Prime Minister John Howard’s GutS

Asserting that Australia has been built on values based on “Judeo-Christian ethics,” Prime Minister John Howard’s government has introduced a new test for would-be citizens.
US Should Follow Australia’s Example

The move comes amid concerns about extremist views among some Australian Mus-lims, and at a time when some small political parties are pushing for immigration — and Mus-lim immigration in particular — to be on the agenda ahead of elections due later this year.

The booklet says these values are based on “Judeo-Christian ethics, a British political heritage and the spirit of the European Enlightenment” …

Last year federal Treasurer Peter Costello, often viewed as a possible successor to Howard, told foreign-born Mus-lims that if they could not accept Australian values or wanted to live under sha-ri’a, they should leave.


The distinguished scent of national pride in action.

Ah yes..can ya hear it already?…Shh..Listen………
Accusations of “racism”, “bigotry” and “xenophobia” : the hallmark weapons of the Lefty Marxists.

These labels are used to throttle dissent. They are slung far and wide with no regard for those being accused of the charges…as long as its their “oppressed group of choice”, who gets all the pampering.

The Izlamos and their thug crew, CA-IR,( the unindicted co-conspirators of terrorism) have jumped on that bus with zeal.

And……We’ve all seen the nearly bullet-proof lethality of this tactic.

People are scared of Muzlims. #%$$ing Scared.

Let’s at least be honest bout if friends.

WaPo refuses to publish the latest in a series of cartoons , because their muzlim staff didn’t deem it approriate?!
Washington Post, Other Newspapers Won’t Run ‘Op-us’ Cartoon Mocking Radical Is-lam

A popular comic strip that poked fun at the Rev. Jerry Falwell without incident one week ago was deemed too controversial to run over the weekend because this time it took a humorous swipe at Mu-slim fundamentalists.

Yep. Just keep hittin that snooze alarm Leftards……….go back to sleep.

The last cartoon fiasco stirred the cry of victimization from Muzlims worldwide. Have we forgotten that too?

Think the Washington (Com)Post or any other paper would think one and a half times before publishing this?


But wait. Um…when were the news conferences, and rallies by (the imaginary) “moderates”, to protest the endless litany of atrocities performed by people who act supposedly in their ahem..”peaceful” religion’s name?

Did I miss the admonitions and denunciations.

Have I failed to notice the clear denunciations of al-Qai-da or HamASS, of Wahha-bism, of Darfurian genocide, of honor killings, female genital mutilaion, endless misogyny, suicide bombs, or 9-11, just for starters?

Nah. This is more like it:

No cryin, no raging over that.
At best, we get a vacuous, tepid disclaimer from a phoney im-am, if even that much.

But whining bout Izlamo-phobia and victimization? Always.

Well guess what Leftards. Yea, you.
The anti-war, anti-America crew who have made very interesting bedfellows with murderous fascists on the banks of the Euphrates.

Most suicide bombers are Muzlim.

Nearly all suicide bombings happen to be against non Muzlims, until FAT-ah and Ham-ASS decided to show us their true colors.

Nearly all of the “antisemitic” anger and incidents in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Europe and the Middle East against Jews, just so happens to be perpetrated by Muzlims.

It’s called reality testing Sparky.

Ya oughta try it sometime.

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26 Responses to “Prime Minister John Howard’s GutS”

  1. Debbie says:

    Excellent post Angel. Stand up. Speak up. Write up. We Will Not Submit. We Will Not Fear!

  2. Lady Jane says:

    I love Mr. Howard! And I agree: awesome post, Angel! Sorry I haven’t been around much. You continue to do such excellent work!

    And I nominated you for a Nice Award:

  3. Strawberry says:

    Great Post, Angel! I love the poster at the bottom. Reminds me of a line from “Independence Day” – “We will not go quietly into the night!”

    If we don’t want our way of life and our values to be stripped away – we better make a lot more noise!

  4. Defiant_Infidel says:

    Twenty years ago, would you ever have been able to be convinced that when confronted by the madness that has blossomed from this cult of death, we might be actually defeated by it chiefly because we dallied around internally debating whether it was real? …and whether it was a viable direction to simply deny and ignore it?

    Great one, Angel. I wish you were wrong.

  5. Kevin says:

    Agreed. Great one. I’m with the Defiant Infidel. Reagan gave us back the belief that America is the greatest and worth fighting for that Carter took away from us. Now the left is slowly bleeding it out of Americans again.

    I hope it’s just a cycle, because with half of America willing to pacify these jihadi creeps, we will not win this war.

  6. michael says:

    Sounds like the Aussie gov’t's got the right idea. If someone wants to live under shari’a law, they can always go to Saudi Arabia, or Iran. But the majority of Westerners don’t want that, and in our system, the majority does (benignly) rule.

  7. benning says:

    You never know what the election will bring. Howard’s Party may continue, but the Left may pull him down, and with him, what remains of Australian sense.

  8. Robert Bayn says:

    I’m amused by how much the left does not get the War on Terror, it’s like their brain goes into shut down mode, when you mention the War on Terror, some even call it a Christians vs Muslims War, what they don’t get is these people, see Christians and Non-Christians as the same, Infidels, who need to convert to Islam or die, but the far left brain (providing they have one), just can’t comprehend the obvious.

  9. Gayle says:

    Dear Robert Bayn, I’m convinced the far left does not have a brain – at least not one that is recognizable as such! :)

    Good grief, Angel… you are pure genius! I love this post… but I love all of your posts. Your sarcastic wit is unbeatable, but I’ll bet there aren’t many libtards out there who can even understand it.

  10. Angel says:

    THANKS ALLS AND thanks Gayle for those kind words!…Lets keep shouting and NO backing down! :)

  11. Joe Gringo says:

    Bee-yoo-tifully said. Especially the jpeg at the end!

    I might as well share with you part of my post today…….

    “Jesus taught, “Love your enemies” (Matthew 5:44). The Qur’an tells Muslims to be “ruthless to unbelievers” (48:29). When one commits violence in the name of Christianity, he is transgressing against Christ’s teachings, but the jihadists make and sustain the case among their fellow Muslims that they are the believers who are being truly faithful to Islamic teaching.”

    Nothing like a Religion of Peace

  12. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Diversity is strength for new Iraqi Army; OTB…

    Jassimi, a native of Southern Iraq, said there is a preconceived notion in some global media circles that various sectarian issues create problems within the new Iraqi Army. To combat this, he said, he avoids prejudice by ignoring religious preferenc…..

  13. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    News You Can Use (ignored by the dinosaur media); OTB…

    This is an amazing achievement by the Iraqis, but it is good news so don’t expect it to be covered by the dinosaur media. There is an article written by Robert McFarlane over at the Free Republic. The title of this article is, “A Fatwa Against Violen…

  14. Daniel says:

    It seems to me that much of the world is moving rightward, which is a good sign for ’08.

  15. brooke says:

    SIckening dhimmitude! >:(

    Hopefully, change is on the horizon.

  16. Frasypoo says:

    My thoughts exactly…you dont like it here then LEAVE!!!

  17. ZionistYoungster says:

    The Muslims, by power alone–not a chance of overpowering us. With the aid of self-flagellating Cultural Marxists, they’re doing just that.

    First they drum into our heads the idea that the West is guilty of a history of “Might Makes Right” (yeah, like the Muslims took all the lands from Morocco to Indonesia through sweet talk), then they replace that with “Plight Makes Right”, which excuses those who are “victims” of any crime. And since the Muslims are on the side of the victims, their jihad is reframed as “resistance”, and that’s how you get the suicidal stance that “Jihad Makes Just”.

    I spotted this just yesterday, by archmoonbat Bill Christison, in his article Why the US and Israel Should Lose Middle East Wars (wow, how’s that for a title?) on CounterPunch:

    We do indeed seem to have an example of a clash of civilizations that has become a growing force today. This force is nourished by the desire of Muslims for real freedom from the increasing political domination over the Islamic peoples by Western (Christian and Jewish) parts of the world.

    The essence of Leftist fifth-columnry.

  18. Blog @ » Blog Archive » MoreWhat Matters: Today’s Blog List says:

    [...] Woman Honor Thyself [...]

  19. Middle America says:

    Another interesting post. I am still amazed at all the pics.
    So sad, yet so true.

  20. KKarLLmmM says:

    Knock Knock……Knock Knock…….???????
    Exactly what i thought….absolutely no one there….
    When is some one going to stand up to them Izmoos and tell them where to stick it.
    Till then i will continue checking in on you Angel, here at Womanhonorthyself for my daily dose of Arabastard humor…
    What is next, no more “Camel” cigarettes because it offends their love interests.

  21. Goat says:

    I looked at migrating to Australia and I was too old at 25, with a trade. That is where I would go if our politics go to far left,

  22. Incognito says:

    I love the Aussies… they’ve got courage!!

  23. Ottavio says:

    Our leader certainly does have courage, and unwavering and almost unconditional support for America’s war on terror. The sad news is that we are in election mode and if the pollsters are correct John Howards Government is in strife. By November we may well have a new labor Government. I was encouraged though, when Howards likely successor, Kevin Rudd made a speech at the Australian American Leadership Dialogue Dinner in Melbourne last Saturday night. I believe Australia will continue to be closely aligned to the United States.

  24. Paul says:

    I wish we could draft Prime Minister Howard for President of the United States.
    He is the first leader to recognize the problem and actually have the guts to do something about it. I never thought I could ever think I would rather be from a country other than the United States, but this guy really makes me think. I hope Australia realizes what a great leader they have in this man.

  25. David says:

    I agree with the PM but we should go a step further. Since the Native people in many countries were stripped of their beliefs when they were colonised I think no religious beliefs of any kind should be allowed.

  26. keith says:

    “racism”, “bigotry” and “xenophobia, thats what I am called for thinking, acting, or considering anything against muslims. Ha, I can live with that, Muslims have destroyed their name worldwide, If your not muslim nobody gives a **** about you anymore. I try to discriminate as much as possible whenever I have the oppurtunity to treat a muslim like they wish to treat me. Keep it up people.