested or convicted anywhere in the world and the UK would not know.”

“British citizens might be surprised to find that this watch list announced by your Prime Minister last week has not been sent to Interpol,” he said.

“Why is it that some countries make sure passengers do not carry a bottle of spring water onto a plane, yet those same countries aren’t careful to ensure that convicted felons aren’t entering their borders with stolen passports?”

Oh wait. My bad. Perhaps the Brits are still too dang busy.
You know, with their UK union boycotts on Israeli goods huh. israel-ani.gif

Perhaps it’s time to take the gloves off blokes, or least keep yer cricket bats handy eh.


Quickie history lesson.
Authoritarians have never won. eventuall Lost.
2-Japanese Imperialism? Defeated.
3-Communism? poof!..Gone.

4-The Taliban?.. Lost and still losing.
5-Sad-dam Hus-sein? Well, er….He lost: twice.

So a gentle, luving word of advice from a Yankee city girl… limeys, ya best get a tougher intestinal fortitude blokes…Y’all are gunna need it.

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33 Responses to “Bombers on BenefitS”

  1. Debbie says:

    I don’t understand it, Angel. It makes no sense. I don’t think America is in the situation the UK is, but just wait …

  2. Strawberry says:

    America may not be there yet – but we could certainly be heading that direction! Let’s hope our government has more sense than the UK!!!

  3. no2liberals says:

    Thought y’all might like to know.
    The assault on the Red Mosque has begun.

  4. LomaAlta says:

    Nice post Angel. America is not as bad as the UK on Muslims. But good God, look at how we are with Mexican invaders. The UK may let most of their Muslims through the check points, we don’t even try to check, much less, stop anyone from crossing our borders. The UK may be lax, but we are insane with our open borders policies.

  5. pela68 says:

    Gnhg! Soon we will have 91 miljon muslims inside the EU. That is of course if the Kemalist sekularists is taken out of power.

    A very fine future indeed!

    We all know by now what happens when the muslim pop reaches a certain level…

    Zippedidoodah look in the wells
    take a deap breath
    and find out what smells.

    It´s not the muslims- it´s their ideology!
    It´s not the Turks- it´s their ideology!
    It´s not our politicians- it´s their ideology!

    We’re roaring along on the ideological train
    It is chamberlain- hitler all over again!

    It’s not just the Brits- it’s the whole freaking EU!

    (Bend over, close your eyes…)

  6. Chris says:

    Excellent reads yourself. :-) My confidence is boosted as every day I seem to find more and more people running around with their eyes opened! I sure hope we can get people elected to actually represent us and tackle the threats their predecessors let in. I’m sick of seeing our constitution trampled on and our security become a joke that can only fool sheep.

  7. Yankee Doodle says:

    I would be interested in a tally of what we’re missing on this side of the pond. I’ll be we’re not doing any better than the Brits.

  8. michael says:

    This is what comes of not letting people use the words “muslim” and “terrorist” together.

  9. Defiant_Infidel says:

    You don’t need me for this simple math, Angel. Anybody who falls into Chris’s awareness category could do it. It can be all summed up in one sentence… The longer you let this go and try to paint it some different color, the more people of this adopted mindset you will ultimately have to kill and the redder the picture becomes.

    The question is, who’s side will contribute the greatest red? I guess we simply must be slapped really, really hard before we are awakened.

  10. Chris says:


    Some other great links/groups:

  11. Right Truth says:

    A new plan for exiting Iraq…

    Henry Kissinger believes the answer to Iraq’s problems is a political solution. He writes in The Herald Tribune That withdrawal would produce a disaster, would not end the war, but would shift it to other areas, like Lebanon or Jordan…

  12. Panhandle Poet says:

    The only way to beat them is from a position of strength. They are not pacifists and do not understand those who are.

  13. CommonSenseAmerica - Illegal Immigration, America, Freedom, News and Opinion » Amnesty and the North American Union says:

    [...] Trackback posted to: Perri Nelson’s Website, Conservative Cat, The Amboy Times, Right Truth, StikNstein…has no mercy, Woman Honor Thyself, Common Folk Using Common Sense, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe. [...]

  14. Gayle says:

    Another great post Angel. I agree with Defiant Infidel that it looks like we are going to have to take another really tragic hit before we wake up. The UK is not the only country in denial. We will wind up exactly the same way if we don’t arise from our coma!

    God bless you, girl. You do good work!

    Off topic: I don’t know why you are having such a problem with HaloScan over at my place. Have you tried right-clicking and choosing the “open in a new window” option when you comment? Or saving your first comment, because your second comment about not being able to post comes through fine.

  15. frasypoo says:

    Seriously…..the CIA in the US and UK need to read our blogs…or hire us…we seem to see the red flags better than they can.
    Well actually the airport officials are busy searching people like me whose claim to fame is being brown!!So they dont have the time to look at the people who should be checked on!!

  16. cube says:

    The liberal rot that has infected the UK is trying to take root here too.

  17. brooke says:

    Utter dhimmitude! What else can it be?!?

  18. Chris says:

    Support free speech! Burn a terrorist flag!

  19. MariesTwoCents says:

    Isnt that the truth!

    Great Post Angel

  20. Christi says:

    We may check them at the airport but our borders are wide open to everyone…it’s sad… Great post, Angel!

  21. Laya says:

    Sigh…..never ends does it? :evil:

  22. Jungle mom says:

    Your math looks just fine to me!!

  23. Angel says:


  24. Joe Gringo says:

    Panhandle Poet is on the right track….about the only thing they understand is power…let’s get down to brass tacks……bomb the livin’ daylights out of Iran for starters so we can get a handle on this sick and evil cancer that’s spreading.

  25. dapoppins says:

    Looks like there are lots of thoughtless libs over there too! I can’t believe the stupidity. Wait, I can believe it. I just don’t want to. Again, you provide me with info I did not know!

  26. bernie says:

    Why would anyone who was getting help turn around and attack the very source of his help?

    I explain in my post about the frog and the scorpion:

  27. Always On Watch says:

    Someone assist me with Britain’s logic please.

    Can’t help you there, Angel. There IS no logic to it.

    When is the West going to catch on that we can’t buy them off–either with entitlements or offering them a chance to see how wonderful living in the West is? These Muslims’ minds have been poisoned against us since the time they could first begin to recite the Koran.

    Here in the States, we attempt to buy off terrorists by allowing them to attend our universities. How stupid is THAT?

  28. Freedom Now says:

    I suppose it must be prejudice to check immigrants for arrest warrants.

    We dont want them to hate us you know…

  29. KKarLLmM says:

    Hey Mr. Taliban…taliban me a banana..
    daylight come… and the Brits are still idiots!!
    Some things are just to difficult to explain..maybe if they were gardeners or cheap labor i could understand…but with the sole purpose to BLOW UP their country, and keep them there..duh..duh..

  30. ZionistYoungster says:

    The lack of screening is scandalous, but screening wouldn’t be the solution either. Bureaucracy can’t be depended upon to close all the loopholes, especially when talking about taquiya-loopholes.

    In all the world, there’s no choice except the lamentably necessary choice of a sweeping action: expulsion en masse. No one is, or should be, happy about the fact that that would entail the suffering of innocents and moderates, but as this is a matter of nothing less than survival, we can’t afford to be gentle here. Both lives (it took just 19 to kill 3000 on 9/11) and economies (the expenditures for monitoring terrorist threats are huge) are at stake here.

  31. Incognito says:

    Well if we start to appease , it’s going to be the same way here.

  32. honkytonkbrit says:

    some very interesting stuff on this blog ,. to let you know ,many people here in the uk are aware of the screw ups and failings of govt and security services alike,we dont like it one iota and i guess its only a matter of time before we see some serious public unrest,,just keep watching, because peoples tolerance is rapidly coming to an end here,the brit people are made up of some culturtally strong identities,the type that wont give up without a fight ,and a right good one at that!

  33. Angel says: