Where have all the WomeN and Gentlemen Gone?


Much clucking behind television anchor desks follows the airing of popular internet footage of girl fights.

After repeated displays of adolescent girls slapping each other, pulling hair, and ripping off clothes, news anchors wonder out loud about the reasons for their popularity among YouTube and other internet viewers.

It’s no big secret: This is a genre of pornography.

..This genre reflects societal trends and how women are viewed in our post-feminist culture. It’s the logical conclusion of the sexual revolution officially announced in the ironically titled “Summer of Love” forty years ago. ..

As women became more sexually “free,” they had to up the ante to attract men, hence girl fights over men (at least in men’s imaginations).

The young man on a college campus today is surrounded by young women, often dressed provocatively. He has his pick because today nearly two-thirds of undergraduates are female.

The craziness and hostility inside many classrooms reflects the sexual aggressiveness outside the classroom. In both arenas collegiality between men and women has been destroyed.

As young men abandon marriage and college educations, they retreat into twisted and resentful ways of asserting masculinity—and emulate rappers or disaffected pierced and tattooed rebels.

And more and more women turn to anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs.
Grrrls’ Fight Club

Funny, how cleavage-baring twenty-something news anchors look in perplexity at footage of girl fights. I’d like to tell them: This all started with your mother’s feminist movement, where women insisted on being like men (or what they thought men were like.)

Pornography then went from being a secret shameful activity over displays of nudity to a business touted as prime example of the American way of free enterprise and free speech.

This is what MSNBC did recently with their glowing documentary of Christie Hefner, daughter of our national pimp, Hugh Hefner, who has his own show with nubile “girlfriends” cast as “The Girls Next Door.”

And at the same time, what is considered pornography becomes more and more violent.
The fact that Christie Hefner, CEO of Playboy Enterprises, is now seen as a respectable businesswoman illustrates what is wrong with our culture. I’m afraid that “grrrl power” is leading women back to a period of history where they were enslaved in harems.

America is inundated with images of womens’ body parts like never before.

Apparently it has become the terminal season of the slut.

Girls, young girls and women’s clothing have become steadily more revealing and sexual than it has ever remotely been before. What some women never even wore in the bedroom, is now acceptable in the boardroom.

Billboards and even mainstream magazines are crammed with photographs of women, barely clothed, straddling chairs, splayed out on beds, even on kitchen tables, and lying half-naked amongst men or animals.

There is literally no where we can go during the course of a day where our eyes don’t pass nonchalantly over images that up until very recently would have been considered pornographic.

Television, movies, music videos and the Internet are literally stuffed with young women acting out bizarre sexual scenes, “hot babes” bending over for the camera in leather, g- strings, string bikinis, hot pants all gyrating to some ugly, obese rapper’s latest joint on MTV.

A whole new generation of girls raised by alleged feminists, who think donning bikinis and stilettos and go-go dancing in minuscule outfits onstage is a noble aspiration.


In this fantasyland, Men are never indicted.
Men are never criticized.
Men are never shamed.

Men, are told that it is perfectly “natural” to be absolutely apathetic toward the needs or interests of their girlfriends, spouses or even children, even to ridicule them..in jest of course.
Go to a comedy club for the night and count the number of jokes at the expense of women and their anatomy.


Such alienation, they are told, is surely not a reflection of any limitation in them. No no no.


Men are told, it is not infidelity or betrayal or even disrespectful for them to consume an endless supply of s-ex vixens who offer themselves up as objects to be lusted after as super models in catalogs, in movies or in pornography.

The fact is, some male bloggers post scantily clad women..”just for the amusement” of other men.
Some female bloggers post themselves barely dressed…”just for the amusement” of other men.
And some female bloggers try to even the score by posting images of men without shirts……..as if that is remotely comparable to the disease of misogyny.

The modern day male’s self-centered neuroticism, normalizing of pornography viewing, coupled with self satisfaction and flights of fantasy are just part of “being a guy”, after all.


Modern day mens’ inability to focus on anyone other than himself certainly doesn’t point to a pathology in his emotional makeup. Boys will be boys, haven’t ya heard.

So what if he can no longer connect meaningfully with those who are closest to him. Feelings are for chicks.

The “love of his life” has been replaced by “the lust of the moment”.
Gone is the the promise of spiritual love and the pursuit for a best friend and lifelong companion in a woman. The modern day woman offers wild se-x, and guess what……no strings attached.

Now, that’s empowerment eh!

This highly stimulating sexual climate is never correlated with promiscuity, rape, sexual abuse, divorce, sexually transmitted diseases, loneliness, despair, abortion, homicide or suicide. After all………can you prove the correlation?

Guess what alleged feminists.
Girls are most definitely not boys.

And no matter how low they stoop, how far they bend over, or how little they wear, they will never be a member of “the boys club.”

This supposed sexual empowerment, creating a new crop of enthusiastic exhibitionist young girls, feeds mens’ basest desires, and serves to do nothing but pit men against women, teach them to depersonalize and “objectify” women..(as long as it isn’t my wife or daughter…) and ultimately humiliate and disrespect all women.

Religious Jewish, Christian and all decent women have always known that God created the human race specifically with two genders, intending each to have his and her unique place in Creation.

It is time for women to take back their role.

Allow that small ray of light to escape from the rolling black clouds of political correctness that comprise our fallen society.

Beauty, femininity, playfulness, sensuality and self respect in modesty.

Celebrate womanhood.
Woman: Respect Thyself.

And, no. We don’t mean by dressing like this:


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32 Responses to “Where have all the WomeN and Gentlemen Gone?”

  1. Neil says:

    I’m still amazed that many women actually support pornography and don’t see how detrimental it is to them. I feel sorry for singles trying to find someone to commit their life to. After people try to have sex without attachment for years they will have trouble making a lifetime commitment. They were all sold a big lie.

  2. Kevin says:

    HAHAH! I didn’t know we had a national pimp!

    Someone was saying that girls of college age are coming full circle in terms of modesty. Hope so!

  3. Blog @ MoreWhat.com » Blog Archive » MoreWhat Matters: Today’s Blog List says:

    [...] Woman Honor Thyself [...]

  4. zionflag says:

    Super, super post.
    Women teach men to feel and express feelings in a secure and comfortable enviornment. They will thank you for it,, the rest of their lives.

  5. Perri Nelson says:

    Excellent post Angel.

    “Girls are most definitely not boys.”

    I thank God for that. It’s truly a shame that they think they have to be though.

    The big lie has been spread for generations, but I think that the modern secular age has really turned it into a poison that most people don’t even recognize.

  6. sayitlikeitis says:

    In this case, we got to learn from the ANIMAL KINGDOM (not animal house), where there is no jealousy among different species of animals. Lions do not crave to be slender and swift Deer, and turtles are content without the numerous legs of the Octopus. Every species has its wonder, beauty and application for creation.
    I love boys…….I love girls………separate….. and totally equal…..

  7. Kate says:

    Even growing up in the age of the ‘bra burning’, contrary to what the feminists were trying to push down our throats, I always had a suspicion that males and females are different! :)

  8. No Apology says:

    Wow! Great analysis, Angel. Yep, it is true. We’re different. God made us that way, and He doesn’t make mistakes. :) Girls, deal with it.

  9. No Apology says:

    Germany Encourages Incest…

    “When men cease to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing anything.” – G.K. ChestertonSource – World Net DailyAccording to the Polish daily ne……

  10. michael says:

    This is one of the strongest blog posts I have ever read anywhere.
    You said: This is a genre of pornography.
    I’ll admit, I never actually thought of the “girl fight” phenomenon in that way (I ignored it), but you make a powerful case. I agree with you about porn demeaning sexuality. And about there being a time and (private) place for dressing provacatively.

  11. daniel says:

    Good post Angel. If you believe you come from animals, you act like one!
    And least we forget what forces are behind evil schemes…

  12. Debbie says:

    Excellent article Angel. I too long for a time when women respected themselves. Modesty, good taste, dressing nice and leaving a little to the imagination.

  13. Right Truth says:

    Foreigners arrested at Satanic rock concert in Iran…

    Included in the 230 young people arrested at the ‘satanic concert’, some were from Britain and Sweden. Punishment can include lashes, fines or imprisonment. From correspondents in Tehran The police operation took place on Wednesday night in the town …

  14. Angel says:

    nice to know there are still some sane pple out here struggling for a more decent world!..ahhhhhh! ;)

  15. Gayle says:

    “Struggling for a more decent world” is exactly right, Angel. It is indeed a huge struggle!

    “the terminal season of the slut.” Sounds like a great name for a post! :)

    Excellent work here, as always. Even in church I see too much cleavage, but the absolute worst example I can give you of that was when my daughter and I invited one of her girlfriends to a barbecue at our church. It was held outside in the park-like yard beside the church. I was helping with setting things up and didn’t see the girlfriend arrive. While walking here and there I passed the picnic table where she was sittiing, and at the same table sat our priest, and two married couples, both couples being very good friends of mine. The girl, Christina, was dressed in blue-jeans and a spaghetti-strap shirt, but the shirt was so low you could see the top of her nipples, and she, being a tall girl and overweight, has very large breasts! I couldn’t believe it! I walked up to her, grabbed the straps on her shirt and yanked it up. Then I told her to follow me. I took her to the room where we had stuff left over from a garage sale and told her to pick out a shirt and button it up! She showed absolutely no embarrasment whatsoever, but at least she did what I told her. 18 years old and totally bereft of any modesty! It’s nuts!

  16. John Kaiser says:

    Those girl fight videos are morally repugnant. Have we come to this level where equality means women are as debased and pugnacious as men?

  17. OMMAG says:

    Well done again Angel!

  18. Layla says:

    We live in a liberal godless society. It is disgusting that men and women “pimp” themselves for sex, money, clothes, and whatever else is for sale.

  19. Yankee Doodle says:

    Various comments…

    Why is pornography acceptable free speech, but questioning Islam makes one a hateful racist Islamophobe?

    The comment about enslaved harems is exactly on the mark. While Islam bans some of the public conduct we are decrying here, the radicals are using such conduct to justify their attacks on us. In the end, though, they view women in exactly the same way as the smut society we are becoming.

    Put the blame for all of this at the feet of The Left, because that’s where it belongs. And, maybe this smut/sex motivation is, in the final analysis, what The Left shares with extremist Islam: a decision to seek the pleasures of this life (whether here or in the afterlife) over a higher calling.

    “Boys will be boys, haven’t ya heard.” Exactly — too many males in our society, aged 20′s, 30′s, even 40′s and beyond, are boys and not men.

    “The modern day woman offers wild se-x, and guess what……no strings attached. ” Just add sharia, four wives (plus temp wives for shiites) to a man, three-word divorces, and lock the women up inside the house as playthings for the men. That’s exactly where it’s all leading.

    “And, no. We don’t mean by dressing like this:” Right on! That’s taking us to the same destination, merely by a different route.

    ‘I’m still amazed that many women actually support pornography and don’t see how detrimental it is to them.” Agreed, Neil!

    I’m glad to see so many people here understand that there is a difference between boys and girls.

    How do the feminists not get it?

    Outrageously excellent post, and great comments.

  20. brooke says:

    Great post, and as Yankee Doodle pointed out, great comments, too!

    Women need to give more thought not only to respecting themselves, but to respecting their daughters!

    What a horrid example for a young girl to see her mom acting and dressing like a whore! Imagine, for example, if Paris Hilton has a girl later in life, and sees her mom getting it on in night vision.

    Respect starts at home. My mother wouldn’t dream of acting or dressing the way one so often sees, and neither do I.

    And as for sons… The respect must be exampled by the fathers. If a boy sees his dad take off and divorce or never marry his mother, or hit her, or sees his father watch porn as entertainment, he’ll have the same level of respect and responsibility as a man.

  21. vega art guy says:

    Great post. Porn hurts both sexes, and this is just one more part of it. I watch very closely what my daughter wears and have had to fight with her and my wife about what is appropriate. I already told her that any halloween costume that shows her stomach is off limits. (She’s 10) I refuse to allow my daughter to dress like a stripper.

  22. in2thefray says:

    Excellent post. It is a huge cultural thing. Mr./Mrs. Right? no Mr./Mrs. Right-Now yippee. I have a son and a daughter. I see the differences and take deep breaths time and agin knowing some of the stuff I face,they face down the road.

  23. Dapoppins says:

    no no no, not like THAT! hahahahahah.

    Great take on the circular nature of our culture.

  24. DL says:

    One word is evil today – chastity!

  25. The Hermit says:

    It’s a different world today than it was in the 1950′s. That fifty odd years has mostly been downhill, seems to me. This is one aspect of life in America today that has really hurt us all, in a lot of ways.

  26. Panhandle Poet says:

    Excellent post. You aptly describe one of the symtoms of our morally decadent society.

  27. obob says:

    you are force to be reckoned with. It is your passion that defines you and your beliefs. What I dig about you/blog is you leave it out on the table. There is no holding back

  28. Jungle mom says:

    Once again, great post! It is so sad to see the lack of modesty in young girls, There is no one left to blush!

  29. KarLMmM says:

    Beautiful piece of work, Angel..
    I guess you have hit upon the proof of DEVolution…in the beginning….it all started out with a distinct order of priority and respectfulness…and then Sodom and Gommorah and now today…

    And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make for him a help mate.
    And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.
    And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.
    Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

    And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.

    “” Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them.”"…the question is….

  30. TJ's Anti-contrarian blog says:

    Heck, they even post scantily clad women on some blogs…oops

  31. Robert says:

    Well dang, Men just can’t win. If we look we are perverts, if we don’t it’s because “he’s gay” or “stuck up”

    I am full blooded testosterone filled man, and if there is a pretty woman within my field of vision I will “glance” in that direction. not “gawk” not “drool” not “cat call” just a glance.

    I think the female form is one of the most enticing and beautiful forms on the planet, and if women can’t handle a few “glances” then quit getting boob jobs, or wearing push up bra’s and dressing to impress.

    I don’t mind the skimpy clothes, I really DON’T MIND….. however; realize there is a fine line between sexy and classy or Slutty and Trashy.

  32. Kwamboka Nyambati says:

    It’s true and thanks for that. Females should learn to love and appreciate themselves the way God made them and stop trying to be what they are not. Thanks again and God bless.