“Modeling” means selling SeX

MADDISON Gabriel was last night allowed to model a gown at Gold Coast Fashion Week, after sparking an international drama as the face of the event.

Maddison models amid storm

Organisers spent much of yesterday morning debating whether Maddison, who turns 13 today, should appear at a VIP cocktail event, attended by more than 150 guests at the Gold Coast Arts Centre, as the fashion furore degenerated into a farce.

Coast organisers originally voted to ban media from Maddison’s first big public appearance and refused to give details other than she would be wearing an “age appropriate” gown.

She’s not a model. She’s an amateur model. We’re not exploiting this girl. We’re not promoting sex.”

For mercys sake, for once…Let’s just be honest.

Swimsuit ads.
Lingerie ads.
And now even half naked maternity ads.

Women allow themselves to be objectified through the lens of a camera for all the world to assess their body parts.

It’s all about the “clothes”?
Leaf through a womans magazine……..The models are posed nude even modeling shoes and pocketbooks.

It’s all about the fashion eh?
That’s nothing short of insulting.

It’s all about the “objectifying” baby.

Uh huh. The ahem.. “liberation” of young girls baring their breasts for all the world to view….. in G-irls Gone Wild or the porno-graphic Pussycat Dolls slithering around on a stage…um…”performing.” Indeed, it’s all about the talent huh.

The talent to sexually excite a man is about all the talent they display.
At least call it what it is.

It’s called a catwalk for a reason.

Physical attributes and a “look” comprise the only job requirement.
If that is not demeaning, what is.

Incessant public humiliation is the norm in the life a model. The casting, the agency, the fashion show ……..People who all have the right to fling you out the door for simply gaining an ounce.

In any other “profession”, the snide comments made daily would constitute harassment.

The model’s credo.
You are worth …………what you look like.

And we still stomach shows like Top Model.

Violence against women?..The ones pawning off girls and women as models can’t be bothered to make the connection between men objectifying women and the subsequent lack of respect and abuse to all women.

The pesky little wage gap?..No problem, models are paid more than practically any other “job” women have…Wonder why?

The plight of women in a slew of places overseas?…Well. that’s just multi culturalism. Who are we to speak out when brides get burned in India?

It’s as if this entire generation has been abruptly stricken with a case of amnesia. About the history of the persecution of women, misogynism, about the current day horror of rape, sexual and physical abuse and trafficking of women.

Ah yes, the younger women are all about fighting for the “right” to expose and market their bodies.

They enjoy all the benefits of what early feminists fought and died for……yet they have never themselves faced adversity or persecution.

They are the “privileged” class, unhindered by sexist oppression and never suffered exclusionism.

Needless to say, they live in countries where they aren’t beaten, killed or discriminated against for being who they are…yet never seem to condemn ALL the Muzlim countries where little girls geni-tals are slashed daily.

Modeling, encourages women to be viewed as body parts and thus normalizes an inherent pathological selfishness on the part of man, which good men actually try to combat.

A model, just like a stripper, sells herself as a thing to be used.
For male sexual pleasure.

And as a brilliant marketing ploy for something all girls and women should strive to look like.

Ads ultimately illustrate unrealistic ideals of the feminine form. The key features of models are thinness, an unblemished complexion and a body form that doesn’t remotely correspond to most women’s bodies.
Womens’ self hate is now enhanced.

Girls and women want to be adored, and thus feel the need to emulate the newest “look”, even if it means decades of anorexia and bulemia killing and destroying the lives of our precious girls.

Extra extra: Rail-thin heroin-chic is in!

Welcome to the assemblage of emaciation.

Using sexuality to make money is not empowering.
It is humiliating.

For women raised with self respect and dignity, it would feel that way.

The negative effects on a girls emotional well-being are not difficult to discern; should you remain skeptical, simply observe the level of cocaine abuse, bulemia and anorexia among young, “beautiful” models. Study their home lives, marriages, (all 4 of them), their childrens’ choices and lives.

Ours is a culture that venerates Marilyn Monroe.
What was her “talent”?
Think about her life.

Women can enjoy their God given beauty.

For women, it is a delicate balancing act between looking and feeling attractive for the approriate reasons, exposing flesh to the ones who value the “person” behind the face and body,………and knowing that men will view women as a sexual object, if she dresses in a way which overtly emphasizes certain “body parts”.

Men and women have unique challenges, despite the androgyny myth society has foisted upon us.

Men do not have this struggle of wanting to be seen as a whole, thinking human being despite his sexuality.
Women do.

Men do not have to dress certain ways in order to avoid dealing with the taunts of “groups of men” on the street daily.
Women do.

Men are not reduced to tears when told their “hips are too big”.
Many a young girl or woman has been at one time in her life.

Girls are being indoctrinated to “model”, to strut their stuff, to “flaunt” what God gave them…….to embrace the “Spice Girls” look, or heck, to sleep their way to the “top” if that’s what gets them there. It’s empowering. Rrright.

Women have to make a conscious choice.
To tone down their sexuality and femininity in certain arenas, such as the work place, or to wear the sexiest, most revealing clothes they can “get away with”.

Cleavages are everywhere.
Where newscasters once wore suits and blouses, they now don plunging necklines.
Even the workplace is seen as a venue for women to “showcase their wares.”
But if the men get “distracted”, they are called dogs.
What, praytell is the reason to expose breasts if not to gain attention from men?

Parents who wish to sell their young daughter on her 13th birthday into a “career” of modeling?……Charges of abuse should be brought upon them and the entire culture that bred them.

For all the young girls and women.
I wouldn’t fantasize too vicariously about the alleged glamorous, fashionable lifestyle models lead.
To my minds eye……..They lead lives of not so quiet……desperation.

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28 Responses to ““Modeling” means selling SeX”

  1. David says:

    Strong post, Angel. And oh, so very true… *sigh*

  2. Daniel says:

    I’ve got to say that was a very good post. I think that one of the sicker aspects of our culture is the exploiting of very young girls for their sexual attraction. If we hadn’t objectified Britney Spears from a very young age, would she be the mess she is now?

  3. Frasypoo says:

    She is too young.How can there be laws against children working in factories and not against modelling ?

    About the dowry deaths in India…any death of a bride,(within 3 years of marriage)out of the ordinary is automatically considered a dowry death.Unfortunately people get away with it all the time,I lost a friend who was a doctor to a “suspicious” death

  4. Bar Kochba says:

    Yuck! A woman who is ridiculously skinny is so un-hot! ;) LOL

  5. Sunflower Desert says:

    I’m so glad you have so many readers. This post is excellent as always!

    Have an excellent week Angel!

  6. Debbie says:

    Great post Angel. It makes me very sad to see all those images, … skin and bone. That’s not healthy. It’s not medically healthy, not psychologically healthy and certainly not healthy for other young girls/women or even young boys/men.

    I’ve always been thin, just my genetic nature, but I’m not a skeleton. I actually have a butt that hubby likes to grab. I would bet money that other men actually like a little meat on a woman’s bones too.

    Also leaving a little to the imagination is part of what should turn folks on.

  7. KKarLLmM says:

    I do indeed consider my fellow readers of Woman Honor Thyself to be considerably intellegent…here is my question???
    Why can’t the fashion industry use mannequins..
    defined as;
    1. a styled and three-dimensional representation of the human form used in window displays, as of clothing; dummy.
    2. a wooden figure or model of the human figure used by tailors, dress designers, etc., for fitting or making clothes.
    3. a person employed to wear clothing to be photographed or to be displayed before customers, buyers, etc.; a clothes model.
    They would be much cheaper, no unions, no sick days, no mental health professionals on staff…..the reason is……….?????
    That’s right…SEX SELLS!!!! how totally sad..

  8. Velvet Hammer says:

    Check this out! The near death look has crossed over to male models.
    “The article gives the stats for some of the models Chris Ulyatt, shown in Dior in the pic at right, is 6 foot 2 and has a 29-inch waist.”

    styledash. com/2007/02/12/male-models-aspire-to-thinness-too/

    Click link to view the picture as described by the measurements above. Shocking and sickening!

    On a related note. I went out to dinner last Friday to a restaurant, where all of the bussers were itsy bitsy females. That group and that group alone. Waiters, hostess’ etc. were are of normal body size. You should of seen them. Sigh. It made them look like they were 15 and they wore shorts that did not leave much to the imagination. How many have been turned for that position I wonder. Those who are not a size 1…

  9. Chris says:

    Another true post… Skinny/atheletic is fine, but not skeletal! The objectification is awful too… If a model, male or female is exceptionally pretty/handsome, fine- but to objectify them, or suppress their humanity, is bad news for society in general.
    BTW, I posted pics and my story from Gathering of Eagles.

  10. DD2 says:

    Great work on this on Angel.
    These pictures are not only funny but hilarious.

  11. Always On Watch says:

    Ever seen the film The Man with the Golden Arm? It presents the truth about heroin addiction. Maybe some of these models should have seen that film before they embarked on a lifetime of misery.

  12. Gayle says:

    Great post, Angel!

    I know Twiggy started this entire thin-as-a-stick look, and she was appropriately named because she looked like a Twig! What the heck is so appealing about that?

    I honestly believe that men who are attracted to young girls without an ounce of meat on their bones are actually attracted to boys and simply don’t want to admit it. Real men enjoy curves and women with self-respect. Our culture has sunk so dang low!

  13. Velvet Hammer says:

    Great point Gayle! Or at the very least young girls. Super skinny models look pre-pubescent.

  14. Defiant_Infidel says:

    It will be interesting to see how many folks think your post was primarily about the models being too skinny. That is only one twisted aspect of the entire problem.

    Ever spend any time trying to have a conversation with a ‘model’ about something other than ‘modeling’? Because of their appearance, everything in their lives becomes motivated and bounded by “all about my appearance and image”. How small a perspective! Life is so beautiful in so many,many ways that has absolutely nothing to do with appearance.

    For example, how many folks here have developed an appreciation for others in the Conservative blogging world? Whether it is respect, an admiration for knowledge, writing skills, humor or whatever… most of us have never seen the faces or bodies of those people. Yet we recognize things that attract or detract from other individuals… all without any visuals whatsoever. Does that not speak volumes about how frivolously insignificant appearance is when compared to the important things like experiences, intelligence, compassion, community involvement, parenting, care of the elderly, family, etc.?

    It doesn’t matter which item we refer to specifically in the broad category of “image”… modeling, porn, Hollywood stardom, or folks of other miscellaneous ‘importance’. They are all noticed for their hollow attributes and face value projection. How sad and shallow to be so possessed by that which is eternally very, very empty.

  15. in2thefray says:

    “They lead lives of not so quiet……desperation.” very true. People that get caught up in the “glam-world” forget or ignore the harsh realities that particular “market” owns. people think they are the next big thing. Reality they get used up on about anything then the brokers move on to the next thing.

  16. The Hermit says:

    I guess you are right but even at my age I like to see good looking women. I’m old, but I ain’t dead.

  17. Layla says:

    Sin unfortunately sells……….ugh! Great post hun!

  18. Stout Republican says:

    Models…helping solve the hunger crisis one little meal at a time. If they don’t eat, then it frees up more food for the hungry.


  19. Flanders Fields says:

    What’s wrong with all those breasts and skin?! I don’t think it is really that which is objectionable. It is the direction to adhere to societal norms which are set by others which is wrong, when that message differs so much from our natural sense of beauty. Men are taught it along with women. Relationships are often based on them. It is a political correctness message which is transferred throughout society.

    Women have an innate ability to handle their own fashion and reach a balance between looks, comfort, self image and dressing for others. They are pressured not to find that for themselves, but to look for it on the shelves or in other places where it is not found. It is not just fashion which is being sold.

    The biggest attacks by “fashion” executives are against traditional, stabalizing values and relationships within our society. Their advertising and connections with what were once called “avant garde” people and issues is as known as any of their clothing. They pretend to sell clothes, but they sell more attitude directed toward “liberalism” or hedonism in lifestyle and character.

    I think we must look more than skin deep, at least when it comes to those messages which are truly being conveyed by the fashion industry. Theirs are messages which differ from beauty, but which are intended to be adopted as if they were beautiful. The messages and their messengers are destroyers of innocence and character in our society. The ugliest crackhead model is a better conveyer of the message which they actually give to our society.

  20. Paul Champagne says:

    Another reason why we need to make it mandatory for parents to have proper training and licensing before they are allowed to breed.

  21. elyse fields says:

    Women may think they are emanicipated but until they let go of the desire to please they will never be free. Many women , if not all, stuggle with that need to be loved and accepted. Not only by men but also by other women. Fifty years ago the way to get appraisal was to be a good wife and mother and to be obedient. Even if it did not make you happy , it was still better than no approval at all. Not much has changed , really, society now dictates our behaviour as well. Sex is in and you are seen as a freak or a misfit if you don’t go along with it in some way. But not only women suffer, it has gotten just as bad for men. They need a sixpack , the latest fashion and accessories. These times are said to be the most free in centuries, a society where people can express themselves freely with their choice of clothes , music and lifestyle. If that were true then why does everybody look the same? And when will people realise that you don’t need material things to be an individual.

  22. tieki rae says:

    Great post, as always, Angel. This is something that makes me so angry! If only it were just about showing off cool clothes and fashion (I mean, who doesn’t love to shop and buy awesome clothes?!). But it’s not. Like you said, it’s about objectifying women. The clothing isn’t the product for sale here, the women are. And while the so called “feminists” are out there fighting for the “right” to kill their own children, they turn a blind eye to an entire industry that whittles women down to looks-only. And I won’t even get into the modesty issue! It just makes me too mad.

    I think the thing that annoys me so much about this is how this “high fashion” is reflected into every day consumer fashion. I was taught in high school health that anorexia and bulimia are bad, yet going to the store as an average sized girl and having to by clothes from cute shops at a size XL wasn’t exactly encouraging! These people make not-fat girls feel fat and it really drives me crazy.

  23. brooke says:

    Another home run, Angel!

    I can’t come up with a single thing to run with; the entire thing is excellent, and sadly true!

  24. Angel says:

    THANKS ALLS FOR THE WONDERFUL COMMENTS and insights on this one!
    Means the world to me! :)

  25. ZionistYoungster says:

    In the Talmud, there is a dispute between the followers of the two greatest sages of Second Temple times under Roman rule, Rabbi Hillel and Rabbi Shamai, on the question of how to make the bride happy at her wedding. The participants are supposed to dance before her and sing her praises.

    Rabbi Shamai’s followers say the praises should be as the bride really is. Rabbi Hillel’s followers say the praises should be, “A beautiful and graced bride”. To which the former reply, in horror, “What if she’s lame or blind? Then that would be a lie, and the Torah says lying is forbidden”.

    Rabbi Hillel’s followers reply that, even if the bride looks physically hideous, saying “A beautiful and graced bride” isn’t a lie, because she’s beautiful in the eyes of her husband, a beauty that goes beyond her physical appearance, otherwise they would never have married.

    “Grace is deceitful, and beauty is vain; but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.” (King Solomon, in Proverbs

    HaShem bless you, Angel.

  26. Ottavio - American Interests says:

    Because of 12 year old Maddison Gabriel, the Gold Coast fashion Week made big news in Australia. She also raised the ire of our politicians with both sides vowing to follow Europe and ban models younger than 16.


  27. Incognito says:

    Powerful stuff… problem is.. many of those models enjoy the objectification, and the money they can make.

    Personally I find anyone who is too skinny very unattractive.. but there’s a reason it has become popular, because obviously there are many who do find it attractive and they set the standards.

  28. Beth says:

    Hummm… This is a tough one for me. As i think the Maddison Gabriel should have the right to do her job like every other model. She is a very pretty girl, and not overly thin. I am the same age as her, and adults wouldn’t understand what torcher it is to be so mature yet nobody wants to let you grow up! It can be very depressing. Do you not realise how heatbroken this girl is going to be if you stop her from doing the thing she loves? You can’t help it when you feel ready to do something. I would love to be a model, i think being looked at and apreciated by men is really one of the greatest things to be honest.
    It’s mental age that matters. Have you ever met the girl? No. Therefore you are un-able to determine what she plans to get from the job and if she is a suitible age.
    Modeling is often disgracful, i agrea. But you fail to realise all the good points like having fun, building self esteam and making girls feel BEAUTIFUL. That’s all they want. Girls with there head on straight can model and keep there dignaty at the same time.