Brussels is IsslamiFried

The Brussels mayor, the Socialist Freddy Thielemans, has, on 9th of August 2007 sent out a press release in which he has banned a demonstration with a minute of silence to commemorate the victims of 9/11 on the 11th sept in Brussels. The reason for the prohibition is that he says he cannot guarantee public safety and that he won’t disturb the Is-lamic section of the population in Brussels.

Brussels Afraid of Muzlims

Breaking News:
Muzlims “offended” by “silence” now too.

How many countless times have Muzlims received permission to demonstrate in Brussels and worldwide, shrieking their venom and wishing death upon their generous host country.


But Brussels can’t have a moment of silence for victims of 9-11.

The World Trade Center Attack

2,823 people killed
Out of those: 1,102 victims identified

1.8 million tons of debris was removed (108,342 truckloads)
So far: 3.1 million hours of labor spent on cleanup

Hold on a minute y’all but but but I thought Izlam was a religion of peace, and that the terrorists were a just minority, and that most Muzlims abhor violence.


Anyway why would a 9/11 commemoration upset Muzlims’ ever so delicate balance. They’ve been tellin us along the attacks were engineered by the Mossad or George Bush right? blameani.gif

Being the civilized people they are, they no doubt comprehend ideas like freedom of speech, or um….. freedom of assembly. Then again……never mind.


But wait..we haven’t had dessert.
The maraschino cherry on the top cherries.jpg of this surreal event is this pathetic mayor admitting that his government cannot perform its basic function, which is protecting the rights of his own citizenry.
So why are the good people of Brussels still paying taxes eh.

Is this now officially Brussels, the capitol of Eurabia?

If anyone so much as questions a muzlim’s behavior , he is immediately branded a hateful racist, bigot. Terrorists like CA-IR, whom our very own government sanctions brings lawsuits, whines endlessly cry-bu_baby.gif and the wires of the world don’t lose a minute before shining a very broad beam on the individual.

But, when Izlam and Muzlims worldwide kill and torture people from various faiths and ethnicities daily; bombaniqq.gif when they verbalize quite succinctly their true intentions of destroying the USA, Israel and the West, and even when they carry out those very plans, Europe is silent as they are persecuted, murdered and scattered to the four winds by Muzlims and their fabricated, phony Pale-stinian cause.

Sure, Mr. Mayor, Support a sick, twisted theocracy that is illegitimate in every sense of the word, nursed on victimization born out of failure and humiliation.

On Sept.11, nearly 3,000 Americans died.

On that same fateful day:
Millions of Europeans and dhimmified Americans became voluntarily enslaved.

I have a better idea. Howzabout a moment of silence… for the city formerly known as Brussels.

Apparently these lil get togethers were just fine:

No Cartoons of da Prophet!

Down With America

Pro Heejab Rally..woohoo!

Muzlim illegals take over churches

The only people on Earth allowed to be overtly racist, homophobic, misogynistic and anti-semitic are Muzlims.

And if you dare open your trap about it…oooh…you’re an Izlamophobe.face987.gif

A silent gathering to honor those who were burned alive by Izlamists or, let’s re-phrase that: a teensy minority of “Asian” extremists or militants or whatever PC term you care to spew is forbidden.

Because the dhiimified Eurocrats are so afraid of Muzlims that they will do anything so as not to enrage them.
As if they needed an excuse to get enraged.angry07.gif

Will Europe ever evolve from lowly invertebrates to something with a backbone? back-bone-ca.jpg

We saved them from the Nazis.
Lemme tell ya.
If Europe thinks occupation under the Nazis was bad… just wait until they’re under the thumb of Izlam. Those murderous, subhuman thugs wrote the SS playbook.

Meet the Mayor of Brussels: She’s a Muzlim”

Oh, and next time ya go to Brussels, wear your rubbers, cuz the floor there is ankle deep in dhimmi and moonbat doo doo.

Then again: what did we expect from a nation located so close to France?

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42 Responses to “Brussels is IsslamiFried”

  1. Debbie says:

    Muslims can rant and rave anywhere any time, but let civilized people want a moment of silence, Nope. It really sucks, Angel. What are people thinking?

  2. no2liberals says:

    Oh how funny!
    Let me explain.
    First, pardon this little colloquiam from Texas, directed at the Mayor, but he is an “enema nozzle.”
    Now for the real funny part. On 9-11-07, in Brussels, at the Headquarters of the EU, there is to be a rally. Stop Islamization Of Europe. It started with Stop Islamization Of Denmark, and has now spread to include supporters from all over the world.
    So the funny part is, what mohammedan is going to notice a person silently observing a moment of silence, when there will be a mass of angry, purposeful protesters at the gates of the EU Hq.?
    I think the Mayor is just seeking attention, as any irrelevant change-jingler would do, especially if there is an election in the near future.
    Oh, there is also a video for SIOE.
    Holger Danske.

  3. Neil says:

    “Hold on a minute y’all but but but I thought Izlam was a religion of peace, and that the terrorists were a just minority, and that most Muzlims abhor violence.”

    That summed it up nicely, Angel. If the majority is so peaceful, perhaps they could come out to restrain and drown out the “radicals.”

  4. Butch says:

    Unbelievable… By God, I’ll be posting about the horrors of the ‘religion of peace’ and all things anti-American… believe-me-you!

    Moonbat doo sounds pretty disgusting… ‘because it is’….

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  7. Phil says:

    Angel Muslims are a religion of piece they blow everything up into little tiny pieces including themselves which I am hoping that they get more proficient at just blowing them selves up more so than any innocent bi-standers.

  8. Pela68 says:

    So there will still be a demo. Only now with people carrying all- white banners (a traditional European protest against censorship). Funny that a muslim major representing a local party where 10 out of 17 seats are hold by muslims, would denie a permit for “Stop Islamzation of Europe”!

    Err- not so surprising after all maby…

    Excellent post Angel!

  9. fidothedog says:

    Brilliant piece, linked to this and done my own bit on the dhimmi status of Europe, or Eurabia as it is now.

  10. Flanders Fields says:

    Sweet Angel, you have done a masterful job at pointing out the atrocity that has become the guiding force in Europe.

    No 2 Liberals does not realize that this is not just a publicity stunt by the mayor. This is institutionalized doctrine in the EU. The people of Europe are taught the doctrine from an early age in the Madrassas of leftism which are known as European Universities. It is reinforced by dogma at every level which is anti-American and against traditional freedoms. People do not recognize it because they are taught that they have never had it so good and that socialism is the reason for their security. They have been taught to discount the role played by the US in the two WWs.

    Their media, AND “AMERICAN” MEDIA, help in this reinforcement. The people are intelligent, but as in America, many are unwilling to believe that their lives are being directed and micromanaged.

    A local mayor cannot prevent a movement by the people of Europe. The people are becoming more aware of the dangers posed both by militancy among Islamics and by leftist controllers of their society. The people of the continent are beginning to awaken.

  11. Ottavio Marasco says:

    Brilliant! There is growing opposition to the mayors decision to ban the demonstration. Meanwhile an online petition, which everyone is invited to sign, asks the mayor to reconsider his decision. I strongly urge all to sign it. Visit:

  12. no2liberals says:

    I missed the link at the top, and didn’t realize SIOE was the focus of this alleged Mayor. Checking the link’s comments, it seems the list of signers to the petition is growing exponentially, and the governor of Belgium’s email address was even posted. LOL!
    So it will be interesting to see if a peaceful demonstration is attacked or countered by seething radical muslims.
    I have some friends that are expat-Iranians. Several of them believe that all muslims should be denied the right to immigrate to the U.S.

  13. Flanders Fields says:

    Angel, You are linked

  14. Gayle says:

    I’m going to quit telling you that your posts are excellent, Angel, because they always are. I’ll tell you when one isn’t, ‘kay? :)

    You’re exactly right. This pos mayor has no backbone, and no cajones either. It’s a wonder he can even stand up straight! Thank God and all His angels that I never married a man like that! Cowards and hypocrites are so totally disgusting.

  15. Chris says:

    Sadly, we are not that far behind… I sure hope this serves as a wake-up call to the world, but funny that it’s not in the press. You’d think that the body designed to spread freedom of speech and be a champion of that freedom by sharing news with people would be all over this censorship… oh wait… that’s in my little dream world where the press does its job to spread awareness of corruption like this. Good thing we have blogs now- too bad most people seem to be missing out on the real news here! I still hope it’s not too late to turn the tide and kick all these freedom hating people out.

  16. Stanford Matthews says:

    Appeasers believe their actions are reasonable. Right up until the time they hide and expect someone else to stand up for them.

  17. Jack says:

    Yet another example of how Europe is sliding into the abyss.

  18. OMMAG says:

    You ask “Then again: what did we expect from a nation located so close to France?”

    I say expect nothing. Just sit back and observe the politicos of these socialist states sell out their own heritage to avoid confrontation with thugs.

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    Brussels Sprouts Dhimmitude…

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  20. The Amboy Times says:

    The List of Things That Offend Muslims…

    This list is a work in progress. I welcome suggestions. Anyone who has more items to add to the list, post them in the comments. The intent of the list is to illustrate the futility of the multicultural approach to…

  21. Robert Bayn says:

    I could careless if the Muslims are offended about a Memorial for 9-11, maybe if they had any human dignity they would have been offended when 3,000 FRIGGIN PEOPLE DIED, as far as i’m concern they can stick their Koran up their @$$.

  22. Bar Kochba says:

    When’s the last time that a 9/11 memorial ended with an anti-Muslim pogrom? This is something out of the Twilight Zone. Welcome to Absurdistan.

  23. Yankee Doodle says:

    “Hold on a minute y’all but but but I thought Izlam was a religion of peace, and that the terrorists were a just minority, and that most Muzlims abhor violence.”

    Exactly. Let the Islamic community peacefully participate in the demonstration and in so doing condemn the terrorist acts that so many of them abhor.

    As John Wayne said: That’ll be the day!

  24. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Pro-abortion questions must be answered; Gregg, Michael…

    Gregg will be on the Michael Medved Show this Thrusday, Aug. 16, 2007, at 4 PM to 5 PM EST (and 1 PM to 2 PM PCT respectfully). You may use this to find your station. Gregg is truly honored to have such an opportunity to speak with Michael about thes…..

  25. michael says:

    cannot guarantee public safety

    Does anyone else ever see the irony in this? All of these muslim groups keep saying that they are peaceful, that they abhor violence, that the terrorists “are not the real Islam,” and yet, when there is a rally that they don’t like, public safety can’t be guaranteed.

    Due to the muslims’ counter rally. Or riot, if you prefer…

  26. Pela68 says:

    Uhumm! Of course Freddy is not a muslim- but the acting mayor is! And the socialist party HAS got 17 seats in the city council. That is by far the majority holdings of seats… AND! 10 of those is held by muslims.

    Dhimmidhimmidhimmi- tude.

    But I guess we Europeians has ourselves to be blamed. Why do we love totalitarian ideologies so much? facism, socialism, communism nazism and islamism? “Samma andas barn”- Borne out of the same womb…

  27. Seth says:

    I hope that once Islam makes its bid to place Europe under Sharia law, the usual suspects don’t pull the U.S. into that “quagmire” to save them from the fruits of their Chamberlainian buffoonery.

  28. Joe Gringo says:

    Unfortunately this complete nonsense will not go away until we crush their dangerous idealogy……one mullah at a time……..20 or 30 at a time would be more like it.

  29. Frasypoo says:

    Thats sad…they world is on its way down…
    Only good thing is that its in the end times !

  30. KaRlLmM says:

    There is a sad irony to all this MMMoozzifacation of the globe…..All it goes to show is how right the Israelis have always been, about the threat of The Arab transmitted disease and the need to eradicate it as soon as possible.
    Perhaps its biblical, but the curse put on the father of the arabs has seemed to come true each and every day.

  31. Sgt. America says:

    And they call Jesus the Prince of Peace, but the atrocities that have been done his name are legion as well.
    There are logs in all of our eyes and we won’t remove them with our faces contorted in blind hate and rage.

    I could care less what they do to honor OUR tragedy in Brussels of all places.
    We must get back to DEFENDING Peace and put wholesale war aside if we don’t want to destroy our civilization ourselves without the outsiders having to do it to us.

    I’ll fight again to defend America, but I won’t raise a finger to try and export democracy to a people that don’t want it, and can’t handle it.

  32. Sgt. America says:

    “Meet the Mayor of Brussels: She’s a Muzlim”
    The mayor of Brussels Freddy Thielemans not Faouzia Hariche

    We’d better start looking at why a cakewalk has turned into a bloody occupation and get back on track with fighting the terrorists.

  33. Chris says:

    Well said Sgt, but the problem is that we aren’t exporting democracy, but defending an ally who has been invaded, much as we have been invaded. If we let our democratic allies fall to islamofascism, how much longer will we hold out when the whole world caves. As mighty as we are in the U.S. we can not stand alone against the terrorists, especially when they already have strong support from within our own borders.

  34. Jungle mom says:

    I am afraid Europe is lost and we better watch out or we will be right behind them!!!

  35. cube says:

    I’m offended by these eternally-offended islamofacists.

  36. Dapoppins says:

    Muzlims are offeneded by anything non muzlim…

  37. USpace says:

    GO Europe! Keep on fighting!

    This dhimmi Mayor is a total coward and a despicable and porcine traitor.

    This will go to court hopefully, thus drawing more publicity. Where are all the lawyers when we need them?

    Might 200,000 March in Brussels 9/11/07 Against Islamification BECAUSE Mayor Has Forbidden It?

    Everybody please sign the petition!

    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe says
    avoid tough questions

    allow Sharia to rule
    bring back eighth century

    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe
    wants Taliban Earth

    that’s what liberals want too
    destroy all human rights

  38. Angel says:


  39. Stout Republican says:

    It’s a shame. Bigotry is bigotry, no matter what side of the aisle that your on. What gets me is the intellectualizing of the bigotry of the left. How it’s okay, because in some moral vacuum they’re actually going the right thing. Whether that be for human rights, or whatever. They really don’t think that judging someone for being a Jew is bad, because they feel that Jew represents something which they are allowed to hate.

    How is it that the left is “allowed” to hate? What is the moral justification they use to warrant turning one person away, and accepting another.

  40. benning says:

    Belgium: The New France!

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  42. Nicolas Krebs says:

    “Is this now officially Brussels, the capitol of Eurabia?” (Angel)

    “Europe, or Eurabia as it is now.” (fidothedog)

    There is no such thing as Eurabia except in the mind of conspiracy theorists and Europeans-haters.