SaY no to HumoR if ure Muss-lim, that is.

‘Get a copy of the Ko-ran and you’ll always get a seat on the bus. Add a rucksack and sandals, and you can drive the damn thing.’

OK..That’s funny right.
No no no says Doobai.

Stand-up Sean Meo has been prevented from performing in Du-bai after upsetting Mus-lims.
Protest forces comic from Du-bai gig

Police had been alerted to jokes he cracked about the Kor-an and the Ar-ab language in an attempt to stop him entering the country for a show tomorrow night.

Fearing the local press would whip up a frenzy of protest against Meo, his agent and the organisers of the gig decided it would be safer if he didn’t perform.

Meo’s agent said: ‘It was a mutual decision between us. There was a small but still unacceptable risk to his safety.’

Laughter is an intelligent form of release for these tensions. It helps break down racist stereotypes by laughing at them.’

We, here in the West..well ya see..We don’t get our panties into a bunch so quickly and um…….we actually believe in laughter.

Especially our ability to laugh at our selves at times.
Needless to say, this takes self esteem and inner strength. (hint hint)
Why, Norman Cousins, laughed himself all the way back to health.

Yea, we want those endorphins released into our bloodstreams.

Hit us with that psycho-neuro-immunological system body building, serotonin.

Oh wait. No no no.

Out of cowardly Fear that ahem…some nameless groups would “whip up a frenzy of protest”…the comedian is iced, deep-sixed, canned.

Can someone provide an exact translation for :
“whip up a frenzy of protest”…What does whipping up look like..
and what is a frenzy anyway?

And who exactly are they so dang skeered of.

Some female bomb breeder with 7 kids (with a 8th on the way) who will predictably grow up to be ignorant knuckle-dragging murderers, and bomb some innocent Americans or Israelis some day?
Is she the one we’re all so skeered of?

Or is it the male (if we can be generous enough to call them that) jeehadi ranters and thugs with their old-school Jew and America hatred with his lies and misplaced indignation.

Du-bai’s constitution provides for freedom of speech, but in practice the local media is heavily regulated, and foreign publications are censored before distribution.

Ha. Pick a State..any A-rab State.
No matter how deep you dig, there ain’t no pony in either pile.

This is your family.

This is your family on fundamentalist Izzlam.

Any questions?

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17 Responses to “SaY no to HumoR if ure Muss-lim, that is.”

  1. Panhandle Poet says:

    It’s certainly no laughing matter….

  2. KKarLLmmM says:

    How many Palestinians does it take to change a light bulb? None! They sit in the dark forever and blame the Jews for it…
    There i said it…….where’s my fatwa or falafel or whatever you get now…please i will have fries with that…supersized!!!

  3. Nuke says:

    This is your family…..This is your family on radical izzlam. Any questions?

    No Ma’am. You plumb nailed it! :)
    Nice post, Angel.

  4. Debbie says:

    KKarLLmmM: hah. good joke, probably true.

    Angel. good post. I listed some humor and satire sites for Muslims at the end of a post yesterday. They don’t seem to have the same sense of humor we do.


  5. Vorzheva says:

    Hello, Angel. Very good post. It’s terrible they cannot laugh about themselves. As you said, that is rather healthy.
    Gonna link this!

  6. ZionistYoungster says:

    Everywhere Islam is found and is taken seriously, society gets to resemble a dysfunctional family. It’s like clockwork.

    Incidentally, that also blows the Leftreasonous “Islamophobia is racism!” argument out of the water. Racism is about nature, but the influence of Islam on the human pysche is clearly a case of nurture. In a way, that’s a good thing, because it means it can be overcome.

  7. Gayle says:

    They seem to think it’s funny when they blow something up, Angel. Perhaps if this comedian would simply light firecrackers on stage he would be a great success! Better yet, if he could magically sever someone’s head he’d be an instant hit!

  8. The Hermit says:

    Where’d that kid get a Browning High Power!!!

    Angel, if the blogger that found GUYK finds you, she’ll be skewering you too. Beware Librarians from New Zealand!

  9. Grumy old fart says:

    fundamentalism in any religion is troubling simply because it conflicts with reason and reality. When the numbers of such fundamentalists reach critical mass, it becomes real trouble for everybody.

  10. Defiant_Infidel says:

    What a gagging disappointment. I lived and worked in Dubai for three years. At the time it was deemed the “Pearl of the Gulf” and they regularly extolled the virtuous “neutrality” of their country in the midst of some of the most radical Islamic nations in the world (it is 18 miles across the Strait of Hormuz to Iran). It’s nothing new and they have previously proved that that claim was pure BS, but it still saddens me. The echo of silence as NO NATIONALS within the UAE will speak out against their Jihadi brothers is nauseating… and very telling to anyone with their eyes open. Of course, that entirely excludes the massive supply of disconnected libs we have within our own borders.

    Nutless, stereotypical joiners. Another great piece of work, Angel, even if it does make me want to skip lunch.

  11. dapoppins says:

    What NUKE said! hahahahaha so true.

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  14. Incognito says:

    not surprising… they are humourless, as they have proved in the past.

    Who’d want to go there anyway..

  15. michael says:

    Angel, great post.
    I think that Islam in general, and Arab culture in particular, are too insecure about themselves to have a sense of humor. They peaked 800 years ago, have produced nothing since, and deep down, they know it. That’d make it hard to laugh, you know?

    I’d pity them, if they weren’t such violent barbarians.

  16. brooke says:

    To Hell with them! I can’t believe any sane person would want to perform in Dubai, anyway!

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