SupporT Stanislav Shmulevich’s RightS

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NEW YORK (AP) _ A 23-year-old man was arrested Friday on hate-crime charges after he threw a Qu-ran in a toilet at Pace University on two separate occasions, police said.

Stanislav Shmulevich of Brooklyn was arrested on charges of criminal mischief and aggravated harassment, both hate crimes, police said.

Hate-crime arrests in Qu-ran desecrations at Pace University

Mus-lim activists had called on Pace University to crack down on hate crimes after the incidents.
He said CA-IR decided to speak out about the Pace incidents because Mus-lim students are impacted by the creation of what could be viewed as a hostile campus environment.

Arrested by police for placing a book in a toilet? Isn’t that a bit like using a supersonic flamethrower to kill a fly?


Don’t forget y’all.
It’s “free speech” to call women, Christians or Jews hateful names, to constantly expound upon blood libel, to dissemeinate anti semitic and anti Christian cartoons, and to basically attribute all the worlds’ evils to Jews and Christians.

You may piss in a jar with a crucifix, exhibit elephant dung on the Virgin Mary,burn an American flag, march in public with the kkk and nazis, Muzlims may hold rallies threatening, howling and holding placards saying “Kill the Pope” and “Death to America.”
Yup. That’s freedom of expression.

But Stanislav was ahem…”harassing”?

So, geniuses at CA-IR, : exactly which victims’ civil rights did he “willfully violate”.
And who the heck was he harassing? The school janitors or plumbers?


I got a newsflash for you haters:
State and federal hate crime laws rely on intent to imtimidate. Forget that lil legal tidbit?…or do you suggest he intimidated the entire Muzlim student body by placing a book in a toilet bowl huh?

So what exactly constitues hate speech accordin to the ole Muzzlim association huh?
Friday evening prayers worldwide at mos-ques calling Jews apes and Christians pigs, or is it the reverse, I get so confused with the animal kingdom…monkey3.gif…or howzabout calling for jeeehad death and destruction of inf-idels………what kinna speech is that.

This case suddenly morphed into an alleged “hate crime” when the unindicted co-conspirators of terrorism and Ham-ASS, CA-IR and the Muzzlim Students Association complained and pressured the university into it.

You know CA-IR, the terrorists that the Saudis give 50 million dollars just last year. To help them finance “legal and litigationJeehad” in our country by shutting down free speech right here in the USA. That CA-IR.

Heck if someone can put out a film on how to assassinate G.W. Bush or burn a U.S. soldier in effigy, there seems to be a bit of leeway here doesn’t there?

Speaking of a Jew being miffed by the Ko-ran..let’s have a peek shall we.
The Ko-rans view of Joos.
They are responsible for killing the prophets of All-ah (2:61/3:112)
for corrupting his words by putting them in the wrong places (3:69/3:78).
for consuming the people’s wealth frivolously (9:30)
for their patent refusal to distance themselves from the evil they do (4:156/4:151/3:110).
for their deep-rooted lasciviousness (2:96)
for not keeping their word (2:78/3:24)

But hey…all is not lost! Jews are not the same. The good ones become Muzzlims, the bad ones do not. (Koo-ran 3:113)

How’s that for hate speech.

We forgot the axiom of the Libs and their buddies CA-IR, the terrorists:
Desecrate Christians and Jews=great art.
Desecrate Izlam=hate crime.


Well, he better lawyer up cuz guess what dudes, last time I checked, criminal mischief and aggravated harassment are not “hate” crimes, if he’s even guilty of that much.
Oh yea, he harassed a book.
Silly me.


Let us see how the ACLU weasel their way out of representing him and his civil rights.

My advice to you Stan?
After your alleged “case” is thrown out of court, file a major-dollar lawsuit against Pace University and the police that arrested you. 2 felonies…pfftt! moneyyani.gif

Oh, then request a grant from National Endowment for the Arts. heh.

Our Constitution (Not Shar–ia Law) guarentees alot of things Muzlims, but guess what, it does not guarantee freedom from insult. Y’all oughta familiarize yerselves with it sometime.

Let these dhi-mmis know how you feel:

Pace Dhimmi U. where just a few months ago, Jews were coerced and intimidated into not showing the film Obsession.

Pace University
1 Pace Plaza
New York, NY 10038

Let the governor know how ya feel:
New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services
4 Tower Place
Albany, NY 12203

Let the judges know how ya feel:
Manhattan Criminal Courthouse
100 Centre Street
New York, NY 10013

Stanislav Shmulevich. Your’e still in America, not Sau-di Ara-bia.
Chin up dude!

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34 Responses to “SupporT Stanislav Shmulevich’s RightS”

  1. Jungle mom says:

    Say what???? If that’s harassment, I have few commenters I would like to take to court! Now, if the janitor or plumber want to kick the guy in the back side for being stupid….

  2. Kevin says:

    It is a felony now to show disrespect for a religion?! I agree with this guy instead (warning, it’s pretty gross).

  3. ptgal says:

    i can’t count on my fingers and toes together how many times i’ve thrown something i wasn’t very fond of in the toilet….wow, all the people, companies and corporations that could have me arrested.
    seems like they have nothing better to do these days other than trying to find the next person or group of people to blame for a pathetic excuse of a hate crime – please….who are you kidding with this one????
    there are bigger battles to be fought – don’t ya think?

  4. Gayle says:

    If I gave out an award for great sarcasm, Angel, you would win hands down! By the way, it is the other way around: They call Jews “pics” and us “Monkeys.” They’re such a nice bunch of people, don’t you think? But I’ll tell you what… I’d rather be called a pig or a monkey any day that to be called a Muslim! I can’t think of anything that would be half as insulting.

    Remember someone in Gismo saying that a guard flushed the Koran down the toilet? Can you imagine flushing a book down the toilet? How absurd!

  5. Gayle says:

    Oops… of course you know I meant “they call Jews ‘pigs’”.

  6. brooke says:

    Can I get a Muslima charged for hate crimes when I see her in a burqa? I find it “harassing” as a woman!

  7. Panhandle Poet says:

    Folks used to put the Sear and Roebuck Catalog in the toilet all the time — one page at a time!

  8. Brad Marston says:

    CAIR, AMA etc are all part of a well documented infiltration of our academie, law enforcement, military and government by radical Islamicists. Make it seem reasonable, attack anyone who resists or gets too close to the truth and put Islamic scholars in our universities to train the next generation of police, military and government policy makers…it is more dangerous and far more frightening than planes into buildings.

  9. Robert Bayn says:

    Unfortunately this is the future of America, charging people with hate crimes, even if what they do harms no one physically.

    What’s next, charging Christians with hate crimes for tossing out Gay Magazines?

  10. Strawberry says:

    This is all part of an attempt to extend the Muslim reach to every person on this earth. Brad talks about how they go about doing this – make it seem reasonable – attack or arrest anyone who resists or gets too close to the truth – arrest anyone who dares speak out against Islam and then make it law by incorporating it into our governmental policy! You are so right – it is very scary. What is next will be arresting anyone who dares evangelize, worship, or pray for any religion other than Islam!

    Thank you, Angel! Great post!

  11. Debbie says:

    Anything goes for the Muslims.

  12. KKarLmM says:

    Hey if Clinton didn’t inhale…maybe Stanislav didn’t flush!!!!!!

    With this genius type logic…
    if a Bible was to fall in the forest and no body heard it…would that still be assault…and if it was kicked….is that battery?!?
    (AA or C)………please pardon my sarcasm.
    Wait a minute…isn’t that attempted murder!!! he was trying to drown the book wasn’t he..
    The other day i was walking past a K-Mart and stepped on a Red Dot, i am sure i owe an apology to some one…do indeed pass it on…

  13. Right Truth says:

    World owes a debt to the United States…

    “The world owes a debt to the United States for its leadership in the fight against international terrorism,” British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said. Think about that statement. Wallow it around in your mind for a few minutes and enjoy…

  14. CarolineC says:

    Did you forget to mention that he stole the books from a University meditation room, where they were being stored? He didn’t buy them, he went on university property, stole them, and then destroyed them. That was the crime, not the fact that it was the Koran, alone!

  15. Seth says:

    Great post as always, Angel, fun to read and completely on-point.

    At best, it’s profoundly distressing to realize that the folks we depend on to defend us against the most dangerous enemy in U.S. history have become little more than loving connisseurs of fine Islamic whines.

    Maybe next it will become a criminal offense not to properly bow down in the presence of a Muslim.

    Caroline — stealing a paperback book on two separate occasions doesn’t constitute a felony (merely 2 separate misdemeanors) unless they’re worth
    a few hundred bucks apiece. What he did with them after he stole them is irrelevant (they were too big to flush, and therefore couldn’t even have plugged up the commodes). Charging him with felonies is outrageous and obviously purely political (see “Dhimmitude”).

  16. Angel says:

    THANKS ONE AND ALL FOR THE INPUT AND OBSERVATIONS!…let us see just how this one plays out so we can determine our future in this country eh! :)

  17. Ben says:

    Would you be as dismissive of this act if it involved a Torah?

    Yeah, I didn’t think so…

  18. obob says:

    tragic, there was a time universities were bastions of free thought. There was a time when universites fostered students to express their thoughts. Htere was a time, wait they only applied to anti-establishement. Just wait to try to speak aganist the estblishment if wew were in Sharia law. The students of Iran can expound on that lesson.

  19. Right Truth says:

    Eradicating poverty and your wealth at the same time…

    “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”—Author unknown “The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me.”…

  20. Mustang says:

    I’m not sure why the gent tossed the Qu’ran in the toilet, but I cannot imagine why doing so is a “hate crime.” It would seem to me a much less grievous event than making a public statement wishing death upon the Vice President, or like the example of shouting “fire” in a crowded theater, six imam’s scaring the be-jezuz out of everyone on an aircraft.

    If there is such a thing as “hate speech,” it ought to be limited to specific incidents where a person incites others to do violence, and when subsequently, violence did in fact transpire – otherwise, an unconstitutional limitation on the right of free expression results. Angel has done a good job in drawing inferences to what is happening here . . . when government picks and chooses the application of any limitation on freedom of expression, it becomes arbitrary and therefore contrary to our laws.

    I believe our government agencies understand this . . . but they lack the balls to reject political correctness and follow the path of common sense. As a result, we have a man arrested and charged for behaving badly, but not illegally.

  21. Bar Kochba says:

    Its ridicilous! The Qur’an is just a book and unlike in under sharia, in our democracy it deserves no extra protection. Shmulevich purchased the Qur’an with his own money and it is his to do as he pleases. Sharia here we come!!

  22. Fang says:

    Great post here Angel. I vote we all have a “Throw a Koran down the toilet day!”

  23. bernie says:

    If this were a Nazi who placed a Torah in a toilet the ACLU would have been there to defend his right of free speech.

    If a Christian or a Jew wants a moment to pray in the morning in school (which costs the school nothing, nada, zip) the ACLU is there to yell separation of Church and State. If a Muslim wants a $2,000 foot washer in a public school funded by taxpayer moneys the ACLU is MIA. What’s going on? Did I wake up in a completely mad universe?

  24. freedom now says:

    CarolineC straightened us out, “Did you forget to mention that he stole the books from a University meditation room, where they were being stored? He didn’t buy them, he went on university property, stole them, and then destroyed them. That was the crime, not the fact that it was the Koran, alone!”

    Hmmm… so the police throw someone in jail for taking a library book and throwing it in the toilet. Is Pace University under Sharia Law?

    In some Muslim countries insulting Islam, the Prophet Mohammad or the holy book can be punishable with death under blasphemy laws. Maybe CAIR would like to extradite Shmulevich to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan for a permanent solution to the “problem”?

  25. John Kaiser says:

    You can burn a flag but you can’t flush a Koran. How silly.

  26. Layla says:

    Heh! They are ticked if anyone desecrates their “koran” but they can burn our “Bible” and “Flag.” SPIT!

  27. Angel says:


  28. Angevin13 says:

    Seriously, the only crime this guy committed was apparently stealing the book from a school classroom. Maybe vandalism of school property. But a hate crime? Come on.

    You said: “Desecrate Christians and Jews=great art.
    Desecrate Izlam=hate crime.”

    It’s a sorry state, isn’t it?

  29. Joe Sylvester says:

    He should get a medal…not jail! Piss on Allah!!

  30. Hajir says:

    Two wrongs dont’ make a right. You can’t justify a hater’s crime by another hater’s crime. Stanislav Shmulevich did something totally stupid at a time that american youth are fighting terrorism. Don’t you think such irresponsible acts put all of us in more danger? If he is so mad at Koran, why doesn’t he go to fight the terrorists in Iraq?

  31. Salim says:

    I hate Islam, I hate the koran. I hate it for what it represents and all the trouble It has, and will cause throughout the world. I hate Islamic terrorism,
    I hate Sharia, I hate it’s treatment of women and its dark ages philosophy.
    Islam is a farce. It’s a joke, absurd. Islam is fragile, weak, Its practitioners have the mentality of scorned children and bullying creeps. Islam is a mental

  32. Bald-Headed Geek says:

    I blogged about this as well, WHT. The hypocrisy here is mind-numbing, but predictable……….


  33. Chris says:

    What about the “hate crime committed” against soldiers and the U.S. citizens when a college student slashed a bunch of recruiters’ tires? I don’t think he was charged with a hate crime… Check The Sniper’s blog for that story!

    Or what about here in Virginia just a short time ago- someone with the last name of Ahmed stripped and beat some people…

    Oh, what about the Korean Christian killed… Foehammer has the scoop on that.

    I’m furious at all these crimes. I hate calling them “hate crimes” since they’re still crimes. It’s ridiculous. This PC thought policing and surrender to sharia makes me sick.

    With the multiple attacks on US soil supposedly coming soon, we are bound to be fighting for our neighborhoods in no time flat. Now is the time to write your politicians and tell them enough is enough. If we see another election vote out the dhimmies and vote in someone who will represent the best interests of this country. If you can’t find someone who will do their best to uphold the law and protect lawful citizens, then run yourself. We must do everything possible to keep our hard earned freedom.

  34. freedom now says:

    Hajir professes concern that Shmulevich is making us less safe. Hmmm… where have I heard that argument before? “Two wrongs dont’ make a right. You can’t justify a hater’s crime by another hater’s crime. Shmulevich did something totally stupid at a time that american youth are fighting terrorism. Don’t you think such irresponsible acts put all of us in more danger? If he is so mad at Koran, why doesn’t he go to fight the terrorists in Iraq?

    You dont even know if Shmulevich supports the Iraqi Reconstruction do you?

    This “crime” is bullshit! In the 21st Century no other holy book besides the Koran could could warrant arrest for its desecration and have such severe repercussions.

    In the end us atheists, Christians, Hindus, Shiites, Jews and Buddhists will not submit.

    Islamists – you should enjoy your moment in the sun because it won’t last. You are vastly outnumbered.