Bur-Kas Bawling and Bellowing

Four Mus-lim protesters have been jailed for a total of 22 years for inciting murder and racial hatred as dozens of their supporters chanted and brandished anti-Western placards outside court.

A group of women in burk-as held up a sign “British police go to hell” as the men were sentenced for their role in a march against the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Moha-mm-ed in a Danish newspaper.

The convicted quartet had called for British troops in Iraq to be brought home in body bags and demanded a “9/11 across Europe” at a 300-strong demonstration in central London last February.

Bur–kha-clad women brandish ‘police go to hell’ banners as Mus–lims are jailed for cartoon protest

“No one is entitled to make perverted use of ideology to propagate destruction and death.”

Ah yes.
More Muzlim victimologist ragefests and sob stories.

The judge was spot on. These rageaholics, whether they be British or American citizens or not, must accept the Rule of Law. Apparently. that’s a foreign concept to them.

People who treat the British or American Constitution with contempt and call for death should be prosecuted for hate crimes. End of story.

Mind you, these are the very same haters who accept British and American generosity, hospitality, social security, free medical care, housing and free education.
Deport their as@*es!

To constantly and predictably incite murder of American, Israeli, European and British people speaks volumes for the intelligence and mindset of men, women and even children Muzlims.


I dare any imaginary ahem..Moderate muzlim to prove us wrong about this.
Moderate muzlims (who don’t really exist ya know) have never once staged a protest anywhere on this globe against Muzlim terrorism.

Not once.
To my mind’s eye..that makes them equally if not more culpable.


Nice Chanting the barbarians had goin on wouldn’t ya say.
Here’s some snippets:
“Bomb, bomb Denmark. Bomb, bomb U.S.A.”
“UK you will pay, 7/7 on its way” and “Europe you will pay with your blood”.

What is it bout bombs that so appeals to these emasculated haters anyway.
Anyone got a theory?

Guess what barbarians muzlims.
Freedom comes with responsibility. Defy responsibility and you lose freedom.

What a bummer for them though.
Now these freaks will be restricted from stonings, honor killings, cavorting with camels and goats, more rage protests and hate rallies at their local hate house..er I mean.. mos-que and other wholesome Izzlamic activities.

And spare me the Liberal doublespeak.
Muzlims are not really citizens simply excercising free speech and seeking redress. They are an outside force seeking to supplant Americas and Europes constituted governments and they have said so.

The limits of free speech are determined by the ability and intention to
cause harm and damage.So guess what Muzlims… If you threaten my life or property, or urge others to cause me damage, I can take action against you. And so can your government.

Tell ya what Muzlims…Next time perhaps The judge will allow ya freedom on the condition that y’all agree to cease and desist your overt anti semitism in mos-ques worldwide and issue an unconditional pledge of support to the Danish cartoonists and anyone else in the free world who wishes to exercise “free speech” about Izzzzlam huh.

Never happen.

Bomb anyone?

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26 Responses to “Bur-Kas Bawling and Bellowing”

  1. cube says:

    These barbarians have to be dragged kicking & screaming into the present. It’s about time they were introduced to the Rule of Law.

  2. Debbie says:

    I don’t think we can change them, Angel. We have to defeat them. They are inching forward here in the US on a daily basis and we are letting them.

  3. Kevin says:

    Why aren’t the protesters with signs demanding to kill us going to jail too?

  4. Joe Gringo says:

    Debbie is spot on, the only thing they really understand is power……..we need to show ‘em who’s in charge here.

  5. Layla says:

    We will never change these morons. They have been this way forever. I believe it is embedded into their DNA code, seriously. What despicable display of insanity gone to seed. They will rot! :evil:

  6. Right Truth says:

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  7. Jungle mom says:

    You are right on again!!!

  8. brooke says:

    We need to keep killing jihadis and jailing the wannabes until Muslims are either:

    1.) Gone, or

    2.) Join civilization.

    Any takers on which of the two would happen?

  9. freedom now says:

    How can anyone deny the greatness of democracy when looking at these pictures. Would Saudi Arabia tolerate the same from Christians?

    If our civilization oppresses Muslims then why do they come here?

    These protestors don’t want equality, they want superiority.

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  12. Frasypoo says:

    These people have the nerve to protest about the country that they live in!England should ship them back to whichever Muslim land they came from where they will be treated with love and respect.

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  14. Angel says:

    Thanks everyone..I know the news is getting more incredulous with each passing day! :)

  15. Howard Larson says:


    Muslims persecuted for their belief?

    Are they kidding? There is no crusade. And, they are _prosecuted_ only for criminal actions.

    Who is it that said a non-muslim should be _told_ to accept Islam? And, if they refuse, they should be compelled to pay ransom? And, if they refuse to pay ransom, they should be killed?

    No Christian or Jew has ever set those conditions. What is the answer? You get three guesses and the first two don’t count.

  16. Always On Watch says:

    Finally! I’m back to making a few blog rounds. What a week!

    Four Mus-lim protesters have been jailed for a total of 22 years for inciting murder and racial hatred as dozens of their supporters chanted and brandished anti-Western placards outside court.

    Deport, deport! I don’t care if they were born in the UK. Who needs to see shrouded death-cult figures roaming the streets of the West?

    Where are the protestors advocating for the sparing of Rizana? See the top post at my site.

  17. Bar Kochba says:

    Another great post! How do you do it again and again?

    P.S. It’s as simple as not letting Muslims get to the West in the first place!!!

  18. Incognito says:

    It’s about bloody time they do something.

    As for why they love bombs? More bang for their buck.

  19. Next Stop Lauderdale says:

    This Burka crowd and protesters are off the charts idiots. It almost seems like the pictures have been PhotoShoped for hilarity, but the sad truth is that it is true. This world is in a fix with these people and such a large portion of the world hasn’t awaken to that fact yet. Maybe they will when it is too late……….steve

  20. TJ's Anti-contrarian Blog says:

    I’m waiting for the first suicide bombing to happen in the U.S. so I can declare open season on Islamo-fascist followers of a pedophile.

    derka derka derka Muhammed jihad

  21. Chris says:

    Four down, millions to go.

  22. KKarLlmM says:

    Why does it keep coming back to me….

    exodus 21:23-27
    If any harm follows, then you shall give life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.

    everytime i read about something else the camel loving, towel wearing sheep hugging moooziies have done, i have a recurring daydream of something being extracted from their body..
    Please ,do not wake me till they are all gone…..

  23. wordsmith says:

    I dare any imaginary ahem..Moderate muzlim to prove us wrong about this.
    Moderate muzlims (who don’t really exist ya know) have never once staged a protest anywhere on this globe against Muzlim terrorism.

    Not once.
    To my mind’s eye..that makes them equally if not more culpable.

    Angel, I’m going to have to dissent, to a degree. I understand where you are coming from; but, if I were a “moderate” Muslim who agreed with much of the criticism, I’d feel also uncomfortable with the level of discourse, here. Alienated.

    The term “moderate” is a bit confusing, as it could be defined a couple of ways. I agree with Dean Barnett when he writes this.

    But I disagree that there aren’t Muslims out there who reject the extremists. There are good patriotic American Muslims like Dr. Zuhdi Jasser who has been very outspoken against Islamists. Go to w-ww.aifdemocracy It is not CAIR. But their voices are stifled by PBS when they refuse to air such important points of view as expressed in Islam vs. Islamists. Their lives are threatened by those fundamentalists who see Muslims like Jasser as the radicals (and maybe they are; but if Islam is to be reformed into the 21st century, then people like Jasser need our support and not our alienation).

  24. No Apology says:

    Fork, ‘em. These raghead women are just a guilty as the men. Throw their burkah-clad butts in jail, too. I just can’t believe the British courts had the balls to imprison them. May be there is hope for them yet. The average Englishman must be livid at the way the government has laid down for the Muzzies. I have spent some time with Englishmen and women, and they are tough as nails, especially the women. heh.

  25. Defiant_Infidel says:

    We aren’t going to change any of their minds… THAT is one horse that never lived to be beaten.

    It is a cult of death and complete intolerance. They are rigidly indoctrinated from birth.

    The “moderate” cultists who do not speak out, don’t for either one of two reasons:

    1.) They know they will be killed for doing so by other cultists.

    2.) They agree with the radicals who murder us. They are simply “hesitant future murderers”.

    We’re going to have to kill MOST of them until they are more fearful of being killed by us, and/or there are virtually none of the cultists remaining and they renounce the cult. Any other method of approach to this nightmare will result in our complete extermination, just as they have always bluntly promised.

    Bombs are the preferred method of murder for them because they require almost no skill in targeting and kill multitudes of innocent people. It is the perfect weapon for cowards who hit and hide.

  26. Snooper says:

    Best Hillary Look…

    Hillary Gets Pentagon Slapped

    from Spree…this never ceases to amaze me either. I was just over at
    BlandlyUrbane’s place reading and commenting on another……