GoT TapE?

Quick-thinking passengers and crew members managed to subdue a deranged man who tried to open an airplane door thousands of feet in the air on a flight to New York yesterday.

Psycho tries to open jet door in air

“There was a lot of panic,” said passenger Bobby Vigil, who sat next to the man for most of the flight and later helped restrain him with duct tape and seat belts. “He tried to open the back door of the plane. He really wanted out at 30,000 feet.”

Vigil said his rowmate left his seat to go to the bathroom in the front of the plane and briefly tried to open the cockpit door. The man, whom he described as Asian and about 20, then returned to his seat, only to get up 15 seconds later, go to the back of the plane and attempt to open the cabin door.

The man, whose name was not released, attempted to bite the tape off his hands and feet. Extension belts were used to keep him in place as the plane prepared to land, Vigil said.

Dang. It’s a good thing that Vigil, our “John Doe” , was so vigilant!

Forget passports’s high time we institute mental health exams and sanity tests for passengers. crazyani3.gif

Thus far, the psycho is being described as “Asian”, and ahem..his name has not yet been released.

Duct tape:
I always knew there were never ending uses for duct tape.

Fixing broken tail lights on a vehicle.

Reattaching that rear view mirror.

Holding up that exhaust pipe (though it may not last very long..heh). bang-head-selfd.gif

Patch ripped clothing.

What…waxing?… ewwwww. lol3.gif

Band-Aids for really big cuts.

Wallpapering your house (may be more expensive, but well worth it for the resulting sophisticated, shiney new look..ha). laff.gif

Toilet paper?

Seat belts that’ll REALLY keep the kids still.

Holding that stubborn car hood shut.

Practical joke toilet paper replacement.

Taping annoying people (like this psycho) to walls, floors, ceilings, or airplane seats.

Passengers will not go down quietly anymore.
Lawsuits?… Bring em on!

Thank you Bobby Vigil for being a typically resourceful and courageous American, for subduing that ahem..”unnamed Asian”… and saving the day.


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33 Responses to “GoT TapE?”

  1. Debbie says:

    Did I miss where the duct tape came from? Did they already have it on the plane or did the passenger have it in his luggage? Next thing they will ban from carry on luggage will be duct take, you watch. Nice post Angel.

  2. Strawberry says:

    That would have to be a new use for duct tape! I love your posts, Angel! They are always enlightening and entertaining at the same time!

  3. hnav says:

    i think the gentlemen who wanted to jump out of the airplane, couldn’t face the idea of Hillary Clinton returning to the White House…

    or, he ran out of ducccc-tape.

  4. Pela68 says:

    Duct tape as TP?



  5. Pela68 says:

    I once flew (several times) with a soviet union era MI-8 helicopter, that had so many duct taped parts I thought that that was the only thing holding the copt together (besides hope). Lucky for me, I had a parachute on my back and bailed out in mid- air flight all the times…

  6. Kevin says:

    Does ‘Asian’ include the Muslim nations and India nowadays?

  7. Fang says:

    Great post. Duct tape fixes everything. They should have duct taped the Asian to the outside of the plane.

  8. Gayle says:

    I love that last one, Angel. “Duct tape is like a force. It has a light side and a dark side, and it binds the universe together.” LOL!

    Good for Vigil! Even though it takes special training to open a door to the outside of the plane, this idiot had no right to be messing around with it! No telling what he would have done next.

  9. Steve Harkonnen says:

    Asian….yeah, right. This is the media trying desperately to avoid the use of the word “MUSLIM” when we all know in fact he WAS.

  10. Panhandle Poet says:

    Thank you for that perfectly “ducky” post!

  11. cube says:

    Duct tape is awesome stuff. I’ll never go on a flight without a roll after reading your post.

    BTW I’m suspicious of the use of the word asian too.

  12. Yankee Doodle says:

    Now, Angel, we don’t know anything about this person described as Asian, and that includes this person’s motivation.

    So, what I’m about to say may be a little off-topic….


    Wouldn’t it be funny if duct tape became the new weapon-of-choice for the counterjihad?

    Imagine a suicide bomber with all his bombs, but he can’t get to the detonator, because he’s wrapped up in duct tape.


  13. Defiant_Infidel says:

    I call it ’200 MPH tape’ and have always considered it an essential. I denounce the “Manco” discount excuse (gotta be Chinese) and stress the importance of buying the genuine Scotch 3M brand… I mean, c’mon people, it’s TAPE you’re purchasing here afterall, not a new car… and you well may be trying to restrain a loathsome terrorist with it!

    This is no time to be cheap and buy the Yugo… go for the Lexus!

  14. Bar Kochba says:

    We must be ever vigilant. Thank G-d for duct tape.

  15. MariesTwoCents says:

    Passengers will not go down quietly anymore.
    Lawsuits?… Bring em on!


  16. Seth says:

    I wish they’d leave the language alone. First it became “PC” to call Orientals “Asians”. Now when someone mentions Asians, you have to ask them “Do you mean Oriental Asians or North African Asians?”

  17. brooke says:

    Kevin is right-on; “Asian” is the new code word for Muslim nowadays.

    I wonder…

  18. Angel says:

    THANKS ALLS FOR THE SWEET ADDITIONS AND THOUGHTS!!…will try to keep y’all updated! ;)

  19. michael says:

    First: I love your photo essay and musings on the uses of duct tape. In fact, I love anything to do with duct tape. About the only thing that it won’t fix, oddly enough, are ventilation ducts….

    But here is some food for thought: If CAIR gets their way, resourceful passengers like this will be an endangered species.

  20. wytammic says:

    Hodas said the man could not have opened the door even if he had not been subdued. “You need special training to open the door,” he said.

    Yeah, well you need special training to fly planes into buildings too, and that was arranged for.

  21. wytammic says:

    I guess he didn’t speak English either.

  22. Middle America says:

    Unknown Asian Man? Give me a break. It just shows another example that safety comes from those willing to observe and pro-act.
    Thanks goes to Bobby Vigil.

  23. nanc says:

    i could not go a moment without knowing where my duct tape was – it it right up there with my assorted colored/tipped sharpees, super glue and iced tea mug…


  24. Incognito says:

    Ha.. funny stuff.. … lots of wackos out there… religious and not.

  25. Christi says:

    lol, great post, Angel…out here in the boonies, duct tape is known as ‘country chrome’.

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  27. Phil says:

    Nice Post Angel, who ever had the Duct Tape must listen to Red and Green regularly.

  28. Phil says:

    This one is the funniest one that I noticed that you posted, I about rolled off my chair laughing so hard.

    Wallpapering your house (may be more expensive, but well worth it for the resulting sophisticated, shiney new look..ha).

    Very Good

  29. KKarLLmmM says:

    If it walks like a duct, Sounds like a duct, and looks like a duct…..
    Then it must indeed be a duct….
    As always Angel….you drive the laugh meter thru the roof…
    How about a couple of rolls to use on Hillary, CAIR, The ACLU and a assortments of other clowns, that march around as politicians and others.

  30. Goat says:

    I just hope we can duct tape Iraq together long enough for it to heal. I use duct tape over a conventional band aid or a paper towel on the job as it will stay in place while I work and not bleed out. I do glass work, BTW.

  31. Angel says:


  32. Jack says:

    Reminds me of the Duct Tape Bandit

  33. band aid bandit says:

    [...] but with like 80 percent less pictures of titties? Well I tried one of those, and it was p…Woman Honor Thyself Blog Archive GoT TapE?Band-Aids for really big cuts. Wallpapering your house (may be more expensive, but well … I use [...]