CartoonS and DeatH

“The current edition of the Ha-mas website for children… includes short comic strips teaching children to hate Israelis who are defined as the “evil Zionists”.
Ha-mas Hate-Comics for Kids goes on…
In a story called “dangerous games” two children find toys in the street, however “…these are not toys but bombs that explode in the hands of those who touch them. The evil Zionists place them here to kill the innocent children of Palestine”.
“The following is the complete text of the comic strip:

-”Come I’ll show you the pretty toys”
-”What pretty toys! They look brand new!”
-”Don’t take any of them”
-”Why, my brother?”
-”These are not toys, but booby-trapped bombs that will explode in the hands of those who touch them. They are placed here by the evil Zionists to kill innocent Palestinian children”
-”Go now and inform the police so that they can be dismantled, and I will stay here and not let anyone touch them”
-”Yes! These are dangerous toys that are called booby-traps, placed by the evil ones to kill the people of our nation, who suffered from them and fight a Jihad to drive them out of our beloved country”

Reality Check:
U.S. Teen Dies Following Tel Aviv Bombing

JERUSALEM – A Florida teenager wounded in a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv last month died Sunday from his injuries, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Daniel Wultz, 16, of Weston, Fla., will be flown home for burial Monday, said Yael Tzuberi, a spokeswoman for the Tel Aviv Medical Center where he was hospitalized.

Wultz and his father, Tuly, were having lunch at a Tel Aviv restaurant on April 17 when a Palestinian suicide bomber detonated about 10 pounds of explosives in the entrance.

Wultz’s death brought the number of those killed in the attack to 11, in addition to the suicide bomber. Dozens were wounded, including Wultz’s father, who survived.”

Ha-mas has “values”, if one can even call them that, that are incommensurable with ours, or any sane thinking societys. There is no common vocabulary.
Terrorists are pychopathic, irrational, xenophobic, hostile, and blind. They see nothing but their twisted, dogmatic, fundamentalist faith. if you can it that..

I will waste no more of my precious words on these maniacal, intellectually vacuous people….if you can call them that.

And while the Muzlims continute their infatuation with the use of cartoons, and cold blooded violence……..a sixteen year old boy from Florida will be laid to rest.

Peace and blessings to the family of Daniel Wultz.

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6 Responses to “CartoonS and DeatH”

  1. Gayle says:

    Hi Angel. Sorry I took so long to get here. I’m very busy though, but I made it at last!

    Re: your post, to say these people are deranged doesn’t even begin to cut it. President Bush was right from the very get go… he called them “evil.” The MSM blasted him for it, but if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s a duck! To re-coin the old phrase “beauty is as beauty does” “evil is as evil does” and these people are proving it many times over every day.


  2. 123beta says:

    Open Trackback Weekend #5…

    It’s Open Trackbacks Weekend! In the infamous words of Kramer,”OK, go”!…

  3. Lady Jane says:

    Thanks for the link, Angel!

  4. KArL M says:


  5. Chris says:

    On the spot, as usual, Woman. Children can only learn what they are taught, for the most part. Hatred is the easiest thing to teach, as well.
    It all adds up to a bad scene over there, but I refuse to give up hope that Israel will continue to exist. Palestine will only become a real state when the rest of the Middle East repression is resolved. Iraq is only the first stop on that journey; a journey that must be followed all the way.

    I extend my sincerest condolences to the family of Daniel Wultz. The goal of this war on terror should be to keep children from learning to hate anyone enough to be willing to blow themselves up to kill the object of their hatred, or to kill them before they do it. I endorse the latter strategy, until the former takes hold.

    That’s my two cents, and really, a great post!

  6. Always On Watch says:

    Hamas and their ilk brainwash children and start doing so when those children aren’t even old enough to talk. A neurologist told me that when the brainwashing starts so early in life, before verbalization by means of words, it is next-to-impossible to undo that kind of brain-wiring. Frightening thought because no rationality can reach these people who have been hard-wired to commit acts of terrorism.