Lars Vilks “offends” the Kvetchers

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – A Swedish artist threatened with death over his drawing of a dog with the head of Is-lam’s Prophet Moha-mmad said on Tuesday he drew the picture to spark debate about freedom of expression in the art world.Artist says Prophet picture meant to stir debate

“It was a project for the art world,” Vilks said.

“I noticed that you can’t criticize the Mus-lim world.”

Dearest fellow Americans and what’s left of free Europe,

Perhaps by the time you finally learn your lesson, you will be licking your own very serious wounds.
Perhaps, before your quest for “tolerating the IzlamoNazis” within and without your precious borders, you should have cracked a history book or two..and read bout someone named Neville Chamberlain.

The superb legacy he left behind was called: “appeasement”.

Otherwise known as playing chicken…or the “bok bok” political technique of runnin away with your chicken feathers between your legs.

The result of that chickenheadedness? The Holocaust and the subsequent death of millions upon millions of human beings.

When did this occur?..Thousands of years ago?…Nope…a scant few decades ago. Find a Holocaust survivor and ask them all about it. By the grace of God, there are some still alive and kicking.

But I digress.

About our new cartoonist Lars,…… ya suppose the Muzlims will be “culturally sensitive”, and suspend his threatened beheading during the holy month of Raaaaaaaamadan. Ya know just for good measure.

Quick Muzlims:
Hire your comes another toon!

Christians were burnt alive because of the Danish Muh–ammad Cartoons in Nigeria……burnt alive. Wonder where it suggests that in the Koooran.

Of course our media won’t even publish cartoons of Muh-ammad, and book stores won’t sell magazines that are brave enough to……
Borders, Waldenbooks Won’t Carry Magazine

“What is at stake is the precious right of freedom of expression,” said Paul Kurtz, editor-in-chief of Free Inquiry. “Cartoons often provide an important form of political satire … To refuse to distribute a publication because of fear of vigilante violence is to undermine freedom of press — so vital for our democracy.”

..Let’s see…… because of intimidation and FEAR.
Talk about chickenheads.

They should be ashamed of themselves. With their hand picked “victim” groups…….They are not worthy to represent the West and our Enlightened values.

Free mini History Lesson kids:
How do ya suppose militant regimes gain power?
By Fear and intimidation of ordinary citizens. That’s how.

It’s the enlightened 21st century, and yet again, we are being shown how soon history repeats itself.

The good ole terrorists, otherwise known as the Muzlim Brotha-hood was formed in Cairo, in 1928.
And… Surprise surprise.
Many of its members..haters, joined the A-rabs to attack Israel in the Israeli war of Independence in 1948.

They were always known as “state within the state”..because that’s exactly what they are.

Fast foward a few years…….
What were the predominant ideologies in the 1930′s.

Hmmm…well let’s see: Nazi beliefs and edicts about exterminating all the Jews and creating a Third Reich.

The Grand Mu-fti of Jerusalem, Huss-eini, made a trip to Nazi Germany, to visit his pal and mentor, Adolf Hit-ler.
Lefties do remember him don’t they?

He then praised Hitler’s efforts to rid the entire world of the evil Joooos. He was instrumental in setting into motion a planned extermination campaign in Africa, where approximately one million Jews were living, in Muzzlim countries.

Ever learn that lil tidbit of history in history class?

The parallels of the rise of Nazism and the rise of radical Izzzlam are frighteningly indistinguishable.

The Muzlim religion has been a religion of the sword, from its inception.
More heads have been hacked off by them “in the name of peace” than during the entire French Revolution when the guillotine was alive and kickin.

Perhaps they should consider a slogan.
Murderers ‘R Us.

Thank you cartoonist Vilks.
You have succeeded in demonstrating yet again that Rad-Izlam and freedom are incompatible.

Ah, well, Muzlims are long overdue for another Seethe-a-thon. it’s been…a few hours since the last one eh.
Seeeeeeeeeetha-paloooooza time!

Seething has alot of fringe benefits, doncha know.
It burns a lot of calories.
Releases pent up stress of Christian and Jew hatred.
What else do ya suppose it does sweet friends?

Let us examine. Who havent the Muzlims seethed about and threatened

Here are but a few reminders:
Democratic Politicians and artists

Did we miss anyone?
Oh yes, 3,000 innocent Americans at the WTC…and thousands of other innocents worldwide.

It’s high time for the Euro media to defend and stand in solidarity with Lars Vilks.

Remember Denmark where many citizens helped protect Jews by wearing the mandatory ID band?. Journalists in the U.S. and Europe and every free nation should flaunt their solidarity.

They should either eliminate ALL anti Christian and anti Jewish cartoons or……….. ALL publish and draw a dang Muuha-mmad cartoon of their own!

Shoot them with their own gun…ahem..I mean…crayon.

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32 Responses to “Lars Vilks “offends” the Kvetchers”

  1. Debbie says:

    He’s a brave soul, isn’t he. We need more like him.

  2. Daniel says:

    I can’t believe that they censored the Opus cartoons mentioning Islam. The cartoons is question weren’t the least bit offensive to any Muslim. As a Christian, I see stuff in the media disparaging the way I live, but no Christian ever riots over a cartoon. Why do Muslims get special treament?

  3. benning says:

    “Seething has alot of fringe benefits, doncha know.
    It burns a lot of calories.
    Releases pent up stress of Christian and Jew hatred.” ~ It also keeps their silly little minds off the corruption and bankruptcy of their own religious governments. Why worry about where the next piece of bread is coming from when you can riot and scream and burn flags and effigies, and maybe murder a few Christians or Jews? Illiterate Muslims are a danger to the entire world.

  4. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    How did Denver cheat? Ask the Ref’s…

    I was watching this particular game last night, the Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos, in overtime. From 52 yards away, the field goal was made by the Raiders. They put the 3 points on the scoreboard, and the game was won. It was over. People st ……..

  5. Rosemary says:

    How crooked and cowardly they are. Don’t forget, today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Thank ye, Matey, fer ye respondin’ to me knew post. Beggin’ ye’s fergiveness. ;)

  6. The Hermit says:

    Good for him, but I wouldn’t want to BE him. There are plenty of the allah akbah crowd out there that would gladly snuff someone for sneezing wrong, let alone (gasp) drawing a picture of the black turban dude.

  7. Gayle says:

    This poor man’s life is not going to be of this earth very long, I’m afraid. The idiots will have his head if it’s the last thing they do. He’s a very brave man, God rest his soul. Angel, I have this picture in my mind of every Muslim who has killed an innocent person being greated in Hell by Satan with an ax and a chopping block with their name on it.

  8. Muslims Against Sharia says:

    Muslims Against Sharia praise the courage of Lars Vilks, Ulf Johansson, Thorbjorn Larsson and the staff of Nerikes Allehanda and Dagens Nyheter and condemn threats issued by Abu Omar Al Baghdadi and the Islamic State of Iraq. Muslims Against Sharia will provide a payment of 100,000kr (about $15,000) for the information leading to capture or neutralization of Abu Omar Al Baghdadi.

    Muslimer mot Sharia berömmer Lars Vilks, Ulf Johansson, Torbjörn Larsson och övriga anställda på Nerikes Allehanda och Dagens Nyheter för deras tapperhet och fördömer hotet från Abu Omar Al Baghdadi och Islamistiska Iraq. Muslimer mot Sharia betalar 100 000 SEK (ca 15 000$) för information som leder till gripande eller oskadligörande av Abu Omar Al Baghdadi.

    Muslims Against Sharia

    Defend Freedom of Speech – Support Sweden!

  9. Incognito says:

    Great post Angel! The irony of it all is that no-one says a thing about all the anti “other religion” cartoons the Muslims publish in their papers. It’s okay for them but not for us.

    And the Nazi holocaust didn’t only target the Jews, they killed Gypsies, homosexuals, commies etc. The fundamentalist Muslims have larger targets.. i.e. everyone that isn’t Muslim.

  10. Panhandle Poet says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words….where have I heard that before???

  11. Jungle mom says:

    Brave man.

  12. KKarLLmM says:

    Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never harm me.
    How about getting sat on by a camel!!!
    Seriously now, these mooozzie rants are getting so old….it is ONLY a cartoon..relax!!!!…take a valium or 5..
    Soon they will be getting on Fred and Wilma Flintstone and the way Dino their pet dinosaur looks alot like Moehammed. (from the side, of course).
    As always are on the cusp of the headline news, keep on bringing us the very best from the clowns at CAIR..and the jokers on the Left..
    So if a liberal looks in the mirror what does it see??.. nothing!

  13. marallyn says:

    gmar hatima tova…to you and everyone you love…a sweet new year…stay safe…love, marallyn

  14. Faultline USA says:

    Great post Angel! By the way, “fear and intimidation of ordinary citizens” . . . or of political candidates. . . Looks like falls into the same militant category!

  15. wordsmith says:

    Was the drawing an accurate representation?

  16. wordsmith says:

    If so, what’s the big deal?

  17. wordsmith says:

    If not…what’s the big deal?

  18. Pela68 says:

    I have a hard time bending my mind around Vilks. Yes, freedom of expression is very important and also freedom of ridiculing religion. I’m with him a 100% on this!

    At the same time, this is a man that has made MIKAEL MOORE a “Honorary Citizen” in Vilks selfproclaimed “country” of Ladonia…

    But then again- who knows abou t h a t one?

  19. Angel says:

    THANKS ALLS… now get out your crayons! :)

  20. Defiant_Infidel says:

    The continued perils of Jihad grow greater every day. I have abandoned any hope, wish or prayer for the Islamics to act or react any other way. This will be the most encompassing war we have ever witnessed. Continue to speak out against it?… absolutely. Expect anything to change with the radicals or those who support them from within our country? …it is a waste of time. We have only evidence that this is becoming worse and worse.

    Constructive preparation for conflict and survival here on our own ground is the most sensible, productive activity we can involve ourselves in. When the hammer comes down… AGAIN… just like 9-11, it will come without any definitive warning. The Islamic demands to conform, the appeasement by your neighbors and fellow citizens, the condemnation of our country and its’ history by our very own people and elected leaders… these are the closest things to any warning we will ever get.

    Speak out? Hell, yes! And firmly, just as Angel has here. BUT, crayons aren’t going to save our world, folks. Buy firearms and ammunition. Get trained in how to use them. Make a plan and a place for holing up and digging in. Store canned food and containers of clean water. If your state is a concealed carry state, apply for your permit and carry at ALL times thereafter. If your state doesn’t allow this, move or carry anyway. Yeah, that’s what I typed. Your life and those of your family and friends will depend on it. If you keep your nose clean and conduct yourself in an otherwise lawful manner, you will be prepared and better off.

    DO SOMETHING in addition to justifiably criticizing that which is clearly wrong. Wait, ignore the waning time you have to prepare and “too late” will be just that…. too late. There will be no second chances.

  21. OMMAG says:

    Heh heh! That’s a winner Angel !

  22. Always On Watch says:

    “I noticed that you can’t criticize the Mus-lim world.”

    Even worse. Muslims are born offended.

  23. Layla says:

    Great post and insights hun! Always on watch is right – Muzie’s are always offended – they are born that way and I go as far as to say they are CONCEIVED THAT WAY! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…………..

  24. Chris says:

    Ace of Spades has good coverage on Achmedinajacket’s upcomming visit to NYC

    I really hope plenty of patriots turn up to burn up some Iranian flags and publicly cook some bacon!

  25. MariesTwoCents says:

    Great Post Angel!

    What a brave man.

  26. Phil says:

    Great post Angel!

    It’s too bad that more of the brave haven’t come out to stand on his side.
    We need that.

  27. Concerned Citizen says:

    Hi marie. Hey ken goofed on the post about the armbands for tomorrow. Read it again, if you would not mind. I want us to wear red to show support. The DailyPOS crowd is the one asking people to wear black.

  28. Concerned Citizen says:

    Good lord I pasted the wrong comment on to your site.

    It should have read:

    Are you aware of the campaign started by the DailyKOS asking people to wear a black arm band on Friday, September 21, 2007 to express a moratorium on the war in Iraq?

    Well, conservatives need to take a stand against lunacy such as this. I have posted an article on my small conservative site asking that every one wear a red armband on the same day to show our support for the men and women who fearlessly serve us. I call it our Better Red Than Dead Campaign.

    All I am asking is that you spread the word, if you are so inclined, and let everyone know that we should show our support and our opposition to this idiocy.

    My article requesting that conservative unite

  29. Frasypoo says:

    Reminds me of Salman Rusdie and “The Satanic Verses”!!

  30. Blog @ » Blog Archive » MoreWhat Matters: Today’s Blog List says:

    [...] Woman Honor Thyself [...]

  31. Angel says:

    Thanks ALLS for the amazing input !:)

  32. parx says:

    long ago when i lived in north califorina my first run in with religious biggotry(excuse my spelling and grammer) was actually from a muslim high school kid who picked on me, mentaly and physically; and insulted my lord( no big deal) my race and our country which he was lucky enough to be born into. so you muslim’s i ask you where is the mutual respect.
    also i say woah unto you if mankind can’t get along after running things on this great earth the universe gave us, after all these years. then i prey god comes here and f-cks us up, for the fact we will never accoplish anything if we don’t unite as a human race not a christian muslim jewish buddist fag-ot. look at the confussion left behind by religions all stating kinda the same thing open your mind lets meet up in our astral plane hit crittical mass and f–king do something fun as humans no reason not. keep your ideas to yourself keep religion and politics to yourself these are problematic triggers, that need to be delt with in our minds. basically reality is what you make it unfortianatly others negitive vibes hinder us make things that seem impossable impossable. a spiritual awaking is moving through us all and like evolution not all people progress but on a global scale it will seem like we all do. so those who read this don’t call me stupid think about the combination of all like compare it to the big bang