POW’s: How Quickly We ForgeT

“Nearly 60 years after the end of World War II, the fate of more than 78,000 Americans who fought in that conflict remains unknown. More than 8,100 from the Korean War are missing, more than 120 from the Cold War, more than 1,900 from the Vietnam War, and three from the Gulf War. These Americans, who dedicated their lives to preserving and protecting our freedoms, will never be forgotten.”
President Bush


Such a simple word, is it not?……His “remains” were found.

Does this mean fragments of his bone or possibly shreds of his clothing. A piece of his ship, a particle of …his plane….
Something salvaged among the flames.. on foreign soil….

The one yet captive imprisoned by black barbs of wire fencing him in, and scanning towers overseeing his every move.
Torturing his body and mind to see what he knows, in the encircled old prison camp suffering from wounds from which he may never heal.
His body broken and left a shell, his shackles loosened just enough for him to toil in hard labor…….

Where is this smiling soldier now, whose future was once so certain?

His parents and loved ones wail:
Whatever you do…I pray..
Do not tell me he is “missing.”

Their cries forever ring.
Did he go in the thickness of the battle..in sickness or in pain.

Missing in action, Gone without a trace.

Who are they?
Where are they?

We have not forgottten them.

Operation Iraqi Freedom - as of 08 JULY 07

SSG Keith M. Maupin DOI 09 APR 04

USAR SPC Ahmed K. Altaie
USA SPC Alex R. Jimenez DOI 12 MAY 07

USA PVT Byron W. Fouty DOI 12 MAY 07 May

Current Statistics

Additionally, 4 Civilian Contractors working for a private security firm were abducted when their convoy was attacked late Fall 2006.
They remain missing, their names have not been released.

Persian Gulf War 1991:
3 Officially Unaccounted-For,
12 Unofficially Unaccounted-For

U.S. GOVERNMENT EFFORTS: Since the fall of Saigon in 1975, the U.S. Government has acquired 22869 reports possibly pertaining to Americans in Southeast Asia.

Here is just a glimpse of some of the price Americans have paid the Last 228 Years:

WAR OF THE REVOLUTION 19 Aril 1775 – 20 September 1783
Participants: 250,000 :: POWs: 18,152 :: MIAs: 1,426 :: Deaths In Service: 6,824

WAR OF 1812:
POWs: 20,000 :: MIAs: 695 :: Deaths In Service: 2,260

POWs: 20,000 : : MIAs: 695 :: Deaths In Service: 2,260

POWs: Many, few survived :: MIAs: Many :: Deaths In Service: 1,000

Union POWs: 194,743 :: Union Deaths In Service: 364,511
Confederate POWs: 214,865 :: Confederate Deaths In Service: 134,563

POWs: 7,470 :: MIAs: 116,708 :: Deaths In Service: 116,708

POWs: 124,079 :: MIAs: 30,314 Deaths in Service: 405,399

Fret not. There is a place beyond this precious earth of ours where one day we will meet these valiant and fearless ones where we shall greet them and finally…….hear their “story”.

And now, though time has travelled on, know this.
Your works, your battles, the ultimate price you were willing to pay on our behalf………

No sweet soldier.
I have saved a hallowed place inside of me….just for you…………
You are not forgotten.

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19 Responses to “POW’s: How Quickly We ForgeT”

  1. Debbie says:

    Wonderful post, Angel. We need to be reminded each day of these brave people. Also the families, how terrible it must be not knowing …

    I know of at least one woman whose husband is still “missing” in Viet Nam, after all these years she still hopes.

  2. Right Truth says:

    You won’t believe what I heard……

    “George W. Bush killed Pat Tillman to keep him from meeting with Noam Chomsky”, according to Daily Kos, hat tip Myrtus. I sh-t you not, the modern left, and the Kossacks, are bat sh-t insane. There are 550 comments to…

  3. ptgal says:

    All we are saying….is give peace a chance….my hopes and prayers are with all the waiting families…may all your loved ones return soon and safely.

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  5. Right Truth says:

    Terrorists get released and rewarded…

    “The US Navy today announced that it has released a senior Al Qaeda terrorist after questioning him extensively for 27 days while being held prisoner aboard a US aircraft carrier in the Arabian Sea. In a humanitarian gesture, the terrorist…

  6. Mike's America says:

    With all these stories it seems that the search for truth ends once the drive by media moves on to the next really important “news” story like Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan.

    To forget these men is to invite our enemies to repeat the crimes which keeps these brave souls from finding freedom or the peace their families deserve.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  7. MariesTwoCents says:

    Beautiful Post Angel,

    God bless all the souls of the lost, never forget.

  8. Jungle mom says:

    Thank you for the reminder. So many.

  9. brooke says:

    What JM said!

  10. Strawberry says:

    Thank you, Angel! How difficult for their families – never knowing for sure what happened to their loved one.

  11. KKarLmM says:

    Great work Angel..provocative and informative..the one, two punch of any good writer.
    This post only go to magnify the suffering of the post Holocaust and 9/11 attack surviving families…never knowing for sure, if their loved ones survived.
    Tonight, when head hits pillow, send up a prayer for all those that are unaccounted for, while we sleep comfortably with little to worry about.

  12. Hunterseeker says:

    Good Day Angel
    Came upon your site by way of the Google alert I set up for Spc. Alex R. Jimenez. I see that you too have checked on the war statistics in American history. If you were to form a timeline of the conflicts throughout RECORDED history you would get an even better picture of the follies of man, as I have discovered. Man is a creature of WAR! From the psychological point of view he is dominated by only two instincts, Sex and Aggression. It has always been the case throughout recorded history and certainly before that. He has always sought out that which his neighbor had never being satisfied with his own possessions. It is how many cultures have disappeared throughout the realm of mankind. Mankind is guided more by emotion than by logic which is why the merchants of war have always had their way. Greed has always been the banner at the head of the onslaughts. The millions of volumes of written material against war stand no chance against the emotion charged words, “ This Means War! ”. Yet against all odds some of us try.
    Forgive my discourse. Your site is moving and I hope it bears fruit.

  13. Angel says:

    THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE KIND WORDS…God bless them all. :)

  14. Ottavio Marasco says:

    A timely post angel. The brave men and woman prepared to make the sacrifice should all be in our memories. I may be Australian but can relate to your commentary as our troops have proudly fought alongside Americans in many wars since and including World War 2 and currently in Iraq and Aphganistan – between 1962 and 1975 some 50,000 Australians, including ground troops, air force, navy ships and personnel, served alongside their American brothers and sisters Vietnam alone.

  15. in2thefray says:

    Excellent post. I don’t know if I missed something but there’s Jimenez ?POW/MIA also. Local guy kinda w/ an added twist re: wife and immigration issue. He didn’t get to finish paperwork due to deployment.
    Remembering the past is as important as thinking about the present and future. thx

  16. Christi says:

    Excellent post, Angel. Thank you.

  17. Gayle says:

    One thing that many Americans never seem to forget to do is “forget!” They forget history, they forget everything that happened any further back than the day before yesterday! Why should that be? I really haven’t a clue because it seems utterly stupid but it is what it is. Thanks for an excellent and very touching and heartfelt post, Angel! You are indeed aptly named. :)

  18. Angel says:


  19. Incognito says:

    Truly heartbreaking. SIgh.