Brit KidS learn about the only True GOD. Guess who?

ANGRY parents have blasted a teacher for telling ten-year-olds to copy a Mus-lim prayer saying “There is no God but All-ah”.
Helen Green is said to have picked the Mus-lim call to prayer as HAND-WRITING practice.

It includes the lines “All-ah is the greatest” and “I bear witness that there is no God but All-ah”.

Kids told to write ‘All-ah is God’
..Mrs Green — deputy head of Newlands Primary School in Wakefield, West Yorks — had acknowledged it was a “sensitive issue” because three of the 7/7 suicide bombers came from Leeds, 15 miles away.

Shazam! Golllllleee!
It’s happening to the Brits, and wer’e allowing it to happen to us sweet friends.

“I bear witness that there is no God but All-ah”?!

Stunningly disgusting.

Imagine a teacher, teaching Muzlim pupils that the Jewish or Christian God is the only true God. Schools would be ablaze throughout Europe, courtesy the barbarians of the R.o.P.

This my friends is a glimpse of the godless Lefty Libs in action worldwide. A sight to behold aint it.
One word of advice:
Apply heavy-duty pesticide before it spreads further.

Our precious Constitution does not regard religious faith with grudging suspicion, or as some old fashioned relic.
Our founding fathers appreciated that, in our traditions and laws, religious freedom is cherished as a basic human right and a non-negotiable aspect of human dignity. Judeo-Christian traditions and laws.

The purpose of the First Amendment is not to “put religion in its place,” but to protect religion by keeping the government “in its place.”

Apparently, the only religions being put in their place and in the rubbish are Judaism and Christianity.

Say NO to Mangers and Menorahs.
The Leftys insist on a public square scrubbed clean of religious symbols and speech unless they’re…shhhh…you know that religion…what was it called again…….Gee, the Lamestream Media can’t seem to say it either……….ah yes………….The Religion Of Peace……Izlam.

Of course the teachers and whackademics view themselves as latter-day shamans and oracles, spreading politically correct truth to the globally warmed, ignorant masses.

Let us be honest shall we.
The millions of Muzlims living in Europe, Australia and here in the West will never integrate, ever.

It is simply not in their worldview to do so. It is also forbidden by their very own ahem… Prophet – Prophet Mu-ham-med. He forbade Muzlims to befriend in-fidels, you know, anyone NOT Muzlim. He exhorted them to kill in-fidels. Yes. Kill.

As izlam grows and mutates here in the U.S., their numbers will continue to become greater. They will continue to use our precious democratic system to outvote us and introduce their form of government based on shaaariah Law.

Women. Back in the house and put that sack on ya.

Homo-sexuals: Be prepared to be hung in market square.


Christians and Jews: say H’Lo to Dhimmi-tude y’all.

Izlam is not just a religion; It is a cult and a political system.
And guess what.
Their political is system diametrically opposed ours.

They abhor , freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of choice, rights for women, freedom of anything that we treasure, for that matter.

The wolves are in the henhouse sweet friends.

There is no God but All-ah?
Pigs and apes beg to differ.

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27 Responses to “Brit KidS learn about the only True GOD. Guess who?”

  1. Perri Nelson says:

    There is no god but Allah?

    No way I’m worshipping a second-rate moon god.

    Great post Angel.

  2. Debbie says:

    Imagine a teacher, teaching Muzlim pupils that the Jewish or Christian God is the only true God. … Never happen Angel. But Islam, anything goes.


  3. Kevin says:

    Imagine a teacher, teaching Muzlim pupils that the Jewish or Christian God is the only true God. Schools would be ablaze throughout Europe, courtesy the barbarians of the R.o.P.

    There’s only one way to find out!


  4. Rosemary says:

    I cannot stand the ignorance of the so-called educators who are so hypocritical that they cannot even see that they are doing exactly what our Founding Fathers and Presidents have exorted us to do! Only they are using a false god to do it with. Yes. I said it, and I will stand by what I said. I LOVE JESUS, THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE SON OF GOD! AMEN!

  5. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Read all of this one, it is interesting…

    Source: My brother emailed this to me.
    Read down to the very bottom highlighted in green,

    You don’t want to miss this! ((*_*))

    1. The Garden of Eden was in Iraq.
    2. Mesopotamia, which is now Iraq…

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  7. Rosemary says:

    Hey lady. Thank you for being my 1,000 visitor. God bless you! ;)

  8. Strawberry says:

    Frightening because it is being allowed! Christians (and any others who do not want to follow Islam) should be in an uproar about this. This is one reason I would not be opposed to keeping public prayers out of schools. I would prefer my children here my prayers to the one true God at home and not be forced to listen to prayers to allah, buddha, satan, etc.!

  9. michael says:

    There’s a teacher who needs firing. Now.

    You’re not angry or bitter or anything, are you Angel?

  10. daniel says:

    You are quite amusing Angel, always admire your work!
    And always right-on!

  11. brooke says:

    So am I correct in my assumption that the Islam-lovin’ teacher will have the kiddies handwriting the Ten Commandments?

    Uh-huh… That’s what I though.

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    [...] Also Angel has written a great post  about the one true god. [...]

  13. Right Truth says:

    Methodist Church Goes Muslim…

    British Methodist Church Goes Islamic (The Christian Post) Reflective of larger European trends, in which Islamic populations are burgeoning while Christians recede, an old Methodist church in Britain is now becoming a mosque. Significantly, the local …

  14. John Kaiser says:

    I’ve posted something you are going to LOVE angel.

  15. Gayle says:

    Angel, you are a wonder. One great post after another!

    I hate to think what would have happened had a teacher of my children ever done a thing like that. I don’t believe I would be able to be responsible for my actions. She would probably have to wear a Hijab because I doubt she’d have any hair left!

  16. Chris says:

    Another great post! This sort of madness needs stopped! I am furious that we are being subjected to this abuse from our education system that should not be under fed control at all!
    I will NEVER surrender.

  17. Donald Douglas says:

    Great posting, Angel!

    Have a great week!

  18. Velvet says:

    a. An act of appeasing.
    b. The condition of being appeased.
    2. The policy of granting concessions to potential enemies to maintain peace.

    Leftards bowing down in dhimmitude in hopes it will save their necks.
    I have got news for them. They will not be treated any differently than the rest of us.

    “Lan astaslem.”
    I will not submit, I will not surrender.

    The islamic poem was part of a handwriting assignment
    In RE: religious education. As they term it in the UK.

    “R.E. is the title given to the study of religion or Religious Education. It is important to take an interest and understand not only tour own religion but other religions as well. This allows you to live happily with everybody and understand why they are who they are and why they do what they do. The teaching of R.E. uses both information and activities to develop understanding of different religions and societies.”

    As Doctor Bulldog Pointed out in his post on this same topic.

    “And, who is responsible for providing that website page? None other than “

  19. The Hermit says:

    As a former teacher myself, I can see that happening. People who are conservative have a really hard time maintaining themselves in the public school environment.

  20. Frasypoo says:

    There will come a time when Christians will ahve to go into hiding !!

  21. Yankee Doodle says:

    Great post, Angel!

  22. nanc says:

    like lambs to the slaughter.

    G-d help u.s. all.

  23. DL says:

    We can’t be too surprised -even Satan quotes scripture.

  24. KarLMmM says:

    Would have never happened in my time…the only god we had, was recess!!!
    Just remember if you put allah against a mirror you have halla…
    i have no idea what that means…
    but then again, i have no idea what allah means!!
    Seriously, i just found a slice of pizza in the shape of Moehamed, must i worship it, or can i eat it…please advise..i am hungry.

  25. Angel says:


  26. Incognito says:

    What possessed her? Wonder if she was Muslim.

  27. Panhandle Poet says:

    My children would have flunked handwriting practice. I believe they would have refused.