HacKerS..the ModerN Day VillaiN?

“A Briton accused of perpetrating the “biggest military hack of all time” using a “tuppenny-ha’penny” home computer should be extradited to America to stand trial, a district judge ruled yesterday.

Gary McKinnon, 40, from Wood Green, north London, could face a 70-year jail sentence for allegedly accessing 97 United States government computers, causing damage estimated at £370,000…

9/11 hacker should be extradited to stand trial in America, rules judge
tell us:

He is alleged to have deleted files and logs from computers at the US Naval Weapons Station Earle at a critical time after the September 11 attacks, rendering the base’s network of 300 computers inoperable.

He is also accused of obtaining secret passwords or information which might become “indirectly useful to an enemy“, and interfering with maritime navigation facilities in New Jersey.

As a pacifist, he also wanted to expose weaknesses in the American security systems….

It was claimed that he left a note on an army computer in 2002 saying US foreign policy was “akin to government-sponsored terrorism”…

The note allegedly said: “It was not a mistake that there was a huge security stand-down on September 11 last year. I am Solo. I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels.”

Ah..so here he is ladies and gentlemen.. a “black hat hacker” who was able to exploit some of his skills and gain unauthorized access to untold government networks.
Were his hacks an incredible feat of programming, a masterful psychological ploy, or both?

Cyber terrorism is no joke.
It has been described as the use of computers to intimidate or even destroy a population.
The weapons of choice my friends? A hard drive and a keyboard.
If the cyber terrorist is able to delete files and logs from computers at the US Naval Weapons Station Earle, what else can they potentially do?

For some,- this is the ultimate theme park. The Internet has no boundaries.
People can access extremely sensitive information , without anyone suspecting, change codes, alter information….
They can spread their doctrines (whatever they may be)- further than ever before in the history of civilization.
They can cause economic collapse, and sheer mayhem.
(Ever been in a bank, store or hospital when the “computer was down”?)

Hacking into a computer system may not exactly be equivalent to blowing up a building, but do not for one moment underestimate the damage it could wreak.
Your enemies certainly don’t.

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10 Responses to “HacKerS..the ModerN Day VillaiN?”

  1. Brooke says:

    Throw the keyboard at him!

  2. VBGuru613 says:

    He aint going to jail!!! The government or MicroSoft will hire him for a mil\year

  3. KARL m says:


  4. ABF says:

    While I would never in a million years condone what he did, there are other reasons he can get in so easy. Securing those systems should always be a top priority with regular vulnerability testing. I do hope they lock this guy up forever though.

  5. benning says:

    He needs to be tossed into a deep, dark hole for the rest of his natural life. Why is it that Pacifists don’t care if they endanger lives, as long as they can spout their sicidal dogma?

    Screw him! Shackles! A real Ball and Chain for the creep!

  6. VBGuru613 says:

    Why not use him for his wisdom to prevent other HaCkeRs from doing it……

  7. Middle America says:

    Excellent idea VBGuru13.
    Many once black hackers have turned to the white side in order to assist those less knowledgable. Kevin Mitnik is a poster boy for such an example. Although, many hackers would say he really wasn’t all that.

    What I fear is those less knowledgable in Congress will take this and push to lock down all internet highways.

    Oh crap, they already have.

    Check out the Fight over Internet Neutrality
    Tech Group urge Congress to keep internet neutrality

  8. cube says:

    I would throw the virtual book at him. Big time jail time.

  9. VBGuru613 says:

    he would melt your virtual cube

  10. 123beta says:

    NSA: Building Database Of U.S. Phone Calls…

    The MSM is at it again. There’s really no story here. As far as I know the……